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A Work Of Art [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

A Work Of Art [Quest] Empty on Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:53 am

Bianca Fleur
Bianca was very late to hear about the tournament that was taking place in Baska Town, where some people, including the mysterious person who called himself Strategist, were participating in. According to the news, the first rounds had already finished and the second rounds had just started. She wished she knew earlier. Strategist did inform her of something like that before he departed, making her think he was either joking or loose in the head. Why would he tell a total stranger about that right? What if she was associated with the person he was competing against. He would have just put himself in danger. She knew people reckless enough to do things like that, murdering people using serial killers for their own advantages. Of course, she knew. She was a part of that world. She might have even killed a few people just to get some money, not caring whether they had a family, a wife waiting at home, or a mother needing to be taken care of. Bianca, to say it quite clearly, only cared about herself and her life. To this day, there had not been one other person than herself who worried about her or even cared about her, other than herself. She had no relatives, not even a long lost cousin, or a dying grandaunt. She was all alone in this mad, cruel world. There was not even a person who wanted to genuinely be anything remotely close to being her ‘family’. All fucking alone.

She had the template and some spray paint bottles in a tote bag with her as she walked to the first place she had thought of going to. She was supposed to pick three locations from the list in the quest sheet. There were a couple of them, but she chose the ones that were sort of closely located, so she would not have to travel so far from one place to the other while she did the quest. It was a good thing because she didn’t look like she was doing anything bad. In fact, she appeared as though she was from an art school, about to do a project or something like that. The only thing was, that was not true. What added to the whole art student demeanor was the fact that she was wearing super casual clothes, not because she was feeling super comfortable walking around in town like that, but because she knew that it would help with her quest. She wasn’t too old and actually looked pretty youthful. All she needed was to dress like a student, and she could fool everyone. Holding the template like a poster, Bianca walked quite casually down the street and took a turn to the left. The first place she chose was the one that she would reach first, coming from the Phantom Lord guildhall. It was the jewelry store, which seemed to be a cool place to spray on, with the huge glass that was in front.

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#2Bianca Fleur 

A Work Of Art [Quest] Empty on Mon Jan 23, 2017 4:04 pm

Bianca Fleur
Placing the template over the glass, she brought out a blue spray paint can and began to spray into the template and made sure it was all neat and tidy. She was a neat freak. Once she was confident it was nice and pretty, also attention grabbing, she smiled at anyone who looked at her. At first they thought she was destroying other people’s property, but when she smiled to them, they seemed to have falsely realised that she was doing a spray paint job for the shop. “Nice work,” said a passerby who had stared at her effortless artwork for about two whole minutes. She smiled at him and quickly said her thanks before leaving the place. She didn’t want the store owner to come out and find out who had vandalized her property. Her next location was somewhere there would already be a lot of art, so she chose a nice bright color to use this time, because she would need to make it show up over the others. Bianca traveled on foot. She didn’t bother to hire coaches or things like that. She didn’t want people to suspect her, although her little art student act was working just fine and nobody had shown any sign of suspicion towards her. Now she was in front of the tattoo artist, which was the second location that she chose to deface. It was a lovely little place. She liked it, quite honestly, but that kind of opinion wasn’t going to stop her from doing what she was here to do.

Her job at the tattoo parlor was neat and fast. It seemed her hands had gotten used to pressing a lot on the spray paint can that she didn’t even need to apply too much force, which helped with getting it done fast. The template almost slipped a bit, but it didn’t, thankfully, and so she was done with her second location. Now she was heading in the direction of the third, a safehouse. Now she didn’t really know what a safehouse was exactly, but she had the feeling that she would know when she saw it, so she went to the address first. Apparently, it wasn’t very hidden or anything, so she literally just plastered the template on and sprayed in with a bright red, since the walls were painted in a dark color. This was the third time she was vandalizing other people’s property and she had yet to be caught. It seemed she was getting away easily this time as well. Stuffing the template in the bag since her job was done, she returned to her client to collect her reward. It was going into her little piggy bank. She was saving to get something precious later when she had enough money. Her piggy bank was getting pretty full, so she had a feeling that it would be sooner than later. This brought a smile to her face as she walked casually back home with her reward.

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