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Lying is the most fun a Girl can have

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  Empty Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had done enough for today but today wans't over yet. It was around seven o'clock in the evening. She had finally found an inn where she wanted to stay and she could leave her sports bag, because well all the important stuff was always on her body. She had changed from the thick blue sweater to a dark red top that was a-symmetric. The right shoulder was bare and the left covered, which included her Phantom Lord mark. She was completely sure of that and made sure that it would remain that way for the rest of the evening.

It was a bit lonely and silly but she was sitting at a table in one alright fancy restaurant, with good food. Something she has been craving for since her departure of Crocus, seven days ago. But she was sitting along, her right leg crossed her left and the taupe heel on her right foot was half off as she was swinging it with her toes. Obviously bored. She was waiting for the waiter to bring a menu and her white wine. It would be fun when someone joined her table, but why would anyone do that? Only because the restaurant seemed full? Apparently it was more busy in Baska than she had thought or than it looked.

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#2Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
"Sir, you need to leave."

The voice was rising now, grabbing the attention of several patrons. Many probably hadn't noticed the booth until the voice had been raised. Why would they? The restaurant was always full of people- That's what they were for. Very few people analyzed every single table on their entrance to a new place. If they had, though, they would have understood the situation.

In the booth were the two customers who were gaining the wrath from the waiter. "Why? That's dumb. He's hungry and we'll pay for the food." The waiters face held a mixture of emotion, both irritation and disbelief that Finn thought he could argue the situation. Across from Finn, on the other side of the booth, was an orange dog who was sitting like any other person, arms up on the table.

"Because we do not allow ANIMALS!"

His voice raised, grabbing the attention of nearby customers. The reactions were mixed- Some disgusted by the waiter, other by the dog, and still others didn't give a damn. Still, that last comment had been the last straw for one still silent person.

"That's just racist. Lets go Finn, it's fine. We can do a picnic."

The waiters jaw dropped, all previous emotion overcome by the sheer shock. As he began to stammer a question, Jake and Finn stood and began walking out.

"It just doesn't make sense to me is all."

"Some people are like that Finn, don't you worry about it." And with that said, the two of them exited the restaurant. The customers were now all in an equal mix of shock and surprise- A talking dog?

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#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  Empty Fri Jan 20, 2017 7:07 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Baska was really boring. That's what she thought while still waiting and dipping her shoe up and down with the tip of her toes. She sighed, were they always this slow? How hard was it to bring a glass and a menu... that's when something or more like someone got her attention. While still leaning with her chin on her left hand, her eyes switched to the commotion. "Psh.. you don't need to yell, I bet they aren't deaf." Alice muttered, not being able to spot 'the animal' that the waiter was talking about. They finally served her wine and the menu but the waiter remained standing next to her. Apparently he was curious too.

Her eyes started to shimmer because hell this was interesting when the boy and his talking.. dog.. did you still call it a dog passed her table. "Yeah I want a picknick basket for three. Now hurry." she said because finally Baska wasn't boring! It was that she probably threw a lot more money than necessary on the table that the basket was there within five minutes.. propably food for other tables but she didn't care and left. Including her glass of wine, she ignored the idiot waiter that asked her for the glass back. She had paid enough to take it with her. Now.. to find the guy and the dog.

Which wasn't that difficult since most people were inside and well.. the obvious reason. "Hey wait.." for a girl that normally took the easy way out, this was suddenly a change of demeanor that she even surprised herself there and gave herself a hesitatied step and a blush but shook her head firmly. Her red hair dancing like a starting fire. "I bought a picknick basket. Mind sharing, the two of you that is?" Maybe she got a point if she meant the two of them. Which was what she meant. This was so interesting. She was too curious.

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#4Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
As Finn and Jake had made their way from the restaurant, they had thought that would have been it. Jake had finally spoken up, relieving Finn of this rather confusing encounter. The boy didn't have much experience in society. It was times like these that the dog was happy he'd convinced Finn to join a guild. To meet new people, to see the world, and to grow through it. Finn's sense of self was beyond what many people were able to attain. His confidence, and his inability to fall into the motions of humanity, made him one of the few pure souls left. However humanity changed him, for better or for worse, Jake and the rest of Finn's family would always be there for him.

Apparently, others would find themselves drawn to this ability to stay true to ones self. A voice calling after them- A woman with a picnic basket. As she gave them the offer, Jake looked to Finn as Finn returned the look. While it was odd, their minds worked similarly.

"Sure, why not."

One would expect a dog to have a different voice- Not so adult-like and raspy. But still, Jake had answered for them. "Yeah, thanks- I'm Finn, and this is Jake. Who are you?"

Jake would have to remind Finn later that his way of talking to people wasn't as polite as it could be. For now, though, there was free food to be had. As long as Finn didn't drive that offer away, he could focus on social etiquette another time.

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#5Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alright this was a bit of a change. Insteas of ignoring the whole world, taking the easy way out. Let people deal with her so called problems.. it was now the other way around. She dealt with their.. problem. It was probably not that big of a thing for them, they were probably used to it. Or not and that would.. it totally didn't matter! She had called them, the talking dog and the boy. He obviously was young. She was wondering how the two of them were connected. But that was too impolite to ask and besides she didn't even know them. She was just too curious and that's why she had taken the picnic basket.

It was a bit.. scary and weird? She had offered them the basket and was now trying to sort of catch her breath for the few meters that she passed in a too quick a time. Without showing how obvious she needed to breath extra air. It was the heels, the damn heels. She took them in, better now that she was standing still and well maybe more obvious than back in the restaurant. It was the dog that talked first and she felt a little bit self-consious about the idea that she called him the dog. For he seemed more human than any pet she had met. She would have shivered because of his voice, it was not what she had expected even though she had more or less heard it before. Right now it was without all the other sounds that were around in a restaurant. She gave a smile, a reassuring one but maybe more for herself than for the other two.

Her eyes turned to the boy, he wasn't that much younger than her she noticed now. It might be his honest look. Finn. "Oh right. I'm Alice." she said and she tried to smile again. "I only don't have a blanket. So if you two know a good spot to sit, that would make it complete." This was the most social she had ever done to anyone. Not counting Selena but her cousin had started towards her and not the other way around. Maybe she should try and open up some more.

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#6Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
As Jake offered to take the basket in both paws, Finn moved a hand up to his chin. As he thought of the options, he looked down to Jake whose nose was bouncing with every sniff. Whatever was in the basket was certainly getting him excited. Jake's nose was hundreds, if not thousands, of times better than Finn's could ever be. He smelled the food, and whatever it was apparently would make for a good meal.

"I haven't been here too long. I guess the hills. The grass is soft and the breeze is nice. Plus it doesn't actually feel like winter here."

Whether or not Jake agreed, his nose seemed more intent than his mouth. Finn began leading the way, followed closely by Jake and (presumably) Alice. As they began to walk, Jake finally broke himself from the food trance to glance back.

"Thanks for the food. Finn's a bit of a gonk, so he probably doesn't realize you did this to be nice."

The young boy didn't hear his brother- Instead, his speed had increased slightly without realizing it to hurry to the nearest of the hills.

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  D09aavQ
#7Adelaide Sokolov 

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  Empty Wed Jan 25, 2017 6:01 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was too curious to just walk away but everything in her body screamed that she had to leave them alone. It was a daily struggle of her not walking away for every simple yet complex case. This was simple she would get to know them, still her curiousity and maybe never meet them again. What does it matter, Alice? she thought to herself. It wasn't as if she was in danger or so and than she could still run away. She was poked out of her thoughts when Jake asked her to carry the basket and she carefully handed it over. There were so many questions in her mind but it was a bit too rude to simply ask so she shook her head lightly and smiled only. "I hope it's any good." she added to let the conversation go on.

She turned her hazel brown eyes from Jake to Finn and tried to stop her hair from blowing into her face. "Sounds like a good plan." she started to pull her hair away again and quickly breaded it without looking so it would not be bothered by any wind. However the wind quickly stopped going around in the way that they were going. Alice followed Finn and walked next to Jake. She again looked to the talking dog when he spoke to her again and she couldn't help but giggle when he said that Finn was a bit of a gonk. She apologized shortly after that for her laughter. "It's fine. I think it's only natural. It would be more amusing in a restaurant but it seemed as if it was the first time you encountered this. If I recall Finn his reaction, he was not used to it." It was again soothing her curiousity.

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#8Tenshi † 

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  Empty Fri Jan 27, 2017 10:01 pm

Tenshi †
"Nope." His voice was solid and dismissive, waiving off her assumption that this had been the first time such a thing had happened. Truth was, whenever they went to new towns they did this- And a vast majority of the time, it was the same. Things changed a bit once the locale began to meet and understand the pair, but this was a regular thing. That being said- Finn reacted the same way every single time. According to the young blond boy, something that is dumbo would always be dumbo. And as such, Jake explained this whole situation to Alice.

Finally, they were in the hills and Finn found one of the nearest and tallest hills. Quickly, the boy would take off running up the hill until he reached the top. Once there, he'd tuck and roll forward only to stop on his back, laying flat.

"This is the best spot."

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#9Adelaide Sokolov 

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  Empty Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:28 am

Adelaide Sokolov
Alice listened to Jake, it was actually not a real surprised that this wasn't the first time. Finn his reaction to her was a bit of a surprise. She would thought you grew accustomed of it and stop trying, so for that they were a lot tougher than her. But she liked to take the easy way out. It saved a lot of trouble and she was still doing well. She nodded at some points int he conversation. "So for example if you stay long in Baska, it might be possible to go to the restaurant later on? That happened in other towns? Sorry if I ask personal questions, you don't have to explain of course." she tried to say casually and she added a smile with that. She could imagine that Jake or Finn wouldn't like to explain everything, she know she wouldn't. Also depended on the person and situation.

Her eyes turned to stare at Finn and what he was doing. She couldn't help but giggle shortly, she thus quickly covered her mouth with her hand. It was sort of cute. She walked towards Finn, with a little difficulty in the grass because of her heels that she in the end took her shoes off to make it a lot easier. "I didn't expect the grass to feel so nice." she exclaimed softly out of surprise as she went to sit next to Finn, not to close immediately, and dropped herself on her back and stare at the dark sky with the stars. It wasn't cold tonight, but it was a very clear night at this moment.

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#10Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov

Lying is the most fun a Girl can have  RVxL5Jg
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