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Birds of a Feather

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It was another typical market day as merchants called out their wares each louder than the last to attract perspective buyers. Where there were humans, animals were bound to follow as skinny felines brushed against boots in hopes of catching a scrap.However, much of the time catching a thrown kick instead. Such was the misfortune of the multitude of strays without a fitted collar around their neck. However, cats seemed to have the best of luck in finding another meal around the corner.

A scraggly-looking grey tom was such an incident as his body slid along the dirt as amber eyes narrowed at a second chance. The meal came in the form of a somewhat plump-looking crow pecking at a scrap of fish on the dirt, yellow beak easily ripping it. A pink tongue swiped over the feline's muzzle as it dropped into a practiced crouch as it came closer and closer with each paw step. It wouldn't be as easy as begging for a scrap of meat from a human, as birds had a tendency to put up a fight for their life. Such was the circle of life...

However, the circle of life never did consider the actions of intervening humans as a hiss escaped the crouched creature seconds later from an ambush. The sudden black liquid splattering on it's face from a well-aimed flick of a brush. Swiping it's stained fur with a paw as a low growl was cut off by a soft, but serious sounding "Shoo" as the creature's ears twitched at the noise. A soft hum came next as the feline yowled in protest as his scruff was gripped suddenly followed by cold water soaking his whiskers from a damp cloth. Natural instincts rendered it immobilized until the dreaded treatment was completed. Amber eyes flickered open to stare at pale blue ones as a gentle smile curved on the woman's face before the cat found itself placed back onto the ground.

It's own scrap of fish soon followed as the woman made another shooing sound which the cat hastily took as warning before fleeing with it's scaly catch. A sound of disappointment escaped the woman as she returned her focus to her feathered subject, only to find a single ebony feather in it's place. A smart bird indeed, flying off when larger predator's came lurking about. It seemed the small poem about this particular subject would have to wait. Returning the book back into her dress pocket as the snow haired woman sighed from her seat listening to the lapping sound of water from the fountain behind her.

There wasn't anything too special about the woman's appearance aside from her white hair, although more focused individual's would feel something was different about her. Clad in ruffled robe that seem to be an endless flowing material ruffled here and there down to her feet. Pale bare shoulders weren't too scandalous in many circles, but shown curves of her chest could be as the middle of the dress had a deep v-neck. While the richer crust may have found her lack of shoes offensive as well..Not that Siyna minded the airs of apparent 'nobles'.

Idle fingers wound her floor length hair into a long braid to keep it from dragging as a blue ribbon from her pocket added a fashionable flair to it. Elegant fingers drummed idly on the soft fabric of her robe rubbing them together in hopes of getting ebony ink stains from them. Pale blue eyes flickered from person to person, but looked back down at her lap as there wasn't anyone of interest to see. It was all in all a normal day..without work..how relaxing. Well as relaxed as member of Grimoire Heart could be as her guild mark remained hidden under make-up.


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Perched on the building overlooking the cat and mouse game, was another member of the infamous Grimoire Heart. Rugged, punk, and retro in appearance he only chuckled at the cat-- watching it scurry on by. "Pussy," he said unironically, targeted at the male feline. The teenager's name was Erebus Cassiel, an adventurer with no affinity for magic in a world of mysticism. To make up for this, his kind could only rely on wit, and critical thinking in order to survive.

Erebus had recently found himself using the moniker 'E.', in hopes it would pass for a suitable alias. His code-name of sorts. Since all members were ordered to stay secretive rather than give themselves away. 

Pushing off his hands, the slender framed man landed on the ground behind the crow-lady. The thud of his boots meeting concrete created a noise which would break the remaining ice, should his chuckle have already disturbed whatever peace there was in the air previously. E' looked as though he were picking out vegetables with how his eyes danced between Siyna's rear-end to her pet... Which was only moments ago, the tom cat's failed to seize prey. The two most interesting things in his field of vision for the current second were those anyways. Or at least, if you asked him, those would be his answers. Debating on whether to tell her she had a nice ass, or to elaborate on the crow's luck, the boy instead just shrugged.

E' went straight to fixing his crucifix-earring-- as he did so he proceeded to lean against the wall opposite of the other guild member. Very cliche to his retro, punk-bully arcetype. It was the joke of melodrama, to be so in character when it never called for it. Yet even still, he rocked his part, and spoke at last.

"You got a boner for the bird or somethin' lady? Yikes."

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A swirl of blue and white was the mage's response to the thudding boots as crimson flushed across the elder's face in stark contrast to her fair skin. Hands fussed with the smooth fabric of the robe as she pieced together that this interloper had been watching her. Clicking her tongue at the flamboyant airs of her little spy before crossing her arms over her chest in an unimpressed posture. The little comment was one she had a few select times..although not as directly. Wiping her stained fingers on a spare handkerchief in an air of indifference.

Cool blue eyes flickered from the crucifix earring to the youthful face of her fellow guide member. A blade at his waist, E was always on the hunt for something if memory served her right. A blade or the warm bed of some unsuspecting girl, how charming. Quirking her head to the side in a curious manner as a manicured hand gently dipped into the water before withdrawing it. Droplets flickered down her wrist down to the ground below as the woman shook her hand, before smiling slightly as her fingers were now ink-free.

Wiping her fingers off with silk, an air of impunity about as her blue eyes suddenly drifted back to her questioner. As her response had a cool, relaxed air about it  "Possibly. I do doubt that the company of my own species would be as generous a companion as the one I just spent my noon with..". A smirk curled on her lips as her dry hand withdrew a shining necklace from her pocket, as precious gems glinted in the light. It was a mere trinket, a simple bauble in the eyes of a merchant, it was a gift from her little chubby friend after the several afternoons she spent feeding it scraps.

Gently running her hand along the smooth necklace as smirk merely grew bit wider   "My companion seemed to above the lecherous behavior of spying and..-"  Her voice choked for a moment, as crimson flashed across her cheeks "Admiring my person so bluntly..Shouldn't you be like that tom that just darted off and find some female in heat..Or have you given up your habits. At least one of them?".Everyone had their vices..Unfortunately hers happened to be gambling in all areas of her life. It was that spark of excitement that made her soul sing like the birds she was so fond of.


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Indeed, Erebus did seek the more materialistic things in life. From drugs, to sex, to conflict-- whatever had stirred emotions in the past were mere relics to a racing mind which never slowed. A prestigious hunger to never stop pursuing, they were pieces to a much more difficult puzzle which relapsed within him.

However, these were not the sources for his adventures. Deep within his amber colored irises, at the center of his brain where the atoms collided and moved, a singular thought pushed his quest onward. A concept as simple as envy. It was that very thing, in the form of revenge. Mixed with pride, and many others, the concept was known to brood hate. And it did.

Yes... Erebus sought more than just girls ready to spread their legs for him, or lab-made supplements to high him out, or even kids' to beat up simply to rid himself of those constant male aggressions.

E' was after p o w e r in this world. Something which would even the tables against popular known wizards. Magicians were the connection linking all magical arts within the general world. But not all people, in fact a mere 10% were ever born with the ability to express mana on their own. For that, they were nomads, constantly on the ropes. At least, normally they were.

Stories existed depicting mortals gaining items capable of killing Gods. Erebus was simply well on his way to uncover one of those legends for himself. Eager to kick off the ground and make the world wail his name out like a ghostly moan. He'd be the Satan to hit this plane, and if he weren't, he'd be the Jesus Christ to rescue it from it's sins. How he planned to do that? Well he had his own choice obstacles in path before that answer could be solved currently. Though, the whole genuine set-up was already being hashed out. Sooner or later Erebus would be dangerous, and perhaps the Guild Master himself knew that. Otherwise, why accept a mage with no magic? The idea was preposterous!

"Silly Crow, obviously you haven't spent the night with me yet."

The boy spoke with a lick of his bottom lip, and chortled outwardly as he brushed a hair through his messy black locks. Then, as if to tease her already blushing face he spoke again. Sure he wasn't out for girls in heat, but picking on them was something he loved. Even if they were low profile, high casualty dark mages.

"Lecherous? Oh you wouldn't know the half of it doll-face, and admiration is a gift to both parties. You can bet that."


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Blue eyes rolled at the chirping of the younger man as her fingers idly toyed with the necklace in her hand before looping it around her neck. The gems nestled comfortably against her chest as she admired the shine of gems against the sunlight. The red tint of skin faded slowly as she gradually got her blush under control. A faint flicker of irritation sparked inside her, it was the same as always with this persistent tom-cat in front of her. His determination was admirable in battle..but on a personal level it vexed her to no end. Releasing her grasp on the jewelry as it bounced against her ample chest mockingly.

She took a daring step towards her opponent as her voice was soft, but coy "Now what makes you think, I would enjoy playing the cradle robber..E?". Despite the small age gap between the two, she knew it would sting his manly pride at the comment. Toying with the end of her braid as blue eyes seemed to dance with mischief.  Her bare feet kicked up a bit of dust as she came to a halt a mere two feet away from her apparent tormentor.  While she deadpanned his greeting "Or did you presume I have a taste to stray from my own feathered kind." A smirk curled up on her lips as she spat "I am afraid, I don't have the patience to deal with a scraggly little tom like yourself..So sorry".    

The smallest of laughs escaped her at his clever brush off after being caught roaming her figure. Her voice dropped to a whisper as she cooed mockingly "Admiration from myself to you? Only in your death, my little fledgling when your chirping ceases. Or if you wish to gamble your standing in a bet..then I would be forced to admire your talent..if you manage to woe this fair lady..." The gems seemed to shine even brighter against the pale hue of her skin tauntingly as the elder preened over her luck "So what is it you want with me fledgling. I don't have the time to be your little toy today..".

A small part of her was curious if the younger would take the bait on making a bet. While the dramatic tom in front of her had his ways of alleviating boredom, she had her own way to make fun. Even if she lost the occasional wager, it was a risk she enjoyed taking. As long as the Rune Knights weren't sticking their snouts during the final curtain call as she collected her prize of coin, dignity or mere pleasure.


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A 'demon' descended upon the streets of Oak, making its way like flowing water through the crowds that began to gather. The 'demon' parted them with ease slipping through barely touching the peons that stood in its path. This 'demon' took the shape of what one could only call as a harmless little old lady, however she was more than just a harmless old woman. She was a ruthless Mage who had lived many years on the battlefield clashing with many magi. She was a magi who did not refer to herself as such but called herself a Witch. Her power did not come from a simple magical energy that coursed through her, but her unyielding faith in her almighty God.

The deadly old woman stood at only a simple four ten in height with a thin build, but even then she stood tall and she appeared not so harmless anymore. She vented a deadly aura with every step she took that forced the streets to part making way for her. The dulled crimson hues that once shined like an emerald in her youth cut through the crowds, making many a civilian sweat at the feeling of death the old woman excreted. A thin veil of black magical flowed from her body as a wave of killer intent seemed to roll off her.

The old woman dressed in her kimono ignored the simpleton fools as her waraji patted against the stone path. The pearls of the needle that bound her hair in a bun dangled in the breeze as it blew by, gently rustling the woman's clothing. This old woman was known as Yumi, to those who knew her she was a religious zealot Worshiping the Chaos God of War, Death, Courage, Rage, Strength and Hate, Khorne or his true name Kharneth when spoke in the Chaos' daemonic Dark Tongue. Not only was a worshiper of the Chaos God, but she was also a member of Grimoire Heart, known only to her fellow members.

Yumi was the oldest living member of Grimoire Heart having been a part of the guild for thirty plus years. Her name was known by almost every member of the world whispered positively and negatively. She was known for having a fiery temper and would lash out the moment she was crossed. It had become abundantly clear one should never bring up the woman's age, less their skull be added to her throne, and their blood offered to her God. Yumi had already ended the lives of some her fellow Guild Mates who had dared anger her; quickly word spread to every recruit to avoid the wrath of the old woman less they end up dead. Yumi had her patience, but a word of her age was a line you should never cross as it was clear she had a complex.

The old woman held back a sneer as a youth bumped into her. The youth apologised profusely before running off leaving the old woman be. Yumi turned away and made her way towards the fountain situated by the streets. She wished to get away from these heathens and offer a prayer to her lord. As she walked the old woman would chant her scriptures beneath her breath, yet seemed to echo with every step.

"My Master is the Beginning, and he is the End. He is the Master of mortals and the core of our Dead Hearts. Deny him, and you deny yourselves. Honour him, and acknowledge he to whom we owe it all. As proclaimed in the Saga of Khorne." Chanted the old woman, receiving looks from those around her, having never heard such words before in their life, but the Khorne Priestess ignored them.

By the time she had finished, the old woman had found herself before a scene by a fountain of water. Before Yumi were two youths who seemed all by familiar. First was a young woman in her twenties with flowing white hair, pale blue eyes and stood five foot five in height, towering over Yumi. Across from the old woman attempting to sway the young lady was a boy, though she called him a boy was a more a young man only a few years younger than the girl, black hair, golden eyes and over six feet in height. The height of the two youths irked the old woman as it reminded her of her short stature.

The old woman saw not to interrupt as they bantered back and forth and proceeded to conceal her presence sealing of her mana and intent, forcing them deep into her core. The woman, called Carnage by her Guildmates, picked up the names they called one another E and Crow. The names seemed to ring with the old lady's memories, and she thought back, attempting to remember where she heard of them. A light bulb went off at the realisation; they were members of Grimoire Heart. The appearance of the two seemed familiar to the old woman as she had been there at their inductions when they were first recruited watching from the shadows.

Carnage approached her features set in a permanent scowl as her eyes appeared closed, deciding to finally show her presence, offering up her voice which came out in a tone that while soft, was rough from age and battle, "I see naught has changed, since last words I heard of thee." Said the old woman as she addresses both youths.

Yumi took a step forward following by another, appearing to glide across the streets with grace one would not expect from one her age. While time has passed, it appeared it had not affected the abilities of the old woman, "Perhaps ye would be wise to move thy conversation away from prying eyes, less ye continue to draw the attention of these heathens." Spoke up the old woman once more using her head to incline towards the gathering of spectators who like Yumi were drawn to the youths, listening in on their conversation. The eyes of many were upon them eyeing with lust and jealousy.

Yumi snorted in annoyance as she focused on the crowd and unleashed her magical energy and killer intent. The two mixed together forming tongues of mana appearing as black flames that flickered from her body. The black aura rose up engulfing the old woman as it struck upon the crowd unleashing a terrifying pressure and the old woman's desire to kill, quickly forcing the crowd to depart running away in fear of the grey haired woman. Yumi tsked as she sealed off her power, "Cowards."

With the crowd gone only the three remained in the once bustling streets of Oak. Yumi turned back to the two youths, "Now where were we, Crow, E. This one known as Carnage surely hopes ye are receiving of one another." The way she spoke had a deadly tone to it as she flashed a smile that could only be described as wrong and out of place on the old womans lips as she enquired if the two were getting along.


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Before he realized what was occurring his hand had moved to Crow's neck, a bold move but only he was allowed to disrespect others. He probably would've pressed her onto the wall beside him too, had Yumi not shown up. The elderly woman always gave Erebus a deep chill, she was strong. Much stronger than him. Actually, he and Siyna together probably couldn't fend off an enraged assault from the superior ranked criminal. So it was best to behave in her presence.

"We're fine Carnage... It's a charm seeing you here, yeah? What brings you off the ark? Aren't you usually like... Busy."

The grip slid off the female known as Crow, and he shot her a snarky grin. Any anger she showed now would get her killed, so she had to accept that he got the last move in. Erebus was positive Yumi gave no care regardless, but they did have a rule that applied in public. Everyone was to remain under the radar, and in fact, the growing crowd had went unnoticed. Thankfully Yumi did arrive to scare them away. He had to commend her freakishness for something. Guess this kind of scenario was that.


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The soft rasp of an elder's voice in greeting caused blue eyes to flicker from daring gold orbs to the wrinkled complexion of the eldest member of their guild. A soft retort was about to fall from her lips until it was cut-off as an indignant gasp escaped her so quietly like a passing wind. Warm fingertips gently prodded her throat, like a lover's gentle kiss. Seething in silence at the bold move, but in silence as goosebumps rippled over skin from the sudden display of power from the eldest to disperse the crowd. Only a fool would dare challenge the elderly crone after the display of ebony flames.

Her cheeks heated in a mixture of embarrassment and anger as she silently counted in her head in hopes calming herself. The elder was correct as expected, it wouldn't have done any good for that scene to continue. A irritated sound escaped the quiet woman from the coy response of her unwanted suitor who removed his groping hand from her throat as she hissed out in a too sweet tone, glaring at Erebus   "Yes, the company is now much more charming now that you have graced us with your presence".

Smoothing a wrinkle in her dress as she gave a small curtsy towards the elder inclining her head in a respectful manner. A half smile on her face as Siyana  "Surely, it be welcomed to have E, here, carry any parcels you seek to purchase in the market. I believe I saw some worthy incense for your tastes earlier, if you would allow me to accompany you, Carnage". The little fledgling may have gotten the last word in his own lecherous way, that didn't mean Siyana was above dragging him down to her level. Besides, another companion as dangerous as Carnage would force Erebus keep his wandering hands to himself.

A bit of humility would be a well-provided cover for their guild affiliates as well. Nothing said perfectly normal than a young woman, a brat and an elder going shopping through a busy market. That much was true in the eyes of 'normal' society. Besides, the incense offer was true..but a bit outside her price range..if the matron in front her would be willing to share. Her true goal was to piss off the sly upstart that went just a bit too far in his game. If the elder took her offer..it was checkmate on this round.


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Yumi's crimson hues flickered as E moved his hand away from Crow's neck. it was clear he dared not to make a move while she was there, the old woman while not as strong as the Guild Master or Caius an A rank Mage who went by the name Black, she was still strong in her own right. What Yumi lacked in Magical Strength and raw power she made up with experience, wisdom, her ability to intimidate and her years of battle. The old woman ignored the actions of the young man, she would set it aside for now, she had already caused enough of a scene by intimidating the citizens of Oak no need to continue exposing herself.

The wrinkled flesh of a woman opted not to reply to Crow as she spoke glaring at Erebus hissing in a sweet tone. It was clear these two had been about in some kind of argument that would have escalated had Yumi not appeared when she had. Yumi supposed it her duty as their senior to keep them in place, of course she would sooner kill herself than admit anything about her own age before these two youngsters. Secretly the old woman's gaze would flicker across the youth of the younger woman admiring her fair skin and beautiful long white locks. The old woman forced her jealousy done, she long missed her won youth. How the old woman desired to have the milky white skin she had in her youth, to be young again with a heart shaped face, button nose and long silky black hair that had made many jealous with the way it shimmered.

The old woman forced the thought done, as long as she remained faithful to her Chaos God Khorne she was sure he would one day reward her with youth. It had been foretold that only the truly virtuous followers of Khorne who receive his favour and return to their prime. While many disregarded the scripture that foretold this, Yumi held it close to her heart. Her God had not led her astray yet in the many years she worshipped him so why would he now?

Yumi drew herself from her thoughts as Crow addressed her once more. The hatchling seemed to have a hidden agenda, no doubt to try and get back at him for grasping her (Crows) throat earlier. If the youngsters wanted to play their mind games who was she to care, but she would only tolerate them using her (Yumi) in them for now. Before the old woman could offer reply a small shadow formed over her. Slowly descending from the air was a most peculiar creature. The creature had a two-foot tall frame that was covered by a black robe with two bones on its back. The mask of the being resembled a skull that sat o its face, a single giant red orb floated back and forth between the eye sockets, the orb being its eye. All in all it looked like some kind of child Grim Reaper.

The creature floated down and landed on Yumi's right shoulder appearing to rub it's skull like mask affectionately against the old woman's chin. "Where did ye get to Venom?" Addressed Yumi in her raspy tone as she raised a single hand to pat the top of the identified Venom's skull. Should the creature be recognised by the two youths they would realise it was a Duskull a rare nocturnal creature that was said to live in thick forests and spirit away disobedient creature. it is said when a Duksull chooses a target, it will doggedly pursue the intended victim until the break of dawn. Dukskulls were rare creatures to find, let along bond with.

Carnage turned away from her familiar who got comfortable in order to focus back on Crow and E, "Very well, ye may accompany thee. This one should desire to spend the according time with thy colleagues. This one could use two pack mules, as this one has much to buy" The old woman folded her hands into the sleeves of her kimono her expression never changing. If these two wanted to play she would make the play, to dance to her own strings. Yumi would make both carry her purchases.

The old woman turned north on her heels her kimono flowing in the breeze. Even if she was wrinkled and old she was still as elegant as ever. The pearls of her earrings dangled down as she began walking away beckoning the two to follow, "Come hatchlings, let us barter with the heathens of Oak." With that she walked on, more like glided. While Yumi was old, she had not lost any speed as she walked at a pace that would force two youths to speed up themselves if they wish to catch her.

Yumi had seen a rather fashionable boutique earlier that day, one that specialised in a mix of incense and the finest kimonos around. It was time the old woman changed her attire she had worn the same kimonos for the last ten years now.

Carnage would walk without saying a word to her two compatriots allowing silence to fall over them. of course while Yumi said not a word her familiar would notice the two followers and proceed to fly over to them. Venom would float backwards in front of E and Crow watching them with its big red eye, "Dusk?" The creature spoke in a raspy wispy voice as it tilted its head to the right, as it appearing to study the two. Venom then raised both its hands to the edge of its mask. It then seemed to part its own skull mask mouth as a black tongue rolled out as the creature blew a loud raspberry at the two youths before flying back over to Yumi. Venom's body shook in what could only be described as laughter. it seemed the tiny creature had found amusement in what it had done.


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Erebus felt that round one was his win, but was there a need for a round too? He could grope her from behind but felt himself classier than that in the company of Carnage. Instead he began to whistle as they walked. His hands moved and shoplifted small bits of jewelry off tables when merchants looked away. He did this three times and then chuckled.

"What are you two shopping for anyways?"

Is it that time a month already?! Well, maybe for Siyna, thought Erebus. But Yumi was long past menopause, she was probably looking for old pottery or some bullshit like that. Old people things. Erebus snickered to himself and pulled a pack of cigarettes and a silver lighter from his pockets.

"Do you guys smoke?"

The boy muttered, hoping to create conversation, as he rubbed something off his jacket and sneezed. He didn't appear truly phased by the stares of oak 'heathens' and rather, flipped them the bird as he lit and inhaled his nicotine.


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A tug of irritation settled in the pit of Siyna's stomach as she found herself following the hunched figure of the fiery crone in the crowded market. A tsk escaped her as the elder dubbed them hatchlings in the same group as her improper companion. It was amusing to see her elder chide the citizens of Oak as heathens. The Gods had little effect on her life in good times or bad. Divine retribution for her lack of faith was something she surely doubted would occur. Still it wouldn't be wise to admit her heretic nature to the devout elder walking in front of her.

Blue eyes widened as the phantom-like creature mockingly teased them and was overcome by a fit of laughter. That..'thing' had stolen it's mistress' sense of humor so it seemed. Part of her was curious about the creature as she had never seen one quite like it. While the other was cautious as it seemed peaceful for now..but so was it's owner.  The lull of the market overtook the trio as Siyna's eyes rolled as she caught flashes of the bit of pickpocketing Erebus was performing. If that idiot was caught it would piss off the crone..which could incinerate the market.

Pausing to stop at a stall selling tiny fabric bags as her lips pursed thoughtfully trailing a finger over the fine fabric. A quick exchange later as the snow haired woman thoughtfully tied her purchase around her wrist before holding it up towards Erebus "This is what I brought". The bag itself would be used to store kernels of grain or corn..maybe the occasional healing herb.  To feed the birds that gave her magic was a way of paying them back in a way. It paid as flocks occasionally accepted her as one their own and would alert her of intruders or swarmed an attacker.

A faint smile curved on pink lips as she recalled the last instance she saw a flock come to her aid. So few people understand the strength behind the raven or crow's peak or the tearing ability of their talons. Her daydream was interrupted by the acidic scent of cigarette smoke as a plume drifted in front of her. Waving the smoke out of her face as her expression turned vexed "No. I don't smoke".  While her voice dropped to a softer whisper as she snipped "I will be sure to warn birds away from your corpse when you die ahead of me, their little feathered souls don't need to be poisoned by nicotine..or rotten meat".

Her words were cold as she still hadn't forgiven the younger for his unwanted affection earlier. The crone had intervened because chances are she would been willing to eviscerate the brat if he continued..which would attract attention. Her hushed voice continued "I mean that in the gentlest of ways . Do not press your luck fledgling..You won't like your prize..". While the guild may have cautioned starting a scene, it never halted the occasional threat between members. It was an enjoyable game if she ended up winning on who would snap first..


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Yumi ignored the antics of her two travelling companions. Whether it be Erebus stealing and pickpocketing along the way, as long as he wasn't caught she could care less what he did. If he were caught it would be his own fault. Yumi was the type to allow people to fall on their mistakes instead of stopping them if the first time you touched fire you normally learnt it burned and hurt, if you touched it again it was your damn fault. So the woman would not interfere. She spoke not a word as the youth pulled out a cigarette and flipped the bird to the onlooking crowd. The male youth was impetuous, loud and rude from what the old woman could tell from the small interactions; she had also heard he was quite the womaniser, partaking in the warm flesh of others.

Not that Yumi could blame him, she had partaken many times in the flesh of others to warm her bed at night male and female. But that had been many years ago now she simply laid in a cold, empty bed at night. She had no regrets about her past actions, after all, she had killed every lover she had. Rarely did she ever let anyone she laid with escape alive when she was done with them? That was just the type of woman Yumi had been in her youth.

The moment of the offer of a cigarette arrived, and the old woman decided she may as well calm herself. At least the youth, as uncouth as he was had the decency to offer, perhaps he was not as bad as what she first thought. Of course, this would require further observation before she could form a proper assessment of the boy. "Very well this one will accept." The old woman would retrieve a lone cigarette holding it between her index and middle finger on her right hand, offering it to the boy to light.

Once done the old woman would raise the cancer stick to her ageing lips. She would rest it there and take a long drag inhaling deeply. Yumi was not an avid smoker but she had partaken in the act a number of times. It was a way to relieve tension in one body to remove stress. The old woman removed the cigarette and blew out a ring of smoke. She took another drag allowing the smoke to hang in her mouth before blowing out a larger ring.

"What brings ye to oak." Addressed the old woman appearing to finally attempt some kind of conversation. At the same time, she turned her back towards them, as they continued on their path. The cancer stick hung loosely on the left side of her mouth pointed away from her familiar.

Of course during the entire time the youth Siyna, Crow had been attempting to antagonise the young male. The Old woman cast her gaze back briefly to look at the young woman, "Don't blame that one. Coequal thee can admit ye art an attractive beauty. If this one wast young, then thee would beest attempting to seduce ye." Spoke the old woman in her usual tone, admitting that if she was any younger she would have attempted to seduce the youth.


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Erebus wasn't surprised that Crow would insult him, many women did. However, as sleezy as it may'e sounded they were always picking their hands at him later on. It wasn't his forceful nature that pulled them into his clutches rather... It was the difference a criminal could offer that their boyfriends or husbands could not. Something that could honestly label them worse than he. E' simply found everyone a hypocrite until he watched them closely.

"You should be more like Carnage, now this is a woman"

He said laughing as he flicked the lighter on and held it to her hand. Surprised at how cool she was in comparison to what he initially had thought she'd be like. Though it could've been a high from earlier making him laugh really, he sided that thought and kept himself relevant to the conversation at hand. He listened to Yumi go on, even impressed by her own sexual attraction to Crow, noting that Yumi must've been a wild girl in her prime. The whole scenario seemed very vintage and interesting to see her comment on a younger woman. He never had a granny before, but by damn... Was this one cool.

"Carnage is my kind of people."

Noticing the laughing companion, E' found humor in it too. Perhaps it's rarity and funny personality, even if directed at picking on him, made it well-liked in his book. Though Erebus didn't doubt it would hate anyone it's master did and therefore continued to not pay it much of his attention. Not like it should be a bother to the little thing, all Venom needed in this world was the company of his old aged serial killer. Yumi. Surely.

"It took me a long time to find the guild. I'm here in Oak because this is where I was able to be inducted in. I had to run my own investigations just to uncover the name, let alone test my courage in front of you and the guild master... I guess I just came here to join it, if I hadn't then I'd still be at the crossroads in my life and these jobs are good for me. I need the strength and experience they're giving me to fight my dick of stepfather. From there I have no more ambition. I suppose I'll just carry out the will of the guild. That's if I ever do become anything though... I can't use magic, so I doubt myself from time to time, Carnage. But when I see others in this guild-- I don't know. I just feel like catching up. So I think my being here is the answer I wanted. In short, I'm here because all of us are."

Erebus blew a huge cloud of smoke behind Crow. Then spit at the ground from it drying his mouth. He hoped nothing he'd said was too sappy or lame. But it was the truth and a man could not shame himself because of his own ambitions. Sure he was a petty thug for now, but even a punk like him... Had the will to become something more. He wanted that for himself.

Erebus continued smoking in silence, allowing Siyna her chance to speak.


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Between the haze of smoke settling in the air and the frank words of the elder, who was enjoying a smoke herself. Pale cheeks flushed red again as the woman complimented on her beauty as she ducked her head sheepishly "Thank you for your..kind words..". Siyna was aware she was considered attractive by society's standards, yet she couldn't lower herself to lavish in the sweet words and flattering of others. Her taste in men was in their taste of games, flair and daring deeds alone, or if a gentleman caller won her affections for a night in a bet. Her father's blood did run through her veins as she admired the occasional male human acting as a peacock. Courtship to her in the traditional sense was foreign, preferring flashy clothes and treasures to be offered as gifts.

Her magic was trifling at times, as she found herself to be a fickle lover. Spurning one companion as the warmth of spring turned into cold winter, out of fear for settling. Crows and Ravens did mate for life, once that bond had been made..only death would break it. Any behavior of maternal nature sent a chill up her spine as she would hastily leave her lover behind fleeing that chance to bond. Her current guild affiliation made her paranoia of having faithful lover even worse as who knew if she would be able to return to the 'normal' world. No, it was better she kept to herself.

The rough voice of Erebrus tore from her thoughts as he explained his reasoning behind being in Oak. Despite his lecherous nature, the ambition behind his words was admirable. So, the boy had been recruited in Oak pushed forward in hopes of gaining strength. The faintest hint of admiration that flickered in Siyna was hastily snuffed as another plume of smoke engulfed her view. Waving it away from her with a flap of her hand as Siyna snipped "If you admire Carnage, then I am sure you could adapt to her smoking habits and restrain your clouds..".

Clearing her throat, as she folded her hands in front of her. The small bag wrapped around her wrist fluttered forlornly as blue eyes widened suddenly as she saw her ideal quarry in front of her. Golden kernels corn dropped from the pale hands of a merchant elegantly as the man hoped to draw a crowd from it. Brown eyes warmed to the gaze of the white haired woman who quickly asked for the small bag at her wrist to be filled. The bag seemed close to bursting as the woman gently padded it's contents.

A wistful look appeared in blue eyes as Siyna gestured towards the sky with an single digit before explaining softly "In the past, I managed to find small flock of ravens nesting in an abandoned building. Last time, I was here, the chicks were already hatched and gone..my luck did not improve this time. So I settled with befriending one at the market and taught it a few tricks..before a cat..and then a dog-". Her eyes flickered to the smoking Erebus pointedly "Drove it away. As well as to stock up on my seed stock..Oak is renown for their corn crops..".

A laugh bubbled from her throat as her braid swung forward from her body shaking with laughter "Forgive me, my purpose here is not as noble as E. Seems he has an ambition beyond bedding any fair maiden that crosses in path. Might I suggest he continues to try and nurture his much more worthy goal..". Her voice was soft and gentle, with a slight tease to it. Her gaze flickered to the back of the hunched elder as she inquired a question of her own "May I ask what YOUR purpose is here, Carnage?".


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Yumi walked along listening to her two colleagues speak as they told her the reasoning they were here in Oak. The boy stated he had been inducted into the guild here in Oak, he was a recent member that was true and one of the youngest members, alongside Odin who went by the name Luficer. In terms of Age Lucifer and E were the youngster just out of their teens and approaching adulthood. Then there was Axileo followed by Cornelius, Nastasya who was known as Shadow. After Shadow was Siyna Crow then Caius who was called black finally Nathaniel who went by the name Rune. All over them were under the age of thirty where Yumi was the eldest at seventy-five years. There was a big age cap between the old woman and her guild-mates.

"Just because one cannot use the art of magic, does not mean one is weak. This one has defeated many a foe without magic. Thy is young and has much to learn, which ye will with time" Spoke the old woman as she eyed the young male. She was providing her own advice to him, being the eldest she should pass what wisdom she had while she could. "Strengthen what you know and expand. Do not focus on put a single art and become stagnant." Yumi magic was well known throughout her guild. The old woman used a form of magic that focused heavily on combing Martial Arts with Magical techniques. She was a practitioner of many styles Judo, Kendo, Jujitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing and many more. She did not just know one style but many combining them into her form. Even with her aged body she was still capable of handling herself in a fist fight, able to take down opponents many times stronger than her without magic.

Yumi caught Siyna's eyes flickering to Erebus at the mention of a dog. It seemed Siyna saw Erebus perhaps as nothing more than a dog in heat. It was amusing to say the least. The old woman inhaled her death stick, the cigarette began to flake away as she inhaled the remains of it in one go until it was down to the butt. She removed the end and blew a large ring of smoke up into the air. Yumi applied a little magic to her finger tips and put the end out before flicking her fingers and sending the butt flying into a bin with precision. It was at this time Crow asked about Yumi's purpose for being here.

"I has many reasons f'r being here in oak. The first would be to earneth wage. I have travel this land f'r many years, spending what jewels i has't did save, twas tim to saveth again. The second to doth with mine own religion. I have heard word my fellow worshippers had descended into madness and begun worshipping the foe of mine own lord. So I did away with them" Speaking about murder seemed to be second nature to the old woman. She had no issue with talking out loud about killing ex-followers to her faith in the middle of the day. There was no one around to listen so she wasn't overly worried about drawing attention.

"Lastly after meeting with some of our organisation, it was decided..." The old woman paused as she turned to face the two. A dark expression fell upon the old woman's features her eyes narrowed. Her lips twitched rising into a twisted smile that could only be called wrong on the old woman's lips, "we will be calling forth a storm." From Yumi's words, they would be able to gather a meeting had gone down with some of the senior members of Grimoire Heart and they were planning some kind of attack.


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"Thank you for that Carnage. I hope you'e right honestly. Or else I won't have much going."

The boy donned a great deal of interest in the coming seconds. Firstly when Siyna referred to him as an animal, his face broke into a grin. Again, if he were a dog, he'd provide like a dog. Casually lifting his foot to push a garbage can down at her feet. But lucky for her nothing would get on her, or at least, not that E' had noticed.

The next interesting thing was mention of murder and religion. The boy had heard rumors of Yumi's place in a cult, but had shaken it off as people afraid of her. After all, she was a witch by all reasoning. However, to say he was surprised wasn't correct either. Part of him kinda knew.

The mention of Grimoire Heart caused E' to stop, and his head to tilt to the side slightly. Surely this had peaked his interest. "A storm yeah? What do you mean by that exactly?" Of course Erebus had pieced enough of it together to understand the circumstances. Something devious was about to go own, he just wanted a part of it.

Same as any aspiring super-villain really. Siyna though, she might be different, E' wasn't a hundred percent positive whether she was soft or hard yet. But he assumed the former. That evil was only part of what made her up. She was probably not as dark as some of the other members. In fact, Erebus was willing to bet at it.


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A hiss of anger escaped Siyna as a can of garbage came tumbling down near her person, refuse littering the ground. Edging away from the mess with a look of disgust on her face evident, that little brat turning his humble moment into ash within seconds. Keeping her venom to herself as the elder spoke of her time spent in the city of Oak, first for finances, the second for religion and third time for heretics. The woman took it upon herself to play inquisitor it seemed for those who lost their way. A warning to remember.

Still, the woman's cryptic mention of a coming storm that made wrinkled lips curve into a smile. It was enough to catch the interest of the dog, how could a clever bird like herself not be intrigued. The Guild on the move was a dangerous thing, but at the same time beautiful to behold. Running a hand through her white locks as her head cocked to the side "A storm can turn sheep into carrion for the birds, if given the right winds, battered and broken". . Normal citizens were mere bleating sheep against true power, without a shepard to guide them to safety .It was times in such strife that Siyna made much of her personal profit, the dying wishes of some poor soul with valued treasures or info cached away. A mage she may been born as, but her heart sang when scavenging from a corpse.

Siyna fiddled with the filled bag on her wrist as her tone was demure, but her eyes shined with curiosity as she asked "Do our clever forecasters have an approximate idea and location of this storm? I imagine some areas..could be in danger more than others..". The nobles sector would be a risky, but worthy target. The only concern would be the other guild residing in the city..Phantom Lord.


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Carnage came to an abrupt stop the moment the two question about the upcoming storm. The old woman began to look around, eyes darting back and forth surveying the area for eavesdroppers. She spotted the odd person out and about, in order to get rid of them she spiked her killer intent directing it towards then, just enough to make them tremble and flee. Her familiar Venom raced off to terrorise anyone who approached away leaving the three alone in the middle of the streets. The old woman motioned for the two to approach her in order to close the gap so she would not have to speak too loudly. She was overly cautious; some may call her paranoid, but it was that paranoia that allowed her to live as long as Yumi had.

Once everything was in the clear Yumi spoke in a low tone, just loud enough for both to hear, "The Organisation is planning a raid. This one assigned two targets, pairing colleagues with one another designating a primary and secondary target. The assault will commence soon. At this point no one but I know the exact date and time. When a specific time arrives those participating are to open a gift, I gave them detailing the exact coordinates and date of the raid." Explained the old woman, hands remaining in her kimono sleeve. She saw no need to punctuate her sentences by moving her hands unlike others she knew who could be quite animated when they talked.

"As for the little phantoms. Ye does not need to be concerned with them. Oak may be their territory, the targets hold no significant value to them. There will be no need for them to interfere." Explained the old woman once again. Yumi had spent time studying the buildings of Oak, finding out just which would most likely be valued by the Phantoms, after assessing them she picked two targets they would least likely to protect or would have any reason to protect unless paid. Even if they did show the old woman had no doubts that they could handle them. The Phantoms were just little guppies in an ocean filled with sharks.


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"What does this gain in our favor?"

The boy muttered, after closing the gap to lean in for the old one to speak. He then squeezed his fist over his thumb and popped them before biting on the inside of his lip and rubbing his neck. This seemed like an annoying game with no challenge. But alas, if Grimoire Heart wanted it seized. Then Erebus would do whatever he could to ensure a success.


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Yumi eyed the sun it was beginning to set. She had spent too much time dilly dallying about when there was still so much to do. The old woman paused deciding she would at least answer the question of the male youth before she left, "To cause a little chaos of course. The world has gotten to peaceful and these fools need a wake up call with a little misery." Spoke the old woman as she turned to her colleagues.

The old woman then proceeded bowed politely, "Now I must apologise to thee but I must leave. I have much to prepare." The old woman then turned and walked away from the two leaving them be in the middle of the streets.



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Erebus nodded, admitting she was right. As always, the elders held the answers. Then as she moved on, he brushed a hand through his onyx colored hair, turning to Siyna. He bid her a farewell for now. Deciding she'd have more luck on her own shopping than with some 'dog,' no matter. He'd grow into a fearsome wolf someday. nd they'd all see his strength. This was something he believed in thoroughly.

"Goodbye bird."

The man said, turning down any offers to stay. He began walking in the opposite direction of Yumi. The twilight making his departure look like something out of an old movie. His exit was evident after he moved around a corner... The area growing quiet without him. The fear Carnage emulated dwindling as well. The day had come to a close.

Topic End.


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The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.

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