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Acquaintance Once Met

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Her lioness eyes looked forward as she walked through the grassy meadows that lacked the color green. Truly it was obviously because of the season, but still there would be flowers growing behind her. Arisa was beloved by nature and its beings such as insects and animals. Softly her lips would depart to yawn as she stretched out her arms due to her spine needing a little stretching. After she was done she would let her arms dangle against her sides. She was wearing a red heart shaped shirt made of silk over a leather shirt with ribbon-like yarn to tie from behind. The rims that were above her chest of the shirt was decorated with golden metal. Truly the top showed her womanly curves as her hips would sway unintentionally upon each step from her hiking boots. Her pants were normal jeans yet the color of a dark blue. Arisa's brown medium hair was shining as if her natural oils would make her hair and skin shine with every spec of light.

'Hopefully I find something to do. This place is such a dead village.' she would think softly as her brown-golden lioness eyes wandered. The village was very quiet as barely any villagers were out. Was it the time that made it like this? Or just that they were preparing for the tournament that was coming up. She sighed quietly as she would think of the tournament. Honestly she hoped that she would at least pass the first round...


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Baska, a town not too far from Oak, where Odin had been prior to his teleportation. A merchant town, and a place where everything and anything could be found on sale, which was no doubt just a minor exaggeration. This was to be Odin's first time in the town itself as a visitor, as before he had simply passed through to get to Oak. Now, things were different, and the town was holding a grand martial arts tournament atop the massive boulder that stood proudly next to the town. Of course Odin had signed up for the tournament, he was a Grimoire Heart mage and had to prove he was stronger than the others, just like everyone else. Losing had never been an option for the young mage, and so all he could do was win. He had received some kind of emblem to keep on his person until the tournament began, and that same emblem had teleported him here a mere few hours ago. Needless to say, Odin was not happy about this, and walked through the Baskan hills with his red cloak's hood up and his eyes filled with annoyance, which many mistook for anger as they avoided him.

Underneath his cloak, Odin wore his normal attire of the navy training joggers and shirt, which hid his dead, green, infected skin underneath, as well as the metal plates which held the infection in place. And then, as he looked out into the green wilderness, he noticed a familiar face, but it took him a few minutes of staring before he realised who she was. He had never asked her name, and never actually spoken to her in person. In fact, the only contact they had had was Odin thinking about the most enjoyable way to kill her. It was Nastasya that knew this girl, who's name Odin had never cared for asking. She was the one who had revealed to Odin what Shadow's true name was, and she had proved useful to that end. Perhaps she was more than just the cute girl at the bar in Crocus drinking fruity cocktails, perhaps she could actually be useful. Regardless, in this vast emptiness that was the hills of Baska, it would only take a turn of the head for the girl to spot Odin. If she did, then things could get interesting.

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Her eyes of brown would look forward as they half closed. She looked as if she would be in some calm trance as she just walked forward, arms dangling against her sides. Her heart was beating slowly as she felt somewhat off. Why was that? Was there something following her? Or was it something more? She would ignore it just a bit as she would walk down the path that would leave an actual path of flowers from behind her. The sky was somewhat cloudy as the sun could only peak to let out a wince of light towards her and the beauty that was being left behind. She felt worry of the battle of the event that was going. Was she truly ready? Sure she was a seating of the Rune Knights, but she truly wasn't even noticed yet. Didn't feel like it at the least.

'What do I do...?' she wondered to herself coldly as she would think of who was in the Rune Knights. Did she really belong there? She hasn't even made one friend as the last person she spoke to kind of just ditched plans on her after the fact she traveled for her. Truly she felt some spite, but before she could really think about it she felt more worry of something following. Due to that she would turn her head as well as her body ninty degrees to then see him. Her eyes winced to look more clearly as he had a cloak and hoodie on. Did she know him? Something felt familiar as she would then turn all the way around to look straight at him. Her right hand hovered over her eyes to get a good look. 'Isn't that the guy I met from the bar? When I was with Nas?' she wondered and then put her hand down to be left danging against her side. ''Greetings. You wouldn't happen to be the one I met before, would you?'' she wondered curiously in her calm yet sweet voice. Something about this guy gave her an odd feeling, but Arisa wasn't sure on what the feeling was.


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It was a cloudy day in Baska, with only a little light managing to pass through the layer of cloud that stopped the rest. Because of this, it was not the warmest day, but also not that cold either. A strange mix of the two, that allowed Odin to walk through with his cloak covering his body and not much else needed besides his normal attire. Trying to keep himself as warm as possible, Odin had been walking in the small amount of sunlight that had passed through, but had kept his hood up to avoid the light blocking his vision by getting into his eyes. The girl from the bar, whatever her name was Odin didn't actually know, had turned around now to look at Odin, probably recognising his clothes but not entirely sure where to place him in her past. Unfortunately, because of this, the two ended up close together as she spoke, having remembered where she had seen the Grimoire Heart mage.

She asked Odin a question, which instantly made the man stop and pull down his hood, revealing his olive green hair and allowing the wind to blow it around the place for a few moments before settling in its usual messy place. The question was simple enough, or at least the meaning behind it was, but it wouldn't stop the sarcastic Odin from tearing the question apart and making the girl feel stupid and, more importantly, weak.

"I assume you have more than just one person in your life, which means it'd be impossible for me to be the one you'd met before you fool. As for what you should've asked in the first place and not that annoying drivel: yes, we have met before. And what of it?"

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Her eyes of lioness brown would stare at the guy. Slowly his hoodie would come off to see the familiar face she has seen once more. 'So it was him. Wonder what he's doing here.' she wondered as her arms became rather more loose with less tension. Something about him was quite dangerous, but another part of her felt like he was no danger...yet anyways. He started to speak what seemed to be sarcastic and cold. To her it was skeptical that even if she couldn't tell the sarcasm. 'Rude...' she thought as her right cheek puffed out a little, arms crossed against her chest as her eyes pierced into his earthly eyes.

''I was just curious.'' she started and then remembered the tournament. Was he perhaps here for that? ''Here for the tournament?'' she spoke with a rather enthuse look to her. Eyes opened fully as her eyes glistened like a felines with the partly light of the sun. Talking with him was making her nervous for sure, but she felt like not ignoring him. Part of this guy made Arisa want to stay, hang or something. ''Will you walk with me? I mean...unless you really do enjoy walking alone. Was thinking about training or something after it.'' she would say and let her arms go back to dangling against her side. As she would wait for his answers, she hoped that he would answer the questions. Not like she was here to investigate people. Arisa just wanted to enjoy and relax unless it came to training.


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She tried being so innocent as she told Odin that she had only asked out of curiosity, an answer which forced the Grimoire Heart to use everything he had not to roll his eyes there and then. The girl then asked the dark mage about the tournament, and whether or not he was in Baska to participate, which was almost a stupider question than her previous.

"Girl, answer me this. Can you think of any better reason, or even any slightly possible reason, that someone would come to Baska at this time of year other than the tournament? If you want me to waste my breath in talking to you, at least give me a good fucking reason to do it."

A few moments later, the girl asked if Odin wished to walk with her, a request the man was almost instantly going to refuse until the word 'training' was mentioned. This girl hadn't shown much promise as an intelligent human being, but at least there was the chance that she could be a good punching bag for the dark mage. Smiling an, albeit fake, amused smile, Odin nodded.

"If we train after this walk, then sure. Lead the way."

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Arisa looked at the guy who looked so serious. He acted like he had some revenge to go settle because some group or guy/female destroyed his place. Something about him interested her. Was it that he was just cute? No. As the moments silently went on by he would finally answer her question that he found so dumb. Her eyes somewhat went halfway closed as she looked at him unamused. Was he really giving her that crap? If she had some cat ears, they'd bend down right about now to express how dumb this was. She tried to calm herself down as to not say anything she'd regret later on. He asked her to answer a question which then had different possible answers, but then again to herself there were more answers than one. Her eye brown would then cock up as he cussed in his last sentence. ''Excuse me...It depends on the person for one... I believe there is more than one reason such as battling to visit here. You may only come here for battling as I did, but relaxing in a place like this is nice also. You could've happened to want to watch it and not participate in it. So rude.'' She would say in her soft soothing tone yet annoyed. Her face blushed as she turned away to walk ahead.

''Also yea, training after this walk...'' she would lastly say more calm and sweet. Arisa took a soft quiet breather to calm down her nerves as she would not be able to wait to train with this guy. Maybe she'd learn a thing or two from him for this current round she's about to go into. ''Also when we fight, no magic - just like the tournament!'' she spoke as she walked ahead through the dirt path. Her brown hair would sway left and right, tickling alongside of her neck. 'Maybe this will do us both good for it.' she would think. She was afraid to talk a lot around him so she kept her silence for now. Her brown lioness eyes would look around for a good spot with no buildings around. She had to prepare herself for sure...Who knows how strong this guy is.


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This girl was really starting to get on Odin's nerves, which made him very much pleased when she decided to agree to the sparring match. Before that however, she decided that she wanted to scold the dark mage for his rudeness, as well as stating that people could come to Baska for many reasons, not just participate in the tournament. For example, people could just enjoy Baska's climate and location, and want to relax there for the time being. Her other comment was that people may have come to watch the tournament, but Odin himself had never stated anything about people fighting. He said people would come to Baska for the tournament, which involved those coming to watch it. But, for once, he decided not to bother correcting the girl, especially if they were about to fight. All Odin had to do now was walk with her for a time.

As the dark mage followed the girl, her name still unknown to him even though he didn't really care, she opened her mouth to speak, naming some rules of their fight. It seemed the girl wanted to fight in the same way that the tournament would involve: no magic, no weapons, just a simple hand to hand fight, which was responded to with a simple shrug. No matter the rules, Odin was not going to be the one losing this fight, but he decided there was no point in telling the girl this, as she would no doubt simply respond with some message of luck to them both and ruin the entire situation. Instead, the Grimoire Heart mage would simply show her that he was stronger by defeating her.

It wasn't long until their walk brought them to a more secluded location on the outskirts of Baska. A wide, open grassy hill with only a very mild incline which would prove the perfect spot for combat. Staying just a few metres behind the girl, Odin simply spoke.

"This will do."

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Smiley face

Her eyes looked forward as she felt rather flustered when it came to this guy and his emotions. What was his big deal? She didn't really do anything besides ask some generalized questions. Her eyes of topaz and chocolates would look forward still as her lips formed into a frown feeling somewhat sad for the guy. Honestly though she wouldn't let him see that she was sad for this guy. He seemed to be the type that can't really see happiness other than the enjoyment of something that probably isn't for most. As they would get further the girl would see they were finally in some open space where no one would get caught into this. Was it right to train with this guy? He could be the type to go too far, but truly why does it matter? 'Why does it matter, Arisa?' the darker voice questioned coldly.

I don't know...

I wish I knew...

Something felt wrong and something felt quite amiss of all things. She couldn't even answer her own question, but for now she knew or so she felt like she had to do this. Her heart was beating like a rhythm as she would then stop. Her body was about five meters away from this guy as she would position herself. Her right hand would be in front of her chin about a couple inches away as her left hand would be in the mid area of her chest and stomach. This would obviously happen after she turned around to face him though. Her eyes looked at him with innocence, purity and hope. Softly she took a deep breather as her eyes would look at him. Was she truly ready for this?

''Seated Might.'' she would whisper as her body would then motion a little while her right foot was in front of her and left foot behind her. She was ready or so she would like to think. Hopefully this guy doesn't dare to use his magic. It'd suck if he did.
As Time went on by she would eye a bird that was coming on by. 'Is that a message bird?' she wondered as it then dropped a letter. ''Shit...I'm needed.'' she whispered as she then thought the first round was going to start soon anyways. Her head would tilt up as she would smile nervously. ''Maybe after the Tournament then. See you later.~'' she would say happily and left to go take care of business.



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As the girl prepared herself to fight, Odin did the same, making sure that there would be no interruptions to his preparations and making sure he was ready to defeat, but not kill, this girl. The only reason that he wasn't going to kill her was simply because she was a participant of the tournament, meaning there would be investigations if she was randomly found dead, and neither Odin nor Grimoire Heart could be investigated.

So they fought, for a brief time, with no one seeming to gain the upper hand. Odin was a more experienced fighter and the fastest of the two, but the girl was physically stronger and could take more hits than he could, making them fight almost to a standstill. And then, out of nowhere, a letter fell from the sky in front of her. The fight ended then, as she left to attend to some business. After lying down on the grass for half an hour, Odin himself also headed back to Baska. The first round would be starting soon after all.


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