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Picnic Story [Kon]

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Picnic Story [Kon] Empty Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:30 pm

She walked around slowly upon some market store to pick up somethings. Her hand pressed against the door of glass to walk into a warm nice smelling aroma. It was nice to smell fresh baked bread, cheese and other fine delicacy. Her golden brown eyes would wander as she walked towards the counter to look at the man in front. He was tall, bulky and had no hair other than his fantastic mustache. His eyes were dark, but his facial expression motioned that he was happy. It honestly made her happy to see this guy and she didn't even know him. Maybe that's the point.

She cleared her throat a little and looked up at the guy. ''U-urm...excuse me.~'' she spoke in a soft chirpy tune. ''Mmm?'' he spoke in the most manly way. He turned and looked at her with a cock of his eyebrow. ''Wut can I do for ya, young lady?'' he spoke in the most interesting accent and way in her opinion. ''I'd like some picnic stuff!'' she cheered raising her arm up to then let it down. ''Okey dokey, youngling.'' he spoke and nodded. He turned around to then bend to get a basket. He turned only his head to look at her and then back to the food. Why was he looking at her?

She wondered these things, but truly it didn't matter. He got her some desserts, fresh bread, cheese and much more. Sweetly he would even add a bottle of alcohol. He would hand her the basket. ''Oke, have a gut day, m'lady.'' he spoke and waved simply to turn away to then get back to work. She wanted to say something about paying, but he was just so happy and he was giving her this like some generous gift.

She shrugged and skipped along in her red hoodie. She was wearing black dress pants, dress shoes and white long socks. Her shirt underneath was just a white T-shirt with a U-shape cut in the chest area. It showed some, but not enough to satisfy perverts. She wouldn't wear her chest wraps today as she felt like it wasn't necessary. Her eyes looked up at the sky as she went towards the river.

She felt like it was a good place to relax and therefore she did so. Finally she would go through the thick trees and towards the sound of the river.


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Wielding his pumpkin staff in his right hand supporting himself, Kon walked through the market streets with his companion, Sparky close behind. He was a valued pet that had already begun to prove his potential to him. Kons attention wasn't focused on his companion today however he would be merely passing through the market street observing the public for an issues that he might have to resolve. His attire was vastly different from his usual get up instead choosing to don a black suit with matching tie and bowler hat to finish it off, he would occasionally swap into this outfit in an attempt to blend in a bit more, though when you look as obvious as Kon with his blond hair it was difficult not to stand out.

Gazing around the market he watched as people moved in and out of buildings, bartered for goods and moved packages in and out of area using caravans. He wasn't aware the town had such a busy center of trade, it was fairly surprising to him as he praised himself for knowing information regarding trade though he couldn't be blamed as he didn't know much about the town. Eventually though his attention drew on a bright dressed girl, it wasn't her clothing that had caught his focus instead it was the two burly gentlemen that were following after him. Interested in seeing what would happen, Kon made his way through the crowds towards the girl and her unwelcome guests.

Eventually as the girl entered the woods having paused for a moment to look at the sky, the men slowed down their pace to avoid alerting her with Kon doing the same thing in turn as to not startle the men. Once the men had seeming made their way towards the girl with several bellows and other noises being heard, Kon meet up with the men and the girl at a quickened pace with his companion in toe.

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Arisa sighed as she gripped onto the basket rather tightly. Her eyes looked forward as the wind was hitting her face softly. Her medium brown hair that was as fine and soothing as melted milk chocolates was waving behind her and tickling alongside her neck. The soft lips of hers would curve into an innocent and pure smile. She wondered on how well this would turn out. She felt like this would be a wonderful day and time to do this, but some other people had other things in mind for the brown haired lioness beauty. Her lioness eyes would corner as she would hear something being stepped on. As she turned 180 degrees she would then drop her basket in shock. Why were these men following her? Why did they have smirks on their face? ''What...What do you guys want?'' she questioned as her eyes wavered from man to man within this group. ''What do you think girly?'' one would speak rather hasteful. Once more at a time like this...she had no spells. She glared with anger and disgust, but then another appeared...Who was he though? Was he with them?


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Ever the gentleman noticing the outnumbered girl who seemed unsure of what was happening, Kon along with his companion, Sparky entered the scene gloriously with him bellowing out to the two men. "Look here for I am your opponent, Konstantin Sokolov is my name if you wish to harm this lady you will have to fight me and my companion over here!" Gesturing with bravado at his blitzle who seemed eager to fight stomping his hooves in as the men turned to face him. With one of them cracking their knuckles in an intimidating fashion the fight began, wielding his pumpkin staff in both hands he raced towards the closest of them and with a heavy blow he struck the man on the head dazing him and sending him to the ground.

Meanwhile, his counterpart was swiftly taken down by his companion after he was thrown across the clearing when he was struck by the charging blitzle. Now without any assistance from his friend the dazed man made his escape leaving behind the other whom was now struck inbetween two trees. Having defeated the men, Kon would proceed to assist the woman in returning anything that had fallen out of the basket she had dropped prior to the confrontation whilst properly introducing himself once more. "Well I think that's over with, I guess it's only proper i introduce myself to you directly, I'm Konstantin my friends called me Kon." Ending as he reached out his hand in order to either shake the woman's hand or alternative clasp hers and kiss it instead depending on the circumstances of how she reacted otherwise he would simply draw it back and place both of his hands into his pockets.

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Her eyes would look at the men quite distasteful-like. She hated those who would outnumber anyone - not just a woman. Her lioness eyes would then find that the men were nothing but talk as she watched someone appear with something that appeared to be some type of companion or so she guessed. Her head tilted and watched as they were getting beaten like a pulp. The man with the yellow spiked hair though seemed somewhat 'out there' as he seemed mighty. What was he? She was somewhat curious as she would watch everything that happened. After it was all done though she would cross her arms after slicking part of her bangs behind her ear and looked at him. His eyes were like the water of the lake - shiny blue yet not blue like the ocean.

Her heart would beat as she would then see him help the stuff that fell, putting it back in the basket. ''Why, thank you.'' she would simply say calmly. She would look around by moving her head left and right and then looked at him. ''Quite nice of you to take care of that for me, Kon. My name's Arisa. Arisa Rinmizukimi.'' she would say once more in her calm voice, but this time sweeter. ''Would you like to join me for a picnic perhaps?'' she would then wonder as she was honestly hoping to find company - not those goon's though. Rather if he said yes or not she would turn around to grab the blanket within the basket to put it down. Slowly floating it would land straight down and flat. Simply she would plop on her knees and took stuff slowly out of the basket. ''It would be nice anywho for it. Speaking to someone would be new.'' she would then speak again as she was setting it all up. She put down some wine glasses, bread, cheese, meat, desserts and more. It was truly a decent and nice picnic type of thing.


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Receiving praise left a smile on Kon's face, he was rarely thanked in earnest for his work though he felt somehow that hers was real, as from what he could tell she would have been unable or at the least struggled against the two men. Introducing herself to him as Arisa he couldn't help but nod as he remembered a woman of a similar age and name who he met recently though he had a feeling he would never meet her again. With an invitation for him to join her for her picnic for what would seem like a reward, Kon was unable to refuse, pleased that he would be able to be in the company of such an attractive girl. Withdrawing his right hand from his pocket Kon gave a quick awkward thumbs up and responded with a blunt "Sure."

Sitting down cross-legged on the blanket that his new companion laid out he motioned to Sparky to come over from where he was with his blitzle willing to obey before returning his focus to the woman in front of him. He listened carefully as she revealed intentionally or otherwise that she didn't speak too many people in general which wasn't too big of a deal but was still something to work off of. As she pulled out a variety of items from her seemingly bottomless basket Kon took the bottle of wine that had also been withdrawing and plucked out the corked bottle in one smooth motion with a resonating pop. "Hope you didn't mind me opening the wine, after all it needs some time to breathe from what I can tell of this vintage." Commenting to the brown haired girl as he sniffed the red stained cork to guess the flavours.

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Arisa would look up at the stranger with yellow hair and blue eyes that goes by the name of Kon. Her eyes would then soon look towards the other thing which whom she has no clue what it is. He seemed to smile, seemed to be a nice person, but who knows. Her eyes looked towards him as he then opened the bottle. ''It's quite alright.'' she spoke peacefully and calm as she grabbed the sharp knife, cutting bread swiftly. Her eyes would watch every moment she would make and then grabbed a plate to set them down.

After she was done with that she would then look up towards Kon. ''So tell me about yourself. Doesn't have to be age. I'm a nature user for example. Plants, insects, animal talking...'' she started to speak somewhat rather soothing like a melody. ''I'm in no group or guild. I have cousins I don't know about. A sister I haven't seen in a long while, a mother that is unknown somewhere and a father that was...well...he's dead.'' she would say as she would then put down the plate flatly to then look at the bottle. ''It's quite old.'' she would say. ''Expensive as well.'' she would say once more to then look at the waters - quite peaceful.


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Satisfied with her answer Kon with the wine having had sufficient time to breathe he began to pour into the two wine glasses that had been laid out as he watched Arisa carving a log of bread, with her completing her own task he passed her one of the glasses meanwhile she started to elaborate on background with the assumption that he would do the same which he was more than happy to return. "To be honest I don't mind talking about my age in fact quite recently I celebrated my twenty-second birthday though it was a rather quiet event, you said you're a nature mage of sorts interesting, though this might startle you, I'm well-versed in the dark arts of Necromancy which sounds strange coming from a rune knight doesn't it?" Giving an awkward half-hearted laugh and savouring his first sip on the wine, wanting to reinforce the fact that she was safe with him despite the stigma concerning such a magic he rephrased himself. "I'm a member of the Magic Council, you don't need to be concerned about me trying to use your body for experiments that are just wrong, besides I would be expelled from them without hesitation."

Stroking his chin as she continued revealing how she seemed to have an assortment of family members though all either lost, unknown or deceased somehow reminding him of his own including his recently discovered cousin, shaking his head "I need to see her some time to apologise for my behaviour not to that little shit, though." As he did so Arisa returned her focus to the wine bottle he was holding onto elaborating on its age and value bringing another smile to Kon's face and him replying to her statements. "Well let's savour this as well as the many memories I feel that are to come between the two of us."

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She would listen to Kon speak about how hehad necromancy, a forbidden magic or according to her mother's book. She wasn't scared at all about it to be quite honest. Her lioness eyes would then grab the meet and cheese, making sandwiches while listening. The next thing he spoke of was he was a rune knight.'Like Hika?' She wondered in her thoughts as she stopped and looked up at Kon and his blue eyes. Slowly Arisa would sit up with her head tilted down, lifted up her right hand to touch her own lips and felt the kiss Hika laid upon her own. Softly she sighed and let her hand drop to her side. "I see." Was all she could say as her heart aches a little. "Would you like one or a few?" She questioned while looking up with a fake happy smile. "That last name though sounds familiar. You know of the Fosters?" She questioned as she thought of her mother's book.


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Partaking in the food and drink that he had been offered by Arisa, he helped himself to a slice of bread coated in butter and topped with some sharp-tasting cheese finding that the combination of the strong cheese and wine blended well he smiled to himself as he was questioned about his last name or more importantly whether or not he knew a family of another name, "Fosters." The question itself whilst seemingly harmless had other ramifications for his mother's maiden name was foster and he had always been under the assumption that something had happened to the rest of the family as they never mentioned even after the death of his mother.

Concerned but also deeply invested in understanding what she knew about his mother's family he chose to reply in earnest. "My mother's maiden name was Foster however she quickly took the family name of my father, I'm curious as to how you drew upon that, additionally if you can provide me with details on the fosters I'd be interested to know, never met my cousins save for one just recently."

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She listened to him speak about how his mother's maiden name was indeed Foster. It held curiosity to her on why she never met these people and how many were there to be saught out. She started to pick up her wine glass as her eyes would look upon his, tilting her head up to do so. You see, Kon... My mother was a Foster but was given at a young age. In return the mother of my own gave her some inheritance. " sge started and poured some wine in her glass. Arisa would put the bottle down and made a gentle smile. "Nice to meet a family member." She would say while lifting up the glass to drink.


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Though still enjoying his food, his pace reduced as he nibbled on it instead as he looked with interest at Arisa as she declared to him that her mother was also a Foster, though she had apparently been given up for adoption though he though he had no knowledge regarding that or if he had understood her correctly. With the information that their mother's shared the same maiden name, it was logical for her to assume that they were cousins, which he was delighted to learn about though still had concerns over. Despite the seemingly heavy news she seemed to take it fairly well even toasting to it as though it were a reunion though if true it was of sorts. Curious as to what his newfound relative was doing in more detail he would have to talk to her most likely several times during a long period of time though he was comfortable with that. In the meantime though he would return the toast with his almost empty glass. "Well as we say back were the rest of my family is from tva-jó zda-ró-vye." Taking a sip and then translating. "Basically just means your health, now the more important question comes back to what plans do you have in mind, I have a brother who is also in the Rune Knights, I have a feeling he would be glad to meet you sometime as well."

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She would hear and listen as she would also watch him toast with her. She would chuckle in his way of doing it - guessing it was also a custom. Her eyes would look at his as he would say that he had a brother, hinting another family member. Slowly she would half smile at this information and thought for a moment. She wondered what it was like to join something and so with that she felt curious. ''What is it like to join something? Something such as the Rune Knights.'' she wondered towards him. ''Is it like family? Is it simple?'' she questioned more as she tilted the drink within her mouth to take a sip. The booze of similarity yet old would feel rather nice. Her eyes looked at her drink, swishing it around slowly as she waited for her answers.


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Taking the wine bottle from where it lay, Kon replenished his wine glass as he finished off the rest of his bread as Arisa questioned him regarding the Rune Knights, how they were and operated seemingly with interest of joining them. Wanting to make the best impression for the rune knights considering a large amount of his family members were in fact in the guild already and she mentioned family, he smiled and gave a fairly lengthy answer. "Well it's hard to give a unbiased response to your questions as most of my family are in fact in the rune knights and those who aren't I treat them as such provided i get to know them would I reccommend you join sure we could always use another mage in our ranks of course joining can be typically a more complicated process as whilst i can recruit you, you'll have to make it official later at either Crocus or Era town."

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She listened to his talk of how most of his family is indeed in the Rune Knights. It interested her a little to be quite honest. Was she related to Hika? She kind of hoped not. A small disgust shivered down her spine, but she highly did doubt they were related. If she was related to Kon it would be fine, but to her? Oh no. She would make a calm small as she would nod simply. ''It sounds nice. Tempting as some would say.'' she would speak and looked around and then towards Kon and his blue eyes. Slowly she would take another sip as she enjoyed the simple taste of alcohol. ''I wouldn't mind joining. Just to have a taste of what it would feel like to join something. Family-like that is...'' Arisa would say with a sweet smile towards Kon, head tilting a little.


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With her approval to join the Rune Knights, Kon drew his companion towards him with a whistle of his lips quickly took a sip of his wine before placing it down then raising to his feet. Once standing he moved towards his companion, Sparky whom wielding a saddle who was still trotting towards him. Opening one of the many bags he drew a pen and paper contain the Rune Knights contract that she would need to sign and deliver to an official alternatively get him to. Returning to his position he handed the pen and paper to his newfound cousin for her to look over and later sign. "Basically it pertains to all the duties, requirements and benefits of being a member of the Rune Knights, read over it thoroughly, once you've signed it you can give it to an official of the Rune Knights alternatively leave it in my care for when i go to the captial in a few days."

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She watched Kon bring over his companion who then had some paper and a pen. She had to sign stuff too? She wondered how political and elegant this guild was or whatever they wanted to call it. She would calmly smile while hiding her true thoughts as she would grab the pen. She nodded at Kon's statement which she would then press the pen down on the paper to sign her name. Truly this was a new step, but would she regret it later on? She wouldn't really know, but for now she was getting closer to what was family - blood related family. After she signed she would sit up and looked at him with a smile. I do have some stuff to do before going there...Era right?'' she questioned. ''I shall meet you there as I hope to meet the others. You can finish the wine.'' she would claim and offer all-the-while getting up and took her basket. ''We will meet again, right?'' she would say as if she was worried of something...something unknown.


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Nodding as she took the paper herself to deliver, he listened and continued to drink as he was question regarding the destination to deliver the paper with her answering her own question he merely replied. "Yes." As she spoke he watched as she rose and started to pack up her things though apparently giving the wine to him as a gift. Happy to take it, he wanted to remain humble and attempted to refuse the gift as she told him it was expensive and old but he assumed she might take offense at the gesture and instead chose to thank her for parting with the half-full bottle. "Your gift will be appreciated it's a fine wine and but of course we will meet again hopefully you will have met the rest of my or should i say our family beforehand." Rising to his feet himself and leaving the blanket, he begun to say his goodbyes as he placed the bottle in another one of the bags on Sparky's saddle. "In the meantime Arisa I'd like to say two things to you, it's been a pleasure to meet you and make sure to look behind you for thugs next time." As he finished his comment he took up his staff wielding it with his right hand and used it as a cane of sorts more for aesthetics than functionality to make his way back to town.


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