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Magnolia to Crocus [Foot Traveling]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Magnolia to Crocus [Foot Traveling] Empty Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:20 pm

Houren Vanadis
Boys all leave home someday, he had seen it on TV.

Houren stood at the outskirts of Magnolia Town, an equal distance between the civilized and relatively carefree life of the vibrant city and the path to the rest of the world that lay beyond it; Crocus, Era, and more. It wasn't as though there was nothing left for the man in the city, his guild's headquarters was located there, but perhaps it was time for him to broaden his horizons. Just somewhere down the road there, a week or so travel away was the heart of the Rune Knights, and if he went on down a bit more, he would come to the destination he had been contemplating; the holy capital Crocus. Houren took one last look at the town of Magnolia, sighed deeply before turning his back and walking away. He hadn't told any of his guild mates about leaving the guild, but he supposed it wouldn't matter. The members of the guild were connected somehow, and besides, it wasn't uncommon for mages or teams of mages to settle in a city besides the one where their guild was located.

The Fairy Tail mage had no intention of simply moving shop though, but merely, to travel. He had lived in Fiore for pretty much his whole life but realized now, in his 25th year, that he had not seen much of it. It was time to change that, it was time to explore the country, and who knows? Maybe after that, he could go see the country his father had hailed from, wherever the hell it was. Yes, that certainly sounded like a plan. Humming happily to himself, Houren continued on his way, deciding that he would soak in the environment as he went by. After all, what was wrong with taking the long way around?


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