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Hexes yo(Mission)

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Hexes yo(Mission) Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:03 pm

"So all I have to do is test these out out people and you'll pay me right?" Caius said to the doctor. The man responded not by speaking but by putting a bag of jewels on the table. Dr. Stephan Mabuz was a man on the chubby side but he was very intelligent. He was a friend of dark guilds by creating and distributing some of the finest reagents in all of Fiore that could do almost anything to the human body. The new doctor now had some new materials that he needed tested out that were called hexes. The hexes were magical words written on a paper given to Caius. These were brand new ones that would be needing to be tested out on anyone that he see fit. Just get in range and say the word and he would record the effects of the hexes. It was a simple job for an A class mage like himself. These hexes would come in use for Grimoire Heart if they worked plus the pay was good. He took the paper and put it in his pocket and walked out of the magic shop to find his first target.

Caius decided it would best best to try the hexes in a highly populated area. In case they went wrong, it would be hard to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from. The busier the area the more people talking. Caius walked to the edge of oak town and saw an event going on in the park. A man was playing the piano and another on the guitar. It looked like a concert by a famous band that attracted a large crowd gathered in a huge circle. Caius took the paper out of his pocket and would memorize the word. It lit up a purple glow to show it was ready to be activated whenever he would speak it. He walked through the park gates and would walk into the middle of the crowd. He found his target. A shirtless man with a mohawk who held up a lighter singing along with the band. Caius used his strength to push his way through and and get behind the man. "Stimuli" he whispered as he kept on pushing through. Once he was a small distance away he looked over to see the mohawk man start to stumble. He fell to the ground with a pleased but uncomfrotable look in his face. Crowd goers tried their best to avoid him but some would step on him while he laid down. Caius took a pen out and wrote the results on the paper for the doctor. THe music sucked so he pushed his way out of the crowd. ALl that was left now was to read the last hex and go collect the reward. Caius would try a different area this time. It was getting late so he would go to one of the local bars where a crowd was sure to have been gathering.



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As he walked downtown towards the bars the sun set in the sky and then night washed over all of Oak town. Caius would ask around people walking through busy night streets of Oak where he could find the largest bar in the area. He was directed to a pub called "The Pub with a Lot of People". Caius walked in and headed to the bar to order a drink for himself for he was quite thristy from walking around all day to get these hexes to work for his D rank mission that he took on behalf of the doctor. He didn't want to stay long so he just got a water and looked for a victim to use the next hex on. He would look and see tons of people filling all the tables and stools around him but what caught his interest was a man playing pool. He sat back and watched the man play and act like he was terrible. Once they bet money on it the man would then smile and get his game on by showing that he was faking being bad the whole time. He hustled those poor fools. Caius watched as one man bet his entire life savings on the game out of anger. He swore that he could beat him. Caius waited until the game started. He reached in his pocket and found the next hex with the name Decrepify. That was the last hex so he ripped the paper up after the words glowed and walked over.

The hustler was destroying the nerd that bet his life savings so Caius casually walked up behind him as he was going for a shot. He whispered the words "Decrepify" and it caused the hustlers leg to bend as he shot. He fell off balance and shot the white pool ball off the table giving him a scratch. The other man then took advantage and ended up winning the game winning back his money and then some from the stupid hustler hoe. THe hustler tried to run to avoid his debts but his leg was dragging on the ground. That must have been the work of the hex he had just cast. The hustler started to get his butt whooped by the bar goers until he paid as Caius headed out of the tavern to head back to the scientist. Luckily, the shop was a short walk away from the bar. The store was closed but he was always welcome. The Dr. Inquired about the hexes and Caius described them in detail to him. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the paper for the full report and handed it to the man. Seemily pleased, he went into the back and into the safe to pull out some jewels for him. Caius took a look through the sack and saw all the money was there so he was happy to do business with him. Perhaps he would do more if he had more time in oak.


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