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Greater Knowledge Through Resentment

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Erebus came down the hill pretty annoyed, and weak, he was bandaged up, but two doctors were scrambling after him. He held his hand up flipping them off and made a continue down to town. He failed the turning point in his life just like everything else and noticeable discomfort was present in his figure. He wanted to just scream and burn that whole place down to the very ash which he could step on.

He would end up getting the old lady, followed only by the biggest baddest mother fucker in the competition his second round. Bunch of bs, if he had to be honest.

The boy kicked a rock as he came into the village streets and prepared to head out of town. Unless stopped, his plan was to go home. Eat some dinner and sleep. He felt worse than usual and the slightest thing was ready to set him off. Of course, it all depended on what and where really.

"I hate tournaments."


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#2Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



The woman had just got done watching the current tournament matches from the lacrima-powered television, outside a store, she saw how badly Strategist had it handed to him, but he did put up a fight and refused to give up even till the end, poor thing. He must be so emotionally torn, just then the woman spotted him in the corner of her eye, he seemed infuriated, probably best to let the man go especially with rage this uncontrollable he had a killer look in him. However the Oasis-woman had calmed even the most furious Sand Dune Boars, which could break your skull with one hit.

"Strategist!" Celeste yelled, blocking his way from the exit.

She made sure to keep an eye on his body, he may be wounded but he was seriously enraged and anger could mask the pain one would feel. Even in his wounded state he could still attack her and do damage. Not only quick on her feet, she was quick to improvise.

"I wanna congratulate you and take you for a drink, Strategist." Celeste gave him a warm smile, "You deserve it after such a great fight against both of your opponents!"

She sighed. He probably wouldn't give her the time or day.

She still managed to smile for him though, "At least allow me to reward you, please... Strategist?"


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Upon seeing the girl dart in front of him, the boy glared. Who was she to step in his way? Especially with all the circulating events. It didn't help when she mentioned his, "great fights." This just made him think she was fake. On top of that, he was dissatisfied in the day at hand. Her coming in to congratulate him was salt on a wound.

"Get out of my way Irony, or I'll move you myself. I don't want any of your pity juice."

The onyx-haired boy spat, and prepared to walk around her. He was through with the mediocre things. He'd find a way to do better in the next tournament, his life was staked upon it. For now he would rather be in isolation with his humility, versus with someone he didn't like, whom didn't like him any better. They were allies by force of will-- had she not been branded the same tattoo as him. He'd sooner see her dead...


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#4Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste gritted her teeth, okay it seemed this man was a bit more stubborn than a Sand Dune Boar. Either way she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of just walking off and out of this with a piss-poor attitude! He had no choice in this, she could be just as stubborn when it came to helping another living thing in need of assistance.

"Listen. I don't get why you're so upset. You grew, you displayed your skills nonetheless!" She rubbed the left side of her temple with her right arm crossed over her chest, "Like damn! You actually made it past the first round, I doubt I could've done that. Seriously show some pride in your work and don't be upset you lost." 

What was it with all these dark-guild members so easily aggravated and violent, she had no clue as to what fueled them, but they all seemed to have twisted pasts where they got on the wrong path. Another thing he didn't want her pity, what pity she was in awe of the skill he had just displayed. Also being called Irony caught her off guard for a second, forgetting that her name to the guild was Irony; literally the irony in it was she seemed to be good-hearted in a bad-hearted group of people.

"I really don't mean for you to think I'm pitying you, I think it's you; you pity yourself you probably feel you didn't display the full potential of your power. I get that I really do." She bowed before him.

However, showing him grace and kindness was different the woman was still on edge sensing the rage, the air around them felt thicker, he might not feel it in his state but it certainly felt like a thick aroma as if every word counted; if one thing was wrong that she had said he would lash out. However the woman was certainly quicker than him, that much was noted but in sense of power he had the advantage.


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"I. Said. Move!"

Before she could finish talking, Erebus exploded, hand gripping a short sword from his waist in a wickedly talented demeanor. The rage in him powered his skill, mixed with his above average affinitys-- and hand/eye coordination-- ] he used it like a spare limb whenever the time called for it.

Something this girl couldn't fathom or even come to understand was a hatred that welled within true dark mages. Erebus wasn't her friend, he didn't even know her name, whatever she thought she was to him was all a ruse in this guild. His mind was ruptured blank, his heart an inferno and he refused hearing this woman out.

She was just another memorized character for his brain to cast into the furnace when he found her to be a liability. Like now for example. Strategist didn't want her drinks, her money, or her words, and he'd make it known through sheer force if needed. He was in no mood to hear from the only member in the guild who by all personality actions taken into consideration... Did not belong here.

As he swung forward to the left, his feet were planted to pivot anything the girl might throw in revolt. Where he could soon follow up by a flurry of slashes upon knocking away her weapon to retaliate. She was fast, but all cowards were. He bot down on his tongue 'til blood seeped the side of his mouth. His eyes were large and misty; he was not the man he was coming into this guild. He never would be, he was exposed to too much. He was an animal, not a beast like Maarschalk, but some kind of psychopath at this point.

No one could reason with him unless they wagered more than just their safety on the line. The boy wielded a short sword mostly for it's ability to bounce other weapons away and tear through guards like it was nothing. When wielding a sword, even if it were weak in base stat-- Erebus was stronger.

"Your opinion to me means less than a loss in that tournament entirely. I don't care how 'talented' you think I am, to me I'm not well enough to be called a member of this guild or a fighter in general. Had that been the case I'd have won. I have dreams of which people like you could never folly, ignorant bitch. Now go buy someone else a drink, and don't come near me again."

+8 STR

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#6Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Cut off mid-sentence; Strategist had swung at her, the woman was quick to jump out of the way and take small bounces backwards to avoid any reckless slashes he had made at her. Even if he had power over her and probably could handle way more hits than her, she was quicker and could make the man weary, over time. She didn't want violence to be his reaction but what was she to expect from such a savage and lacerating being. This didn't mean she was going to be his whipping toy though for him to unleash his anger out at. 

As she did her best to duck, dodge and avoid any oncoming attacks she tried to talk him out of his enraged state.

"Listen... calm down, lets please be rational about this, can we please?" Celeste asked him. Then mumbling to herself. "Damn. I hope the stars are on my side."

She looked around trying her best to find a solution or anything of use, so far her words did nothing but enrage and piss off the man more than anything, she didn't wanna be a seductress to calm him because he'd only think lower of her if she did.

"Look it's called being caring not ignorant. I bet my dreams are bigger than anything the likes of you could dream up; I came from nothing to something. I still may be nothing to you but I am slowly climbing the ladder of society." Celeste glared at the man, swerving to the right to avoid another lash at her. 

The woman spotted a few barrels she could use against the infuriated man who showed rage much similar to a demon. Maybe she could use it to slow his attacks? Or even- she could use it to aid herself to high ground. She jumped upon the barrel, gripping her spear which she wore behind her back, unleashing it she slashed downwards, having a range of six feet plus her arm's length, cutting the barrels in half so he couldn't follow her in pursuit.

"What is your issue? Why is it you lash out at things that aggravate you?" Celeste asked the man, pain could be heard in her voice, it seemed the woman's innocence had not yet been fully broken even at the expense of murdering people. She still had hope in others and tried to see the good in people.

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OOC: You never wrote out that you had you armed yourself so cutting anything down would not work. Therefore I can still follow you. I won't but yeah, just bringing that to legitimacy.

The girl was agile, but it could be said that with bandages covered most of not all of the male's chest. That he was slowed down. Or even, that he was purposely just trying to move her away; which was true. When she fled to higher ground. The blood from his cheek rolled off an dropped to the dirt. He then proceeded to leave her without a word. He needed isolation; it was his only solace in this kind of mind frame.

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#8Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



She frowned upon seeing him give up on her, placing her spear back upon her back she looked down at the blood-stained dirt as it was the only thing he left behind of himself. Celeste, went to cup the dirt as she awaited for strong winds to pick up, when the breezes became more violent she threw the blood-stained dirt in the air, letting the strong winds carry them away from the scene. It was a legend in her village if your opponent was being agitating and seemed out of person, the remains that they left when they fled should be carried by the winds as it was said to carry the anger and pain with the winds. However it was only a legend and something her people did so it could hold no truth. The woman would head back to the inn to rewatch his fight, hoping he would heed her words and think about them. They held truth. 


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