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The point is? [Kon]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The air was clean and crisp. It was nothing liek being cooped up in the crowded areas of Crocus or Era. She has some space to think away from rules and orders. The last time she remembered being this calm was when...well... a while. She took out another cigarette and lit it with a orange-red flame on the tip of her finger. Shaking it out she began to smoke her cigarette polluting the nature around her. Though, the plants would love some more carbon dioxide. Concord was nearby taking pictures of the place with a lacrima camera capturing every moment. He was ecstatic with the surroundings and the nature. Hans was well...being Hans. He had disappeared after a small fight with Lee on stress and went to go sulk in some other dimension. The stress of her brother not liking her fiance and her cousin yelling at the two of them made her itch the wrong way. Calmly, she liked the sounds of Concord talking. She had her last treasure found at the manticore and the clue to find the next item. She began to think seeing hints about her mother seeing how she lied. "What if my life is fully of lies? Definately going to be worth it jumping off this cliff. But that's a coward's thoughts...god damn...wish I had some sort of drug that would just make me high or something. This is hte only thing that can do that" she thought. Concord stood nearby, but withing ear's reach where she could hear him muttering to himself.

LeeAnn stood on the edge of the cliff seeing the breath taking view most would walk the whole country. If she ever retired from the Rune Knights, this is where she would live. "Why couldn't I be a cat, a dog, or even a flea? I would for sure not be in much pain for long" she whispered. The wind whirled around her as dead leaves were caught within a reach. She was starting to find it pointless to find her mother, to become the best, or even to live. "What's the point anymore? I live. I give. I hurt. I burn. I suffer. What do you want from me? WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO DESERVE THIS PAIN?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" she hissed outloud. LeeAnn yelled at the mountains as if she was expecting someone to answer. Concord came rushing over a bit worried, but knew she had a lot on her mind. Some of this she did to herself as well, but she already knew that and didn't want to be reminded. He stayed silent. Anything said may or may not make things worse. She huffed from anger. "It's like Hans is never good enough for people, take things away from me, ruin current thoughts...why do I care so much? People give me the most easiet or the most difficult jobs that would make or break my life. Why is it so hard to keep family? I heard my brother...even without me he would be the same...Hans and you are the only people who actually give a shit. Kon probably doesn't want to talk to me and I don't know about the other two on my team. If I died tomorrow, no one would notice...Selena would get what she wants, Hikaru could probably care less, and Kon hates me. What's the point Concord? I am tired of pressing forward and never seeing anything. The only thing I am living for is Hans" she said on the verge of tears. Concord only sighed and hugged her. He knew there was a lot going on in that head of hers. Wishing there was more he could do, he felt helpless. "You're depression is talking not the LeeAnn I know. The real LeeAnn would only laugh, shrug, and move on. Where is she? You know for a fact that is all false. Hikaru said you hold a special place in his heart, Kon well... that's Hans's fault, and Selena and you made up. I was there for most of those times. I cannot do anything to help you but time can heal" he said. She wiped the tears and regained her composure. Quietly, she sat there with Concord wishing things would be better with making finer choices.

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A combination of sleepless nights and a shear lack of general sense of location for where Kon was, had left him in a state of dizziness and confusion. This stemmed largely from his ongoing problems though it had worsened since being teleported to where he had learned was Baska town, without his companion, Sparky which was an alarmingly and deeply concerning issue for him as he was reliant on him for a great deal of things, fortunately though he had managed to contact the rune knight office there and spoken directly to a member of the Rune knights in Era town who had taken on the role of caring for his companion until his return. In the meantime he would investigate Baska town and what the town had to offer for him. Already he knew that there would be many other mages in the area as the judge for the tournament had apparently teleported a large amount of them, curiously he wondered if he knew anyone else that had been.

For now though he was far more concerned with finding something to eat as he hadn't had much even prior to his match with Selena that had left him battered and bruised. Needlessly to say his day hadn't started off on the best track, wanting to distract himself from his injuries kon decided to look for a nice slightly more upper class restaurant to have his lunch and perhaps enjoy a nice bottle of wine for himself. After spending about ten minutes in the center street of the town he found a small building with a nondescript front and a smartly dressed waiter who invited him inside as he drew closer.

Accepting the invitation to the building he entered into an astoundingly large room with a bar occupying the greater portion of one side, a stage on another and a dozen tables dotted around in the middle of the room dominated by an overhanging crystal chandelier. two different waiters approached him, one removing his robe before taking into a closet and the other calling him forth towards a table assigned for him though another setting had been laid out. Not commenting on who the second person was he awaited the waiter who left to provide him with several menus one of the wine list and the other of the meals. For now though he would wait and choose his selections once the apparent second individual arrived.

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Lee Nakamura
The young woman felt devastated. Concord sighed as he looked at his watch to see the time. He had a surprise for LeeAnn. A restaurant with everything she could actually eat. He had done some very deep research on the ingredients they put into their food and the intake on calories to make sure LeeAnn gets her portion for her size. She had a tendancey to starve herself and refusing to eat because she felt it was wrong to eat humans. He looked at the now young Neko girl. "Come on, I have a surprise for you. A really good one in fact. Something that I know you have been dying to try" he smiled. He stood up holding out his hand to help her up. Polietly, she took it now that she felt better letting out all the pent up emotion. Concord knew she felt very concious about herself and why she existed. The one question everyone dwells on in one point of their lives: Why am I here?

Though hers is more deeper than that, it was should she exist and was a reason worth reasoning? Since things had not been going well for the young Nakamura. It was his job to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't try anything. They made their way through town as LeeAnn was in a nice outfit that was her high class Rune Knight armor as Concord wore a white coat with a cape with matching white pants. They looks filthy rich. The restaurant was top class and they better look the part. It was a code both agreed to. The redhead had a eyepatch over her red and black eye to hide the fact she look odd. Baska town looked a bit calm and someplace she wouldn't mind vacationing to since it was so small. They made it to the restaurant. LeeAnn's cat ears perked up seeing her curiosity was starting to perk up. "Concord, what is this place" she asked. He didn't answer.

There lied a waiter waiting for them. Concord didn't tell her something though. There was another reason why he went here. LeeAnn was studying the room curiously. Her tail tip quivered a little seeing the crystal chandlers like the ones in her home growing up or in the Nakamura mansion that her brother now owned. The waiter took them to the table where she saw a familiar blonde hair at their table they were being lead to. Concord remain unphased as LeeAnn's ears clearly turned back as her tail lashed a little. They sat down with the several menus to choose from as LeeAnn saw her cousin. Her only eye showing blinked a few times then looked back at the menu. "Hello Kon, good to see you" greeted Concord.

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Scanning over the menu several meals looked enticing and seemed suspiciously specific to his wants, noticing that over time as he flicked back and forth from the double sided menu the courses would change, soup to salad, steak to ribs, it was crazy. All he could feel was out of place and hungrier and hungrier as the meals changed, eventually he came to realize after looking at the top of the menu itself had a small text in fine print under the even smaller quote for the restaurant. Reading it in his head several thoughts popped up in his head. "Think anything, desire anything, hungry for something, here at the Baska pop-up five star restaurant you'll find precisely what you want just think of it." Scratching his chin forgetting the cuts on his face as he pondered forcing him to stop and look after his open wound, Kon reflected on those words and thought back to a favorite meal of his.

And as he imagined the dish the text and even pictures of main meals changed to include his all time food, honey soy chicken wings it wasn't that it was a refined meal in anyway it was just something that brought Kon back to his mother whom had only really cooked that dish when she ever did cook, a true rarity with maids and chefs looking after the food typically. With his mother having died many, many years ago it was one of the few things that would draw him back to the memories of her. Despite the mess that the wings would make and informal behavior he'd perform to consume them he would order the dish without hesitation.

Interestingly he overheard not just the waiters footsteps but also three other footsteps all vastly different from the other. Curious as to who the other two people were as he was expecting just one, he looked up from the menu and spotted Concord as well as Leeann who seemed to have acquired both cat ears as well as a tail. Only concord chose to greet him with lee seemingly ignoring him entirely. Not one to be the completely anti-social type even to family whom he bared a minor grudge against he responded to Concord with a polite. "Hello." Along giving Lee-ann. "How are you?"

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn seemingly held a harsh grudge against him for acting out of place and offending her and her fiance. The redhead quietly stay to herself as she looked at the menus that were placed on the table. Concord gave a polite smile. "Doing rather well, thank you. How is everything going for you" Concord asked back politely. He gave a quick glance at LeeAnn, who seemed to be making no eye contact to either of them. All she looked to have any interest in was the menu. He figured. She was always hungry since she starved herself. This was the first time she seem to actually eat without being forced.

A dish she stared at nonchalantly was the Gorumet dish that had Gnocchi covered in Sage-butter sauce with Caujun Seafood pasta platter. The Gnocchi brought her back to her parents who would cook with her as a child. Her father. Her mother and herself. They cooked dinner together all the time until...everything changed. She missed the close bond and would do anything to get it back. Something her and her brother never seemed to have. It was the reason why she had a small grudge against him. She didn't feel needed or actually wanted by him, but wanted to be. The redhead clutched the menu tightly and closed her eye. Slowly, she just pressed her lips together and wiped the only tear. [color=#00ff99]"Concord...Kon.. why can't our families be one big unit again? And not hold grudges"[color] she asked the two of them. Concord perked up and blinked. He knew she was meaning towards her brother with her fiance as well with Kon.

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Lowering the menu down and returning it to it's resting position on top a plate Kon's left hand moved further downwards towards his staff that he had previously placed by his side leaning on the top portion of the table causing a crease to be formed, the staff had been unmentioned just as many other things as it was just another part of his regular daily equipment just as was his companion who was stationed on his left side as well. Clasping the pumpkin shaped staff from the top he waved to the waiter, Concord replied to his query informing him of his good health and appreciation, interested in Kon's wellbeing he was asked the same question. Knowing there was little point in lying to the pair particularly with Lee in his presence he spoke in all honesty. "My health, as usual, has been rocky though it's been more mentally related I've been thinking about seeing someone to help me but being on the move so much makes it difficult." Informing them of his poor health and with the waiter returning he called for his order as well as a nice cider instead of his preferred drink of choice, wine or spirits.

Ordering his meal, his focus never falter on his cousin, almost as if he was ignoring the waiter in question, even Concord's presence whilst know was of little concern as his relation was to for the most part only Leeann. His focus allowed him just bearly to see a faint streak run down one of her eyes as if a tear had escaped, understandable since the menu had done something similar to him as well. His cousin finally spoke to him with a curious sentiment, obviously going back to their last encounter that resulted in him becoming offended by the light-hearted attitude that her fiance, Hans oozed in what he considered wasn't appropriate and the aftermath of him storming out on her. Because it was just simply Leeann and Concord a man who he had no real opinion of, his reaction to the question was far more relaxed. "Leeann, I've came to learn that I have two other cousins recently on my mother's side mind you and yes whilst they are important to me, I feel that we hold a bond that if maintained will be even stronger than one I share with them or even my brothers, I can not forgive your fiance, however my opinion stands strong in that regard."

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Lee Nakamura
Her only eye showing came down with a tear missing how close the family was. Konstantin really didn't understand how Hans worked. No one really did but her and Concord. Though, she wanted people to love him like she did. Seeing that knight in shining armor she did, the person who saves her from committing to ending her life. Her cousin replied more relaxed than she was at the moment. He found out he had two more cousins on his mother's side. For a fact, she knew he would hold a grudge against Hans. Now her brother and then her closest cousin, things were just peachy. LeeAnn clutched to the menu very hard from hurling at her cousin. It took a lot of self control. "Where's my cigarette? Concord give me a new pack" she said. The male sighed and handed her the freshly bought pack. She rarely did this but it was now becoming a flithy habit her father once had. She lit the cigarette with her fire magic. LeeAnn's cat ears were going sideways a little back showing more emotion out of irritation and nerves.

"Don't think I already knew that, the way you acted I understand, but you must also know to not jump to conclusions. He meant that to me, not you. He could careless what you do and think hell he doesn't care about anyone else but me. Remember I made the comment about how uneasy I am thinking I am a physcopath or something? That's what he was commenting on. I swear on my mother's and father's and my own lives that's what he meant. Why does no one like him? First my brother now you, sheesh so much for a fucking happy ending and a lovely wedding like I dreamed. Its going to be a bloodbath the way it seems. Ha fuck my life" she replied. Her attitude seemed to change out of stress and less formal. The sailor mouth started to show even more. Her left leg started to fidget out of nerves.

"I mean does no one see what LeeAnn is going through, huh? Has not one even gave a shit about me lately? Saying "hey lets check on the redhead" or a "Hello LeeAnn, Hello Hans"? No! People are nice to me out of sympathy. They feel sorry for me because I am so much in the hole to where I want to kill myself the world would be better off, but I cant because of Hans. Okay? Does anyone understand how much he keeps me from doing anything dumb? No! Because they are not in my shoes...because they havent experienced being insane. I just want people to see what I see in that fluffy brain. Yes he's random and is so carefree I wonder how he does it. Yes he can be rude, but I love him! That's what matters most. If you dont see that, then you are missing out on a really good friend. I am sorry for what he said, but you know what I am so damn tired of worry about perfecting everything about this wedding. I dont care. Hikaru rejected being best man which was my choice. I was going to ask you, but it seems that you and Hans are not on the same page. The offer still stand in your favor. I...am just...going through a extremely difficult time" she said. She looked like she let out a lot of bottled up energy as she sat down seeing people were staring. How could she not care? She just told the whole world everything about her. Why not? The world could read her anyways and prick at her to feel worse about herself right?

Concord stayed silent and amazed how much she had actually thought. She stared at her cousin with a serious stare. Quietly, she sat down now feeling guilty that she lashed out at Kon. People do have opinions and she couldn't force Hans to change it. Taking a deep breath, she pinched the bridge of her nose to release some tension. I
apologize, that was really out of turn for me. You dont deserve that as you do have a right to have your own opinion. I just get really defensive about my fiance as person would if they loved anyone. I see why you are angry with what happened, but you must understand where I am coming from? A brother who doesn't fully approve of this marriage really does tamper on things. Of course, I should of known from my brother. This marriage is the best thing I have in my life and I want people there to share my joy, you know? My...mental health is going to down hill I notice"
she said.

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As he suspected something had definitely changed in Leeann becoming significantly darker in tone as she at first ignored his lengthy statement calling for a cigarette from Concord, an unsavoury habit that Kon was never fond of only himself partaking in the rare instances for celebrations with a cigar and whiskey. This call for a ‘smoke’ was that of an addict something he hadn’t seen in her before. After finally taking a hit from the tobacco laced stick causing smoke to flood his vision as it was released into the surrounds she began to almost assault him with words.

He knew she’d behave in this manner just as she had many times before however not to this extent her emotions seemed to overflow whilst Kon merely chose to sit there and take it albeit it after crossing his legs and clasping his hands together removing his left hand from his staff trying to focus on particular aspects and components of the long retorts. Several things struck out in his mind, “Meant for me…, Pyschopath…., First my brother now you…” It was clear she was hurting just as he was in a different way though the pain was evident not matter how she wanted to hide it. Before he could offer any piece of advice or comment on her thoughts, she continued.

Her second speal was even longer and far more to the point. “....Gave a shit about me…., ...out of sympathy…, ....kill myself…, ...being insane…” As the woods oozed out of Leeann, Kon merely nodded pausing during key points before nodding again. Eventually however she calmed down slightly and returned to her seat, before giving her last words containing an apology pardoning herself through her behaviour due to poor mental health. It was clear that the shoe was on the other foot this time, Kon if he wished to have her as a friend would have to alleviate her pain and talk her through this patch of her life if she wanted him to otherwise he’d leave her to Hans who apparently was doing a world of help, though he didn’t see it as such.

“Okay.” Clear and straight to the point he commented before reflecting on her words that were still echoing in his mind, and trying to think of a way to respond to the speech as it were, to Leeann without offending her as she seemed extremely delicate at the moment as if a thin sheet in glass stretched too wide and would break at the slightest touch. Because how careful he would be he decided to take it from the accepting point of view even willing to lie to her in regards to Hans if it gave him room into the chaos that was forming inside Lee.

Refraining for trying to comfort her through touch just yet kon slid his hands back as the waiter had conveniently returned to give him time to think as he placed their various meals and drinks in front of him. The food steaming and mixing together through their smell Kon was starting to grow hungry however he knew that he would have to respond to her before taking even the first bite. Swallowing his pride he spoke once more as the waiter left. “Okay, Lee I hold my tongue regarding your fiance, but you need to tell me what’s going on I’ve never treated the way you’re claiming I have, when we first met, we were nothing but fellow rune knights later you cared for me, this time I want to take care of you, there’s something wrong, more than what you’re saying, something of substance, in regards to your brother’s disapproval I’m not to blame I have never met him, you must understand we are the same.”

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Lee Nakamura
After her apology, silence lied between them that made her think it was hard for her cousin to find the right words to speak. She could see the gears turning in his head trying put something together which was probably a bit difficult for him. Her eye glanced at the window seeing clusters of people passing by and a few coming for their reservations. Dressed nicely in elegant ballgowns and expensive jewelry. For her, simple and sparkling Rune Knight uniform was formal for her standard. Her cousin finally spoke as her ears perked up forward wanting to her what he had to say.

It was hard to hide emotion with cat ears giving it away most of the time. Before he could speak, their food came out as her nose lifted smelling her hungry being fulfilled. Her Gnocchi and seafood platter of pasta. She elegant, using her table manners, ate the Gnocchi. Kon finally started to speak how he would refrain from her fiance. It made her feel better a bit to hear that, but clearly she could see it was kinda hard for him to say that. He knew there was something deeper than what she was really telling him. Looking down, this made her easy fold sideways not liking to open up anymore. She mentally clammed up, but hearing Hans's voice telling her to share. It helps to not bottle things up. He was right though Konstantin never treated her that way. His words really wanted to help her, but as stubborn as she was she didnt want sympathy. It took sometime to actually force herself to actually say it, but it finally came out.

Her cat ears folded backwards and looking down with a long and heavy sigh. "I have had everything taken away from me. My family, my respect, my honor, my image, my sanity and most of all my childhood. My childhood was spent being tortured ruthlessly for "medical science". I became sick and got the infection. Hans was the first person who actually gave a shit besides my father. He has done so much for me and spent the last five years never leaving my side literally. We traveled Fiorce looking for my mother and doing missions for hte Rune Knights. I worked ten times harder in the Rune Knights training that you probably did because I was my father's child and most of all my illness. I was treated like crap. A few times I nearly killed several of my comrades because I was being ridiculed, but who where there to stop me? Hans. My whole life has been a really hard struggle. You may hate Hans, but he has saved my life literally and morally. Gave me some sort of a purprose to not end it. I am just as deep in hole as you were when I found you" she explained. She ate her food a little bit and drank her wine. Then cleared her throat to speak again.

"A lot is going on. I want my brother to see how much I want his approval of this marriage. I want him and I to be close because we never were. He's my only sibling from what I know of. Its one of the reason why I act the way I do, to gain his approval. I look up to him, but guess I dont feel important to him. Another thing is just...why does no one see the things I see in people. When I look at a person I can read their behaviors and every aspect because I know how to read based of first impressions. But what do people see when they look at me either A really scarred Rune Knight or a fucking mess. Either way, I am treated like dirt. I have had people spit on me, throw rocks, and call me every name in the book. It gets to me after a while. My childhood was taken away from me, people dont approve of me and Hans together, and I regaining the things I have lost for so long rae out of reach" she said.

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With his words having been expressed towards the cat eared red hair, he awaited for her to reply however she seemed more invested in her meal, which was understandable considering he too was. With her consuming her pasta, Kon drew the napkin from the tablet and slid it underneath his right hand before taking a fork and knife to tear the meat from the bones of his chicken wings. Had he been in a less upper class restaurant he would have used his hands however manners were something that had been deeply instill upon him in these areas. Savouring the first bite of the delicate and flavour full chicken he smiled and closed his eyes briefly in bliss before returning his focus on his cousin when she let out a sigh at which point he returned his fork and knife to the table in their original positions.

Leeann spoke of her brutal upbringing something Kon despite his hardships was unable to fully relate though he would as a doting friend and family member would attempt to. It had been something he hadn't quite expected though that was something no-one would normally think would be how someone was raised however here she was. Again Kon was perplexed in how he would respond though now that he knew Lee had accepted his assistance he would be able to be far more bold. this was clear when he reached out his right hand towards his cousin and clasped her left hand firmly yet full of as much sympathy he could provide. She continued to reveal her experiences and thoughts for which he had little to be able to respond to only choosing to give a simple. "Okay." once more, Kon have never been the best fo helping out others. He would however give it the best he would for his cousin. "Leeann, it's clear that there are several issues that need to explored between the two of us regarding your wellbeing, I suggest over a period of time we meet up regularly so we can discuss each of them in great detail so you can properly come to terms with what's happened, if you like we can meet up in Orchidia as my stay here in Baska was unexpected and will likely be coming to an end quickly as there is no need for me to stay here besides you and I've been called back to Orchidia once more to perform my duties as a rune knight."

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Lee Nakamura
As she replied to her cousin's question in detail, she felt like recoiling much like a snake and striking. Why she felt threatened by him, but she was acting weird. Weirder than usual, it was as if her anxiety was playing her like a puppet making her even more frantic and stranger behavior. The cat ears fold backwards as her tail puffed up showing she was scared of something. Her cousin held her right hand to show some sort of comfort. Slowly, from the inside out she was breaking. Crashing and burning, Hans would the only support she had. Her brother and her were not necessarily that close and her father was all the way in Hargeon. If she really though about it, she also did have Concord and her dad. Though, it didn't feel as strong as she felt with Hans. Yearning for someone to understand, someone to see what she saw. She had strange habits like locking her doors and windows at night or even during the day, putting on headphones with a specific genre of loud music, being in loud places, and never going out in the dark at all. It was strange now that she thought about. Silence, being in the dark, and being alone in room makes her flip out. Her hand squeezed Kon's as he spoke about helping her. Tears streamed from her eye.

Clear like crystal, it was tough. Honestly, accepting help was hard for her since her pride was so high to do everything herself. After all, she was the co-leader and had to provide a perfect image that was flawless and clean. Though, that was never the case with anyone because everyone had flaws. There would be smudges and stains on their image. Who didn't? Apperentally, this was just too hard for her to accept, but she thought of Hans and knowing the promise she made to him. To accept aid, when it is needed most. She gave a deep breath slowly. Her eye glanced down in shame feeling like she was being pathetic then back at her Kon. "Okay. Please...don't tell anyone on the team except Selena if you want to. My brother cannot know. He will think I am stupid and a disgrace for all of this" she said.

Perhaps, she put her brother more of a rolemodel than she had originally thought. She sought his approval. His words were like those of a god to her. When she quickly shfited her mind to thinking her was leaving, her eye gotten wide. "Please dont leave me yet! Please...please...I..don't want to be alone" she said urgently. It sounded off topic and very unlike her. Something was making her tick differently than normal even she didn't know the answer. Though, most definitely it wasn't being Neko or was it making her show her true colors just a tad more?

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In all honesty, Kon had been surprised by the sincerity and openness that Leeann was showing towards him, whilst it was true that he had revealed portions of his own history, it seemed to pale in hardship the reality of it, he merely had an absent father, dead mother and a villainous brother who killed his own kin, which was the hardest part of it all. For now, all he could do is clasp her hand just as she is own. Her vulnerability shown more apparent through her actions than her words. It was clear though that she had only been confiding in few key people in her life not even in her brother than she held in the highest of regards though he hadn't really had the chance to speak to the man one on one thereby causing his reputation to only be learnt through word of others or the brief encounter several weeks prior.

Thinking back, he had joined a group at the same time consisting of himself, Leeann, Hikaru, his ever-absent brother and Selena, whom recently beat the daylights out of him and at the moment he was regretting that decision he had found little reason to have been formed or for that matter remains in the group. Given that she was in such a state he'd have to bring up his departure later once they've talked further. Unfortunately for him it didn't seem likely she wanted him to go at all, not that he minded her company, far from it, he found it enjoyable, socialising for the long-lost family which would make it hard for him to accept his absence from the defunct team.

It was just how it had to be at the moment though he'd have to think about it very carefully and continue to play out the rest of their dinner turn psych session. He wasn't a monster, he would never leave a person in this state whether friend or foe particular one of his best friends despite their just recent encounter. For now, though he'd remain with her, just as the candles on the table continued to flicker, Kon released his grip ever so slowly and gently pulled it back if the hand isn't allowed to be pulled back he'd allow it to remain and then place his other hand on it. With a gentle and caring smile seemingly glowing kon spoke to Lee earnestly from the deepest portions of his heart. "Leeann, you are my favourite cousin, I will remain here with you for as long as you need me, I only mention the Orchidia duties as it would be irresponsible for me to not tell you about my jobs, depending on the circumstances of what happens in here why not join me on the way there we can continue our discussion, travelling does open up a lot of things the mind locks away when sitting down." Kon's attention was drawn annoyingly for himself towards the waiter whom was hovering over the right shoulder of Lee he seemed to be holding two additional plates of food neither which was visible from his point of view, the waiter merely spoke to the two. "......"

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn needed her cousin here due to the absence of her father and big brother. She had another brother that was older than her and Hikaru, but he was a disappointment according to her father. She knew little of him since he remain very closed away from her. Her father made sure of that for some reason. Though, her mother filled her why he was later on in life. It was then when LeeAnn had her eldest brother visit her when her father wasnt present. Shit would hit the fan. LeeAnn was very much a daddy's girl and Daddy's favorite with her being her only daughter. He still loved Hikaru very much, but tend to do more for his beloved daughter. LeeAnn was priviledge to have a father who was so supporting of her. Hikaru always did make sure he remained in LeeAnn's life when possible because she needed someone to look up to. Her eye was clouded with thoughts after her begging her cousin to stay seated.

She thought again about her father, Hikaru, and her disgrace of a brother. They were family. All she had. Two out of the three loved her very much. Hans was someone who had to prove to her father and Hikaru that he was worthy of marrying LeeAnn. She knew them all too well. Protective and loving, but also frustration at the same time. Kon grabbed her attention quite quickly. His words were quite comforting. Absence of her mother made her even more of a mess. Her life felt more empty than it ever has been. Her father did what he could and she always had looked up to him. Reason why she is returning the favor to find her mother. Her cat-like ears turned sideways in uneasiness then turned back to flattened. Quickly, she hugged him tightly "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. For everything, I want so much for this pain to go away and for my father to heal. Hans thinks I am putting on too much for myself. My answer will come in time. There is so much I dont know. I think I need to see my father again and tell Hikaru everything" she said.

She let of of her cousin and sat back down. So much does she want to seek revenge and get her mother back. The candlelight was vibrant. She lifted her eyepatch showing her cousin and full blue eye that would be on her right side. A scar was shown through it. "I am a vicitim of so much pain. You wonder what you did to deserve this. Pathetic things such as it will make you stronger are not enough for an answer. I know one thing. It makes you open your eyes to how diverse human nature is" she replied. She looked over to see a waiter hearing over their conversation as she gave a glare from her good eye.

"May we help you?" she asked, a little rudely.

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Kon was torn in emotions, he had a duty as a rune knight to obey the rules of his superiors and yet there he was disobeying them staying with LeeAnn here, even now he was running late to take over the station position in Orchidia especially with a fair amount of the Rune knights it seemed having been teleported to Baska along with himself. His thoughts were thrown out of balanced when Lee seemingly pulled him off his chair and hugged him without warning talking to him in his ear. Plate, cutlery even some of the candle fixtures had been thrown around the table in the confusion eventually she let go of him, quickly enough for him to readjust the candles as to avoid any fires to starting. It was clear that she would need him sooner rather than later so once he returned to his seat he drew a pen and a small piece of paper as she continued to open up to him, never taking his attention away from her.

Her views on matter really seemed to have changed since their last encounter, it had confused him how someone could change from a bright spark to woman who only sees the worst in things. Despite the changes she was still his cousin and as such he had a duty to help her, the best way he could that and continue on his duties would be to give her is roster of locations. Writing with the skill of years in calligraphy and vast knowledge in his roster from the top of his head, he swiftly etched them on the fine paper with great detail for each location. His attention once lee had finished returned to the waiter whom she had questioned who revealed the plate to be their bills separate in fact which was rather odd for such a fine restaurant unconcerned with his money situation having acquired a large amount fairly recently he swiftly took the opportunity to pay for the two of them before LeeAnn could object.

Knowing his words were not the main source of comfort instead his presence, Kon recognized it would be best if she saw him soon rather than later. Hoping she would follow his suggestion, he finally spoke to her. "Leeann I've only know you for a short time, however I feel that the two of us well become in just a close period of time, I'm giving you my roster for where I'll be stationed for the next month or so, please for your benefit see me when you can, I know you'd prefer me not to leave just yet however I must follow my duties as a rune knight, for now I will say goodbye to you however."

And so with that farewell he slid the note across the table having flipped it over after writing it and towards Leeann, rose from his chair, gathered his staff and with a caring smile spoke to her one last time. "Goodbye Leeann." Before walking out of the restaurant along his blitzle by his left side towards the room he had rented out at a nearby inn, with a mix of emotions whisking around in his head causing questions that hadn't been clear during their conversation earlier. He cursed himself for not demanding she went with him back to Orchidia but it wasn't his place with her holding rank over him.


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