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The Truth is...[Hikaru]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

The Truth is...[Hikaru] Empty Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:48 pm

Lee Nakamura
She await for her brother's arrival to meet her here. Somewhere peaceful and away from the clusters of noise in the small town. The crowds were big thanks to the torunament. She lost within the first round, but was cheering on Rowan for best of luck. He was a worthy opponent and would want the same for her. The young neko stood looking at the breath taking view seeing rolling hills and the town then the arena fought in. She didn't wear her armor today, but wore a simple black tank top with her blue jeans with black combat boots and her eye patch over her left eye. Scars, bruises, and stitches shown from not only the recent fight but of the past missions and trouble she had been put through. Some were healing and some others weren't. Usually, she would hide them to avoid conflict, but she thought it would be nessicary to come clean to her brother. Afterall, it would get a lot of stress off her chest.

Her cat ears were sideways like she was worried about something. For years, she wanted to tell her brother what was really going on with her, but fear had been holding her back on his reaction. She had planned this for days in advanced to tell him. Rehearsing in the mirror and having Concord give out pointers in speech and posture, it all was helpful, but his reaction was not in her control. Something she hated. Her stomach tightened even more at the thought. What would he do? What would he think or say? The worst thought was loosing him to it. It was a lot better now that she was eating less of the severed human limbs the hospitals had given her. Infact she hadn't eaten one since well before she became a neko. Hopefully, that part was cured. She was not for certain.

Hans was back in Crocus or Era doing work and odd jobs to raise money and provide. He would also go on long hunting trips to clear his mind. It was for the best both of them took a break from each other. She formed a fist thinking about her secret and released it. "You will be fine, LeeAnn. He is going to understand afterall getting ills is out of your control. Not your fault...not your fault" she whispered. Her tail nervously flickered at the tip. She had almost forgotten he didn't know about her becoming a neko. It nearly slipped her mind. A long, deep sigh came from her. She knew what her father would say about things like this. Honesty always paid off and that she did follow. Hikaru had to know the truth about her and how much she was suffering. If she had to move on and heal, this was the first step in the right direction.

"Man. I wish dad were here! I knew he would be so helpful right now" she said out loud. She definitely was a daddy's girl. Sure she was fond of her mother, but she was clingy to her father as a child. In the distance, she could hear footsteps coming towards her. Her cat ears and tail perked up making her head twirl around. Her heart knew who it would be, but the fear of possibility of the outcome could also come into play.

"Hikaru..." she smiled, warmly.

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#2Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Lee-Ann wanted to talk to her brother. Hikaru was in Baska too for the tournament so meeting his sister was no problem. He walked curious as to what she had to tell him. Maybe it was something urgent, or maybe something small. He figured that it was probably something big however. Maybe she was going to marry that one guy, "Hands was his name?" Hikaru thought to himself trying to get the name right before his sister freaked out on him calling her fiance "hands".

Hikaru figured that no matter what it would be key for him to be understanding. He was her brother, even if their eldest brother was a complete asshole Hikaru had to be the brother that Lee-Ann could look up to. Out of the three half siblings Hikaru was the golden child, Lee Daddy's girl, and the eldest the disappointment. Hikaru followed his father's footsteps and became a powerful Rune Knight, Lee was there too, but def was his favorite. He figured that men usually were soft on girls so it didn't bother Hikaru much, he had his mom after all. Of course, the eldest was known for being a dark mage which was much to dad's disappointment

Hikaru sighed thinking about the entire family dynamic. He was thankful however for Lee. Hikaru approached the meeting area and saw his sister had been waiting there. Or was it his sister? He continued to approach seeing a tail from behind and ears. There was no way it was Lee-Ann. But whens he turned around with the warm voice and familiar smile, there was no doubt that she was a Neko. Hikaru wasn't one to discriminate against races, but seeing her change races was different. He was curious as if it as cause of her husband, but Hikaru held his tongue from saying anything along those lines because she was being honest by telling him such a big change since they last saw. However, the look did suit her and he had heard rumors about Neko's at time.

"Lee, you look..." Hikaru looked at her and decided to be honest. "Badass." He said with a smile looking at her. He had always thought about changing races himself, but never really followed through with it. Finding an appropriate race to get wasn't easier and getting certain races were next to impossible. Hikaru smiled at her as he continued to approach now speaking. "So this is why you called me here. I like it. You we're good as a human in my opinion, but this still isn't bad. I've heard stories about Nekos, they're suppose to be stronger than the average human in some aspects right? How does it feel? Did it hurt? Did they do anything to you? Should I kill them?" Hikaru said bombarding the women with question.

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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She saw her brother in the distance. He looked to be trying to figure out something. It was probably the cat ears and tails. Now the she thought about it, she had almost forgotten about these things and for the fact Selena, Rowan, and Kon only knew about it. He had a warm smile, one that she actually hadn't seen.   Hikaru's comment only made her give a wide smile and a laugh. The thing about the redhead was she idolized Hikaru more than anyone in her life. Even more than her own father, Hikaru's approval on anything was the words of god, if there ever was one. Lately, she needed reinforcement from her brother the dark thoughts of ending her life. LeeAnn's depression had only gotten worse with constant work and more disappointing news about her mother. Though, Konstantin and Hans had been her main supports. She knew Hikaru had always been busy and for a fact he would always try to be there whenever he could. Seeing his reaction to this new race change, it made her smile.

She remembers her eldest brother, one that she was not very fond of. Hans knew of him when she lived at home. He was a main bully to her when he visited. LeeAnn would always attempt to burn his ass, but sometimes that would never be the case. Her guts hated him. She had a possible lead to who tortured her and kidnapped her mother. She always assumed it was him or he was associated with it. Her dad had tried to pull as many strings as he could, but he couldn't budge with the system. LeeAnn sought on her to find her mother since then. She held very many grudges against her eldest brother. There was never one against Hikaru just frustration with his pride and stubbornness. Although, she was the same way as well. It went both ways with them. "Thanks, Hikaru. Glad you like it" she laughed.

His reaction on the new race change was not something she would expect out of him. He them slammed her with a thousand questions. Before she could collect answer for any of them, she took a deep breath. "Hikaru. Hikaru. Hika. HIKARU! Calm down, sheesh I know you're worried about me, but please one thing at a time" she replied. It didnt help her anxiety of what she was going to tell him. She took another breath as her ears were folded back out of fear, but she smiled nonetheless. "The process didn't hurt. The Neko Orcale met me in the hospital after saving her daughter's life. She knew of my situation and said it would help" she said. A small sigh came to her as she looked more sad and depressed. She silently grabbed her brother's hand turning the subject of the conversation more serious. The muscles in her face tensed. She had her ears folded backwards. Body language from her read to be uneasy. Her good eye looking right into his as her eyepatch shown. She hugged her brother. "Perhaps I will tell you later, come on lets go get some lunch and catch up on somethings" she said, putting it off for later.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#4Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru had gotten overly excited, and he heard her talk about her condition which concerned him because he had no idea she had a condition, but it seemed she had to run so she wanted to tell him later of whatever she had to tell him and Hikaru nodded. her body language obviously showed that she was uncomfortable and that was the last thing Hikaru ever wanted to make her feel so he simply backed off in an effort to keep her happy. He most likely would see her soon, he was heading back to crocus. He had some unfinished business there still.


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