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Hunter Gatherer - [Job/Erebus]

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Job Requisite:



Quest: Hunter-Gatherer

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Dr. Stephan Mabuz: Dr. Stephan Mabuz runs a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. Though it doesn't receive much traffic, Stephan isn't worried; his real business comes from his underground dealings of illicit magical items. Poisons, hexes, and whatever else a dark mage might need, the good doctor has it - for a price.

Summary: Dr. Stephan Mabuz requires a specific mushroom for a potion he is working on, but cannot be bothered to go searching for it, and he cannot purchase any, as it is highly illegal. So, he has decided to hire some mages to go find some for him for a cheap price. The mushroom is found in the forest outside Oak in the night, identifiable by its luminescence.

Enemies: None

Objective: Collect the mushrooms and deliver them to Stephan.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Intelligence


  • Create a topic in Oak Town, set outside the woods.
  • You have been given a rundown of what the mushroom looks like which is tall and skinny, completely gray except for the glowing green dots on it, and you must search for it in the woods.
  • Though the hunt is a tricky one, with many deceptively similar mushrooms, you stumble upon the right ones, careful not to ingest any due to their toxic nature.
  • Deliver them to Stephan's shop back in Oak to receive your reward.

The scene opens to a man standing idly in the woods, to a distant traveler this might seem creepy. The fact that the man standing there was evil, a dark mage at that, was no different. Except he wasn’t a mage, simply… A troubled youth destined to become a serial killer. As that is what he was in league with. Murderers. But murder was beginning to seem alright, justified even. Erebus valued their carefree, darkness… The things which would give grown men chills down to the very spinal cords. Erebus found everything else a meager jest at this point. The strategist began laughing out loud. Quite normally too-- even though no one was around. Heh. The jokes never stop, do they? The onyx-hair blew blankly with the January wind. It was then that the man decided to get to business. He pulled a cigarette box from his coat pocket and lit one up. Puffing smokes from his lung tunnels.

“Time to get the show on the road.”

Strategist moved himself from the winds ‘til he lingered just outside of them. Then he inhaled the cold air, it was more humid than the hot smoke. But he liked that. He placed his cigarette between his lips, tucking hands into his pockets as he remembered the mission objectives. He was to find some kind of plant. Or rather--  fungus.

I suppose to the unsuspecting it was probably more like a plant, but was actually a mushroom. A tall, lanky, and thin plume. Completely gray and void of color aside from glowing dots. These dots were green, but were a certain shade, deceptive to look like others of different origin. Thing was-- Erebus had seen these shrooms before and was better equipped than others to locate them. That wasn’t to say he was as knowledgeable as others in science. But he did know the fungi for it was and planned to have it back with him to Dr. Stephan Mabuz. That scientist was a pretty weird one, if Erebus recounted correctly. This was the second time he’d taken a dark job from the old geezer. Though he was much more indifferent to Doctor Stephans-- comparatively ruder to the Phantasms simply because they were richer.

Either way, he took their quests for the cash. So long as money talks, Erebus walks. It was just that simple. Speaking of which, money was beginning to roll in. He just needed to keep up the bad work. The male finished his cigarette flicking the bud into the grass. Along his path he came across many mushrooms. Colors varying high and low, there were yellow, red, black even. Purple ones similar is size, and grey mushrooms with green dots, though they were short and didn’t glow. Therefore, he concluded that those couldn’t be right.

The adventurer continued on his journey, scaling the outer rims of the woods until the day grew dark, desolate and quiet. He thought about giving up til morning. But worried he wouldn’t get paid. Instead, he allowed the dusk and the twilight to lead him passage into the creepier segments of the Oak woods. He actually entered them unsuspecting and might’ve got lost. Had he been anyone else. Erebus was actually pretty intelligent.


He pressed on even more, daring his life against poisonous snakes, and creatures which prowled the night. The warrior used his sword to cut down thorny branches and linger head from shoulder so that he could scan the zone.

Sure enough, his eyes caught the sight of a greenish pulse by a stream of mud and dead leaves. He grew closer, stalking the shrooms and was eager to collect them in a bag, using gloves. In all he collected a sum of five of the long thin fungus. Perfect for whatever the scientist could do with them, though Erebus assumed more potion brewing like the last time. When he delivered those vials to the Castle.

“Perfect. Took a longer time than I’d have liked, but eh..”

The boy made his way out of the woods, and walked a narrow dirt path ‘til he came back into town. It was late, approximately two in the morning. But the job was done, and now… Rewards! The boy entered Stephan’s shop with an glint in the eye which could only spell out mischief. He threw the sack across the room onto the counter and made his way to Stephans. Who was creepily still awake at ready to sell at this hour.  

“I assume it was tougher than you thought? Hmm?”

“Yeah, the things were practically safe guarded by snakes. But it’s whatever, just pay me clown.”

“Yes sir. Strategist… Your money is here. Take it and go, gratitude to you magi.”

The boy picked up the bag of jewels and scoffed. Tired, he placed a cig in his mouth. Exiting the area...



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