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Undead Wolf

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Sitting on the empty field of the baskan hills, Kon had decided to summon everything he had in his arsenal to entertain himself, cast his staff around the hills two creatures from the rich soil, the first to rise the rat he acquired in Crocus and the other of a wolf which he had gained after fighting it in Era town, twice he relied on Selena to get them which caused his stomach to boil with rage as his injuries were yet to heal. However this is not the story of how he got the souls of the two beast instead this is the tale of how he was able to use the wolf's soul as a summon.

Casting back several days ago back in Era town, with a heavy sigh, Konstantin rose from his rented bed and itched his arm bond in its splint remembering the job he had just completed yesterday that led to him receiving such an injury, it was from none other than a wolf. Konstantin having slain the wolf and taken it’s soul, he would turn his revenge and use it as a spell, however In his current state he was nowhere near ready to do anything by himself and would be using his companion and his previously acquired rat to complete his goal. Wearing his regular attire with the addition of a new winter jacket as the weather had worsened over night he set off to the location of the wolf’s burial site.

With nothing to do today he used the time to recover it’s remains to turn it into a spell. Reaching the area where it had been laid to rest, he summoned his rat and used it to dig the wolf with the assistance of his companion, Sparky. He blocked his nose with his free hand preparing for the worse however as it was still relatively cold outside the body had no smell. The wolf’s corpse now open to the environment he pulled the body out of the pit with the continued assistance of his summon and companion before filling it in with the surrounding dirt.

Using Sparky as a pack mule with the rat being unsuitable for the duty, Konstantin led him into the forest nearby where they wouldn’t be disturbed for committing acts against the living and the dead. Once inside the forest, he pushed the wolf off his companion with his useful hand with a loud thud being heard as it hit the ground. And so wielding his pumpkin shaped staff he began to perform the ritual to use the dead body of the wolf as a summonable spell. Having the wolf on the ground, Konstantin drew a sharp knife that he was carrying with him and pricked his little finger and allowed a few drops of blood to fall onto the wolf, before he cutting the wolf to allow its own semi-dried blood to leave its body.

As the blood merged toward with the wolf’s blood seemingly becoming more fluid, he began to draw a magic circle with it. Once the blood had drained from the wolf, he sat cross-legged stuck his staff into the ground in front of him and began to form various hand gestures with his right hand at an increasing pace causing the wolf to twitch slightly and the blood to go back into the hideous beast.

Eventually Konstantin’s pacing began to reduce eventually only doing one once every half a minute. Just as a normal person would think he’d completely stopped, something bizarre happened something transferred from Kon to the wolf. What it was most people wouldn’t know but could guess. He however knew that it was the wolf’s very soul being pushed back into its old body done through the will of its new master and would obey his orders without question.

Sparky wasn’t fond of his magic particularly this process and would always responded to it with a snarl. Kon even had to tell him to relax and go pet him to let him know it was okay. Eventually he calmed down and he would be able to test out the overall level of command he was able to have over the wolf and how much it understood. In his mind, he suspected that it would be capable of doing slightly more complicated commands that the rat due to it’s large brain.

Undead wolf now back at one hundred percent restoration save for the decaying tissue, he began to give it basic orders; Attack that tree with it trying to destroy it, defend me with the wolf going into a defensive position near konstantin, follow Sparky with the wolf doing exactly what he asked. Knowing the capabilities of the wolf from when he had no need to directly test in a fight, considering he had just fought it a few days ago. Instead Kon merely dispelled the wolf and the rat, causing their corpses fall to the ground and turn into dust. He was now capable of casting that several spells now at any point with or without the staff, though it seemed to help him a fair amount as was the case with his rat and what he suspected would any other spell he cast with it.

Konstantin’s mood had become far more upbeat as he had grown annoyed by him needing to lean for assistance from not just others, but also his companion and even using the staff as a weapon when he’s desperate. For now though he’d treat himself and Sparky to a good job. Plus considering that it was almost nightfall anyway, it was time for dinner anyway. Interestingly the overall procedure that taken pretty much all day, though that had been largely due to moving the wolf. He wasn’t looking forward to having to move a human, something of that size or even bigger and hoped that his Blitzle would be more capable of carrying things soon. Ignoring those details for now as he might find a better way to do it later, Konstantin wielding his staff returned to the town’s center with his companion that had become equally cheerful.

And so it was with this short detour on Kon's journey he was able to acquire another stepping stone to his road to becoming an adept necromancer capable of taking on foes by himself through the use of his minions.


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