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Proletarian Shopping - [Erebus/Job]

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Proletarian Shopping - [Erebus/Job] Empty on Mon Jan 16, 2017 1:56 pm


Erebus pressed matters slowly, knowing the tournament was soon to begin. But he also needed some spare cash for concessions. So why not get a job done before that? After all, he had proved he was easily better than most run of the mill mages, and all without the ability to use magic!

He'd had to get himself something nice soon. Treating yourself was nice after all, and besides. The world was too small to care about magic. Everyone had it, the real special people were the ones who could make something from nothing. And achieve true strength without the ability to cast spells from their being.

Nonetheless, Erebus wanted to erase the stereotype that no magic meant no power. He'd keep doing jobs like this until all bowed to his feet, if he had to be a tyrant conqueror in the future to make that a reality... Then so be it. he'd do so gladly. Without fail, and without refute. Much like the dream to murder his father-- a new light sparked at the ends of his tunnel. He'd be a worthy adversary for the ones he feared. The Magic Council.


The onyx-haired villain walked down a narrow alleyway, the spot his bounty paper defined as the quest begin stage. At the end of the alleyway, garbage littered the ground and a few kids tossed dice at a cardboard. Orphans. Tsk.. So that's where he was, huh? With the shit stains that get thrown out. But was he so much different? His mother didn't want him, but at least she kept him until he was grown. More than he could say for these pipsqueaks.

Standing to the left side of the wall was a kid with a black eye and some badges over his nose. Erebus recognized him as the boy Jerr, and the surprise on Jerr's face said the same thing. Alas that, Erebus showed no callous thoughts of tormenting the boy. Instead he offered servitude for the money the orphans piled together, after all. This was a job, well organized at that. Good game kiddo, good game in deed.

"So what is it you want man. I'm a busy guy so answer quickly."

The kid was terrified and had every right to be. Though he spoke up and informed Strategist of exactly what to do. It became evident that Jerr was the leader of the game, and wanted to protect his friends since they appeared to have ran away from the orphanage. Not that he could blame 'em. Fuck all that stuff, school-- and nuns too! They were hot under the dresses but too goody goody. A kid could never enjoy staring if it were at a nun. Very well, on your own then, a respectable escape if you asked the adventurer.

"Alright Jerr, tell ya what. I'll rob for you but you gotta promise you'll be smart about this like you are right now. Leave blackening your name to the ones who honestly don't care. You might go somewhere ya little fuckhead... Now meet me back here with my money in an hour. Or I'll do more than black your eye out this time."

The man exited to first walk down the block and hit up a cabbage guy. He asked for a directions to the local law enforcement, so when the cabbage guy looked way to check his map. Since he was a travelling merchant himself, Erebus slammed a rock against his head-- probably knocking out or even killing the poor fellow. The tarp used for covering his vegetables was pulled over his body. The dark haired mage then carted the entirety of the cabbage down the street. He went out again, this time for bread. To get it he climbed the building overlooking the baker's outside shop. Up at the top, a cement block was there. Quite convenient.

When nobody was looking, the block was dropped from the building. Smacking the baker down too. Before hi could stand up. Erebus hopped off the building and kicked said guy's teeth inwards. Realizing only afterwards that was the guy who requested he beat Jerr up in the first place.

Funny how things changed.

The boy ducked so no one noticed, the counters of the little outside shop hid him and the bleeding body well. He shoved the man under his own counter, and shoveled sand over the blood. Covering it sloppily but at least a little. He then grabbed bags and bags of breads running them up and down the street to the orphans. There was so much cabbage and bread that honest a measly 25,000 wasn't enough. However, Erebus showed mercy and took it. After all, Jerr was going places.


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