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Food Alone? I Think....(Open)

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Food Alone? I Think....(Open) Empty Sun Jan 22, 2017 6:53 am

He had dozed off for a few days of being lazy he was alone again, Not that he mind it after all he was either he was with his best friend or alone. Waylon was use to it normally, then maybe Waylon should consider getting more people to be around, he might have missed maybe getting a few simply because he might consider himself speaking normally.

His cluelessness might have failed him a lot in that matter as well, But Waylon also could consider him just doing nothing else but work and travel might have done that too there were many reasons could be considered.

Either way it was a day he was alone so far, in the morning Waylon had no idea what day it was really since he had stop keeping track for all the time he spent being busy with other things he forgot to keep track of that just work eat and sleep were all he had in mind when doing such things.

Shortly after waking up he figured he would just get something to eat. The best place for that idea, Would be 8-island restaurant.

He had never been here to what he remembers currently but he heard word from people it was a go to place so Waylon being naturally curious enter and came here.

Only feeling weird because he had no one else to sit with, Waylon enjoy places like this when at least with one other person. Maybe he would have to deal with it for now.


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Shyvixah Slowly Turned over in her bed,  having been out of her tiny apartment for as long as possible was taking its toll on her Sleep Cycle, her eyes open just a slit the see to clock, it was one of those times that felt like it was too damn Early for this. But the Blinking red light of her alarm Clock Numbers Told her other wise. . .  

“How the hell did I let myself sleep so long” She Grumbled with her face now buried in her pillow.  Letting out a long Breath she grumbled something inaudible before pushing herself up and forcing herself to get ready, she had wasted far too much time already. Time, she could spend out in the sun amongst the people, making connections and finding a job or two to work before she would have to head back to her apartment to sleep.

Her mind raced of all the things she might have missed while sleeping, getting ready as quickly as possible she did her morning routine but in fast forwards Rushing through a quick shower, washing her face and brushing her teeth and hair.  She sat in front of the mirror in her tiny bathroom on the edge of the bathtub with a small makeup mirror applying her bit of makeup, it seemed people had an easier time talking to someone that looked like they wanted to be there.

With her makeup on and her Beauty Regiment fulfilled she moved to the small Kitchen where she quickly threw open the cupboard door to search for food. . .  Another thing she had neglected. It seemed that there is only so many days in a row someone could say ill do my shopping later, before they are left with no food.

Shyvixah Sighed loudly and Groaned as she slammed the door shut. A through crossed her mind as she rummaged through her pockets pulling out a few Crumpled-up jewels.  It seemed she had enough to grab a bit to Eat at the 8 islands restaurant. After all it wasn’t too far, and there was sure to be people that that might want to hire a Freelance Hierophant. It was the only way she could see fit that she was to work at her magical prowess and at the same time earn money.  She didn’t feel like she was quite ready for a Guild but a little practise couldn’t hurt.

As she arrived at the Restaurant it seemed fairly busy, the hustle and bustle of people crowding around, but Shyvixah quickly found a small booth to the far back side. It seemed not many people liked to sit so far away from the kitchen, because the seats around her seemed Vacant too.


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Not really paying attention, some one just seem to go past him already, Was Waylon that slow today was his mind that behind with everything going on around him? it would be normal if that happen just his mind was thinking of it now.

Maybe the fact he was stupid hungry as well, It seemed quite sure to Waylon himself he was stupid hungry.

Waylon walked into the door and just stretch out quietly. Looking around clueless to were he would sit or what to eat as well, He might have heard of this place but no idea what to eat here was unknown to him, So it was a shot in the dark for him to eat here but he trusted it at least.

Upon looking around again and yawning there were a few people in the place, mostly by the place that cooked Waylon's brain was too low to remember the word kitchen too well currently maybe his brain being slow was just causing it still.

So Waylon would choose to sit in the less busy area, Only really see just one lady here. With what he could easily consider redish brown hair and a hazel brown eyes.

Waylon thought she did not honestly look that bad she was kind of pretty, But Waylon also was normally so to himself that even if he thought she was pretty, It wouldn't go much farther then that.

Quietly Waylon would take his seat being quiet and awkward sitting alone then again the only way he really spoke was if some one got him too, So it was normal for him to be quiet while eating alone it just felt sometimes odd for it to happen with him. Then again it just meant he needed to make more friends.


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Shyvixah sat down at the booth and tossed her roughly used bag to the inside of the booth before looking around, it had been quite a while since she last been out to eat at this establishment, but she was quite hungry.

Today she wore a nice teal/blue vest over top of a burgundy tank top, a nice sea shell pendent resting near her collar bone and jeans with a stylish white belt.  Her hair was a dark crimson red/burgundy and her lipstick was a slightly lighter shade of red to help bring out her hazel coloured eyes. A faint teal colour resting above her eyes from her eye shadow and her long dark eyelashes extended by the mascara she wore.  She wasn’t plastered with makeup but it was quite evident she was wearing some.

She looked around with rather calm and reflective gaze as she seemed to be looking for someone in particular, but in actuality she was simply sizing people up to try to find a paying client. It was hard to see who might be looking for someone to do the odd task. Slowly she looked down to the menu she was brought, maybe it was best not to bother people while they were eating she though to herself before turning her full attention to the menu.

Hearing the faint growl of the her stomach as she looked over the list of meals. She came across one that she wasn’t overly sure about, and then glancing around for a staff member to ask. She came up empty for the time being but not wanting to wait to ask the staff whenever they bothered to show up again because she was quite hungry.  Her attention turned to the man that sat down not far from her booth he looked to be all by his lonesome, and he didn’t have food yet, which to Shyvixah was enough for her to bend her own rule of not bothering people while they ate.

“pardon me” * she called out as she looked directly at the well-kept man with short blue hair, even sitting down she could tell he was quite a bit taller then her but he couldn’t be any more then a year or two, maybe even three years older then herself.

She stood up as she started to examine him moving in closer, not in any seductive manor or anything like that she was simply approaching in a friendly way. As she got a bit closer she started with “sorry, I was simply wondering if you knew if the 8-island club sandwich was any good here” *she says with a warm and soft smile as she now arrives at the edge of his table.


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Starting to slowly zone in and out with in his mind it was on his mind about how his family is doing. After all with his sister saying nothing and leaving and his older brother so far to his knowing being marked missing for sure.

Surely his mother was worried about all three of them. Waylon just left at least mentioning he was going on his own and doing things and he would be sure to see and visit her quite often when he could, His father was too busy working, But he was sure his father was slightly worried because his youngest and simple minded son was out of his own but he was most likely happy about it.

While he had zoomed in and out of thought and reality around him. What happen when he heard some one speaking to him. He was slightly shocked not noticeable at all levels just more of a slight level of it.

"Oh Hello." Waylon said, He was polite about it he did not seemed to mind with her just sitting here, To him the company was nice to him after all his best friend was not with him she had went off. Still wondering to this very moment the important thing she had to tell Waylon, She mentioned it but never told him.

"I would normally be willing to mention, But i have never ate anything here, I just kind of got here a few days a go from traveling and working so it is just my first time here." Waylon mentioned peacefully. "I am just choosing to try myself here as well." Waylon mention just rubbing the stop of his head slightly, also yawning as well. After all he just wake up and is slowly gathering and waking up fully.


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Shyvixah kept her warm smile, having watched him slip back into Reality as she spoke to him, hoping that she hadn’t bothered him too much.  Now standing beside his table she nodded “Oh alright, well thanks anyways.” She says softly before turning towards her table but she suddenly stopped and then moved into a full spin around as she turned back to face him “Wait so, are you new to town or something?” *she asked her thumbs resting in the side pockets of her jeans her finger tips laying flat against her thighs as she lean in a bit towards him, standing not to close. But not far enough to need to yell even in the busy restaurant.

Being Fairly Friendly Shyvixah was a bit curious about the man now, but did her best not to Bombard him with Question because she didn’t want to bother the stranger.  However, he did seem a bit different To Shyvixah, maybe it was because he seemed like a traveler, but also because he had an interesting look to him, fairly well kept. As for most men around here seemed rough and ragged because a lot of men around the port town took to being sailors and likes the idea of Scruffy beards and stubble.

oh, and if you want something really good, the Onion Soup is Great and so is the Sailors bean bread. “*she said moving her left hand up to brush her hair out of her eyes as her hazel eyes look him over again seeing if maybe she could catch anything that she had missed from her booth. Maybe like a Guild mark, but she didn’t see any. “ and for drinks * she said moving her hand up  so that two fingers touched her own face as she thought for a moment “ I think it was called the Hargeon Fog, it a Tea steeped in Steamed milk, I think it was a vanilla chi or something.” *she Tells the Stranger before she watches him for a moment, just to make sure she isn’t bothering him, attempting to pick up on and subtleties that she is being a bother before she would decide if she over stayed her welcome.


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Letting out a yawn and nodded yes. "I am new to this town, I am sure my other family members aren't but i am, then again i am sure if they knew I was here it would be helpful." He could admit that easily he knew a few people he would help him right away in terms of family if he were lost, but he went at this alone.

Not that he minded going about it alone, He liked to learn this way, sure he was slow but he slowly learned his way around and what do, He only missed having a bed to sleep in nightly.

"What is makes Sailor's bread different then normal bread?" Waylon thought aloud about it, was it special in some way? He wondered because it sounded good to him depending on what exactly it was.

That or a good sandwich would be good for him right now. The mention of the drink sounding good as well, Maybe just from how hungry he was or still how much he was still sleepy Waylon found both to sound good.

"But both sound good, maybe when some one gets around to taking orders on this side, I will get that." Waylon did not seemed even the slightest annoyed or bothered at all with her company.

In his slow mind he seemed to be more happy that he had company then annoyed. He just seemed bad at expressing it. "Well both of your orders, if you are going to stay sitting and keeping me company?" Waylon seemed relaxed asking about it like it was normal already.

Seemed rather content really might be odd for her to maybe realize but Waylon that just that relaxed about people around him. "I mean how will i know, how the 8 island club is?" Waylon mentioned with a bit of a smile on his face mentioning it to her hopefully she would stay.


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Shyvixah’s eyebrow raised a bit as he admitted that he was not from around here,  there was something almost magical about people who weren’t from Hargeon,  maybe it was the way they reacted to the natural beauty of the Area, or perhaps it was the feeling you got when you  gave them a little Tour around, a combination of happy and excitement taking pride in your home town. (or at least the current home) “helpful in what sense?” *she Asked still standing there her hand falling back to her pocket like her other hand as she kept her smile.
After his question about the sailors bread she smirked a little wider”  its made with beans, it quite a bit denser then normally bread, and its suppose to be better for you, or at least I have been told that by one of the Residents that takes great pride in their good health” She says as she rocks back and forth on her heels, starting to feel like she might be bothersome despite his attitude suggesting that he wasn’t even a hint of annoyed.

She listened as he told her they sounded good, and she simply nodded to confirm that she thought so.  But then the offer to sit with him caught her off guard ~did he really want to company or did he just want me to stop standing over him so awkwardly~ She thought to herself as she nodded almost Eagerly before  taking a few steps “ Id love to join you “ She said walking away back to her booth,  Snagging the menu off the table and  leaning into the booth to grab her back pushing off the table to  get back to her feet. She Smirked slightly as she walked back thinking about his comment on how the 8 island club sandwich and quickly came up with a proposal she would offer out after she was seated

She walked over towards The Strangers booth and set her Bag over the back of the chair and slide into the seat opposite of the blue haired man, her soft hands stretching out across the table, “ I’m Shyvixah by the way,  Shy if you’d Prefer, and id be happy to show you about if you want. * she pauses for a moment “ And thanks for letting me sit with you, its not something a lot of people offer”  with her other hand she slide her menu onto the table top “ if you’d like I can Give you half the Sandwich for half your Bean bread, if your interested I mean” she Says with her debonair smile.


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Well considering how his family was, each one would have been different, He knew his older brother would just laugh at him for being so dumb to travel alone, the same could be said with his father as well.

His mother would simply take his hand and ask him to go with her places they she thinks he would enjoy, some where she could sit have tea and talk about her life and what she did what interesting stories she had as her time as a mage.

"My brother,mother and father would all be pretty much the same. Only one who would be any different is my sister."
Waylon started off with his thought of it after all he never know unless such family members around be around him, but he had his ideas.

"She would end up yelling at me about how it could be a problem alone, that I would be dead because the first person I would meet or talk too would stab in one sight being the clueless fool I am."
Waylon mention that he would be assume that would be said by his sister after all. His sister was much more blunt and in  a different mind set.

But he seemed to family, when she said yet ,after all it means he was not alone eating like he normally was just how getting new company to know him was nice for once. "Well sounds like something i have not done before so I will order that..." his slow mind was at least made up on which to eat.

"My name is Waylon." He seemed to mention so plain and normal about it like normal people would but smiled sitting there contently.

"It is an interesting name to mention i must say, I do not think recall anyone who would it would be easier to call them something else or shorter part of their name..

"Sure the trade sound nice to do." Waylon seemed all down for that idea he liked trying food after all it was one of the many enjoyments that he at least remembered he had.


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Shyvixah Smirks slightly before she seems to go a little pale, “ that was not my intentions” *she mutters  seemingly a bit concerned now. It seemed that Waylon was in a totally different Line of work then herself, or maybe he was just in deeper then herself. “ but I agree with your sister in a sense, it can be Dangerous to be alone always.” * her complexation Returns slowly as she thinks it through,  maybe it was a joke of some sort, if it was it wasn’t a good one, either way she didn’t Appreciate the comment, which she assumed was aimed at her.

Shyvixah went a little more quiet now that she was settled in her seat across from Waylon, kind of Rendered speechless by his comment, but doing her best to ignore it she quickly thought of other things to talk about. Or maybe its more Accurate to say she wanted to asked things about this comment but not in as a Direct way as he had he done.

~No one just Says things like that without just cause~ She thought to herself before she lifted her hands above the table resting her arms crossed on the tabletop as she leaned a bit closer “ So what line of work are you in, if you don’t mind me asking?” *she inquired before she caught the glance of the waiter that was approaching

The Waiter came by and asked what they would like today, before he would jot it down in his note pad and head towards the kitchen to the far other side of the Restaurant. “ Id like the 8 island club sandwich with the side of fries and a peppermint tea please *she said to the waiter  before looking back  towards Waylon, taking a deep breath as she wondered what the hell she might have gotten herself into.

It wasn’t like it was uncommon to get yourself into trouble when you managed to push yourself into situations like this daily. But why would he ask her to sit with him if he thought she was capable of killing him on the spot. Or maybe he wasn’t like that at all. After all Shyvixah did take a bit of pride in her looks, maybe he liked how she looked.


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Waylon just slowly stretched out and smiled to himself in delight. "It is not as harmful as she would assume, I just go from town to town taking up jobs as a freelancer mage." Waylon mentioned really no realizing what he could be doing really, He did not think that far ahead or in general how his thought and words could effect people.

He never realized how quickly he answered questioned before she really asked."Line or work? Is traveling Mage taking requests a job? I am unsure..." Waylon's slowness and cluelessness was showing off more and more now, only his closest friend was able to deal with this easily sometimes and how he ended up hurting himself sometimes from doing work.

When it came time to order Waylon raised his slightly and said "Yes I will have!" He said sounding happy and delighted but paused like he forgot what he said he would order, Pausing to remember he then said. "Sailor's bread and cup of Hargeon Fog, Will do me nicely please and thank you."

Maybe there was a reason why Waylon's sister worried about him so much, For how he seemed to be a bit slow minded and a bit behind on mind. But people could sometimes tell Waylon had better intentions then most people. "Maybe after i am done moving around about towns I should actually get a job, Settle in a town and be not worry anyone, But I am happy roaming about taking up jobs as a mage for now." Waylon said still seemed happy about even with him being as slow as he is.


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Shyvixah Nodded slightly as she slowly started to smile “you came at a bad time then I’m afraid, pickings are slim right now, not entirely sure why but there isn’t a lot of work around for mages, at least not right now.” *She says resting her hands onto of the table again before continuing “that’s why I’m going off the Crocus soon, I have been told they are looking for people, and even a free lance mage is able to make a small fortune in odd jobs.”

Shyvixah went quiet for a bit longer then usual, mostly because she was putting things together in her mind, a look of deep contemplation seemed to Surface she slowly moved on of her fingers around in a circle Drawing on the table with her finger as she thought. “ You know, you could join me if you wanted, I’m sure there more Jewels to be earned there then any one person could make, and then the trip there wouldn’t be as boring and your sister wouldn’t have to worry.  Or maybe that would more worrisome to her* she Paused as she seemed to sink back into a thinking state.

“if you don’t mind my asking as a Free lance mage, do you have a particular magic focus?” *she asked piecing together a bit more of a profile on Waylon before she decided to try and team up with him, just based off the small bit of information she knew that he was a mage, had family and no real mission at this point, or at least none that she knew of.  And Shyvixah knew that her abilities would only help get so far, and that in order to earn some real money she would need to rely on others.  Others such as Waylon if he answered the questions that way she wanted, or hoped for at least


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So aside from the work he did there wasn't much else huh? It would be simple to think about it that way he would have to move on already, Not much else really around here but places to sleep and eat. "If that is how is sounds? Then I guess I could move on to the next area." Waylon mentioned because he seemed to always be going to place to place so quickly willingly and quickly, just because it was work and he needed to work.

It sounded like a good idea to him. then again if she didn't end up joining him Waylon would go on his own. "I have no problems joining you, the company would be nice then traveling alone." Waylon said. "I am old enough and my sister wouldn't do anything anyway she does not know were i am nor do i know were she is." It was true, Waylon had no idea were she was nor did she know where he was too it was not a problem as of yet.

"I am an ice mage actually." Waylon said with a smile on his face, he was happy about it making him feel like he was at least able to do magic. "I am not the greatest but I use ice magic." Waylon at least just seemed to be the slow about it but at least he was a happy ice mage.


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An Ice mage eh~ She tough quickly to herself. But her interest only peeked when he mentioned he wasn’t very good, Most people would see that as a bad thing, but the Shyvixah it meant that he wasn’t going to judge her harshly for not being Magical inclined as others might.

“ You Know I think we could actually pull this off” she said with a slight laugh, mostly out of amusement, “ I’m a Life magic Enthusiast myself, not overly skilled in Combat, I normally take to the less Dangerous jobs, but your not the Greatest ice Magic * she Smirks as she Reuses his words * “ and My Lessor Life Magic Supportive skills, we could Earn quite the coin with a little luck and a lot of hard work.” *

Her excitement Seemed to Only Grow now as she Smiled happily, the fact his Sister didn’t know where he was might make it a little better, And certainty Less Scary. Though Shyvixah hadn’t yet met her she almost intimidated her.

Maybe she was excited because she knew this was a good deal, there was something about him that made her want to call out to him when she seen him, an impulse that allowed her To talk to him before knowing who he was. Or maybe it was just simply she could Sense the Magic on him ( however faint it might be)

Shyvixah Slowly turned her head as she caught Sight of the waiter, a different one then before but he had two drinks on the tray, she could already smell the peppermint as he rounded the Tables behind them, when he placed the cups down and a Small tray with Milk, cream Sugar, honey and 2 tiny spoons. “ thankyou” * Shyvixah Chimed towards the man happily. Today was worth the effort, and just To Think if she had of went shopping this never would have happened.


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" I won't be one to judge on powers, one's power of magic is as special as the person themselves...So my mother told me anyway." Waylon was strongly fond of his family could easily be seen mostly all but his sister, Even then Waylon seemed to avoid speaking ill of her, Not matter what she was going to be nice and say nice things. "It is all in the end the matter of how mages work together to deal with it the problems in the world...What my older brother would tell me too." He seemed to at least get good advise from his family for the most part.

"It will be interesting to see be used, Sounds like a good kind of magic to have and useful." Waylon said he sounded excited for some reason about it. a few moments afterwards Waylon let out a yawn, Maybe he did not get enough sleep or lack of not moving around and getting enough air in his system too both were possible. "But then again, I like seeing other use magic too helps me learn in some way as well." Believe that as well maybe he was just distracted easily by people using magic around him, Maybe it was also how slow minded Waylon was too that he was this way there are many reasons.

When their food arrived Waylon seemed to have a very noticeable smile of his face. Reaching over to his drink you could see him just simply sniff it to intake the smell of it and took a sip right away. Waylon would make causal conversation. "I have had thoughts, That if i had enough jewel and really worried about working a job and staying in one place, I considered opening up a tea shop and running it myself...It is a dream one day." Waylon said, this was him getting comfortable with Shy. This kind of comfortable friendliness was why his sister was worried about him being on his own.
"Oh right...Thank you." Waylon also mentioned thanking for the food.

Waylon then put his cup down and reach over to his sailor's bread and just ripped it in half, and then offered it to her. He seemed so casual about this as well.


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Shyvixah smirks slightly “your really are Family orientated, aren’t you?” * she says after he Quoted both his mothers and brother, it made her think of her own parents, it wasn’t like she had any resentment for her childhood, but their absence was a bit painful. But Shyvixah dismissed her thoughts as she picked up her peppermint tea

He brought it up to her mouth and inhaled deep. She absolutely loves the smell of peppermint, there was very few scents that ever compared to it, and it was so distinct. Taking a small sip of it she then placed the cup down and grabbed one of the small spoons and fished out the tea bag, and placed it on the napkin beside it.

Shyvixah seemed a bit quite now, mostly because she couldn’t shake the thought of her parents, she never did find out what caused the wave or where It went. Maybe it guilts, but the more she tried to Avoid the thought the Louder it seemed to be in her mind.

Her Eyes Seemed widen as she heard the plates hit the table, she smiled again now as she realized that she had totality zoned out,” A Tea Shop?” *she Asked hearing almost Everything he had said but was kind of absent for reality before. “ its not a bad idea, Get out of all of this Hectic day to day life of a mage, but that’s not the life for me * she flashes her Most Debonair smile again, before she finishes” im going to Join a guild when I feel I’m ready and then I plan to Rake in the real money, until I find the right person and then maybe id settle down when I had enough.”

“ thankyou” she Said with a Soft grin as he handed her the piece, she placed it on her Napkin and Moved her plate so it was more centered with herself before she scooped the half of sandwich with her fork and Knife holding it balanced before putting it on the plate with the bean bread “ here you go, did you want any fries?” *she Asked moving the plate a bit forwards for him to grab a bunch


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Realizing slowly that he was quite family orientated, He knows it wasn't a problem well he assumed and really did not seemed to think it was a problem. "Aside from one friend I actually have, My family is all I have. You are the only new person I have meant and started to attempt to hang out in....5 years...I think?" Waylon mentioned like he was trying to keep track as best as he could but forgot. "Either way....It is been a really long time." Waylon realized it was this lady Shy was the only person he tried to befriend in a long time, He seemed content with the slight thought of he still needed to meet more people in the end.

"I just no have no idea how to start a tea shop nor the money too." Waylon admitted but the thought of a guild never came to his mind, It would do Waylon some good because people could be around his slow thinking self and make sure he was safe so it might be a good idea for if he could remember.

Fries? "Oh yes I would." It was a happy a moment for him these kind of simple moment were just delightful to him. "Thank you." Waylon just shuffled his plate over to get some fries. Sharing food was nice, the bread smelt nice and he did not have a worry in the world for the moment.


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“ ill Tell you what, in a few years look me up ill be quite wealthy or dead, if I’m Dead visit my Grave if I’m alive ill give you a Loan, or a Grant * she waves her hand idlily “ Or you know whatever you call It, free money “ Shyvixah Smirks slightly “ its kind of odd though, for someone who doesn’t meet new people your Quite friendly and well mannered.” *she Says Scooping a fry between her fingers and taking a bite out of it.

She Finished off the fry and took a small sip of her tea before topping to brush her hands off on her Jeans “you now if you wanted a Demonstration of my magic id love to see what you are capable of. . . after all if we are going to Be partners in Crime * She Stops at her choices of words “My bad not Crime, but I cant think of the good Alternative to what partners in crime would be” *

Shyvixah lets out a deep breath.” Sorry I’m just starting to get a bit jittery about this, I hope its not Freaking you out or anything.” Her words were kind and sincere but she still keeps that smile.

Shyvixah turns back towards her meal, and continues to eat, Taking the Sandwich into both hands and biting down on the Corner of it, before placing it down and chewing up the mouthful, she then leaned back in her chair. Having not eaten all day had made her get full fast, only a few bites in made her stomach kind of Queasy so she decided to slow down. “ Was there any particular reason You ended up in Hargeon? Or were you just wandering through?”


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Waylon just considered it normal. "Well, My mother taught me always be nice to people be as well mannered as possible, My sister tells me I am too friendly for my own good sometimes..." Mentioned both sides of what he got from the way he acted. "But my mother just wanted me to be well mannered and nice so I am just how I am, I guess." He was relaxed about it normal happy Waylon.

He quietly nibbled on his food for a bit trying to think of the the right word. "Just go with partners take out the crime part and i think we are good." He thought of it plainly as possible.

"You are fine, I am not troubled at all. I would have mentioned if i was by now." He mentioned about it because he was just that honest about it, Waylon was a bad liar so he could not hide it.

"By chance actually, I was working odd jobs with that only friend I have...she kind of dissappeared on me but I was doing jobs with her and now here currently the day after talking with you." he started off by mentioning "I mostly wander alone to myself as well so form place to place is how often i go. Just packing up a backpack and heading off."


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“partners it is I guess “ she Responds to his Comment. Shyvixah  took a small break from her meal as she clasped the Warm cup of Tea in her hand,  her fingers running along the lip of the tea cup, the glass felt smooth Aside form on Chip in the Side, which she promptly rotated away from her so that it was at the Furthest point of the cup away, “ hmm “ She Pondered for a Moment before she  paced the cup down.

“ it seems you have a good relationship with your family. . I ah,  cant say im not Jealous,  I never had any siblings, and I don’t talk with my parent anymore.” *She Said almost hesitantly.  Maybe it was because she didn’t like Making herself feel vulnerable. And She Didn’t Really lie to her new Friend, but she wasn’t entirely truthful either

“ Your Not going to just bail on your friend are you? Are they in Hargeon? * she pause briefly before Smirking slightly “ After all I wouldn’t want you to Abandon them because a pretty girl Asked if you wanted to leave town,  how would that make Me look after all. . . its almost like kidnapping right?”.

Shyvixah leans forwards before she lets out a deep Sigh, it seemed like she wasn’t as hungry as she had thought, or her appetite was Suppressed by her excitement. She picked a peace off the bean bread and popped it into her mouth before leaning back in Defeat. As she wiped the crumbs off on her Jean and then Fished out some Crumpled up Jewels and placing it onto the table.


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"It has ups and down really, My older brother is a busy man who wants to do the world right and my sister and I did not get along because she wanted a lot of attention before they both just randomly up and left one day, different times but both left." He explained how he got along with his family members to her, yet again not having much to hide because he was just that open.

"Each life is different, I am sorry you do not speak to your family often." Waylon seemed at least like he was trying to see a bit sorry about it and considering maybe he needed to be quiet about it. He just picked up his drink and just seemed to sip it a few times, and quietly nibbling on the bread.

When it came to what she was worried about next Waylon then nodded no. "I am not just leaving her here, I tend to go off on my own normally and she has already left the area before I did." Waylon mentioned right away. "No one would consider it kidnapping if it is a willing person, At worst it would be luring if were actually a crime." Waylon seemed to slightly laugh about it finding it funny trying to lighten up the situation.


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"don’t be sorry for me, its just how things happened that’s all” she said tilting her head slight to the side to let her bangs fall away from her eyes “ Besides you hardly know me, maybe I was a really Hellish Kid and they never wanted to see me again. Or maybe I murdered them both and fled. Your Sisters right to worry for you, but i think she i a bit paranoid ” *she Said jokingly of course, as she waited for Waylon to finish his meal before trying to leave.

* Shyvixah picked up her tea and sipped from it every few seconds until it was gone, before picking up the Sandwich and taking another bit out of it, before she placed it down and cut the half she had bitten into off and offered the untouched quarter to Waylon “ it seems my eye were bigger then my Stomach today” *she said as she pushed the plate closer you her new friend “ All yours if you want it “ *She replied softly as she unfolds her napkin and Wraps up he part of the bean bread and the quarter of the sandwich with two bite taken from it

“ I’m all set when you are” *She Says As she Shifts in her seat seemingly have crossed a leg over her lap as she leaned back with her arms Cradled behind her head “ And if I was kidnapping you, id not tell you “ She added in as she closed her eyes Basking in the sun coming in from the window near by


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He seemed to chuckle to himself. "Sometimes the people who do not seek such things are ones that may need it." Waylon mentioned that as well, in his mind when he spoke it he remembered his mother saying, with him remembering and speaking it he heard his mother say it in his mind while he spoke it to hear.

With the offering left of the food Waylon seemed to take joy into it, smiling happily about it reaching over quietly to take it, Waylon seemed to waste not time in eating any of the food here, He seemed slightly faster at eating now since he was not speaking as much or just feeling comfortable around Shy, Waylon really seemed more comfort with her then she was with him, It was not a bad thing really just something that was slowly to be notice.

With what he ate quickly he then took a moment to breath so he wouldn't give himself hiccups a few minutes after he stopped eating and finished off his drink. "Yes I think I am about ready to go too, I am edger to learn what awaits me next and to see what happens during my next stop." While he stretched out Waylon would also mention. "Also would most likely do something to make sure I could not run or yell as well I assume?" Waylon said with a joking sound in his voice and a while like he was still trying to lighten things up and get a few laughs going about it.


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Shyvixah’s head cocks to the side a bit as she thinks about what he means. ~ did he mean kidnapping?~ she thought to her self as she  fixes her posture again  she her neck wasn’t craned to the side, the confused expression still a bit present but quickly fading. “ well your not wrong i suppose, but most people don’t say such things.  Its almost like  wishing bad upon the damned’ *Shyvixah placed her ;left hand onto her chest touching the small jade turtle necklace she was wearing and rubbing its shell for good luck.

As Waylon reached for the food Shyvixah would smile back happy that he could at least enjoy the food she apparently didn’t want, i t was funny what sadness could do to a person. A nice happy go lucky person could be being eaten away by the darkness in their heart but no one would know the difference.

Shyvixah would watch quietly thinking, as she rubbed the shell of her jade turtle, her eyes widening a bit as  Waylon started to talk again,  she seemed to blink a few time in order to  focus her hazel eyes as her gaze flashed towards him again. “  yea sounds good “ *she said standing up pushing her chair out before circling around it and then shoving it in so it pressed against the table again like how she had found it.  “ rule one of manipulating people is that they never know the difference “ *she said teasing but   kind of wanting to drop the topic.  “ i know a good place near the docks  if you were interested in showing off a bit” *she said trying to shift the focus a bit

*Shyvixah would wait for him to Pay for himself before leaving. As greedy as she could be at times she was most surely not a bad person, and she didn’t condone doing bad things when people had the choice to do the right thing.


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Stretch out Waylon just seemed to finish rather quickly when Shy not paying attention too well, mostly because he had stop talking and wanted to eat his food, it was maybe most likely that Waylon realized he might be just using too much time.

With only thing left for him is because he had eaten everything else was the soup so it wouldn't but that long mostly because he ate fast because he it was normal of him and finished his drink.

Maybe he just ran out of topics or did not want to make too many other comments. "I like the water, It would be nice to see before we head off." he seemed to be done his soup and got up. Standing up and stretching, He just reached into his pocket and placed money on the table. "I am not sure if that is enough..." Waylon then turned back around and to double check looking it over but he was done eating his food and ready to go ,Waylon seemed to be quick about it, but he had more money if needed.

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