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More hunting and gathering

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#1Cornelius Darth 

More hunting and gathering Empty Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:09 pm

Cornelius Darth
Today was a day like any other; awaking to the chirping of birds, the light that shone through the canopy and the other miscellaneous noises associated with the forest. Yes, this was how Cornelius started his day, almost every day. While some may call this a mundane, lackluster way to start the day he could not comprehend that. He was literally waking up in nature. The tree he chose was always one that offered a comfortable and safe place to sleep. This was all he would ask for, it was all he needed. With a slight yawn he would rub his eyes and shake his head. With a slight smile he would simply begin his descent; having perched himself at a relatively low position, where it was safe even if he slipped and fell, he found there was not many other occupants in this tree. No birds, squirrels or racoons. Odd. Reaching for a branch, nearly finished with the descent, he would slip and begin his freefall. Yes, this was like every other day. Starting off with some sort of clumsy act. Typical. With a slight yawn Cornelius would rise to his feet, brushing himself off. At this point he was well aware of his awful habits. The fact that he always slipped in the morning. It was something he really meant to fix, but never got around to.

With a yawn he would begin to exit the forest. The sounds of the animals distracting him from the fact that he had to find himself some work. He had not taken on any job in advance, and as such had to find a job. Rubbing his eyes once more Cornelius would find himself at the edge of town. How odd, he didn't remember the entire walk. Shrugging this off he simply plastered a smile onto his face and began his search. Within a few moments he would find himself at the job board, pushing through posts. Looking for something that he felt would be an interesting job. Well, it wasn't the most interesting job but it would do. Grabbing the flyer he simply chuckled; it was this guy again. Another day running an errand. How much fun could this be! Stopping for a moment and thinking back to what he had gone through in order to find that damned mushroom… not too much. With a sigh he simply continued his pilgrimage to the store. Not much has changed in the few days that had passed. Opening the door to the shop and walking in he headed straight for the cashier. With the same straight face he always wore, sans the moment he must wander the streets, he simply placed the flyer on the counter. “You really shouldn't post these in broad daylight.” Cornelius sighed, still unable to understand how people got away with these stupid things. Well, it could be that they were simply too lucky. Too lucky for their own good. Spending a few moments in the shop he would listen to what the man had to say. To the instructions and location of this ingredient. With a nod and his signature wave he would exit the store. Thinking this over once more he simply chuckled. It was an easy enough job.

He found himself at the edge of the town once more. It was a rather dull site. With a smile he would enter the forest once more. It was a good enough reason to enter once more. Beginning his ascent into the forest he found the beginning to be a rather dull hike. Nothing interesting occurred and the site was bland. It had took him another ten minutes to find the fun part of this job. With a smirk he would begin to ascend the mountain. Yes, this would be fun. With a solid grip on the wall he would pull himself up, his feet propelling him upward. Chuckling with excitement he would launch up once more. It seemed in these situations he was rather calm, not as clumsy as he was when he first awoke. It was an amazing experience. The view was gorgeous. Miles of trees, the town, more nature. A very beautiful site. With a smile he would reach up once more, his hand feeling soil. Grabbing around he formed a solid grip and moved his other hand up, yet another spot to hold. Pulling Himself up he simply say there, looking over it all. How nice, how interesting. With a smile he would quickly glance the area over once more. The herb was rather apparent and as such he was able to find it very quickly. Snatching the specified amount, he would begin his travel back down. With a smirk he would look over the place once more. The sky was amazing. With a smile he simply dropped, grabbing the edge of the mountain. It was time to descend. Hand under hand he was able to move rather rapidly, making great progress down the slope. It was as he hit the ten meter mark that his hand slipped. “Fuck…” he sighed, falling down what little height remained. Landing on his back he let out a slight cough. Rolling over he rubbed his back and stood. It was the end of this job and he was okay with that. From here it was a very easy, though slightly longer, walk back to the town. His back now pained him and he had the herbs that were needed. All in all he had performed this rather quickly; completing this in something around two hours he was ready to move onto bigger and better things! He knew what this meant… More money! With money came power, and who didn’t like that? With a chuckle he would simply saunter through the town, until he reached the store. Exchanging pleasantries with the man Cornelius was able to give him what was requested and finish the job. Collecting his reward he felt himself grow stronger. Neat! Well, that was the end of this job, and that meant one thing! Time to relax.

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