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Warm Winter's Day [Nexus]

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On a warm winter's day, the sun beat down harshly upon the land that was Baska, rays of sunlight beaming down upon its lush grassy fields. All around the town of Baska was thick grassy hills and plains that seemed to stretch on for miles disappearing into the distance. The entirety of Baska was a merchant town situated on the side of this hilly terrain, the biggest feature was the Great Rock often used for tournaments due to the flat terrain up top making it the perfect arena. The rock drew in many businesses for the bustling merchants of the town who had come to depend on the tournaments that were held. And it was due to the very tournament that was happening once more that attracted many individuals to the far away town in West Fiore. Many had come from far and wide, from all Guild's to participate or see the event that was Baska's First Martial Art's Tournament. Competitors would clash in a battle of fists and wits only allowed to use their physical abilities, no magic or weapons were allowed to be used in this tournament.

One competitor could be see walking along the grass hills now, as they had decided to take a walk early that morning to stretch their legs. The competitor stood out amongst all who would compete. The person was not young or even middle aged but an old woman, and by old not older but old. She was an elderly woman in her mid-seventies no taller than four ten, with long grey hair tied in a neat little double bun atop her head, bound by a single pearl needle with jewels dangling from the end, her ears accompanied by matching earrings. The old woman was dressed in a long silk kimono with a, closed by an obi, a jacket, and a sash over it, paired with white tabi socks and simple waraji. The old woman's eyes were fixed in a state that made them appeared closed, her brow creased and lips in a single straight line giving her a grouchy facial expression. Her hands were tucked into the sleeves of her kimono as she walked along.

However, it was not just the old woman that was a peculiar sight but the creature that accompanied her. Floating behind the old woman, bobbing up and down, was a small creature just over two feet in size with a body covered by a black robe. On its head covering its face was a skull-like mask and on its back two bones. It had two little arms with a single eye that took the shape of a red orb that floated back and forth between the eye sockets of the skull mask. The creature looked like the young offspring of a Grim Reaper.

The two odd travelling companions made their way along the path, the creature sticking two steps behind the old woman, who did not appear bothered by the odd being that followed behind. The old lady, Yumi, as she was called or Carnage by her fellow guildmates slowly parted her eyes allowing a small flicker of dull red to be seen beneath her lids. Her once bright crimson hues that use to shine like gems in her youth had long since lost their gleam and were now dull from old age. Yumi's wrinkled features formed into a scowl as a hand was raised to block out the rays of the sun, "This world will be the death of me." Commented the aged woman as she came to a halt. Her gaze following upon a group of young men who stood in her path.

The group appeared in tattered leather clothes, covered from head to toe in dirt each wielding a rusty broken weapon, and they were approaching her. Yumi spat in annoyance, she would rather not deal with buffoons today, she supposed if they desired to annoy her she should just eliminate them where they stand. As they approached Yumi to began to walk not appearing afraid or frightened by the group of youths that approached all in their teens, roughly fifteen to eighteen. The old woman came to a halt as they blocked her path and surrounded her, "Listen old lady, hand over your money if you don't want things to go bad."

Yumi's right eye twitched at being called old, there were many things that Yumi had patience for, but the worshipper of the Chaos God could not stand being reminded of her age. The religious zealot sighed in annoyance and decided to just get rid of the nuisance now. She could just blow them away with magic but they would make for a decent warm up for the tournament. Yumi stretched her arms and began cracking her knuckles, "Either walk away now or die. Just remember I gave you an out." Spoke the old woman in a blank tone giving them all a bored look, this would barely be called a warm up.

Yumi's words got a laugh in return as one took a step forward and placed a hand on her head, he towered over her at six foot four. "Looks like we have to do this..." he never got to finish as Yumi grabbed his wrist with her right hand and pulled down forcing him to a knee then gripped his arm with both hands slowly forcing her hand upwards applying pressure. He began to scream before a loud snap was heard as Yumi broke his wrist with surprising ease. The old woman's expression turned dark as a deadly aura began to surround her, a thick killer intent began to flow into the air all being released from the old woman.

"Should have listened." She then moved pulling the boy she held towards her and released her left hand, before forming a fist and driving it into his solar plexus. All he could do was gasp as the air left his lungs and he collapsed to the ground. Yumi then looked at the remaining group, three, "Now fight or flight?" All three dropped their broken weapons and ran off screaming.

"Cowards." Yumi spat at their cowardly actions as she walked around the crying teen behind her and began walking once more to Baska.

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#2Nexus Nightingale 

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Nexus Nightingale
Nexus had arrived in town in search of answers, answers about his past that he had forgotten somehow. All the young male could remember was that he was struck by a bolt of lightning, an experience he was not to happy thinking about. He had no idea how such a rare event had happened but what he did know was that he was gonna find out. What drew Nexus to come to Baska was he had heard a tournament was about to begin. It was a different type of tournament one where weapons and magic weren't allowed. All the contestants would be using only their fist. Such an event would draw people from all over the country and Nexus was hoping that one of these people would be someone he knew and they could help him regain his memories. As Nexus began to walk through the town he saw an elderly lady off in the distance, about 20 meters away to be exact. She was walking and right behind her there seemed to be a small creature that looked like a cartoon version of the grim reaper.

Nexus grew curious of this odd duo and so he watched from off in the distance doing his best to remain unseen, however to other passerbys he looked as if he was some sort of creep or like he was about to attack the old lady. He got many a strange looks that was until some rather dirty and dingy looking hooligans ran up to the the woman and began to try to rob her. Nexus was about to jump out of the shadows to help but that was until the woman did something he didn't expect. She attacked one of the guys, the one that appeared to be the leader. Nexus watched as then all the guys seemed to drop their broken and worn weapons and scatter about.

At this point Nexus thought that he should go see if the woman was ok, even though he knew she was. Nexus ran over to where the woman was and looked her in the eye as he said "Pardon me but I saw what just happened and I thought it best that I make sure you were ok." Nexus just hoped that the lady didn't think he was trying to attack her because he didn't want to have to fight seniors today, or any day for that matter.


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Yumi's waraji patted against the dirt path, before she was brought to a halt as someone approached her from behind. The miniature woman who stood at only four ten in height turned on her right heel to face the incoming voice to see just who dared to address her. They were lucky she was not in a foul mood from her encounter and had long since put a lid on her rage forcing it deep down, it would be used later on in battle. The old woman was a master of hardening her emotions forcing them deep into her psyche never to see the light of day until she needed them. The old woman took a short breath as her crimson hues locked onto the person who had addressed her, from the voice it was clearly male and the figure before her display that he was indeed a man.

Now standing before Yumi, with her turn, was a young man who looked like he was in his twenties, fair skin and slender build. His hair was short spiked and black with a distinct blue tint to it. Yumi's eyes turned upwards, as the man clearly towered over her being almost a foot taller than Yumi was. The old woman glanced briefly at his strange clothing as she folded her arms over in front of her, hands sliding into the sleeves of her kimono. It seemed he was just an innocent bystander attempting to see if she was unharmed from the actions of the hoodlums that had accosted her.

Yumi resisted the urge to snort in amusement at the words, deciding to at least be polite to the young man. "I am fine, youngling. They were merely cubs standing before an old tiger, thinking they had the advantage with numbers and youth. But this old tiger still has sharp claws." Spoke the old woman in a soft yet sturdy tone, her eyes beginning to narrow returning to their almost shut state. Her familiar, Venom floated up from behind and lowered itself to rest on her right shoulder. The creature looked at the young man, it's one eye floating back and forth as it appeared to be studying him.

Yumi looked to her shoulder, at her familiar who seemed intrigued by the young man. Venom seemed intrigued by most people he met, as if intrigued by the entire concept of just what humans were. She watched as her familiar floated away from her shoulder and towards the young man. Venom would then float left and right inspecting the young man, studying him carefully. Yumi placed a hand on her companion drawing it back to him, "I apologise, he is curious."

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Yumi would hear no reply from the young man who stood opposite her, who deemed to ask if she had been alright. The old woman sneered slightly, deciding to turn on her heels, she was running late. It was time she left and made her way into Baska. Yumi bowed to the young man telling him she had to leave and she hoped he had a pleasant day. Yumi would turn her back on him and walk off making her way down the path to baska. The sun would begin to set in the background as she headed off to town to see what awaited her.


Warm Winter's Day [Nexus] FIXCi2K
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