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Secret Circulation [Odin]

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#1Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

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Ashira Aria Tsukihana
Secret Circulation [Odin] Untigi10
Ashira walked about in the town of Oak. She wasn't really huge here, but after the time with Nas as her male self it felt content to hang out here more. True she was to the idea, she was going to go around as her feminine self. Hopefully the males here didn't get any ideas though. She was wearing a long sweater that went to her knees, stuck against her skin and had shorts that did show. Her socks were thigh high as she wore dress shoes of black like her shorts. She wasn't sure on where she was going to go, but she knew she was going to find someone to hang out with! She had these wonderful candies that she got from some stranger upon the cult. What could they do? What did they do? She was quite spiked about this.

Her head would turn, looking innocent and lost. She would walk about as she waited for something to happen. She held her purse close to her and blushed as she walked along. Her black long silky hair would flow behind as the wind would caress her pale soft face. Her hips would sway upon each step as her chest would bounce simply and smally as she walked. 'Where shall we go O' where shall we start? Shall I find my mate or shall I find one to sacrifice. Where O' where shall I find a heart that will suffice. she'd think to herself as she smiled.


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It always happened on an otherwise normal day, and it was always a pain in the ass for the young Grimoire Heart mage, as he walked through the streets of Oak. He'd leave his room a set plan, for example today's had been to find and complete a Quest for someone in the town, as it had been a few days since he had last gotten some money for doing a job. It would've been a simple day: head to the request board, pick a decently paid quest and go complete it, collecting the reward and heading back to his room once more. Why couldn't it be that easy in practice?

As he walked down the main street in Oak, Odin noticed many different people pass him, most of them not very interesting and with nothing to offer, except one: a strange young, black haired girl, who walked past Odin. Physically, she was nothing interesting or special, but that wasn't what had attracted Odin's attention. He had heard her before he had seen her, walking past him chanting about who she wanted to sacrifice and who's heart would do. Curiosity got the better of him, and Odin turned into the crowd, and began to tail the girl, curious as to what the hell she was planning on doing.

#3Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

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Ashira Aria Tsukihana
She would have a smile on her face that was sweet and innocent as can be. Her golden blood eyes would shine and gleam as the shining of lights would reflect. Her white outfit was quite reflecting compared to everyone else's outfit as it seemed all doom and gloom (as in their clothes). Her eyes would wander as she wondered where she was going to go, what was she going to do? She went through the crowd as if it was nothing, but someone was trailing her. Her soul/aura felt rather chilling as it felt a little pushy. 'Wonder what's up...' she wondered softly. 'Could be perhaps a follower.' the darker voice spoke as she would corner her eyes to look, but she noticing nothing different. It felt weird now as she feared of being followed. It was quite weird since she feels fine following people, but when it's the other way around...it makes her worrisome.

She would turn into some alley and then sung quietly the same chant. 'Where shall we go O' where shall we start? Shall I find my mate or shall I find one to sacrifice. Where O' where shall I find a heart that will suffice. For my love, for my dear lord Khorne.' It wouldn't be too loud as it would be quiet enough for her and for anyone to follow - to hear. Her heart would beat rather fast as she gripped her bag tightly. Swiftly she turned as she looked around with her eyes. ''W-who's there? It's not very nice to follow a girl yknow.'' she spoke rather pout-like with a serious look. Who was there...? She stood there silently to either wait till she saw who it was or she'd walk forward to see who it was.


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Following the strange girl seemed to be a fruitful endeavour, as she wandered into an alleyway, no doubt having spotted that she was, indeed, being followed. Odin had never called himself a good tracker, he most certainly was not. His skills lay elsewhere in the world of the underground. His magic turned him into a literal demon after all, staying inconspicuous had never been his best method of getting a job done. He much preferred to just get it over with by rushing through, and that was clearly evident as the girl turned around and asked, in a very timid voice, who was out there. At this point, Odin was standing at the corner of the street which entered the alleyway, having waited as he saw the girl enter, deciding it was best to not be seen as the only person in her view. Although, once he heard her timid voice, Odin stepped out into view. He had only followed the girl who had been talking about sacrificing hearts because it seemed like an interesting topic, and only two types of people really did things like that: fanatics and psychopaths: the Grimoire Heart mage was just curious as to which she was, but he said nothing, as the girl had only asked who was there, nothing more.

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Ashira Aria Tsukihana
There she stood within the dark alley. Her eyes wandered around as her heart started to beat rather rapidly. For some reason her body, her mind and her soul itself was starting to fear...be scared. Something was there...following her. Who or what was it? Ever since she was a little girl she was followed and in the shadows were her fears. Was this just some kind of kid joke? Or were some guys following her? Were they going to hurt her in such ways that she fears? Her eyes started to glow as they watered, her lips quivered as she was blushing red, feeling rather pissed off.

''I swear...'' she spoke darkly as she glared forward. Her hands clenched into fists as she walked forward from where she first entered. As she was walking towards that location she would see him walk out instead. Her eyes widened as he stood tall and mysterious. His eye that was showing burned like ember. His hair was a rather light color of olives within the spring time. Due to the sun though, she couldn't see his other eye clearly as it left a gleaming shine. Her lips curved into a half smile as she tilted her head. ''Were you the one following me? Never had someone follow me and then appeared before me before.'' she spoke rather softly, soothing like melted chocolate and silk. It was cream and harmonic like music, but only to those of the light. Surely she had a voice of same for the darkness, but only for her lord and family would she speak. Unless her guyish personality took action.


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The girl seemed almost terrified of Odin's presence until he moved out into the light to be seen, and then her mood was rather odd. She stood there for a moment, looking at Odin and taking in his looks, before smirking and asking if he was the one who had been following her, and stating that she'd never had someone follow her and make themselves known before. Odin noted that last part, and she admitted she'd been followed before, which was not something most people liked to think about, or even admit, especially to strangers. It seemed this girl was indeed a unique case, and so she deserved some kind of explanation. Betraying no emotion or thoughts through his poker face, and staying in his current position without movement, Odin spoke to the young girl, a deep, yet clearly young voice leaving his mouth as he did so.

"I was indeed, just curious about those hearts you were wanting to sacrifice, and that chanting you were doing. Care to enlighten me?"

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Ashira Aria Tsukihana
Ashira looked at the man in curiosity as she didn't know who he was. Wasn't everyone curious on who they didn't know? She stood there waiting for him to answer her simple question. Within moments he would answer as she would look at him in a rather anxious way. Her golden blood eyes would glisten and shine like a medallion. Slowly she would lick her lips to moisture them as she did listen to him. He seemed to be curious upon her chants in which she was sure she wasn't too loud. It made her curious on how he was able to hear it.

She would have her right foot step forward a couple inches ahead of her left as she would cross her arms against her chest. Her long black raven hair would sway a tiny bit from the wind from behind. ''For Khorne of course! Blood for the blood god, skulls for the skill throne.~'' she chirped happy, but yet she was calm with a smile. ''I wish to find those who wish to battle, make them fight me and in the end they shall be sacrifices. I heard it was easy to attract bad guys! So I came here.'' she spoke and innocently smiled. Ironically she didn't know that this guy was one of them, but even if he was...she could judge that he was stronger than her. She didn't want to take any chances.


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Khorne? Blood for the what? It seemed familiar, despite how ridiculous the entire thing sounded. Odin had heard of something similar beforehand, this he knew, but he couldn't place it. Then the girl, who was seeming more deranged with every word to escape her lips, said that she was in Oak to attract bad guys so that she could fight them and sacrifice them to this God, which amused Odin greatly. Looking at the girl, his red eyes watching her every movement as he himself moved his olive green hair away from his eyes. Then the idea came, and a malicious (and partly fake) grin began to spread itself across the dark mage's face.

"People have called me a 'bad guy' in the past, and I'm definitely not a nice person. Does that mean you want to try and sacrifice me, little girl?"

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Ashira Aria Tsukihana
Her eyes looked up at him in a rather innocent way. Her appearance was a significance or sign of purity. That wasn't the only thing though as the way she appeared facial wise, she could be mistaken as a dunce or slow. Slowly her hands would go to the bottom of her dress shirt of white and pulled it down and straightened the rest of her outfit. After she was done with that within seconds she would look up at him once more, thinking on what to say. 'Just who is this guy? Seems interesting.' a darker voice spoke within her mind - a male's voice. She listened to him speak as she would lean against the building wall next to her. It was rather rough, brick made, but she didn't really care if her shirt got ruined. This man interested her more. ''You don't seem like one, mister.'' she spoke innocently and soothingly. She made a sweet pure smile as her eyes closed while doing so. Within the seconds she would open her eyes and giggle. ''Just because you've done bad things, doesn't mean you're a bad guy. We all have our own intentions that we think are good.'' she would say and brought her hands to her long raven black hair to twine with her fingers. Sure she didn't know this man, but it was true.


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The girl's words let an, albeit faked, chuckle escape Odin's lips. She was almost trying to her hardest to believe that the man before her was just exaggerating, and that he was really a nice person, just one saying so many horrible things. It was almost cute in its futility, but the chuckle soon stopped, and Odin rolled his eyes as he realised just how serious this girl was. She said all people thought their reasons were good, even if they weren't, which was when Odin decided to stop there and end the little chitchat they were having. Turning around, the dark mage would walk towards the end of the alleyway, about to rejoin the main streets of Oak town, before he turned his head back towards the girl, and smiling a maniacal smile as he let himself relax a bit.

"It's cute you think that, but let me set you straight. I know what I do is bad, and that's why I do it. No, that's why I enjoy it. Enjoy your naïve little life, girl."


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