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A caring soul among them all

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#1Káilètte † 

A caring soul among them all Empty Wed Jan 18, 2017 12:41 pm


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Yawning half asleep she would have her hands behind her head. Her fingers would through her hair as her chin tilted up to look up at the sky. What was she going to do in this area? Truly she hasn't spotted a single bar or ramen shop - nothing. She was wearing a long sleeve light blue shirt and normal blue jeans. Her shoes were hiking boots as she would hear a squish from the lightly moist earth. The wind was gentle as her facial expression would show as well as calmness. Arisa looked forward as she wasn't quite sure on what do to. ''I wish I knew this place more.'' she would say to herself as she continued to walk. The land was somewhat dead, tan grass as the winter was brushing against what was once green and beautiful. Slowly she would stop and cornered her eyes to the right to notice there was a slightly alive flower. 'You're a random little fellow.' she thought softly as she shifted her body with her left foot to then bend down in front of it. Softly she would touch a petal which it then colorized back to its livelihood. ''You won't live long, but...you might as well enjoy what you can. Right?'' she spoke to the flower and made a faint smile.

#2Ray Ignazia 

A caring soul among them all Empty Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:18 am

Ray Ignazia
Squish. Squish. Crack

Ray's body shuddered as he stepped on a twig that made an unnaturally loud noise for it's size. Taking in a sharp breath, he picked up his pace again, running now on what seemed to be the hilltop. He was definitely an odd sight in the tan surroundings, the once-green grass having now dried up due to the winters. There was still a harsh nip in the air, Ray feeling it all the more because of his choice of attire, which was just a loose white tunic with a thick cord belt in order to hold it into place. He wasn't used to wearing shoes or the type of clothes people wore on this mainland because of his time as a slave, and, to be really honest, he liked the kind of freedom it gave him to move. His feet were slightly brown because of the soft ground on certain parts, and his muscular body was pumped and sweating.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ray saw a figure bent over in the not so far distance. The person was wearing blue, different shades of it, and it did not seem like a tunic. Ray noticed that the body type was of a females, and as he got closer he saw the feminine face covered by light brown hair. The woman seemed to be talking to a flower which was regaining colour through her touch, puzzling Ray to no end. Curious, he stopped about half a meter away from her, and wiped the sweat off his forehead with the shoulder of his tunic, his red hair not entirely matted due to his body's constant electric charge. Breathing slightly heavy, Ray put his hands to his sides, and willed his deep voice to come forth.

"Is it custom in this land to be talking to flowers, ma'am?"

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#3Káilètte † 

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Her eyes would look at the flower as the cold would shrivel the flower. 'There you go...' she would think and frowned a bit. Her eyes studied the flower and then the nature that it was within. Her right hand would go towards the dirt to poke her pointing finger within. ''Not moist obviously...but...'' she would say and then heard some steps from afar. Her head would turn quickly to then see a rather very tall man. Built like some god in a way with red short hair. His eyes were quite concentrating looking as he stared towards her calmly. Awkwardly she would stand up and bent a little to dust off her legs of dirt. After that her head would tilt up as she stood up straight, crossing her arms against her chest. ''I was more talking to myself, but yea. I'm not from here. My magic lets me talk and understand all things that are nature.'' she would explain to make it less weird. True there were crazy people who talked to walks and stuff, but truly never understood them. Her magic though gifted her these things and she hoped he'd understand. If not then that would be his problem...

#4Ray Ignazia 

A caring soul among them all Empty Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:26 am

Ray Ignazia
The woman seemed to have heard him, for she stood up straight, clearing up the accumulated dust on her cloth with her hands. She then turned to look at him and crossed her hands in front of her chest, tilting her head as she did so. Her eyes were almost hazel, and clearly distinguishable, and Ray now noticed that whatever she was wearing was, in fact, two different cloths, a top and bottom. Still not knowing the fashion trends that ruled this area, as all he knew were tunics and armour, Ray let the clothing be for now.

[i]Magic.[i] The woman had spoken about magic, and how it allowed her to talk and understand nature-related things. Ray was very new to magic, having seen no existence of it until that fated day which had changed his life. He'd then devoted his time to learning about this power, this seemingly infinite power with possibilities no one could dream of. Everyone seemed to have a different magic so far, as he'd seen, and he had read texts on people having more than one form of magic as well. Ray raised his right hand, and studied it as he willed a spark to come forth and dance around his fingers. The spark would then glow harshly and shoot up, wherein it dissipated into the air. His own magic had made him more aware of lightning and electricity, and his body was almost always charged, so he'd have bits of paper and what not sticking to him, annoyingly enough.

She'd also spoken about her not being from around here, and Ray felt a connect in the sense that he too, was a stranger in this strange land. As far as he was concerned, he was from no land whatsoever, spending almost all his life on the ocean, bending to the will of his masters. He sighed lightly, and let his hand drop to his side again, his sharp red eyes focusing on the woman's brown ones.

"I too am not from here, ma'am. This magic you have is very fascinating. I'm sorry, I didn't quite introduce myself. My name is Ray."

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#5Káilètte † 

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She stared at him as her facial expression was calm as a stone statue. It never moved from what it was as to what she truly felt. Even if she was happy as of right now, she would look calm. If she felt sadistic or even sad and felt like crying, her smile would be bright as the taste of one's favorite food would give you. Her eyes would usually brighten as her actions would be rather innocent. Arisa's brown medium hair would sway left and right with the winds current all the while she would listen to this guy. He truly didn't seem like he was from here as the gear he wore seemed rather warrior-like. Her head would tilt a little as if she question where he was from, but she wouldn't let those words escape her soft lips. Instead of something about where he was from, she would say where she was. ''I'm from the islands of Galuna, although within the deeper part...where we wouldn't get any travelers. '' she would say. 'Or at least alive ones.' she would then think as her eyes looked at him purely. ''You wanna go drop by to eat or drink? Something?'' she wondered and offered the stranger. Was it weird to do this a lot? Honestly Arisa didn't mind it as it made her feel better.

#6Ray Ignazia 

A caring soul among them all Empty Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:23 pm

Ray Ignazia
Ray's eyes narrowed as his gaze pierced into her face. Her expression hadn't changed, it remained impassive. Ray then noticed it was a little breezier now, her hair was swaying in the wind while Ray's own ruffled due to the wind. She tilted her head a bit, and Ray braced himself for a question, but it seemed that the question would never arise, with her deciding to speak about herself first. She was from some islands called Galuna, a place Ray had never heard of before, but then again, he hadn't heard of many places as he was living on a ship that never seemed to dock into Galuna. But, it so seemed that Galuna was a dangerous place, as she added that none of the visitors she got were alive. How dead people managed to gain entry into the islands was beyond Ray, but he didn't ask that question, instead choosing to look away quickly and look back. She then opted for a change of topic, asking Ray if he wanted to head out to get something to eat or drink.

This land had it's own share of fascinating food and diabolic drinks, some of which Ray had tried and loved, but had stayed away from lest he got addicted to them. He then looked at the woman's face, as if to judge whether he could trust her or not. He took in a deep breath, and then spoke.

"Sure, I don't mind heading out to get something, if you know where we can go. Also, I haven't really caught your name, ma'am."

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#7Káilètte † 

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Her eyes looked up towards the tall man who was wearing golden-like flat armor. He looked as if he was prepared for some battle or something. Arisa wanted to ask him more questions about himself, but perhaps this wasn't the time. A simple smile would form from Arisa's soft glossed lips as they would then go towards the eating area. Her body turned a little to look back towards him. ''Alrighty~ Let's go.'' she would speak calmly yet sweet as her body would then turn back to be straight. Her heart was beating regularly as if it was a sign that Ana wouldn't be interfering anything. ''Name's Arisa. Nice to meet you, Ray.'' she would say softer than usual with a sweet hidden smile. "Shall we?" She questioned with a giggle. After she asked she would lead him to a food and beverage area.

#8Ray Ignazia 

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Ray Ignazia
The woman looked up towards him, her almost-hazel eyes warm in the sunlight that was now flooding the plain they were in. She would smile simply, as a reply to his affirmation, and then turn to walk. Ray began following her nodding to her when she turned back, a smile still playful amongst those full lips. Her name was Arisa. Arisa with the soft voice.

"Hello Arisa, it's nice to meet you too. And yes, we shall.", said Ray as they neared a massive opening in the plain which was full of stalls, no doubt for the travellers that had come here for the tournament happening nearby. Delicate scents wafted through the air, with the occasional overpowering of fire and meat. This stalls seemed to be a medley of various things, from a distance, as Ray could tell by the differences in color and the hustle bustle of people from one stall to another. Upon arriving closer, Ray looked about for a place where they could sit down, noticing a bench not to far away. Making a mental note of it, Ray then looked towards Arisa.

"So, what do you feel like having today?"

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#9Káilètte † 

A caring soul among them all Empty Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:56 pm

Her eyes wandered as they walked forward. She wasn't too sure on what to do exactly as in where they would go to eat. Should  they go to a place that was quite simple? Honestly as she thought about it, this place probably only had simple places; that ramen shop for example. Her heart would beat calmly as she would walk with this guy. He seemed to be the type to trust or so he seemed. Her medium brown hair waved left and right as she continued to look forward. Rather or not he walked beside her she wouldn't really pay any mind nor care. Her hips would sway as her arms dangled against her sides. Soon they would see food stalls that had varieties of things. Her nose would smell the aroma as her mind became rather a slave to the memories of these foods.

A shock of memory from once upon a time came through. The area was filled with floating lights in the shape of spheres. People in beautiful kimono's wandering around as they all laughed together. There she was standing beside her mother as the girl with pink/red hair beside the man who the girl represented. Was that her father? Her heart string started to break till she then heard the voice of Ray.

''H-huh? Oh...'' she snapped out of whatever memory flashback she was dealing with and looked at him. ''Dumplings sound amazing.'' she would say with a sweet happy smile. Part of her wanted to cherish this feeling. The feeling like she wasn't alone in her heart, even if it was with this stranger. She would stop walking though as to have them walk beside each other. Of course if Ray decided to slow down or go faster so they didn't, she would understand. Arisa tried to ignore the envious feeling she felt while watching families together, couples hand-in-hand and so on. ''What would you like, Ray?'' she would question softly and sweetly, tilting her head up to look up at him as they walked slowly together.

#10Ray Ignazia 

A caring soul among them all Empty Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:35 am

Ray Ignazia
Ray paced himself so that he was walking just slightly behind her, his eyes darting from Arisa to the surroundings, and back. He'd memorised what the surroundings were, the food, the people, the aromas and the physical stimulus, yet, he found himself attracted to the only variable that was there. In some way or the other, she demanded his attention, or rather, constantly attracted his vision towards herself. He found himself staring at her way too often, and now wasn't even aiming to correct it. She wanted dumplings, and Ray would nod and continue walking towards a stall which reportedly sold dumplings.

He then realised that she was walking alongside him, practically next to him, and on pure instinct, Ray grasped her hand with his own, and bent down to kiss her cheek. Reddening mere seconds after doing that, Ray looked away, and merely stated, "I must go now", before turning around and running out of the clearing, away from all this. He'd messed up real bad.


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#11Káilètte † 

A caring soul among them all Empty Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:39 pm

Walking beside him she was enjoying the silence while walking alongside him. Why did she? She didn't know this guy much at all and he wasn't even talking much. Her head would turn while her eyes would wander. 'Where are those dumplings...?' she would wonder and think. Her eyes would half close and smile as she wondered about what kind of person this guy really was. Ray was quiet and honestly she didn't mind this. As her eyes would pay attention to what was in front of her she would then feel warmth against her hand.

Thump thump, thump thump.~

Her heart was beating fast as she felt Ray's hand entwined with hers. Next after that she would then feel a pair of lips against her cheek, making her heart beat faster. Her face would redden, eyes widened with shimmering sparkles, but before she could truly enjoy this moment he would take his hand back. The feeling truly felt as if she was stuck in a block of ice, finally feeling the flames of warmth to them be put back into the freezing winters. What was this feeling in her heart and why did she lust for more? Swiftly she would turn around to look up at him, but it was too late as he was gone. Why did he leave her like that? Finally she would just stand there in the dark as the answers to her questions would remand a mystery.


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