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Beach Gym [Waylon+Arisa:Mission]

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Beach Gym [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:38 pm

Wind flowing more than over towards her as she walked towards the Beach. She was excited even though she wasn’t here for swimming. Arisa was here to help someone out who was here to do some weight training. Today she was here to act as a support with someone else. Who was that other person? She wasn’t quite sure… Was it Waylon again? She truly hoped so as she would make a small smile at the thought of her doing something else with her best childhood friend. Before these missions she hasn’t really spent a lot of time with Waylon. She was wearing some beach shorts of dark maroon red, lines of white and a sports bra of black. Truly her muscle out lines could be seen easily as she was nicely toned. Due to the sand though she wasn't going to wear any shoes today nor sandals as she didn't want to be stuck cleaning them. Arisa sighed softly as she took a deep breather, getting closer to where she needed to go.

Her lioness eyes of golden brown would pierce through the sunlight and towards the sands of time as she was going to spend all her time there. Her heart would pound fast with excitement as she saw some buffed up dude that was tanned and had blonde hair. Was that the guy she was supporting with or the guy she was supporting? She didn’t know till he smiled and waved. ‘’YO!’’ he yelled and jogged towards her to greet. After some time she and him would be caught up and shook hands. ‘’Name’s Jay Holiday.’’ He would introduce and then look around. ‘’Where’s the other fellow?’’ he questioned as he would then look around, waiting for whoever was doing this with her.



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He was not much for beaches really Waylon was more of the fall weather kind of guy. But none the less he would come to this next job dressed for it. He had just come prepared in swim shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

It showed off yet again how pale and thin Waylon was really. Well how thin and pale he was compared to the person he was spotting for, Waylon looked like a wimp compared to Jay Holiday.

Walking to the meeting spot as he was dress Waylon just said. "Hello I am here for a spotting job." Looking at Jay he realized maybe...he might not be needed but he was here anyway.

On queue looking over to who else was here he said. "Oh hello again Arisa." He said it so casually like it was nothing, He seemed rather comfortable that he did not say much openly after all people were just dressed for the job, Waylon also sucked with compliments so he tried to avoid saying them.

But Waylon at least admired how Arisa looked and then realized, how much better shape Arisa was compared to him but he was not jealous. Waylon did not do much to be in shape.


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Beach Gym [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty Thu Jan 12, 2017 4:02 pm

The wind would still blow upon her face as it kind of cooled her off from the heat that was rising. The sands were somewhat heating as it warmed up her feet. She would make a faint smile though as she would look at Jay and wondered wonder how long it took him to get that beefed up. Her eyes would then look towards the water and wondered how refreshing it would feel to finally go in there. It has been quite a long time before she got to swim there or at all. The island that she was raised at wasn’t entirely far from where she was standing.

Arisa kind of missed the waters from the island of Galuna. Her heart was there as well when it came to nature. It wasn’t truly because that was where she was from, but because she had some decent memories from there or at least as far as she could remember. Her memory sucked though which caused her to not really remember anything including the painful part that for some reason she couldn’t unlock. Soon her attention would be caught as she heard her friend finally speak as it was him who was to be her partner.

‘’Heh… I’m surprised yet not surprised that the partner to help me with this is you, Waylon.’’ She spoke simply as she would cross her arms and giggle softly. ‘’You know this guy?’’ Jay would question. ‘’Well sweet! Makes it easier.’’ He said simply and laughed, bringing out a hand to shake his hand. ‘’Like I told this pretty lady here, names Jay Holiday.’’ He introduced simply as he would then look towards the weights that he’d be doing today. ‘’So pretty much if I struggle, need anything or want anything it’s your job to help out in any way possible.’’ He would say and nod. ‘’Alright then. Let’s get started.’’ He spoke simply and walked towards his bench as they both would get ready.



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The weather was nice at least, It was peaceful and it was calm Waylon had no worries here. Even if he was about to do a job he had no idea about doing but learning was good as he always thought.

He has not remembered the last time he was on by the water or somewhere this pretty and calming. At least Waylon remember he still knew how to swim, which was good, Arisa was there to help too.

"Nice to meet you Jay. I am Waylon." He was polite and formal like he always was When mentioned what they had to go do Waylon figured it was simple.

Just making sure if he needed anything to help him. close enough both himself and Arisa would be sure to help.

It was weight lifting. Something Waylon was unsure about, They looked way heavier then Waylon himself, How would he manage here if something if he were needed to help he started to question.

Then again in this case his older brother would just tell him. Believe in which what you can achieve for you will be able too in the end. So he would apply that here and he his best.

"Alright i am ready for this." He said with a peaceful smile on his face about it whenever Jay was set up and started Waylon would keep an eye and do anything needed....if Arisa didn't beat him to it anyway, Either or worked in the end for Joy.

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Arisa would watch as the guy named Jay would lay down on the bench that was made just for the out dooring exercising. He would nod as if that was a signal that he was ready to add another weight. He would lift it up and down and then held it for a couple seconds to do so again as to let it go down a little for rest. Her lioness color eyes would then look around as she was using her ears to listen for any sign of struggle. Was this guy for real though? He seemed to be wanting more weights each time, but she really wasn’t going to question him out loud.

She would watch the kids as they would play in the sand, make some castles as such and then ran to the water. She wished she could join as maybe… perhaps she could go swimming after this mission unless of course she became tired. The wind was still nice as the setting was perfect for this exercise. Her eyes and head turned to look towards Jay to make sure he was all alright and okay. Soon he would request the super heavy weights which she wondered if he could.

As a disappointment though this was where he needed help to put the bar up and down as to help him out. She would walk over to get into position. ‘’You ready?’’ he questioned somewhat winded from using all that energy that he did have. Simply Arisa nodded and looked at him. ‘’Aaaaalrighty then.’’ He would say as he took a deep breather and pushed it up. With most if not all of Arisa’s might she helped he pull it up and after a couple of seconds she would then put it down. After another couple seconds she would do it again.



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Waylon seemed distracted by the sound of the waves crashing near him. Like it seemed to just take his mind away from what he was doing, which he slowly realized was bad, It was the laughing of kids playing and swimming near him that made his mind snap into its right place

Pausing for a moment to realize he had a job, he turned around and looked to seeing Jay lifting weights. The thought f swimming after this to see he truly remembered how to swim was tempting, It has been at least 5 years since he has been swimming so Waylon was unsure if he remembered at swim or not.

It would seemed they would take turns with being the spotter most likely, The weather being as nice as it is. And Arisa's fondness of this weather he figured maybe she would end up a bit more distracted then he was.

Jay did a few reps and had struggled to return the bar to rest, Waylon then stepped up this since Arisa did last time and would help him lift the bar back into place and rested. Jay motioned he wanted heavier weights, Waylon looked at him and wondered as well if he was sure. "Are you sure? Alright if you wish."

It would be odd for Waylon. because he would be slow for him to add the weights because he had trouble lifting them, so he would drag one of them over and then lift it the best he could and lock it in place, following the way with the other one.

Both him and Arisa had added more weight, Leading him to wonder how much more would this man have before it became overpowering to him? then again Waylon knew he would have given up long a go, So in the end he was still slightly impressed as well.

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They would continue on with the weights as she would help him with the pull of the bar and balancing it so it wouldn't fall and kill him. Her eyes watched his face as it was honestly cute or at least that's what a typical girl would think. She didn't feel anything like normal girls did. Why was that? She would continue on with helping him till it was all done. ''A-alright now.'' he would say with difficulty because of the weight. He would have it be put back down on the ground. After that he would take a deep breather an looked at them both. ''Thank guys. Helped a lot.'' he would say and then got up to grab his bag to get the rewards. Finally he would give them their reward and with that she would leave to get some icecream with Waylon.




Beach Gym [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty Thu Jan 12, 2017 5:17 pm

It seemed to Waylon that Jay always seemed on the edge of failure but managed to hang in there more and more, It was interesting to him to continue watching. The sea also was still there in his mind. Much like the forest was in his mind while he traveled and his mother and father were when he was at an inn or hotel for the night it was all memories in some way which was not a bad thing to Waylon he liked to be sure to remember a lot of times because he was just like that sometimes.

So as time went one, the even slowly seemed to draw to a close, there where no worries about him hurting himself anymore so just waiting until Jay was done his work out.

Waylon would slowly drift off again. Maybe finally all he was doing catching up to him and his was getting worn out now. But until it was time to settle down and rest he would Waylon would stay awake and continue being aware of what around him.

When he paid attention next Waylon heard. "Thanks guys, Helped a lot." seemed casual but meant they were done.

Waylon smiled, since he had fun time out here while working so, He could leave this job with Arisa content with how it went, the bonus was ice cream to end the day.

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