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Scold The Brat - [Erebus, Siyna]

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Scold The Brat - [Erebus, Siyna] Empty on Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:49 pm


Here he was again, accepting money from an ordinary nothing. Staring at a shop with an annoyed face, and beside him. An annoyed broad, but at least she was a cute broad.. Still an annoyed one regardless. The dark mages had accepted the disgruntled shopkeeper's mission and that was to beat some sense into this orphan kid so that he stopped stealing. Personally, stealing was fun. But to Erebus, you had to have sucked at it pretty bad if people were forced to hire black-list criminals to scare you.

"So like, from what I can put together. This old guy says the kid is fast. So when he outruns me, you can grab him, right?"

Erebus said, as his amber eyes slid to gaze down into Siyna's cleavage. He knew the girl was something of a partner for now. But that didn't excuse him from treating her exactly like he did most females. She was a treasure, but frankly, Erebus wasn't much of a nice guy. At least not on the outside. He had a few shells to crack through if she wanted his acceptable, respectful side to come out. For now his lecherous one was the shining spotlight that everyone seemed to know all too well.

"You really are a fine one aren't ya Crow? Too bad you're stuck in your own world. Me and you should have some fun sometime."

The boy muttered, his eyes peeling from her pale chest to search about the zone. They were looking for some brown-haired speedster. He'd likely show himself soon. The brat they called 'Jerr,' not that E' really gave a care for it all. All he wanted was his money and the experience chasing this little twat would give him. When Jerr did show up though, it was going to be a nightmare for the little sucker. Erebus made it known ahead of time, and promised that...


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It seemed like a simple task, stop the wayward child thief from his 'wrong' ways at the request of a frustrated merchant. However, nothing seemed to be simple in her line of work as her work partner drawled up an apparent plan. Icy eyes flickered from her watch to her partner as she stated in a bored tone "Yes, that works. Just don't let the little rabbit escape your sight right?" . Red lips pursed as she felt the golden gaze upon her figure, it was a common occurrence when she worked with the swordsman. Yet over time, it was a mere habit she had come to ignore.

A scoff escaped her as the man crooned over her beauty, but at the same time decried her indifference to his method of seduction. A crooked smile graced her lips as she replied coolly "A dog does not have the finesse to court a bird, regardless of how much he salivates for it". In common words, his method of attempting to bed her was unimpressive and he was going on it improperly. Her face became serious as blue eyes caught a tuff of brown hair atop a scraggly-looking child as the gruff shopkeeper signaled to the duo.

Grey eyes met blue as the boy flinched dropping crimson apple from his palm he had painstakingly stolen. Siyna smirked as the tuffed hair whirled and took off down the street. If her theory was right, the child would be dipping in the many alleyways in hopes of disappearing. Unfortunately, the white haired woman was quite adept at exploring the rooftops in hopes of drawing scenic pictures. Blood began to pump in her veins as she drawled to her partner "Well, go be a good dog and fetch the rabbit..Try and corner him in a dead end near the grain market..".

It was an interesting feeling as her bare feet kicked up dust as the mage picked her way through the crowd before carefully finding her way to the shale roof tops of the city. A fall wouldn't be lethal, but it would be painful as the woman elegantly traversed from rooftop to rooftop by hand and foot waiting for a signal from her partner. Time would tell if his prey would be cornered..all the bird had to do was wait.

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Erebus accepted her cold words as he did most of the things that plagued his life. He simply blew his hair up and sighed. Nothing like an old buzz kill from a fine older woman to hamper up his day. No matter, he wouldn't give up on her anytime soon and she likely knew that. Regardless, the dog popped his knuckles and took off after Jerr.

"Holy shit.."

The older male thought as the kid blurred against sharp turns and moved with finesse. Perhaps his stats were so high in the speed caliber he'd found a way to fine tune it magically. No matter... E' was pretty quick on his toes too, though not nearly this fast. To stay up with the boy, the dark mage ran through open buildings and cut him off on multiple passages.

He was prepared to keep Jerr locked in his sexy teammates vision, and so, without further haste. He tugged at his collar and spoke through a communication device of some sort. "The bird should be in her nest, Jerr down alley twelve, New Valiant Street." The boy shouted, beading sweat as he scampered to keep Jerr within his eyesight. The orphan jumped atop multiple obstacles and swung into the air. Using acrobatics to confuse the Dog. But Erebus was no fool, a brat could think like a brat... After all. Though E. Cassiel was more like the real deal. Raised in the hard ghettos of Era. The male was forced into this life too, but under different circumstances. Unlike Jerr; Erebus was unstoppable, violent, and unpredictable. They were two sides to the same coin.

Erebus losing sight of Jerr would be like admitting defeat. Which didn't happen often.

"Get over here brat!"



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The ragged breathing of her partner through her comm made a satisfied smirk grace her lips. Oh the dog was definitely useful when it came to cornering prey as the lithe form of the boy thief dipped into alleyway. There sat the second hunter as her bare feet dangled from her seat on top of nearby roof.  The boy scrambled backward further until the alleyway until he was cornered like the little rabbit she visioned him as. The coy smirk on her face seemed to change into a teasing one as her voluptuous form glided into each step closer and closer. Now to frighten the little rabbit.

The little street rat seemed to have some manners as his face properly flushed from the scene appearing front of him. The creamy flesh of her thighs was revealed as the white haired lady tied back the excess fabric of her dress behind her like a lady's train or a bird's dragging tail feathers. A soft coo escaped Siyna "Oh you are just darling, like a little gentleman it seems". The boy's embarrassment turned a shade paler as fear curled in stomach upon seeing the scarring along the woman's legs. Nicks here and there over the years from a daring swordsman attempting to cripple her magic. Not that it ever got that far before death overtook them.

A noise escaped her throat that was a mixture between a sigh and pant. Creamy thighs were replaced with scaled, avian legs that seemed to have an odd shine to their skin. Three talons clicked idly in the dirt as the mage lazily dragged her feet forward leaving a trail in their wake. It was the boy's turn to squawk as the woman suddenly lashed out with her leg halting mere inches from the boy's windpipe.  

The three talons toyed with the thin flesh of the boy's throat applying enough pressure to ensure any resistance would result the punctuation of flesh. While the talon on her back foot gently touched the boy's lower throat as blue eyes danced with feral glee. "Lemm' me go lady please.." squeaked the boy, her only response was press the hard pad of her foot into the boy's throat as a warning. Without words, the boy knew his answer, it was an unforgiving no.

Blowing a stray hair from her face as Siyna spoke into her comms "Rabbit has been caught". A small part of her felt pity for the boy, but it wasn't enough for her to let him go. Although it would quite a fun game to send the dog on the hunt once again after the prey..'accidentally' escaped her. Then again she wanted to enjoy her time with money.



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Erebus held his communicator answering her as he jogged into the alleyway, after she'd already freaked Jerr the fuck out. He answered quite loudly so both could hear. Putting on an acting show, so as to set the stage for some physical warning. Of course, his ability to act might surprise the Crow, it was merely his ability to create facades such as this.

"Hand over the runt, I have a written hit on his head around the block. I'm with the Martellos', rob one of their protected shops and you'll turn up dead kiddo. My accomplice is scary isn't she? She could cut your throat at any second you know?"

A clever lie, since everyone in Oak knew of the Martello's and their rising as the strongest mob in the area. Even a little bastard like Jerr had surely heard the name mentioned throughout the streets. Or seen their tag painted somewhere in the area. The strength of the lie was far too superior to not believe. Thus, Erebus had set a checkmate across the board.

The taller male walked up behind him, now that Jerr was surrounded he was doomed. For now he knew his chances with the poultry were rough so he attempted to zip past Erebus. Sadly, the orphan would be met with a fist through his stomach. The air exploding out of the lungs as Erebus jerked him off the ground.

"Now listen closely, you little ingrate! Touch a single item in one of those bizarre's ever again and I'll skin your body and burn you alive while my friend here picks you're meat apart like a hungry carnivorous bird. Got that?!"

Jerr was crying, Erebus punched the boy's face into the dirt and kicked him in the side roughly. But not hard enough to break anything. Just enough to teach him a real lesson. The dark mage then lit himself a cigarette. "These are my streets orphan trash. Got that?! Now get lost, pick your legs up and get outta my sight!" E' spit on the little dweed and the kid managed to crawl off before sprinting way. If Siyna was going to slap hi around, her tie was now, while he was still struggling and terrified to leave. He hoped she had more planned, her methods were always so... Fun to watch.



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Siyna couldn't help but roll her eyes as her partner proclaimed the end of their little chase in a loud voice. Everything about the man was loud from his flirtatious behavior to his threats it seemed. Still, it would be rude to intervene with his little show as she appeased the man and released her grip on the child with another sniff.

Stepping a few paces away as the man dispatched a brutal lesson on the young child, her expression remained bored and impassive until a scowl crossed her face at E's threat as she injected coldly "You are acting like I would sully the beauty of my talons on such a meager corpse. A cooked one in that..". Disgust crossed her face as she clicked her tongue at her partner "Carron isn't any good if it's charred to the bone. Instead rotting in an open field readied to be picked clean". There was truth to that as crows and other feathered creatures did pick at corpses of any creature if their beaks and talons could manage to break open a hide.

A sigh escaped her as her partner had forgotten the rules of the request to have the brat return and apologize to the shopkeep. Irritation flared up in her as she eyed the thief attempting to wiggle away on the ground like a worm. If the boy insisted on playing the part of the worm, she would play the bird. Her talons clicked on the ground with each step until her right claw slammed into the frayed cloth on the boy's back forcing him to the dust again. A tiny squeal escaped the boy as she may have been too rash in her actions, lifting her foot up slightly as tiny stains of blood began to seep into the fabric.

Her patience was beginning to wear thin as the boy continued his soft crying until it came to halt as her voice hissed out "Stand up, you little brat..Start walking back to the merchant you stole from with an apology ready to spill from your lips." Her tone was cold and brittle as if her patience had evaporated with each word. A pale Jerr merely nodded mutely as he stood quietly. A self-satisfied smile graced the woman's lips as her legs returned to their human shape once more.

Gently touching her thigh over an old scar as she glared at the dog, possibly expecting this little show to be his reward somehow. Creamy skin was once concealed by the soft blue fabric over her dress as she untied her make-shift tail feather accessory softly brushing against her skin. Within minutes the merchant received his apology as the pickpocket scuttled off.

Humming under her breath as the woman weighed her pay in the purse it had been delivered in. The only curt word she had for the dog was simple "Good job, dog. Tracking the rabbit wasn't so hard was it?". Departing with a teasing wink as the woman vanished into the crowd of busy market..a job well done indeed.


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"Yeah, well done..." The male said, paying her little mind as he collected his money. He caught her wink, and a non-descriptiveness washed over him. He finished off his cigarette and departed himself.


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