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More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job]

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More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:18 pm


Erebus was called in for, what felt like the sixth time by Mabuz. Huh, guy must really look up to how Strategist operates his missions. Nonetheless, last time Celeste had been forced to kill someone, well not forced. In fact Erebus wanted the guy to live. To spread their deeds around the cracks and corners of towns. They were protected by aliases so what was the problem in gaining some backbone?

Oh well, the girl did well. Now the two would be hired again, in addition to another. A prodigy who'd taken up the same test on her own. The boy trusted this guildless mages abilities and waited her though to tell you truthfully, he found it odd how he knew more girls than guys. Maybe he was just that type of guy? Eh, whatever.

Stephan had given him the parchment. Two hexes, magna and decripify. The later failed last time and he was interested in seeing it's effective now. Would it function better this go around? Only time would tell. While waiting on Aria and Celeste's arrival-- the onyx-haired boy flicked a cigarette between his lips and lit it. Softly inhaling...

"Oak sure is growing old on me... I wonder where we'll go after we get done here."



#2Celeste Vagarosa 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 4:45 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



A broken-hearted woman now was in control of the once innocent and pure-hearted girl known as Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa, a Oasis Native, she was now open to how cruel the world  can actually be, she thought being ignored and left to die was cold. However she just witnessed a man the day before cut off a woman's legs and let her bleed to death, the scream had echoed in her head the rest of the day and she couldn't sleep the night before. She however was still functional, still able to carry out missions if needed, she was called upon by her client from before Mabuz, to work with Strategist and a guildless mage who was apparently an upcoming prodigy. Seemed like it wouldn't be all that bad, hopefully things would turn out less violent this go around, however it seemed Strategist enjoyed causing his targets pain. Terrifying.

A man with his looks you wouldn't expect his sort of attitude though, maybe a few huffs here and there acting as if he was too good, but he had shown that he can be merciless, forceful and terrifying. As she walked to the rondayvoo she felt her emotions slipping away, she had to hide the face she hated torture, pain, murder and anything harmful and dark. If not she would only be hurting herself, mentally. As she approached she bowed at strategist, giving him a cold glare.

"Hello... Strategist. I am Irony." Her voice wasn't sweet and soft this time it was cold but calm and sturdy.

She was ready for the mission, this time they'd be casting more hexes. Fun. They would be awaiting the third member on this mission to arrive, hopefully she'd be here soon, Celeste was ready to engage.

Word Count: 292/800

#3Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:01 pm

Ashira Aria Tsukihana

Smiley face

Ashira once more was going to go to do some hexes. The dude who claims to be a doctor never stops. Was she going to end up doing the same hexes as she did last time or was it going to be something else? Her lips formed an innocent smile as her humming was quite contrary. Her heart was beating as she just loved to feel it - too bad it wasn't someone else's within her hands. Her golden eyes would shine so lovingly as she was looking for those she was going to do this with. Who were they exactly? Surely it was not Odin, the one she met before and neither could it be her grandma. Her black raven hair would fly behind her as she looked around. It was somewhat dark as there were people still about, but not those who were afraid of the people that were titled bad. Once again she felt weird when people were judging those for their actions.

Calling them bad seemed cheap as not everyone had bad intentions behind their actions. The guy that she was doing this mission though seemed to have some twisted theme going on. Her hands had paper within them with the hexes like last time. Her eyes would look at them yet not read what it said. What did they have on them this time? Unlike most people she wouldn't ruin a surprise. Once more her eyes wandered to look for two funny looking people or so she was told. As the night moon rises she would then see that there was some guy smoking with some girl that had rather long beautiful hair.
'I wonder what it'd look like on me.' she would think and tilted her head.

Her golden eyes shined rather halfly red as her lips formed into a rather innocent and curious girl. ''Are you the two doing this mission with me?'' she questioned calmly yet sweet. 'Ugh... Hopefully they're not dreadful.' she thought to herself as she would then walk closer to be about five feet away from them. Her hands would grip tighter as she looked at both the boy and the girl that were here. Hopefully these two were the right people and not some people that would later be prey.


More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:36 pm


Erebus peered to the right at the girl, still torn up about her initiation. Fucking amateurs. Pfft. He thought, spitting the dryness from his mouth and flicking his cigarette away just in time to meet gaze upon Aria. Hmm? What a number, then again... She felt familiar. In a creepy way. The boy decided this was another chick he would not care to put the moves on. At least not for the current second.

"Mm, we're the ones. Name is strategist, this is my aide-- Irony."

The guy used his thumb to point over at her. His lips curled into a grin, and he jested a laugh or two. Why was it always girls? Erebus seemed to have a reoccurring issue. He just didn't click well with the same gender apparently. But ah well, that sort of thing wasn't important. What was-- was this mission. The money. The experience. The chance...

Hexes were an ideal quest to promote growth in Celeste. Plus Aria could offer a hand in the fun, should it get as violent as it did last time with their targets. "So we have three people, two hexes. Why don't I collect the bodies and you two use the incantations? That'll give you the time to talk, then afterwards we'll be done. Should only be an hour or so? You two just wait up and chat and I can be back in no time."

The tall guy spoke in an indifferent tone, reading into their faces for any signs of refute or etc. He knew girls could be independent, but Celeste didn't appear to really be into all this and Aria was making it kinda evident she could be just as soft in all reality. Of course, minor skepticism... He was unsure how either would take to anything this early. They'd all only just met anyways.

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#5Celeste Vagarosa 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:49 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



It seemed Strategist had convinced himself that she was incapable of pulling through with the act of murder, Celeste smiled to herself, she was certainly mentally weak at this moment but she would prove to him that she could be just as capable of the dirty work as anyone else. She didn't know what it was but something told her she had to prove herself to Erebus, or else he wouldn't respect her at all. She needed to prove herself to her guild-mate before he had a chance to spread that she was in fact the biggest softie out there.  However she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of exposure, she doubted he would but you can never be too sure with these kinds of things. Celeste had sat with her other aide in this mission, as Strategist seemed set on leaving the two alone, probably so he could go rape some women and then get them their victims.

"So I'm Celes- I mean... Irony." Celeste mumbled, looking up at her new acquaintance. 

Celeste still had to get use to this whole code-name thing, she didn't get what was so bad with letting people know her true name, it's not like she was some monster in those fable stories where if you say their name backwards they vanish. However it wasn't her choice, she had to follow her Guild's rules even if she hated them, because they were offering her support and a place to stay. All at the cost of obedience, which she was perfectly capable of.

"So what do you like to do for fun?" Celeste would ask the woman, curiously.

Hopefully they'd be able to get to know each other more while her guild-mate went and found specimen for the Hex Experiment. It didn't matter to her at the moment if it was infant, child, teen, adult or even an senior. She was going to prove she too was capable of the cold attitude that she despised. Then again, what did she have to prove to him, he was psychotic and she was perfectly fine the way she was, she still carried her mission out to the very end, so it's fine right?

Word Count: 365/800
Total Word Count: 657/800

#6Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:59 pm

Ashira Aria Tsukihana

Smiley face

Her eyes of half red and gold would look at the two. They were quite the interesting pair in her eyes. She seemed to be the type to be outgoing and cheerful yet he was rather doom and gloom. 'How wonderful. You're paired with ying and yang.' she would hear a male voice within her head. 'Shut up...' she thought back as she would look normal and quite calm from the outside. She listened to the dude speak of how his name was ' Strategist' and her name was Irony. What kind of names were those? They had to be part of something, but would she truly even bother knowing what of? She was part of some cult for freak sakes. ''Alrighty.~'' was all Ashira would say with a rather innocent pure smile towards the guy. Truly she wasn't going to give out her name to these two. Who knows what they are.

After the guy left she would look towards the girl and wondered something. Before she could ask though she was asked on what she liked to do. 'What... do I like to do?' she wondered to herself. Her eyes didn't blink as she stared at the girl in the sound of silence. ''I enjoy art... All kinds of art.'' she'd say in her sweet calm voice. It could relate to somewhat mature child yet not womanly. ''What's his deal anyways?'' she questioned her and wondered if she would even answer. Truly it didn't matter as she didn't know these two personally. Next she would then wonder, ''What about yourself?'' she spoke once more. She would wonder till she answered and most likely till that other guy showed up. Sadly she knew that she wasn't going to be violating any ladies tonight. Shame.



More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:09 pm


The boy pushed the papers into Irony's hands as he exited their sights. The adventurer was already well gone... At least, by the time those two were chatting it up, strange though. He found the streets quite empty, so he was forced to take matters into his own hands. He walked into what could only be described as a bingo-night community center and tugged two old folks out the door to come help him and his friends.

If friends was even a word he could use for the two ladies, one he didn't know. The other he had no hope for. But-- he assumed they'd be responsible while he was out. After all, this was a job wasn't it?

"Okaaay." He chimed up to the old people, pulling his lungs out so they could hear him clearly. "We'll be at our destination in about fifteen minutes. If you wander away I won't give back your bingo cards... And don't talk." He said quite smug, though his face didn't change in expression. In his hands were their bingo cards-- the couple couldn't play without it. So what did they do? Well-- they followed right in.

WC: 704/800

#8Celeste Vagarosa 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:25 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



The woman seemed to answer her question, she seemed to enjoy art, well luckily it wasn't some weird answer as in like she loves to kill or something, or even drink blood. For some reason her mind raced and she imagined Strategist sipping on a wine glass full of blood. She shivered, with a nervous smile. The woman seemed to be curious as in what Celeste does for fun, of course. Celeste bowed with a smile.

"Well for me, I love exploring and learning new things, and reading books. I enjoy a good fight here and there as long as no one gets to seriously harmed." Celeste informed the child-like woman.

She wondered what Erebus was up too, as she held onto the papers that contained the hexes, it would certainly be interesting to see the specimen he found fit for testing on. Hopefully this time she could stomach it, she did think dearly of her guild-mate even if he was cold-hearted, she felt if she truly was in danger he would assist her. Kind of like an instant connection in the back of her head. Or was it just the fact they were guild-mates. The conversation between the two had died until she asked what Strategist's issue was.

"Oh, I think he just feels he's too good for this kind of lowly work, probably wants to be out hunting other guilds. Out there causing real havoc instead of this lackey work." Celeste tried to explain how she felt his attitude has been like, so far.

She smiled upon seeing Erebus return, just in time, luckily he probably heard nothing that the two discussed.
Word Count: 274/800
Total Word Count: 931/800

#9Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:14 pm

Ashira Aria Tsukihana

Smiley face

She listened to the girls words as if they were sugar. Truly there was some sweetness hidden behind them. 'Mmmm...sugar.' she would think to herself as she would stare into the girls light colored eyes. The girl seemed to have an interest in exploring and learning new things. 'I can sure teach you a few new things and help you explore.' a male voice spoke rather darkly in her head. 'Shut up damn you.' she thought back as she would look normal and calm from her outside expression. Not too soon she would hear the guy come back with a couple and some bingo tickets? What the hell? The dude played some damn bingo without her?! Rude! Softly she would scoff rather silently so no one would hear, but then she would take a grip of one of the hexes, looking up at it as she brought it to her face and then looked at the woman he had. ''Decrepify.'' she spoke coldly as her eyes glared rather differently then they were.

Soon the ladies legs would pretty much cripple as she couldn't move. Slowly Aria would walk towards her, took her from the guy and turned to look at him. ''I'll take this one...'' she spoke rather back to innocent and sweet with a smile filled with pure-goodness. Not only that she would giggle as she dragged the woman with her to some alley to uh... sit with her. Before she did go into the shadows she would look back. ''You two have fun with the next.'' she would say and then went on her way to an alley.



More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:49 pm


Everything went to hell as Erebus yanked the old woman up and shoved her forward. Where aria's hex took away her ability to escape. "Rest in peace granny." He jezsted. The old man terrified, was shocked in place. However it became obvious there was no help for his wife being taken to the alleyway to die. Or so he assumed. He tried to get away but his aging body was weak. Strategist tripped the man on his exit, probably fracturing the guy's hip.

"Your hex should empower him and allow him the ability to either live or try and save his wife. Go ahead and cast it, if it works we might have to fight. If not... Well, you know what needs to be done Irony."

Erebus was already on his cell phone, ready to contact Dr. Mabuz now. Hoping this could be over soon as possible, of course.

WC: 830/800

#11Celeste Vagarosa 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:25 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



As her partner, Strategist brought senior citizens, it was the time for Celeste to prove she had the guts to carry out fully functional in these situations that she could be counted on. As the wife fell to her, her legs couldn't move she was immobile, it seemed the hex was successful. Next it was Celeste's turn to cast her hex, she pulled her spear off her back and held it in one hand firmly and with the other she would read the text on the paper, casting her hex, Magna. Her blood began to pulse, her eyes began to glow as she could feel power coursing in her body

"S-Shit." Celeste gritted her teeth, she felt at least twice more powerful than before.

However it left a cruel Celeste, as she twirled her spear in her fingers and then using both hands slammed it down on the grandpa's stomach, leaving it for the whole time the hex empowered her, grinding it further into him, listening to his screams.

"Oh yea, bet your wife doesn't hear you scream like this, in your private time." Celeste smirked.

"Leave the old hag, let the bag of bones, be found by knights." She had a cold glare. 

Maybe now Irony will get some recognition around the town.

"Hey you Grandpa. If the knights find you make sure they know Irony stabbed you." She smirked.

She'd travel with the group to tell Mabuz the good news, he seemed interested in what Magna had done, especially since the power seemed to greater the user, then after collecting the award she'd be on her way, leaving the two, making sure to wave bye at them and giving them a warm smile.

Total Word Count: 800+/800

#12Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:06 pm

Ashira Aria Tsukihana
Truly Aria looked at the old woman who must be a nice grandma. "Have any grand kids?" She questioned her quietly and coldly. The granny looked over at her still unable to move. "i....I do. One. I cherish her." She spoke hurt. "Im jealous.... My grandma doesn't notice me..." she spoke. It was sadly time to go. Aria left the woman alone and looked at the two. Without saying a word she would report this crap. After she did she was given the reward promised. "Cya." Would all she'd say and then left into the darkness not being seen again...or for the time being..-exit-


More Experimental Hexes [Celeste, Aria, Erebus] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:12 pm


The boy finished his call and walked with his partner back to the Doctor. Irony was really weird in how odd she switched off, he felt she was very bi-polar and might need checking. But at least she got the mission done in her own little way. 'Course no one had to die at all, he just liked mind breaking her to be clear. Erebus found that Irony might need a guiding light in the cold darkness, maybe he'd help her out. Couldn't hurt, right? Aria was an oddity too, he assumed he'd see more of her in the future. Anyways, with cash in hand he left. Gaining strength because of lifting bingo tickets. Hahahaaha, to the ark for rest!

WC: 830+/800

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