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Mountain Herbs [Quest]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Mountain Herbs [Quest] Empty Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:14 am

Bianca Fleur
The quest that she took this time required her to climb a mountain. It was the same client since the last time from the one she took with Roman but was abandoned in, for some unknown reason that she didn’t know because she hadn’t talked to him or even met him since after the job was done. So this time, she had decided to go alone. After all, it was good to work individually sometimes since it gave her more space to think on her own and not have to argue which is the better idea. Not like the job was hard or anything. If anything, it was simple as fuck. Bianca thought that it was good to get some practice with the easy ones before tackling the harder quests. That’s her way of doing it anyways. Some people thought in a different way actually and wanted to tackle the hard ones first and then do the simpler ones with ease. Whatever, right now Bianca was heading to the location where the mountain was. The client said that there was no way of missing the herb this time as they had to look through a bunch of different colored mushrooms just to find one. She was glad that wasn’t the case this time. In fact, she was glad that she was supposed to climb a mountain. She hadn’t worked out in a long time and thought this was the perfect way to start again. So she was on her way.

To make sure that she wasn’t overheating or dehydrated on her journey up, she brought with her a drawstring bag in which she had put all the necessary things for a mountain climb, water bottles being the most important of them all. She wore her gym clothes and a nice pair of shoes that wouldn’t make her slip and fall. So her preparation was...complete? So with a determined mind and a single ultimate goal, Bianca commenced her climb. She was very determined, by the way. She felt like nothing could stop her at this point. Well that’s what anyone felt at the beginning of doing anything, isn’t it? Her motivation for this quest was clearly: money. That’s what she was going to get out of this, and well of course maybe some health benefits too but the main thing was money. In this world, money was almost the most important thing. So she was going to get some money, from this Doctor Stephan, who in her honest opinion looked like a madman, but he wasn’t the only one mad in this world and Bianca didn’t judge anyone. She was also mad in her own ways, maybe a little extreme in her methods but mad nonetheless. She believed that she was saving the world, but to her, the world was herself, because she only cared about herself. Made no sense, did it? Neither does her life, or the way she thinks. That’s why she’s mad, but just like everyone else.

500 / 1000

#2Bianca Fleur 

Mountain Herbs [Quest] Empty Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:28 am

Bianca Fleur
The climb was pretty damn easy. She didn’t expect herself to be able to get on top of this mountain with close to zero effort despite the fact that she had not been working out for over a week now. She hadn’t discovered a gym within her guild so she had been lazing around and not keeping up with her fitness routine. She didn’t feel like doing anything concerning fitness anyway since she was in Oak Town to see more people and get to know her guild town. It was a bit sad now that she realised she had only met one person from the guild and that was Roman, who had ditched her in a previous quest which is why she was taking this quest alone, otherwise she would have probably gone with him again. Even though it was sort of good to work on her own, she felt lonely at moments, especially because there was literally no one around and she was just there on the mountain alone, picking up some herbs. Upon reaching the peak of the mountain, Bianca did a little victory jump and shout which almost led to her death, tripping over something that she had looked over and falling on her side. “Ow,” she muttered with a grimace, struggling to get up again and patting away the dirt that got on her shirt. “Piece of shit,” she said, eyes narrowed at what seemed to be a brown little log-like thing that she tripped over.

Moving on to an area of the summit that was covered in vegetation, Bianca noticed that it was the same plant growing all over, which had to be the herb she was looking for, right? “Yes!” she exclaimed in a hushed tone with a jump of excitement. Usually she would be too shy to do all this in front of people, but she was alone and happy about finding what she came for so soon. She bent down to collect a few of the herbs and then placed it in a plastic bag that she had brought with her in her drawstring bag. She took enough so that the plastic bag was full, but not too full. She tossed it back into the drawstring bag, pulled the strings and flung it over her back once again and began her descent down the mountain. It was almost evening time as the sun lowered down from its spot in the sky, reaching closer and closer to the horizon in the distance. She didn’t want to have to go back in the dark, so Bianca began to move faster, adding some speed to her pace as she made her way back to the doctor. Luckily, she made it back just before sunset and as soon as she did, she dropped the plastic bag on the doctor’s desk and collected her reward, not exchanging even a greeting with the doctor before turning around and leaving to return to her guild to take a rest.

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