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Hunter-Gatherer | Solo Quest

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#1Eiko Jitsuko 

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Eiko Jitsuko

"I'm back." Eiko said with a smile as she rung the bell hanging from the top of the roof of the little magic shop. "Already? Oh-hoh! What a responsive lady!" the man greeted as he clapped his hands thrice, then continued mixing the potions. "You haven't known, I'm sure. But my name is Dr. Stephan. I am glad to meet you, Ms. Jitsuko." Stephan said as he was mixing the ingredients for his second potion. Eiko nodded as a sign of agreement and satisfaction, it seems that she is already quite comfortable around Dr. Stephan.

It got quite, and Eiko did not want to go home yet. She put her arms around the table where where the bell is nearby and stretched her arms. "Give me another task." She said as she re-positioned her hat. Dr. Stephan ignored her for a few seconds, then suddenly spoke. "Am I forgetting something? Oh! mushrooms!" He said like a child. Stephan crushed some ingredients and mixed it all, then came forward to Eiko. "I need this specific kind of mushroom. Tall, gray..." He said. "With green spots and can only be seen in the night!" He added with joy, like a child. "I'll wait." Eiko said with a grin.

It was still 1 PM and the sun was still rising. While waiting, Eiko became a temporary potion tester without authorization from Stephan. She drank different kinds, the one that turns your skin into purple for a few seconds or the one that makes you look like an old woman. Of course, Eiko didn't like any of those potions Stephan had made, and she was sure that the mushroom he wanted was for something that isn't any better. She even had to drink a red colored potion with turned her into a lavender cat for a few seconds.

"Your potions suck." Eiko said while shaking a bottle with liquid that she hadn't tasted yet. "Don't touch that!" Stephan shouted. "Too late." Eiko replied with a grin, then drank the potion she was holding and made her hair longer for 10 seconds. "That was quick, too quick." Eiko said as she put the bottle back to the shelves to wait for refilling. "You literally drank all of them..." Stephan said with disappointment, while shaking another set of potions for delivery. Until it was time, Eiko took her hat and put it on again and left without saying farewell. "How stubborn. Take care anyways." Stephan said while mixing the potions. "Did I forget to tell something? Oh wait, Those mushrooms are poisonous!" He shouted, but he was too late that Eiko was too far away to hear what he shouted.

Eiko was now in the dark woods, but she got used to going alone in the dark as she doesn't fear it. She doesn't fear monsters because she is a monster herself; at least, part human. She thought about what the mushroom looked like; tall, grey, with those green dots in it. She had set off her tiny journey to find the mushrooms she needed to look for. Along the woods, she had seen many mushrooms. But she wasn't dumb to just take them and put them in the basket she was given. Of course, she had studied. And studying is one of her hobbies and because of that, she already knows almost all of the mushrooms.

She had seen a mushroom that is grey with green dots, but not tall and skinny. That mushroom really had lots of look-a-likes. She had seen a mushroom that is tall and skinny, but not grey. A mushroom that is tall, grey, with green dots, but not skinny. Oh where could this mushroom be? Eiko has been doubting a lot every step she made. Dr. Stephan Mapuz is a goofy man, and he might be goofing around and lying to Eiko to waste her time. Although Eiko knows almost all of the mushrooms, she hadn't really seen what that one looks like, and it hasn't really been described perfectly. She entered a lake which water is glowing. She didn't find it surprising since she indeed studied Oak Town and it's woods. And there she found those glowing, little, green dots near the glowing cyan lake.

She walked towards the mushrooms and carefully examined each one of them. She opened her mouth and got ready to eat them. Just kidding, she already knew that the mushrooms are poisonous anyways based on how she examined it. She put them in the basket while gazing on the glowing green dots that she had. Until she went back to Dr. Stephan Mapuz to give the mushrooms back with satisfaction. She seems alright about doing requests for some weird guy who makes bad potions and makes no absolute profit in Eiko's opinion.

"I'm back!" Eiko said as she slammed the door open accidentaly again. The doors were so light unlike the ones on Eiko's home, where the doors are a bit heavy since their strengths are vampiric. Although Eiko is part-vamp, she still gets the same power, but half of it. "Why couldn't you just buy those mushrooms from the marketplace, by the way?" Eiko asked as she put the basket of mushrooms in the table for Stephan to take care off, and hoped that the potion he will make next wouldn't be as bad as the others.

"You wouldn't want to know! But those are illegal!" Stephan said while taking the basket with a face of an immature person. Eiko didn't really care as long as she finished her job and can now go back to reading and eating, and taking a rest as well. Eiko thought that Stephan didn't care if Eiko get poisoned or anything, but whatever. She finished the job and that is all that matters. Now, back to testing Stephan's potions.

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