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#1Tenshi † 

Expand the Horizon Empty Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:09 pm

Tenshi †
Finn had made it into Baska for the tournament, and as he had thought, the opponents were fierce. He wondered if they knew how close every battle truly was. Every decision, big or small, was a life or death call. Everything they did, and everything that Finn did, was a moments notice that decided victory or defeat. One false step, one moment too late, and Finn could lose. Or worse- He could die.

That was the lesson that Finn had been taught in his life. Life was comprised of a series of moments. No single moment was more important than any moment; Rather, it was all one big culmination. One series of decisions that all lead to each specific point.

Now here he was, sword in hand and sweat on brow, practicing his arts. He hadn't been at it for long- Enough to get his blood flowing and muscles loose. One could never train enough after all.

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#2Atlas Prime 

Expand the Horizon Empty Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:59 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was disappointed in himself. He felt like he lost to easily against his opponent in his match and did nothing to make a name for himself or show him strength. Atlas could still feel the hits that were dealt to him, but knew this was good learning practice as well. Atlas guessed his battle tactics could use some work. Atlas also felt like he needed something to help him train.

After Atlas had lost his fight and recovered he looked around Baska and found something that interested him. It was a spear. It looked just for beginners, which Atlas would be with it, so he decided to buy it. It cost quite a bit of jewels to obtain, but he knew this might help him get stronger. After buying it Atlas would walk out to the field to practice. He remembered seeing people use staff and spears before pretty well so he tried to get used the weight of it while he walked. He felt like it might take a little while to get used to it, but felt like it could be a good weapon to use once he had the hang of it.

Atlas would arrive out on a field and notice another person there. They seemed to be practicing with there sword. Atlas looked at the man and thought he recognized him from the tournament. There weren't a lot of fighters so it was pretty easy to tell. Atlas wasn't sure if he should bother the man so he practiced with himself for the moment, trying to get used to the new weapon he was wielding.

#3Tenshi † 

Expand the Horizon Empty Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:38 pm

Tenshi †
As Finn swung his sword around, going through the motions and moving his body, he noticed an unexpected guest. Someone walking out to the hills, spear in hand, prepared for something themselves. Whatever it was, Finn had only one real guess. After all, whatever brought this man to the hills with his weapon was likely the same thing that brought Finn here- Training.

There wasn't much to do in the way of training by ones self. To better acquaint ones body with the weapon, and to become more use to its weight and the movements associated with it. That was not how one truly became one with whatever their weapon was, however. The true method to training and improving lied behind trial and error. Combat was the quickest, and most effective way, to truly learn where someone stood.

"Hey!" Finn's voice carried over the hills as he raised a single arm to grab the strangers attention. Jogging forward to close the gap some, Finn smiled at the new arrival. Sword held at his side, Finn spoke to him. "Hey there, I couldn't help but notice the spear. Any chance you'd be down for a sparring match?"

As he finished the question, he remembered Jake telling him that his words were often misleading. Quickly, Finn acted to correct that. "I mean an actual match of course- No holding back, just no doing permanent damage or killing each other."

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#4Atlas Prime 

Expand the Horizon Empty Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:05 am

Atlas Prime
As Atlas was practicing he knew he was very clumsy so far with the spear. He seemed to have dropped it a couple times trying to be cool with it, so right now he was trying to get just some stabs down with it. Atlas noticed he could use the spear for quite a lot of things. He could stab with its range, but also slice with it for how the head was shaped. He could, if he was carefully, use the shaft of the spear to strike at others. The trick was getting used to the weapon its self. Atlas didn't have much time to fully practice before he heard a shot from the other man on the cliff. The man came running over and said he would like to have sparring match since they both had weapons, well more like a battle without killing or really damaging each other. "Well I barely just got this thing, so I don't know how well I can use it. Is that okay with you?" Atlas said. He didn't want to the man coming over for a challenge and walking away with no gained experience. "Oh, by the way I'm Atlas," he said holding his hand out for the other man.

#5Tenshi † 

Expand the Horizon Empty Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:38 pm

Tenshi †
Smiling and taking the mans hand in his own, Finn nodded vigorously. "Of course! There is always something to be gained from an opponent, regardless of skill. Even if it's just fine tuning the basics, that junk is important. And don't worry- I won't hold back, so you can learn as much as you can against me. I hope I'm a good opponent!"

With that, Finn would release the mans hand and begin to walk away from him until he'd reached a good five meters away from him before nodding his head and taking his sword in both of his hands. His hilt was being held firmly, but with a lucidity that allowed for quick and easy movement. His shoulders were relaxed in a way that would allow the blade to move around, while his elbows were tighter to keep it moving at angles.

"Whenever you're ready!" Since this man was newer, he'd allow him to start them off. Finn meant it- He was not going to be going easy on this man. That being said, he also wasn't looking to permanently hurt (or even worse kill) anyone.

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#6Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad the man took his hand. Atlas felt he had a strong grip which he would probably prove in this fight. The man said that it was always good to learn no matter what. Atlas guessed that was true. He knew you learned differently from actual experience vs doing it by yourself. His opponent would then separate themselves by 5 meters. Atlas had to wonder how he should go after the man. He used a sword so Atlas would have a reach advantage with his weapon, but if he tried to use it all it would probably easily be knocked away. The other man would then tell him when he was ready. Atlas would slowly approach the man keeping his hands on the spear. He kept grip with one hand on the almost back part of the spears handle, and the others he seperated by about 1 and a half foot. (I think that says it correctly. Not good at describing it) This would leave quite a bit of room for him to strike at his opponent at possibly remain out of range. When Atlas was close enough, which might be about 1.5 meters since he wasn't using all 2 meters of the spear he would stab at the man to more test how he would react. Atlas would have to make sure to keep control of his weapon to not get it knocked away from himself.

#7Tenshi † 

Expand the Horizon Empty Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:55 am

Tenshi †
As Atlas slowly closed the distance, Finn watched him with weary eyes. The man seemed unsure of what he was doing- He must not have been lying about being new to the staff. His arms held the staff at a wide distance, which was smart to do. It balanced the weight of the spear while allowing for a quick transition between offensive and defensive. Soon, as the distance disappeared, Atlas stabbed at Finn.

Finn watched the spear and leaped backwards about a meter, the blade falling short and then going back to Atlas' body. That was something he'd have to point out to the man- With a weapon, you had to attack through the opponent. It was dangerous, committing so much, but required to trust your attack. Spears were lucky enough to have flexibility with length, quick action and long reach.

Finn would not take the time to explain this now though. Such a thing wasn't something he was trained in- Just what he could tell by what he's seen of the weapon, and his own mental runs of what the weapon should be.

Finn assumed his stance once more the second his leap backwards ended. The distance between them was two and a half meters again. He'd allow Atlas to try again- But next time, there would be a response. How would the young man react to it?

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