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Legends of Abraxas

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#1Nexus Nightingale 

Legends of Abraxas Empty Thu Jan 19, 2017 4:55 pm

Nexus Nightingale

Abraxas, a planet located far out on the edge of the universe, is a world of Magic all of its own. The planet rich with resources and life of almost every kind save for that of any sentient beings. No one was sure how it happened, when it started or even why, but out of no where beings like those of the elves, orcs, demons, etc. started to appear upon its surface. Though not one of these people were aware of how they arrived on Abraxas, each story of what had happened on their planet it before hand was all the same. Each group of a semi large number was in one way or another lost, whether it was in a forest, desert, mountain pass or even the sea. After traveling for what seemed like weeks, the groups would finally find something to indicate a change in scenery. Those on the sea would find land, in a forest would find an exit, so on and so forth. There was only one problem, the places they were now was no longer their home.

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