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Intimidation Tactics | Solo

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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Intimidation Tactics | Solo Empty on Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:41 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had been called upon by one of Vincenze's right hand man, his most trusted worker. Funny how they'd call upon her for help, being she was hired too vandalize their property, luckily she did it when no one would notice when their were practically no crowds so she doubts they even know. Upon arriving at the selected meeting point, at a local bar, most likely one of Vincenze's properties, which being it'd be dangerous taking on this request being in their territory where any suspects could see her and notice who she is. Also it doesn't help with her recent mission of hexes where she got really brutal. Because of the recent activities she found it difficult to eat lately, anytime she thinks of what she did her hunger just vanishes and she wants to crawl over and die, Celeste had no clue how she became so blood lustful. Must've had to do with Strategist's appearance and just him as a whole, drove her mentally over the edge to prove herself.

Had she too became a monster like the ones in her guild? Was she losing sight of her own morals, of herself? She shook her head, she had no time to be thinking such thoughts she had a mission to be going on; well she probably wouldn't be going anywhere, most likely they'd have her just go to some place to shake up some guy who is late for payment. That's usually the hoedown of these family mafia powerhouse's deal, they fear if people start doubting their power they need to get violent and whip it back in their face to get recognition. However that wasn't true, shit just happens and people may fail to meet the deadlines, however now was the time; the time to head over to her client Frankie.

As she sat down by Frankie he wasted no time to initiate the conversation, he certainly was down to business when it came to Vincenze.

"Are you the one known as Irony?" Vincenze would ask.

Celeste would simply nod.

Frankie handed her a note containing her mission's details, "Read over that, but here the basic summary of it all. A shopkeeper failed to meet payment, your gonna rough him up and make sure he pays by next week. You get a cut out of it."

"Alright, seems do-able. I'll meet you back here in about an hour or two." Celeste stood up from her stool, bowing.

Celeste had made her way to the designated location of her destination. The shopkeeper seemed furious, she could see him grumbling about something as he polished a sword. Did he know that she was coming and he was prepared to fight? - This was the shop she had spray painted a couple of days ago! How did he fail to meet his payment, it was booming days ago, maybe her violating the shop had ruined business after that? However this was her new mission and she was determined to see it through, no matter the consequences. 

"Hello? I am here on behalf of Frankie's request." Celeste informed the keeper.

He waved the sword at her violently, "Come no closer! Or I will stab you! I'll pay when I damned can! When I have the money!"

Celeste sighed, rubbing her temples, "Well you see-" She exhaled. "If only it worked that way, you have till next week to pay."

She did her best to stay calm, however he didn't agree with what was just said. He charged at her and Celeste ran back out the door, with him following. As he tried to swing at her head she ducked and swept his feet then turned to kick his gut, causing him to go a few feet into the air, crashing down. Celeste was quick to grab the sword in caution that if the blade lands on the keeper he could be serious wounded. Celeste placed the sword behind her as she pulled her spear off her back, holding it at his neck.

"Now you pay next week, got it?" Celeste told him with a stern voice this time.

The keeper stared down at her blade of her spear with fright, looking Celeste's cold glare in the face; afraid of the eye contact, he turned his head. Celeste just scoffed at him, maybe then he'd learn that he has to pay on time, that it wasn't a choice. Now that she thought about it he was lucky he was even given an extra week to gather the money. By the end of it all he nodded in response and with that she made him sign and write a note, then Celeste left the man behind, hopefully not having to return back again.

With that she meet back with Frankie at her rondayvoo point to tell him of the success and that he shouldn't be an issue again, hopefully.

Total Word Count: 800+/800

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