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Food Alone? I Think....(Open)

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Food Alone? I Think....(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:23 am

Shyvixah Smirked slightly as he rushed to Eat,  struggling not to tell him to take his time, mostly because she didn’t Want to wait anymore, but she also Didn’t want to be a an inconvenience to her new friend.  “ im sure your good “ She Reassured as she started to move away from the table,  readjusting her back so it Sat a bit smoother on her shoulder,   untwisting the Strap of the bag so it didn’t cut into the circulation of her arm. “  I figured that we could go to the end of the docks,  one with no one at it,  and as ice Magic likely wouldn’t Damage anything no one should mind.  And well for myself I don’t have any destructive magic” *she said with slight smile.

As she walked, she seemed almost more content now on the move.   Her stomach no longer hurt, or maybe it was because the focus was n longer on her personal Life.  Either Way she Walked the streets. The restaurant wasn’t too far off from the pier, her boots seemed to Sweep across the stone with a Slight Click of the heel,  turning into the Clopping sound on the wood as they Transitioned onto the docks.

Shyvixah Stopped at they got to the end of the narrow dock,  there seemed to be people around but no where near their dock, boats seemed to Roam by  about 30 meters away from the edge of the dock.  Shyvixah Then Spun on her heel and glanced at Waylon “ So are we going with ladies first or will you break The ice” *she Said Almost in a Teasing tone as she Made the Slight pun, amused in in her own Humor.


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Being his normal and slow self Waylon got up. "I am not sure how damaging my magic could be, After all I had not had to use it like that at all yet." He would have to see if he remembered any spells, he was rusty because he had not used a lot magic these days mostly because he had not needed too, Waylon he had been safe enough and not needed to cool anything down for a long time so he had not tried his magic in a while, But Waylon would tried anyway because why not at this point it would be fun and no one else would get hurt really...hopefully the world and its fate worked odd sometimes.

Waylon stretched out after he was sure the money was the right amount and smiled about it, feeling like he was better knowing he did it right, and his slow mind was not failing him.

He was more then ready then ever mostly because Waylon actually felt comfortable around Shyvixah, mostly because she had not ran away because of how...awkward Waylon was but he had happy mostly because he made a new friend.

Waylon was not that far behind when walking out behind his new friend, he seemed to be not too far behind her, he knew were to go because of the clicking of her heels and he did already remember what she looked like.

Waylon also seemed to be at peace and happy by the water. Like evening with him being an ice mage the water and the docks just makes me feel like he was set their and happy about it.

He had walked to the very edge of the dock to look out upon the lake to take in the feeling of the

His mind went into reality and said. "I will start first, It would be better of me too." Waylon said with a slight smile on his face like the peace of the lake was the enjoyment he seemed to want. "I will just need to remember a spell since it has been a while." Waylon mentioned while he seemed to stand at the edge of the dock looking at the water.

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