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Let it Snow[Training/Caius/Odin]

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Let it Snow[Training/Caius/Odin] - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 22, 2016 2:57 am

Caius lunged his wind blade into Lucifer’s back. The stab was shallow but would so some damage to the demon. He held it to keep him pinned down. The shadow beam would strike Lucifer. His body shook vigorously as he took the blow so he could tell it did a good amount of damage to him. Caius pulled the blade out and prepared another strike against him to put him down for the count. As he went to strike, Lucifer's hand moved back towards him. The demons hands glowed with the same flames from earlier. "Tch. Another one huh?" Caius thought a bit worried. Being right next to him, he did not have much time so he brought his free arm up to protect his body. An beam of brilliant flames engulfed him as the beam struck his body. His shirt burnt off his chest as the flames seared his arm and chest causing them to become a dark red color. He was pushed back a few meters from the attack and fell down to one knee.

The damage he took was great but he still had the stamina to keep on fighting. However, to him there was no more point. Looking upon the battle, Lucifer was wounded facing Nastasya as she prepared another scythe attack. After swinging it again and launching a beam, she collapsed on the ground. All of them were exhausted from the training session and probably were running low on magic. Caius was satisfied. He waited for Lucifer to deal with the shadow attack before standing up and crossing his arms.

"Alright that's enough. If we keep going at it like this we will kill each other. Now that we've all seen each others magic in action, our teamwork will improve and help increase the success of the upcoming mission. You two sure are tough sons a bitches."
He would explain. Caius was a bit disappointed in himself he took so many hits as their superior but he also was proud. The guild was getting stronger and soon nobody would be able to stop them. It also gave him motivation to get better and rise higher. The question now was would the other two agree or keep going at it?



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Just as expected, the stream of fire hit Black and sent him back, wounding him greatly and taking him out of the battle, as Nastasya's shadows came for the demon. As everyone knew he would, the only course of action was to once more use his spell and cancel the attack coming his way. Colliding and nullifying each other, Lucifer was still fit to continue, having sustained damage but still able to fight with his Mana reserves in surplus. His opponent, however, was not in the same state. She may not have received as much damage as Lucifer, but her scythe disappeared, meaning she was too exhausted and could not continue. Black stood up and spoke, ending the battle with his words by stating that the training session had gone well. Reverting back from the demon to Odin, the Grimoire Heart mage just listened to what was being said, and looked over to Nastasya to see if she had anything extra to add. The fight was over, and Odin had won. Walking over to the nearby rocks, Odin sat on top of the rocks and allowed his legs to swing over them, curious to see what was going to happen next. Now they knew how strong they each were, and what they could do.

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Nastasya Crowe
Her breathing was more shallow than she would have expected and she was trying to get up. Even though some sort of explotion of power happened in front of her. There was nothing that really hurt her but because of the collision of power, a hard wind blew her hair away from her face and it was also a warm wind thanks to the fire from Lucifer.

She tried to take deep breaths in and take a few extra seconds before she would breath out. She was done for, that was sure. But her mind was already overanalyzing what she did wrong. She had thrown around with too much magic, that was for sure. So actually she should enlarge her capability to use more magic. But how would you do that because simple meditating was probably not enough. That meant that she would have to throw magic around to get better and enlarge her ability to use much more spells. Or she would just have to get better at fist fighting, which would be a bit weird when everyone started throwing spells around. It was just too confusing and there were too many ideas on what to do and so on that it was impossible to just make one plan. You actually needed one plan till plan twenty-six hoping you could use at least one version of that in cases of battle. And in case you did all twenty-six you had to hope that the person you were fighting against had forgotten the strategy of plan thirteen or eight and try again. There were a lot of possibilities but not right now in her head.

It felt as a cold cloth on her wounds when Black said it was enough. Which made her sigh in relief. She was sure that she would be a nice little crisp if Black wouldn't stop Lucifer because it was obvious between the two of them who would be the victor. She gave a loopy grin when he called her a tough son of a bitch. "I still need to learn to do better." she muttered more to herself than to Caius. She was definitely not going to throw his compliment in the wind.

It was quite an effort to stand up and besides that, it didn't feel right to stand on her left leg but she was definitely not giving up yet, as in she would not just sit on the ground and cry how weak she was. She would never do that, not even if she was alone. She dusted off the light layer of sand that was on her clothing and examinate the wound on her left leg. She walked back to where she dropped her boot before she turned back to the other two guys. "Does any one of you know a good healer?" She said it very casually, holding up her hand with a innocent looking smile.

"I want to say at least," she was already moving back to where they had entered their little arena of rocks and leaned against it. "I have never used that much magic and I never really trained with anyone else. So I got a lot of stuff to think about." It was at least an honest answer, she was more used to lying but it felt good to say it to her fellow team mates just because she indeed wanted to learn more. She had to become stronger, she wasn't so stupid in believing that she didn't.

The enveloppe that she was still carrying around said enough about the fact that she needed to prepare especially if Caius was depending on her. She had no idea what Yumi her plan was, but the fact that Team A was the smallest yet hitting the main target made it a bit obvious that she had to make sure that next time, in a next fight, she wouldn't throw her magical power away like she had done now.

She didn't want to be the first one to leave, even though it felt like she was wounded the most. It was simply because she couldn't see it that much from the others. Their expressions obviously didn't say anything. They were tougher than she was. Maybe it had to do with that she was a woman.. but she would never agree with such bullshit reasoning so she hated herself for thinking like that. "Is there anything we still need to discuss?" she more looked at Caius than at Odin because well, it was an obvious reason since he was the strongest member of the Guild that she knew.

If not and the others would suggest to leave to Nastasya would head down the small path past the trees and onto the almost broken bridge to walk back to the town square of Oak Town. She needed to get her hand fixed and her leg would be fine too, but it might be a bit weird to go to a doctor or a healer without something on fire.. She thought for a few second what would be a good plan. Create a fire somewhere? That was way too much effort for someone that didn't want to show anything nor use effort. She wouldn't just give a crap and go to the healer. She might kill him if she was possible to get away with it in case he would ask difficult questions. She was a liar, an actress, she could come up with a story in less than five minutes and that was what she was going to do.

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Both of his guild mates seemed to calm down after he said to put a stop to the training. Their attacks cancelled out and then the two of them went down to rest. Lucifer sat on a rock in silence while Nastasya spoke up about the training they just had. She was exhausted like she had never been before which was a good thing. Training was meant to test your limit. "Enjoy this while it lasts you two. This is the easy stuff to just know each other better. Since that is out of the way, we get do a more intense one next time. Maybe I might even use full power." Caius said with a cocky smile. He wanted the two of them to look forward to the next one. Once he had his rest he could unleash his more devastating spells to see how they handled it. Missions were tough and they wouldn't always be in teams. Raising your own strength was the best way to succeed.

Caius rubbed the burn on his arm a little to help calm down the pain. He looked over at Lucifer to see him with some wounds as well. "If you need healing I have supplies up at my hotel. Stop on by if need be. For now rest up and recover your strength. We strike soon. For now it's probably best head back. I'll see you soon." Caius said. He walked over to one of the rocks on the mountain and climbed up. He jumped off the side leaving the circle as black wind covered his body. It would help him glide down as he headed back to town.




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With the battle over and the training complete for that day, Nastasya said a few things about how she wasn't yet used to using so much of her magic in one sitting, as well as admitting that she needed to do better for the next battle, a motion shared by everyone, even Odin: the winner of the battle. Despite having defeated both of his opponents, he had sustained the most damage out of all of them, partly due to having been singled out for most of the battle, but that was not the point. He knew he had made good use of his magic, but he had to make sure that he didn't take so much damage next time. Black then said that next time he may use his full power, flashing a cocky smile as he did so, implying that Lucifer had not won out of strength but because Black had been holding back. Whether or not that was true mattered little at this point, with the battle over, but Odin simply waited for his two guild mates to leave before he himself headed back to Oak, feeling prepared for the attack, whenever it was to come.


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