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Marking Territories [Mission]

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#1Meris Oxton 

Marking Territories [Mission] Empty on Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:43 pm

Meris Oxton
Meris brushed her coat off with one hand while she looked over the paint templates she held in the other. The strange tiles had been given to her by a member of the ever famous Martello family, a member she didn't care to learn the name of. From what she could recall from the man's hurried speech, he had hired her to use the can of black spray paint by her feet to put up the emblem of the gang that the Martello family happened to partake in. He had asked her to place the emblems in three locations picked from a list she had also been provided. The list was actually quite long for such a simple job, but let it never be said that Meris did not enjoy variety in her daily life, and variety on the job was even better. Still, she had not imagined that her rise towards heavenly sanctification would start off with such a petty crime. Normally, Meris would not involve herself in such trivial tasks, but money needed to be earned in order to pay expenses, and the Martello did offer a fair amount of jewels in exchange for the relatively easy task. Picking up the can of spray paint, Meris fastened her rifle to her back before making her way to her first destination.

Oak Town wasn't necessarily a big place, and it was easy for one to orientate themselves on the streets so long as they had a destination in mind. Vincencio's Magic Shop was her first stop on the list, and Meris felt like Vincencio had it coming. The man was quite callous, and she found herself quite displeased with his demeanor. He had seen her tattoo once for a moment, and he had been very rude to her because of her lack of magical skill. Seeing that the shop owner had taken a brief moment to retrieve something from the back of his store, Meris took the opportunity to complete her task. Grabbing the can of spray paint from her belt, and after placing the template of the emblem carefully against the glass, Meris gave a heavy dose of paint to the glass window that displayed the interior of the shop. The gleaming, black emblem of the Martello gang now stood emblazoned in the glass, and some part of Meris actually found herself proud of the fact. Seeing Vincencio reappear through what little was left of the visible glass, Meris decided to make her exit towards the next stop on her list.

Her next tag location was a lively casino just a bit off from the center of town. A place of debauchery and sin like no other, Meris found herself nearly steaming with anger at the sight of so many people effortlessly flaunting their wealth in the face of the poor, and making it so easy for those same poor to lose what little they had left. Part of her desired to unstrap her rifle and teach a few people here some manners, but today at least she did not have the time for it. Instead, she chose to make a bit of a statement by entering the establishment and pouncing right up to a great stone statue that graced the center of the floor. Meris could tell that the decoration was incredibly expensive just from the marble it was made out of, pure white at that. And that made her revenge all the sweeter as she defaced the pristine whiteness of the stone with a deep, black emblem of the Martello family. Shouts of outrage, and gasps of shock could be heard all over the casino floor. Some rather brave individuals stood up to challenge Meris, but a flash of her rifle, and the confident look in her eyes quickly sat them back down in their seats like the cowards they truly were. Without a word, Meris left the casino, but a fine smile was on her face as she made her way towards her final destination for the task at hand.

Vincenze was a proud man, and Meris could respect that, but he had become too big for himself. That's what made the Martello family strong enough to antagonize him, or at least to make Meris do it. One of Vincenze's more obvious safehouses was Meris' last stop. To most it wouldn't mean anything, but to Vincenze himself, Meris knew it would crawl under his skin and give him cause to doubt. This was one of his private sanctums, a place where he was sure he would be able to feel safe should the need arise where his life, or the life of one of his closest associates, in danger. With the Martello mark upon the door of the safehouse, Meris knew Vincenze would have to bring into question everything he thought he knew about his own safety, and that made the work so delightful. It was an easy thing to do, and in a mere moment she had tagged the safehouse door with the mark of the Martello family. With her last mark completed Meris tossed the can in a nearby dumpster, and shredded the templates just in case. She didn't mind being caught for the crime, but it was always better to dispose of evidence like this just in case. After all, this was a gang war she was getting involved in, and from personal experience, these things tended to get quite messy for all those involved.

Returning to the Martello household, Meris gave a curt knock on the door. It was promptly opened by the young man who had sent her off on the task not too long ago. Handing him the list he had given her, Meris had checked off the three locations she had hit. Remy thanked her for her work with a mischievous grin on her face, and passed along her payment as covertly as he could. Meris only gave a nod before taking her leave, she had other things to attend to that day.


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