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Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job]

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Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:03 am


The boy's eyes blinked, scanning the streets of Oak. The once nice town was beginning to grow old on him, but maybe that's because he'd been here over a month and the ark hadn't moved. Or maybe it's because he was slowly becoming a true name amongst the guild-members.

Either or, being the new guy was in the past, he'd been here for quite some time now and was actually scheduled to meet a recruit. He'd been peeped that she was... a little too good natured.

However, the male gave no care for any of that. So long as she did what she was told. Gripping in his palm was a paper with magical source coding on it. Hexes. Dr. Mabuz had him to work again, what was this? The fourth or fifth quest for that bastard? He sure was a needy motherfucker. Erebus sighed out loud, and stretched his arms. He then awaited his new partner.

The parchment had two hexes written across it's surface,  the words imbued with the hex was plainly written, and when spoken out loud it would allow the reader of the hex to envision whatever they were thinking. After it was to be cast, the word would erase itself away.

This only needed to be done twice. Then they could go home...




#2Celeste Vagarosa 

Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:18 am

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had been scheduled to meet a somewhat veteran member, he certainly wasn't new but he wasn't ancient either. She had no issues meeting a guild-member hopefully he would be okay with her though, she was still adjusting from her previous life style praising stars and surviving on her own against the cold tide of her village's emotions. Also hopefully she'd be of use, she had some-what knowledge on the world outside her village but that was all acquired from books, now she was given the opportunity to experience for herself head on. The life outside her village was much bigger, kind of scary everyone she met so far was either really pacifistic or really cold-hearted. Where was the in-between?

As she arrived at the rondayvoo point the woman could clearly see her guild-mate had a presence of the kind of person who tries to act cool-minded or too good for this, as if he had something better to do with his time. Which maybe he did, but what could he be doing that was better than growing from experience. Then again, he was use to doing these sort of missions and this was probably bottom picking for him and he probably questioned why did he have to be her partner in such a lowly mission.

As she approached she bowed, her face becoming slightly rosy red. "Nice to meet you. I am Celeste Kusaido Vagarosa."

Her mind began to race with doubt in herself. Shit. Why did she go formal with him, she should've hit his arm and been more bad ass about it to really get him to think better of her, she was in a dark guild so wouldn't that be expected of her? 

'Oh man, this is gonna be a bummer... I can already tell.' Celeste thought to herself looking at her fingers and she twiddled with them, nervously and quietly.

Word Count: 315/800


Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:55 am


Erebus moved a hand to her lips, pressing his fingers against them before she could finish her name. He appeared very lax about it, and his finger slid down quite slowly, dragging her bottom lip with it. Then he stared at her for a second.

"That isn't your name anymore. In this guild your real identity never leaves your head."

The man pressed her aside and began walking. The girl was attractive but he was on the job, it wasn't the time to be swooning innocent females. In fact, it was right around the time they should be getting to work.

"My alias is Strategist, you can refer to me as that."

The man handed her a page. On it was the hex and the tasks for her to go about. It was 'Stimuli,' basically... It carried the same powers as marijuana or other bodily sensitive drugs. What Stephans wanted with it puzzled Erebus, perhaps Mabuz was a rapist or something? Honestly it could mean anything.

The two walked for awhile, scouting the citizens. Doing that kind of thing, you know how it can be-- it was like picking out a turkey. Erebus personally read people's characters to figure out who he'd strike down. But he wondered how Celeste ws coming to her choice.

"You're up first, pick anytime you feel comfortable. Dr. Stephans is a nut, but he was strict on deadline so we have to be done by tonight."



#4Celeste Vagarosa 

Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:20 am

Celeste Vagarosa



As he shushed her, her cheeks only became hotter. Why was he touching her face? In the end her greeting was ignored, she looked at him with confusion, her name is no longer hers? Of course it was, the hell was this man on about, her name wasn't hers. How drunk is this man.

"Oh... okay." Celeste sighed.

Did that mean the guild used code names? However the part of her name no longer being hers code of pissed her off, they could easily just say she needed a code name, and how does one figure out their code name? Maybe Rose? Or perhaps Blue Rose, cause of her blue hair and how pretty she is yet at the same time she can be dangerous. However she had no time to be fooling around over a simple name, for now he could just call her by her middle name Kusaido. As he handed her the hex she smiled upon reading about it.

"Alright. Time to find our prey." She grinned, her canine-teeth showing.

This would be like finding the most plump and riped Oasis Yume Horses, kind of like Sea-Horses but way fatter and prettier with a sort of dream like look to them. However instead of hunting in a lake of water, she'd be hunting in a lake of people. Well if they were testing how successful the stimuli would be Celeste wants the most tolerable person, which would most likely be some huge dude, they usually have the higher resistance but also when they fall they fall hard. As she scouted the area she found her perfect specimen in a matter of seconds. 

"What was it, again? Strategist?" Celeste huffed, "I found my target meet me in the alleyway two blocks from here, the one with the ratted down fence, once you get your own specimen"

Just like that the woman ran at her target dragging him off into the darkness of the alleyways. Once she arrived at the new meeting place, she had went in to kiss the man. Such a gullible prey thinking she'd be interested, she then kicked his groin in smashing any chance of him ever being able to reproduce and then slamming him against a huge garbage crate. Pulling out some rope she had tied him down, awaiting her partner.

Word Count: 387
Total Word Count: 702/800

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Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:51 pm


Erebus wasn't positive what her game was, but he complied, stating with a hand gesture that he'd be there soon. it was like a wave, but moreso like a push for her to go. Meanwhile, back to his antics he picked out a woman in her late teens, and sweet talked her into following him. His story? Lost business man, 'course the earrings might've be a tip in the wrong direction Though he assumed it would still confuse her enough to come along.

When the man arrived in behind the maiden he was surprised to see she'd already gotten to violent work. Sighing, he lit a cigarette. "W-what's going on? What is this?!"

The onyx-haired male simply exhaled a wave of pluming smoke. Refusing her the oppurtunity tio plead. His foot traveled up from the ground, reared towards the center of her being, into her midsection. The attack was meant to snatch air and strength away, thus leaving her on her back-- powerless. Forcing her to the ground, skirt up, head down. Terror and embarrassment flustering in around her. The girl simply did not realize...

Never talk to strangers.

While reaching into his coat pocket, the girl crawled away from both the blue-haired adventurer, and the lying conman who was her first instructor. The man-tied up surely shared her sympathy. The hex that Erebus would be using was called Decripfy, and it would make her legs unable to function. If successful that is.

"You're lucky we aren't alone or I'd take advantage of this babe."

He smirked as she cried and got up to run. "Decripify!" The dark mage resounded, and the girl went face first into the concrete. Bloodying her face and the dirty street. She was full of shock-- as she stood up her whole body shook, one leg half functioning yet she ran off, begging for her life to the imaginary Gods she held dear. It became evident that this hex did not work, obviously. Sadly, she'd still be losing those legs anyways. Something within Erebus just clicked and before he realized it; he was moving in on her. Like an animal, without mercy. He jabbed his shortsword through both her legs, at the calves. Then The Strategist followed up by making a ripping motion to the sides.  From inside her skin the cords were tearing the muscles, nerves, and veins all in half. The girl screamed out loud. Ensuring the pain was there and hat she couldn't handle the sting...

No one would be able to held her now, she would either bleed to death... or she'd never walk again. The GH member turned to his new partner and waved with a grimace, tossing the cig from his lips now that he'd finished it. "Whoops, got ahead of myself. I forgot you were to go first. Anyways, get to it."



#6Celeste Vagarosa 

Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:22 pm

Celeste Vagarosa



Celeste had looked at her target, the perfect specimen for this experiment of the hexes. However her heart ached, the pain of causing others distraught and pain. However for the sake of her own growth and her mission she has to carry this out no-matter the cost! She would have to swallow her emotions and carry on the task. In the midst of her thoughts Strategist had appeared with his specimen, a woman who seemed to be around Celeste's age. She closed her eyes trying not to wince at the horrid thoughts of what he could do to her.

Those thoughts however became reality as she didn't want to cooperate. 'Dammit just do as he wants.' Celeste thought to herself.

She watched the man attack her, each attack seemed more brutal and violent than the last. She didn't know how to react really, she felt sorrow for the woman, the fear she must be in, how badly she probably wished she never engaged in conversation with this handsome devil of Grimoire Heart. Celeste however had to swallow her morals, to carry out the mission that is her job and solely her job. She turned to her client as Erebus had cut the woman's legs basically, her screams were to mortifying. Surely they'd haunt her in the dreams to come.

"R-Right. Anyways, onto the experiment." Celeste trembled, "I'd like to ask you don't run when I un...tie you." Celeste's voice was no longer soft and sweet it was more so hoarse and broken. "Just st-...and still..."

She untied the man, who surprisingly obeyed, probably out of fear from the woman's accomplice. As she read the hex aloud the man's pupils became so big all you could see was the pupil, the rest of his eye color had been long gone. Celeste knew she would probably have to kill her specimen, because if they let him go now he would only blab of the scene he just witnessed. Celeste would began to get a cold sweat and her fair skin seemed to become ghostly white.

"I am ...-" Her voice had died off but she mouthed, "Sorry."

She pulled her spear out and pieced through his forehead, making sure to hit the brain. Celeste the once innocent Oasis Native now knew the horror of being affiliated with a dark-guild, she would no longer hold onto the same innocence she once had. A look of defeat was in her eyes.

"Strategist... tell the client for me, that my hex had worked... I will be taking a rest..." With that Celeste had roamed off.

Walking off into the streets vanishing in the sea of flesh.


Word Count: 440
Total Word Count: 1,142/800



Experimental Hexes - [Erebus, Celeste] [Job] Empty on Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:37 pm


Erebus stayed quiet as she did her dirty work. He didn't clean up and left his target there. If she spoke of them, made keenly to mention the name Strategist. Only so that his own infamy could trail off into the sunset.

Erebus went to collect their reward from Dr. Mabuz. He'd get Celeste her money when she felt more confident. Day one, day done.

Topic End.



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