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Beyond Reasonable Doubt [Private/Bianca]

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Beyond Reasonable Doubt [Private/Bianca] Empty on Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:03 pm


The streets glistened with the dawning sunlight, church-bells rang out from cross the hill. The morning dew was still fresh and apparent upon the streets and buildings making up Oak Town. But one thing, maybe two, was as chaotic as the devil touching foot to pavement.

One of those was Erebus, an intelligent youth, but one who was dragged right out of a life of petty crime. A true punk beginning his descent into a nightmare for the world. However, beyond reasonable doubt, he was nothing yet. Merely a face in the crowd. One so withdrawn that he might catch a few giggles from local girls, but not enough for royalty to stop and see him home merrily.


He would never have that anyways... The magic-less mage. The adventurer, strategist, they called him. Names were falling onto Erebus Cassiel's plate faster than food and wine. Though to say it was a bad thing, he could not. Respect was slowly coming to him. He would reach the top of the pillar eventually.

Men with longing for power never stay bedded at the bottom. That much was honest fact, and everyone would know it someday. For now, he was to keep low profile, Grimoire Heart was all about secrecy. In addition to that, they never went by their real names. Erebus would not be a legend. Strategist would be the legend. The villain who rose above magic and defeated knights of Fiore with nothing but sheer grace and skill. Royalty would never see him home, but they'd tremble and kill themselves before he kicked open their doorways.

"On that I can solemnly swear."

The boy said, speaking to nothing in particular. Merely the voice of his ambition. He moved across the street of Fiore and sat down against a bench. It was damp, but he didn't mind. He collected the sights of the folk here. Wondering how often they dreamed... Did they dream for revenge? Envy? Were they anything like him? So many questions... Such little time.


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#2Bianca Fleur 

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Bianca Fleur
Darkish clouds roofed Oak Town that day, the town that the dark sorceress resided in. She loved this weather, mainly because it wasn’t too cold or too hot. It was just right. This sort of weather called for a good cup of tea or coffee and a nice book, but Bianca wasn’t feeling it this day. In fact, she was feeling like visiting the outside world, and maybe learning a few new things. From what she gathered in the past few weeks, Oak Town was represented by her very guild - Phantom Lord, and associated with dark-natured business. She didn’t have a problem with any of that, it’s just what she noticed as she was usually traveling (since after she killed her parents and left the town of course) and never stayed in Oak Town for more than a few days. This was a first.

Dressed in a warm, long-sleeved dress, Bianca roamed the streets fearlessly, carrying an umbrella with her in case it rained, and a basket. She knew that one particular street in Oak Town was lined with trees that produced beautiful flowers. It was the street they used for festivals and the like. The spring festival was coming up soon, which she would most likely be attending.

Bianca strolled along said street, noticing that there were more people than usual. Were they also here to pick some flowers? She glanced around nervously before bending down to pick some of the prettier ones, placing them in her little basket. She would continue doing this, slowly entering her own world and not minding if anyone was staring. Apparently she was the only one picking flowers. Usually people would do that in parks and stuff, right? She didn’t care. Tucking away loose strands of her own hair since they were falling over her face, Bianca hummed a tune as she casually continued to pick apart the freshly fallen ones from the dried up and stamped on flowers.


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The pondering never ceased in the strategist and he humbled himself with more thoughts of his future. It was like an awakening for him every time he visited it, an awakening which couldn't be stopped, the only thing that could drag his mind from such luxuries was even better, more materialistic luxuries. It was then that he caught eye of Bianca. He had to lean in as she actually took a fair bit of breath from his chest. Which he soon replaced with nicotine and smoke...

Cradling a new cigarette between his pale lips. The dark mage threw his body forward and was taking steps towards the girl. Keeping a quick pace 'til he reached her side. From that point he could begin. Though, as dis-respectfulness was in his nature, he attempted to be less so. To remain under cover of whom he truly was. At least for this partial moment.  

"These flowers are ugly."

Nope. The ability to keep his mouth shut was never evident. He would be himself, and speak his mind at all times. The boy mentally cursed. Realizing that even to the best of his abilities. He was quite bluntly, an ass. Then again; one who doesn't sugarcoat was good to have. Perhaps This maiden would fair him yet. Though to say Erebus was arrogant was an understatement. He knew he was less than a man compared to normal mages, but unlike them he had talent too. So wooing girls was always an introverted task for some such being as prestigious as he.

Erebus allowed smoke to drift from his nose and lungs. He then knelt down to inspect the flower better. They weren't all bad, but he'd seen better. He could only assume Bianca had too or else she was not getting out much.  


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Bianca Fleur
As Bianca carried on with picking her flowers, she noticed a strange young man walking towards her. He had dark hair, and was nicely dressed. Immediately, she plunged back (almost into the ground), reaching for the first flower that came into sight while her cheeks began to fill with color. The young lad seemed to notice before Bianca that the flower she had picked was ugly. She dropped it almost instantly, straightening her back with both hands on the handle of her basket with her azure optics focused on the stranger’s golden hues.

“Ah, you’re actually right,”
she said, a bit nervously as she averted her gaze for a moment. Then, her mind went completely blank. Not a single word appeared in her brain that could be weaved into a polite greeting or something like that. She just stared at him until she felt it was rude, then cast them downwards to her feet. She was a shy one, but she was sure there would be something to talk about in a moment as people liked to make verbal comments on her strangely shaped ears, calling her an elf, or asking if they could touch it, even. She was sure he had noticed them, too.

Not to try and collect pity, but the very first time that she ever let anyone touch her ears was to a child of age seven, the most. But what do you think he did? He pulled her ears until they almost tore off, and when asked of the reason for this unacceptable behavior, he replied by saying that he was testing if it was real or not. Such annoying little creatures. She hated kids subconsciously, more like abhorred.


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The boy lightly chuckled, his onyx-shaded hair was then pushed back as he crept down to gently tug the flower from her hand. Between two fingers he tossed it away as if it were a piece of trash. After doing so, Erebus then pulled Bianca's chin into his palm, moving her slightly unless she reacted hostile. "I've seen prettier things." He'd say, playing off her immediately noticeable nature.  She was the flustered type? Hm, at least then he wouldn't have to demoralize her. Badly. No, quiet girls were always the type to be more unique. They were always in their heads.

Either crazy-- or...

But that was a different subject to describe. In the meantime the Grimoire Heart mage began to squint at her. She indeed was special, very odd looking. What with her sharply pointed ears and pink hair. However, it was also very interesting. Something to make her different. How peculiar.

"My name's Strategist. Are you a local or something? You kinda stand out compared to others around here."

Erebus offered the woman a hand so as to stand up off the ground. Since they were straddling the grass for the moment. Despite this, like most girls, he expected she'd quickly get up on her own without his help. But offering never hurt anybody.



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The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.


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The boy was interrupted by the glowing emblem in his pocket, he appeared to get taken aback by it. Turn from the glow in his pocket back to the girl. He shrugged, and stood up. "It seems my time is running short. I'll catch up with you sometime. Remember the name, yeah? I have a tournament to prepare for." The dark mage popped his knuckles and began exiting the zone. Heading back to the ark in order to get some training in before he was scheduled to fight.


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