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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

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Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had quietly walked around her apartment to her bathroom, grabbing a towel from the dryer. Readying her shower she started to strip from the pajamas she wore to bed the night before, the pajamas decorated in pandas and small hearts. The material of the pajamas as soft as silk. She slowly prepped the shower, getting the water ready. Turning the knobs to the perfect position for the perfect show, she smiled this was much needed, showers always jump start her morning. As she got in the shower the sound of water hitting skin began to fill the apartment. This apartment was a step up from the inn she was staying at lately, a big improvement on her part, she got to shower alone and eat without people staring, it was divine.

Celeste sighed of relief. This was just what the Oasis-woman had needed. After the incident the night before she had, having to break down a store until the owner paid up the money he had owed, because he felt he didn't need to pay up which was ridiculous because he was given extra time to pay up as well, but he learned his lesson- hopefully. If not then she had obviously wasted her time on the man being kind with him, which could've been spent doing something better like helping the orphan child she knew, who obviously needed help, and a lot of it too. 

Celeste made sure to use her conditioner and shampoo set that would make her hair silky-soft and as well as smell like cherries. Her body-wash however was a totally different scent, it smelt like strawberries, she had a knack for mixing more than one scent, especially if the scents complimented and went with each other. The woman had washed her hair and body, making sure to leave nothing unwashed. Shutting the water off she would step out of the shower and dry herself off, with a previously obtained towel, the warm dry towel quickly wrapped around her embracing her now cold body with warmth..

She smiled as she dried her hair and wrapped a towel around her body, looking at her reflection. She had grown so much, compared to her younger self she had gone through great mile-stones to become the woman she was today. As she finished drying off she grabbed her toothbrush making sure to brush them and making her teeth pearly-white as well as making her breathe smelt minty-clean. Today felt off though, she felt weird. Like something off about herself and just this day, however there was no worrying about it, she should just continue and make the best of the day.

As she left her apartment and began walking into town, it was weird she didn't feel bad about her mechanism at threatening the man from the day before, it got her point across he knew not to be such a brat over paying someone but at the same time, she was close to killing him; then again she was only pretending to act as if she'd kill him. She quickly went and got herself another shake from the frozen parlor to keep her mind calm and cool for her new mission she got from Dr. Mabuz, she had helped him before with Strategist and told guild-less wizard who never revealed who they were. Shady. However she didn't mind this mission she was simply hunting for a mushroom however it was toxic if you ate it, so it was best not to use her nose up close. What would make this mission difficult is that the mushrooms have a ton of identical replicas.

Although it may have replicas she was made for this kind of job, she could easily find some simple mushrooms, apparently they were completely grey tall and had three dots glowing illuminating a bright green. As she entered the forest it seemed more gloomy and dangerous than the town it's self. This must be a perfect spot for the creepers to hide out and wait out their preys. Luckily Celeste wasn't a prey, she was the predator in every fight, no matter the situation. As she searched in the forest she noticed a patch of mushrooms, however the dots did seem to be glowing they were more so yellow than green. The next batch only had two dots, but with green dots. As she searched for hours, calling out all the replicas and fake mushrooms, she tirelessly searched. In the darkest spot of the forest she found a batch of mushrooms fitting the description, they were tall, grey and had three glowing green dots.

Good. Mabuz would be happy at her success, she headed back to the destination she was suppose to when she found the mushrooms. His shop. Once she arrived he had paid her for her efforts and thanked her, sending her on her way. 

Total Word Count: 800+/800

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