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Monday Morning [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Monday Morning [Quest] Empty on Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:43 pm

Bianca Fleur
As much as Bianca didn’t want to get up that morning, she had to, to follow her rise-and-shine regime. It was too cozy in her bed with the lovely rain outside. You could say it was gloomy, but it wasn’t for her. She loved this weather so much that it would send her straight into her happy zone. So as soon as she had freshened herself, Bianca put on a warm, pastel sweater and jeans. The rain had reduced to a slight drizzle, so she decided to wear a disposable raincoat instead of carrying around an umbrella. She had a bunch of those. Disposable raincoats, that is.

The Phantom Lord guildhall was completely deserted. She had to make sure it was seven in the morning and not two hours past midnight. The man behind the bar was half asleep, although she spotted a mug half full of warm coffee. It was what she was here for as well, before she set out into the wet streets. “I’d like a coffee, too, please,” she told him a bit loudly just so he would hear her before proceeding to inform him of her preferences. He was awake as soon as he heard her, which she was glad about. She didn’t want to leave without a cup of coffee. It took her about fifteen minutes to finish that. To be honest, she was hoping the rain would stop, because let’s be real, who would actually want to go out there in that disposable raincoat, looking all silly? The coffee, she noticed, was made in no time. She could tell the barista was experienced in this area...which was probably why he was a barista, but she liked fast, so she gave him a tip before she left. He seemed happy about that, making a bit money so early in the morning. In fact, it satisfied her as well, to make someone’s morning effortlessly.

Now the streets were drenched in rainwater and the smell of it mixed with soil opened up her nostrils, making her spread her smile. She loved all of this. It was like a sign that she was going to have a great day already. Even though she sat in the guildhall for a while, the drizzle was still there, and would be for a bit longer as she noticed the sky being clouded with what looked like huge grey cotton candies. It created a darkish ambiance, which made people want to stay inside, which Bianca would have done too if it was raining much heavier, probably reading one of her books with a cup of tea. Yes, her ideal lazy afternoon. She kicked her left foot across a small puddle, making the murky water splash around and onto her rubber sandals, a giggle escaping her parted lips. What a lovely morning. She couldn’t ask for a better one, truthfully. What should she do then, on such a fine morning? Should she visit a local bookstore to purchase some more books?

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#2Bianca Fleur 

Monday Morning [Quest] Empty on Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:50 pm

Bianca Fleur
The idea of visiting a bookstore bored her. It didn’t seem like the time for that since she had already bought so many books last time, she barely had space on her shelves to keep them all, so she basically had them in piles on the floor in her room. She would have to buy new shelves soon to fit those all in, because keeping them lying around like that bothered her. It was untidy, and messing up her room, so being the biggest neat freak on Earth, she wanted to get rid of that mess as soon as she could. Now then, she would continue to work further down the street, getting more and more away from her guildhall. She could tell she had walked quite a distance already because the Phantom Lord guildhall appeared hut sized from where she looked. Just then, she heard some kind of inaudible murmuring from behind her, causing her to turn almost immediately, in case it was danger, but it was not. What it was, though, was just a simple boy...but with an oddly familiar face. Bianca couldn’t look anywhere else, azure orbs locking onto the kid’s own. She knew this kid. She had even scolded him. Of course, it was that kid the shopkeeper didn’t like and wanted Bianca to give him a beating or something.

“It’s you again,” she said in a stern voice. The boy looked thoroughly spooked, but seemed to have something to tell her. She could see it in his eyes. “What are you up to this time?” she asked, actually meaning to find out what it is that he was afraid to blurt out to her. Soon, Jerr the boy was telling her a very sad but true story - his own life story, including his friends who were facing the same troubles. After about thirty minutes worth of storytelling, he seemed to have been able to convince Bianca into stealing some food for him and his friends, because she had already left her previous spot and entered a convenience store. This was probably one of her weaknesses. She didn’t usually trust random people, but if a homeless boy came pleading for help like this with those puppy eyes and some good talk, she would definitely steal some food for him.

Bianca didn’t need to be careful or anything. The act of stealing came so naturally, no one in the store noticed. The security cameras in the place didn’t catch a thing because they didn’t exist in the first place. Security cameras? What are those, right? Damn they sound so in the future. Anyway, Bianca gave the boy the food she stole and told him to share with his friend and not have it all to himself. Jerr nodded, of course, and gave her something back in return. She didn’t expect this at all, so she accepted it with a smile and told him to take care as well. “You better give some to your friend, aight?”

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