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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had received an emergency request from a shopkeeper's worker who had requested she come see his boss as soon as she could, because supposedly it was urgent. Celeste could bite, plus she could use the extra money, honestly. She wasn't feeling in the bad of moods though, after having to actually kill a witness in one of her previously missions, however she did sign up for this kind of thing so no one else was to blame but herself. She knew that she'd be getting into some dark shit joining a dark guild, however she should've been more cautious and thought it through that she'd have to brutally kill with little reasoning. It did bother her but at the same time she just thought of as if she was hunting Sand Dune Boar, you got to brutally beat them down so they don't get back up and kill you.

Upon entering the shop she saw the owner who seemed to be fixing up his shop from a recent robbery it seemed. Celeste quietly approached the man, hopefully he wouldn't be too salty.

"Ah~ is this the wizard you chose to bring me Yukano!" The old shopkeeper smacked his worker. "I said a dark-wizard!"

It seemed he didn't think Celeste was a dark-guild associated nor was she capable for whatever he strangely was going to request.

"Ahem~ I am a dark wizard..." Celeste explained, unbuttoning the jewel on her top, lowering her top only enough to show the guild mark on top her left breast. "I am perfectly capable to carry out any request you have too."

The old man simply glared at her, questioning her capabilities. He clearly wasn't convinced however he was amused at how quick she was to reveal such a lewd part of her body.

"I believe she is most capable for this mission, sir." Yukano told him his honest, opinion.

He nodded, finally giving in and deciding to fill Celeste in on the details. It seems a child named Jerr was on the loose with a group of orphans, going around and stealing from local shops, it seemed this shopkeeper was a regular target though, and it showed to his stocks seemed almost empty. Celeste wondered how many kids their was and how much they could steal from one shop. Either way, she now had a mission to complete and it would be completed at any cost, however it seemed the man wanted her to take an aggressive approach to the kids to scare them away from stealing, if that's what he requested then so be it. It shouldn't be all that hard to scare a couple of children. Hopefully just a little death threat would do the trick for the children and it would scare them from any kind of crime. However Celeste had a hunch that it wouldn't that she kids would still continue their shenanigans.

Celeste had waited for the child to show his face again, however as she looked out the window of the shop, the keeper had yelled and pointed him out, she was quick to dash out after the child. He was quick to sprint off himself and escape the scene. Avoiding Celeste she gritted her teeth. Damn. This kid was quick on his feet, must be use to running like his life depended on it, which was a bad thing it meant two things, he was use to doing crimes and he was use to running from his troubles. However she wasn't as slow as the old shopkeeper, she kept on a hot pursuit on the boy not giving into her urges to let her feet rest. Every step she took she was pushing dirt into the air, giving it all she had.

The boy seemed to turn down a dead end corner, and his orphan friends circled him protecting him from Celeste. She glared, did they think she wanted a fight. If so she'd give them all one.

"Haa-yaah!" Celeste had thrown her spear from off her back into the air as it did a quadruple spin in the air and she caught the spear by the edge of it's handle. 

She held the spear out to the group of children, giving them a cold glare, as if she was hungry for blood, however this was a mere act of her own. Only to scare them into quit stealing from the shops around Oak Town.

"Listen well, I too was an orphan- still am, and where I grew up, we ate the weaker orphans so we could grow stronger so if you continue I will skin you and pick your bones with my spear- AND EAT YOU!" Celeste screamed towards the end, causing the children to scream and cry.

They most likely pissed themselves. Celeste had returned giving the owner the good news and collecting her reward, happily.

Word Count: 811/800

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