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#1Celeste Vagarosa 

Proletarian Shopping | Solo Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:48 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had agree'd to help a child steal, upon taking this request she knew it would be considered bad morals and it would make her seem like a bad-person. Truthfully she just thought of it like hunting for your prey but in a populated place, much more populated than her village. However she didn't mind stealing for a child and his friends so it didn't matter to her she was simply a good person doing a bad deed, plus she had to help the orphans survive, she knew what the life of an orphan could be like, it's cold, lonely and devastating to the mind. Celeste didn't wish that upon any child and when she said cold, it was literally cold, you could feel chills basically twenty-four seven as the people around you questioned your existence and despised you trying to get by in the world. As agree'd they'd be meeting in an alleyway, soon.

"You there! Are you the wizard I seek?" Her recognizable client, Jerr asked.

His body just gave off this aroma in the air that he was frightened.

She pondered upon it, "I guess you could say so, however I fight without using magic embedded into my body... guess the Stars didn't think I was worthy of a talent, as such."

Jerr looked at Celeste confused.

Jerr sighed, "Um anyways- so you know what your mission is right?"

Celeste nodded with a small smirk, "Yup, from what was legible." She continued to lecture the boy, "You know, I too once lived a life of being a orphan I still do. However it's no excuse for bad handwriting, you should practice up on it."

The boy nodded, feeling a bit more comfortable with her knowing she too came from a similar experience. The tension in the air had died down.

"Alright, well see ya later-" She choked on her words mumbling to herself, "I think that's what people outside my village say..."

With that the woman had taken her leave to head to a popular grocery store, booming with people, it's true it can be risky to steal in crowds but also crowds give a benefit of easily slipping by to steal something and leave the scene in an instant. Celeste got in the mind-set, taking this as if she was hunting a great Sand Dune Boar, you have to be absolutely quiet and find your prey when it's at it's least alert state and open completely for the taking. This was hunting. 

As she walked down the isle she carried a purse with her slipping tons of apples and canned goods in it along with a can-opener. Hopefully they had the common knowledge to open a can with one of these tools. As she was shop-lifting food she noticed a man stealing, she smirked. When another predator is after your prey, you expose them, so your prey can be free'd, but free'd for your taking.


Multiple guards came and threw the man out, and for a moment she could've sworn he whispered to her, 'I'll kill you." Oh well. What's done is done, he should've known this was her property. This was her territory, in her skillset to hunt, stealing was no different, just a modern term for something primal. As she exposed the man and made a scene the woman quickly stuffed her purse with fruits and snacks of many kinds. She could feel her purse really starting to weigh now, however she could handle much more, Sand Dune Boars were way heavier. Celeste found a bag that could fit at most three times more than her purse could, she ripped the tag off and stuffed it in another bag nearby. 

Next stuffing her purse in the bag she put the bag on walking, acting if she owned the item.

"Cute bag, miss. The cats certainly look cute on you." A woman told her.

Celeste smiled, "Why thank you, I actually bought it yesterday!" 

The two made small chit-chat before departing, Celeste continued her shop-lifting spree, bagging all kinds of snacks, meats with matches as well as more fruits. Grabbing all the meat she could though as well as bottled waters. Trying to get what they essentially need to survive but as well as snacks that they could enjoy since they were in fact children. After filling the bag to it's capacity she walked out the store, spotting two women stealing make-up. She made sure to get a poker-face on for this next act.

"How distasteful! I can't believe they would let two women steal right in front of them!" Celeste shouted, angrily. "I will not be returning to such a poor store!"

The store-guards had heard Celeste as she exited the building and pursued the two women at the make-up department stealing. Celeste smirked, poor predators turned quickly into prey. She returned to Jerr and his group of orphans. Pouring the bag out she could've sworn their eyes were gleaming and had a glow to them.

"Thanks so much, miss! I know it's not much but here is your reward." 

Celeste smiled, "Anytime, I left you guys cans with an opener and meats with matches so you could cook the meat yourself. These are all things you guys should know and need to learn. Take care."

Jerr simply nodded.

"Also not to lecture you too hard, but try and reserve yourself from stealing at your age. It's a bad habit. Try hunting real animals or finding a kind grown-up to buy you food or donate to you guys." Celeste scolded them.

With that Celeste left quietly.

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