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Chasing the Sun

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Chasing the Sun Empty Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:57 am

Adelaide Sokolov
It was at the end of the afternoon, around four o'clock and Alice still had no idea what to do with the money, and everything. There was a shop that sold weapons, two even: spears and axes if she was right? It was rather interesting but she didn't think herself capable yet of fighting with an axe and she didn't like spears at all, so she would have to find another way of fighting at the moment and the problem was that she was too lazy to actually do some training. She yawned behind her hand and walked through the almost empty streets of Baska. Was everyone still at the tournament or so? What was everyone doing here? Were there even other people? It was only getting more boring.

Someone passed her and she just bumped into his shoulder and grabbed the money out of his pocket before she simply continued walking, she had just earned her lunch back. It would be sooner time to eat some dinner or supper but she didn't know where to go. "Gosh is there something to do here?" finally the sun broke through the clouds and she looked up to the yellow orb and let her face bath in the sun. She wished that it was summer, that would have been better since she didn't like her blue sweather at all. It was cozy though, kept the cold at bay.


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A wisp of wind rushed towards her face as she instantly walked out of the place she was staying at. It wasn't no expensive Era hotel nor some fancy manor, but she was use to survival tasks. The place was rather a rack-shack made of wood that seemed to be older than her. It was normal colored of brown, but it had rich texture. As a typical house it had one window on each side of it. Truly it was a perfect square, nothing more - nothing less. Arisa would walk down the path of the grassy dead meadows. She was wearing a long skirt of white with zig-zag line designs of brown and black. Her shirt was a white ruffled shirt with short sleeves and a perfect V-shapped alongside in the middle where the ruffles were to where it would reveal some chest. Her shoes were black plump dress shoes with a single clip made of silver. Wrapped around her ankles was a single red ribbon. What was it for? It shouldn't be revealed. The facial expression she held was happy yet calm as her arms and hands would be crossed against her chest.

''What to do here...While I wait for the tournament at least...'' she spoke to herself sweetly and giggled. 'You could... burn somethings.' a dark voice would speak rather darkly and womanly, chuckling that went in the back of her head. Soon enough she would look forward upon another path made of gravel road material. Not only that she would see some orange haired woman. She was quite attractive at that as she could be compared to the sweetness of orange juice itself and a jewel called that spessertite Garnet. It was a very pretty orange gemstone that wasn't seen too often in which case was her. Slowly she would go down the hill and towards the girl. As she got onto the road she would walk beside her and made an innocent smile. ''Hai there. Decent weather yes?'' she questioned sweetly. Surely Arisa was a little naive, but this girl didn't look too harmful.

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Adelaide Sokolov
With her arms across her chest and her chin pointing up, eyes close she was enjoying the sun. It had been a while since she could enjoy it properly. It was most of the time cloudy and cold, still cold today but the sky finally turned blue and the sun was there to welcome her home. Or well close to her so called home. She was one town away from her Guildhall Phantom Lord and that satisfied her rather easily, she might go there after she stole enough money and got enough information from the tournament. The money was more essential than the information but information was nice. She yawned and opened her eyes rapidly when she heard a voice and turned her heel. She didn't have to turn far because the woman was standing on her right side. Short brown hair, brown wasn't the right description for the colour, it sounded too dull. She was dressed in a long skirt with a zigzag pattern and her shoes, Alice really liked them.

"If only it get warmer I would agree heartly." She said with an innocent smile herself. She wasn't here to make enemies and after the weird conversation in the Gardens of Crocus, she didn't feel the need to simply ask questions. She was pretty sure of that, this wasn't weird. This conversation might go well.


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Arisa looked forward as she walked alongside the girl with orange hair. She seemed nice enough as she even answered her question. Was she apart of a guild like everyone else that she has spoken to or...? She wasn't quite sure as she would just try to enjoy this time with a stranger. Her arms dangled against her side after they slide apart from them being crossed. Her rather topaz chocolate hair would shimmer as her eyes of lions would glisten by the suns small light. She would listen to her speak of how she wished it would get warmer, making her think. ''Do you like summer and spring then?'' she asked calmly and sweet as her eyes cornered to look at the girl. After a couple seconds she would look forward to then hope that she doesn't say anything wrong as this island lady was still new to talking to strangers...

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Adelaide Sokolov
She again lifted up her head to stare at the blue sky. She stopped walking, it was a little awkward with a stranger next to her and well she wasn't entirely sure what to do about all that. She looked back at the woman. She had a pretty face was all Alice thought, because she never thought too much. Well never was a bit too much, but people got the drift. "Oh yes. Autumn is fine too until it is almost the same like winter, you know. It is just it ties me down a bit. The cold, the snow. Blergh. I don't like it." Maybe it was a bit obvious for she wasn't wearing a jacket. But on the other hand that must also mean that the cold didn't bother her that much or she was an idiot, a not shivering idiot that is. So that was safe. "You? More a winter type?" it was nice to ask a question, at this point however she wasn't that much interested yet. It was just boring in Baska and it was maybe a bit nice to have a conversation with someone.

She looked around now this time, to see if there was some interesting places to go. If she had met this woman in Crocus, she might ask if she wanted to sit somewhere for a drink. Here she had no idea yet. She had just arrived basically so great ideas weren't there yet. Maybe it was obvious that she was searching for something, and maybe this woman knew. Maybe it was also nicer to give her name. She wasn't very good at that though.


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Arisa listened to the girl as if most of her attention was on her. The other part of her attention was on where she was going. Where was she going to go anyways? This trail was surely to not lead to anything. Her eyes cornered every once in awhile to listen and look at her as eye contact was important in studying someone. The girl started to say how she somewhat liked fall as well, but when it was like winter within that season than it was different. Perhaps this lady was a nature lover or maybe not. She wouldn't know if she never asks. 'Maybe I will later...' she thought to herself calmly and sweetly. Soon afterwards of the ladies answer she would then be questioned about winter. Did she like it? Was she truly a winter person? ''Truly all seasons have its beauty and destruction. Like people!~'' she would say with a chirpy yet still calm tone. She would let a small smile reveal for a second that would soon disappear. As they would walk further she would finally see a little house with flag-like material hanging from the top of the building. As they would get closer she would then smell ramen. ''Oh my...'' she started to say as her stomach would growl. ''Wish to join me in ramen and sake?'' she would then ask the pretty girl.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Apparently Arisa continued walking, not that Alice knew her name but she followed. Not sure if both girls noticed that none of them knew where too. Or was that up to Alice to decide? She simply didn't say anything and continued answering the question and asking one back. Which got a strange philosophical answer back that she had to frown and think about it while staring at the path they were following. Destructive? Sure.. People? Sure.. why would people simply say that: No idea. She gave a wry smile and simply continued in the walk and stared to the building. The smell was nice.
She heard that the other woman her stomach approved for the food idea and she couldn't help but chuckle. "I wouldn't mind ramen and some sake." she said but she had to be very aware of the situation, she didn't know this woman.

Her feet carried her to the small Ramen restaurant and the smell was very delicious. "Name is Alice by the way." she said, more information wasn't necessary and besides was fake, so it didn't matter if she needed to give her surname later. This was the whole reason why she simply had picked one.


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She would continue to walk towards the way of that place that smelled ever so wonderful. Her mind was turning into mush, stomach growling quietly as a lioness's stomach. Her brown lioness eyes would stare towards the door, listening to the girl accepting her 'invitation' to eat and drink with her. 'She seems nice unlike some others.' Arisa would think. 'You think so huh?' Ana would say back towards her thoughts, chuckling in her head. Her facial expression would show that she was rather calm as she thought of all this. The girl soon then said that her name was Alice. She swore she knew someone else named Alice, but who? Her head payed attention to where she was going as her feet would mush into the dead-like grass and her heart beating nervous of who this girl was - other than her name. ''Name's Ana.'' she spoke sweetly and calm as it wasn't really a lie, but she wasn't truly known as Ana. Next her hand would grip the drapes that were hanging as they'd walk in. A man that was weighted with an apron on was rather smiling happily. ''Welcome! Please sit. It's nice to see visitors here.'' he would say, guessing that they weren't from here. He's never seen gear such as the one's the girls were wearing nor has he seen them before. ''What can I get ya ladies?'' he then wondered in a rather lumberjack tone. ''Hell Ramen level 5 if possible with a large bottle of Sake.'' she would say, nodding and smiling cheerfully. He would widen his eyes with a sweatdrop. ''I-if you're sure ma'am, of course...And you?'' he would say first looking at Arisa and then at Alice.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice wasn't sure how to socialize. Last time she did that was with someone that seemed to know her better than she did. She simply followed to the shop and waited for her to introduce herself. "Nice to meet you Ana." she said as formally as she could for she had no idea. It wasn't like she always tried to talk to people. Most of the time she simply avoided it. It was the easier way so why not.

She followed Ana into the shop when the drapes were put away and they were immediately greated by a man.. he was quite tall was what Alice thought. She went to find a place to sit, scanning the shop with her eyes. There weren't many people. Enough probably to keep the place running. The man was friendly, that was a good thing and she and Ana got a place to sit. Ana ordered first and Alice couldn't help but chuckle because of his reaction, he turned to her and she grinned a little: "Sounds like fun. I'm in. Hell Ramen level 5 please." She couldn't help but giggle once again when the man left to get their order. "Apparently that doesn't happen often."


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She sat there waiting for Alice to order her food. Surprisingly she ordered the same thing. It was nice to know someone who also liked a challenge or spicy food in general. She kind of interested her now as if a strike of electrical current went to her nerves. Her pupils became a little larger than usual yet couldn't be seen due to her hair blocking her eyes. Arisa would simply smile rather calm as her hands were placed on the counter, waiting. ''The food smells good here, but I guess it's not common to eat such spicy foods. They say that it can kill someone to eat it if your stomach can't handle spicy foods. Quite a tragedy.'' she would say sweetly and chuckle softly. Her face became rather normal looking as she would tilt her head back up to turn her head, seeing Alice. ''Here for the tournament or just visiting?~'' she would say in her soft calm tone.

As Arisa would wait for her to answer the large round bowls, decorated with swirls of black of the bronze glazed bowl would be set down in front of them. On the side it was a rice bowl that was black, chop sticks and sake. ''There ya go ladies. Enjoy.'' he would say with a chuckle, going back into the kitchen. ''Aaaye~ Smells wonderful.~'' she would say in a rather womanly soothing way as if the food triggered another string within herself. Honestly Arisa would enjoy it and instead grabbed the chopsticks to start digging in.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice was twirling a piece of red hair around her finger while she waited for her order. She looked at Ana who talked to her about spicy food, she nodded. She hadn't heard that before but it seemed to be very logical. "It's not on my list yet to die." she said with a grin to keep the conversation going. She might have had to order a level lower.. but she would make sure to keep her face sure and steady at all the times while she was eating. Maybe she could even handle it. She liked sweet food more but she liked food in general and spicy was fine too.

Ana asked her a new question and Alice her brown eyes turned to the other woman because she was trying to get a glimpse of the guy behind the bar. "Oh I actually came to see the tournament. But to be honest, I haven't seen a thing yet. I just arrived this morning and well Baska seemed to be a little bit.. boring at first? I wanted to see what was so great about it before go and see the tournament. Maybe I'll be able to see the Semi finals, if I don't forget to go and look." It wasn't just looking, it was pickpocketing as well but who would add that part of the story to a random stranger. "Did you come for the tournament too?" She asked, for she had not met anyone else yet that talked to her about the tournament, yet it was rather obvious. Even the people in the inn didn't seem to be interested in whether or not she came for that.

When the man came back with the food Alice thanked him and looked shortly at Ana before looking at her own bowl. It looked rather good, so that wouldn't be a problem. She first took a bit of sake in her cup and a short sip before she got the chopsticks as well and started to get the first few bites. Her tongue had to get used to it, as the rest of her mouth but it was really tasty, so in the end she seemed to be just fine.


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Arisa would sit there next to this girl who she just met. Her hair was beautiful and long unlike hers, she had just short brown hair. Her brown eyes would scan the woman's body next as she wondered about how much she weighed. Truly though it would be rude for her to ask as it really didn't matter, Alice was a thin beauty with bust. Next her eyes would look towards her food as she would then reach out with her right arm to pick up the chopstick. ''Can't wait to eat.~'' she purred somewhat and stabbed her sticks into the bowl to start eating. The taste was flaming as she could swallow the fluids of the ramen. It was rather delicious as she would blush eating it so. Before she could stop eating to answer Alice she would hear yelling down the road. ''Second match is starting!'' someone roared and ran down towards the arena. 'Crap...' she thought as she would then stop eating, took her sake with her with her one hand. The other hand reached for her own money to pay for them both. ''Here's enough for both of ours. I have to go for the second match before it starts. I'm fighting in it.~ Hopefully we'll meet up again, Alice.'' she would say softly and a smile, leaving.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice didn't eat too fast, it was a bit too spicy for that but still very tasteful. She was more focused on her food than looking at Ana, till she heard someone scream outside. Since it wouldn't be any of her business, she didn't pay attention. However it didn't take long to see that it was Ana her business as she stood up and took the sake bottle. She threw some money on their table, explaining it would be good enough for the two of them and Alice looked at it in surprise, she never expected that from people. This was how that felt. Hmm nice.

Ana explained she was in the tournament and had to go. Alice grinned at her, "Go get them!" she exclaimed while Ana was making her way out of the ramen shop. She remained to finish her food and order another drink before she left herself. She could go watch but she had other things to take care off took. Maybe the next round. Ana would surely be there too right?


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