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Scold the Brat

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#1Cornelius Darth 

Scold the Brat Empty on Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:29 pm

Cornelius Darth
Today was meant to be a day that Cornelius would enjoy; having been able to sleep in longer than usual he expected to be able to have a rather good day! The sun shone on his face, the birds chirped, and the other animals simply went about their business as Cornelius slept. Waking up about a half an hour later than usual he simply let out a slight yawn, rubbed his eyes and shook his head. Today was going to be the day! He wouldn’t fall from the damned tree! He would simply climb own in a very calm, collected way. It would be the same how he conducted himself on his jobs. Placing one hand on the branch to his right, he would hang from it, his left hand reaching down and his legs wrapping around the trunk of the tree. Smirking he let go of the branch and grabbed the one beneath him; his legs releasing their grip he would now dangle there for a moment before releasing his grip and falling to the ground; hitting the ground he would roll forward, negating what little energy there was that could harm hit. Standing, lightly brushing himself off, he was now ready for the day. A successful dismount was all he needed to put him in a good mood. With a smile he would begin to walk through the woods, only to trip on the root of an overgrown tree. “Really…” He sighed, pushing his body upright and wiping his face. It seems he still hadn’t broken the cycle yet. Perhaps tomorrow? Or, maybe he needed to actually dedicate some time to this. He may have to ensure that he was able to fix this little problem of his. Either way he would fix it! With a nod to himself he simply continued his walk. Finally exiting the forest he would appear on the outskirts of the town.

The outskirts were always rather dry. Nothing ever happened and nothing would ever happen. Barely anyone occupied these parts and there was a very low likelihood that would change, at least in the foreseeable future, Heading to his usual spot, the place where the idiots would post jobs that were not exactly legal; it befuddled him how they were never caught, but he decided not to question the system. It worked too well for him! Once more he simply shrugged and looked through what was posted; many of these flyers were rather boring jobs. Wait, he stood corrected. They were all boring jobs. Looking through them once more he found the job that would be able to occupy his attention for the longest; the one that would help him develop some sort of skill that could be applicable the rest of his life.

Chasing some brat around town... that was the job he had chosen, and was okay with it! He would be able to train his endurance; he would be able o train his speed! He would train a whole lot of things with such a simple job, and that's why he was okay with something as demeaning as this. It was with this that he simply chuckled, and walked to the destined store. Sure, it was going to be rather obvious who the kid was, but that was fine. He would simply find the kid, teach him a lesson or two, then report back that the kid had learned his lesson. It should be a quick job; a simple day.

Moving towards the store Cornelius simply smirked, spotting the kid rather quickly. Walking forward, about to grab him, the kid made a break for it. With a scowl, Cornelius began to run after the kid; he knew the back streets pretty well and was a rather annoying person to catch. Taking what seemed like random turns the kid simply would not halt; he did not care he was being chased, nor did he care that it was a dark mage; he simply ran for his life. Smart kid. Whipping his arm forward, Cornelius would simply send out a lash of Ethernano, forcing the kid to turn left. By doing this he ensured the kid would play by his game; it was with this that the pair found themselves at a brick wall. "Games over." Cornelius chuckled, sending out a thinned lash at the kid. Running forward he followed this up with a light smack to the back of the head; he couldn't hurt the kid too badly; that wouldn't be right. Even he had a conscious. It was with this that he simply grabbed the kid by the collar and began to slap him. Walking down the alleyway, smacking the kid as he pleased, he would begin to approach the shop; it was with this that he would simply give him one more good knock on the head. "Apologize."

With this he simply threw the kid in front of his employer, awaiting his apology. With that done and over, he simply waited for the kid to run off; collecting his pay it was a rather boring job after all; it was over and all he did was run about. Well, that was fine. Who could complain about making easy money. Well, with this his day was over.

Simply wandering the streets he began to wonder what he was going to do next. What was the next job going to be? Would it be alone? Would he have an accomplice? Well, either way, he was sure of one thing. It was going to be a rather good day. Any day a person can work is a good one, though it was even better when he did something he was able to enjoy. With a smirk he simply began to walk into the forest; his adventure over for the day he was ready to simply lay down and sleep. Sleep was something he enjoyed very much and as such would rush to a nice looking tree and lay down. The day over. Job completed.

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