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More Hunting and Gathering - [Job/Erebus]

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Job Requisite:



Quest: More Hunting and Gathering

Rank: D

Type: Bad


  • Hunter-Gatherer completed.

Dr. Stephan Mabuz: Dr. Stephan Mabuz runs a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. Though it doesn't receive much traffic, Stephan isn't worried; his real business comes from his underground dealings of illicit magical items. Poisons, hexes, and whatever else a dark mage might need, the good doctor has it - for a price.

Summary: Dr. Stephan Mabuz requires your help in gathering illicit ingredients once more, but this time it’s different. He needs you to go on a rugged climb up a very tall hill in order to get it. It is a long journey, and it will surely take a lot of stamina, so it’s clear why he doesn't feel like going to get it. You however, have time to waste, and are the perfect candidate to go collect. Who knows, maybe you might gain a little bit more endurance from the climb? The herb that you are looking for is an extremely dark green leafy fern, which Stephan assures you can't be missed. He wishes you luck for the journey ahead as you begin to head off.

Enemies: None

Objective: Climb the mountain and get the herb.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Endurance


  • Create a topic in Oak Town.
  • You start at the entrance of Oak Town, ready to venture out and find the herb.
  • The path starts out pretty straightforward, flat, direct, and overall there isn't much trouble.
  • Eventually however, the trail begins to steepen, and you realize there are a couple of twists and turns.
  • It eventually reaches a point where there are many incredibly steep cliff faces that you must climb up.
  • Once you reach the top after the tough climb, you will find the herb, and prepare yourself for the journey down.
  • You somehow make your way back to Stephan's house, where he gives you a reward.

“I feel lesser than reserved today.”

He grumbled as he stumbled out of a hotel-like building. He shook his head and angrily stumbled out into the street. His head ached of a hangover, and worse yet, he was on job today. The dan night was alive at the latest hours and the dark mage had treated himself like the real sleaze he was. Drinking, abusing prescription drugs, and bedding locals yet again. He really needed to stop all that, but nevertheless it is what it is.

“Agh, why is it so bright…”

He said, running fingers through his onyx-locks. He checked his pockets for his cigarettes and was annoyed to find it empty. Great. Another hunt for god damn ingredients from Dr. Mabuz and he didn’t even have anything to settle his mind. Worst yet, he didn’t even get to shower, brushing his teeth the owner came in and escorted him out for all the damage to the interior. Not his fault, parties are parties man. Just gotta enjoy things for the moment, so what if some things break? Eh, Erebus could relate to the aggravation. That’s why he was less pissed than normal, though slightly just.

“Alrighty Stephan-- let’s find your fucking flower…”

The boy rubbed his eyes and pulled a parchment from his back pocket. It identified the herb, the directions getting there, and the reward. Fair enough, thought the strategist. He began his path outside of Oak Town. Venturing into the quiet steeps of the city before exiting it all together for the sake of the quest. At first Erebus wasn’t bothered and was actually rather enjoying his stroll. The narrow, blank path seemed to go on forever and all he could do was wait on his headache to die. While it diminished-- he whistled. Birds of many colors were noticed, and a rabbit hopped off the path once Erebus drew ever nearer.

The path began to steepen around three miles in, which grew a frustrating glare out of the boy’s face. Though the feeling of sickness was surely from the confines of his gut. No other part of the body could draw on such reject, disgust, and hatefulness. The beating sun on his body made everything worse. The smell of sweat beading off his his body. All of it was an annoyance. The saddest factor to draw upon had not yet even made the lazy magi think as of yet. He’d learn soon enough the severity of which this quest would ask of him, and he’d double-think drinking the night before a mission again. More than likely.

The paths led him to the edges of a cliff on the far ends of West Fiore. Down the trenches of the mountainside he peered down. Hundreds of feet down flat steep rocks the plant grew out of the rocky cliff. It was one of those herbs was it? The boy kicked rocks before testing his dare. Falling meant death. But this was a world of shit anyways. Mind defeated matter and he found himself crept on his knees. Sliding down the face of the slatted wall while his hands bled from clenching sharp rock. With every foot and arm-- he moved in desperation, his body became heavier but he didn’t falter. He began to remember his sisters. How upset they were to watch him depart the house. His mother wanted nothing to do with him, and he was a bastard by every definition coinciding the word. The ruse which sent him in a life of crime, would be the same ruse he’d manipulate to obtain power. Then he’d murder the man who stole his life. Erebus was very much something like an edgy cinderella-- though admitting that was something he didn’t like to do. If anything the memories just brought on a more aggressive nature within his mental pits. The chasm of emptiness rang out, hollered at him. For something one should not feel, he felt a whole lot of it. His energy returned and he traveled to the plant.

The boy gripped it’s roots and cut it from the ground while hanging on with bloodied arm. Drops of crimson protruded from the cracks, scrapes, and gashes on his open palm. In a satchel wrapped around him. He mad ascension back up the mountain. At the top, the boy threw heaved onto the cliff’s edge and pulled himself to safety. He was dirty, shaking, and tired. The day had dimmed and it was mid-afternoon. But the endurance he’d built was bitter sweet on his hands. Much like the beautiful red liquids. Strategist laughed out loud. Stood upon his feet. And dragged himself back to Stephans.

“Alright Mabuz, got the herb for your idiot ass. Now pay up…”

The was panting, Mabuz chuckled with jest, the reward was given, and Erebus returned to the ark for rest.

The end.


More Hunting and Gathering - [Job/Erebus] 5oJEfCBQ_o

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