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More Intimidation Tactics [Yumi]

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More Intimidation Tactics [Yumi] Empty on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:51 pm

Yumi gave a yawn as she left the inn having not long awoken from her slumber. The old woman rubbed the back of her neck as her familiar floated behind her, following the old woman. Yumi made her way through the streets of oak, a rolled up poster in her right hand. She had retrieved the quest from the board last night before she went to bed. The client of the quest was someone she had worked for previously one Frankie Marino on behalf of Vincenze Tessio. The last quest detailed Yumi having to convince a certain shop keep to pay what he owed by the end of the week, and from the sound of the quest it seemed like the shop keeper had not kept up with his end of his bargain. SO now Frankie was requesting someone to hunt down the shop keeper and convinced him to pay up then and there, either by convincing him or destroying the man's shop. Yumi smirked should could do with a little destruction. It had been sometime since she had truly gone wild and caused a little mayhem. Perhaps she should go on a purge, slaughter as many of these dirty heathens as she could.

Yumi snorted in mild amusement as she walked through the streets of Oak heading to the bar that Frankie worked at. She walked in the front door but was stopped by the bouncer who placed a hand on her right shoulder. Yumi grabbed his wrist and applied pressure causing the man to scream in pain as he dropped to his knees. Yumi released her grip and walked past him heading to the bar where she found Frankie pouring her a glass of malt whiskey into a 285ml glass. Yumi accepted the glass and took a sip as Frankie began to explain the situation, "This is how it is. That shop keep turns out he hasn't paid and he refuses to says we strong armed him. So the boss needs someone to convince him to pay up today. Don't care what you do just don't kill the guy, he can't pay if he's dead. Got it?" Spoke Frankie as he leaned against the bar a towel over his shoulder. Yumi downed the drink slamming the glass on the table, "Yes." The old woman then left making her way out of the bar and back into the streets.

The old woman looked about and started making her way through the streets remembering her way to the shop keeps store. She remembered exactly where it was, all she needed to do was now think of how to get him to pay. She could simply frighten him by using a bit of magic and killer intent, but she wanted to make him sweat so she was going to destroy his store, break anything she saw. The old woman smirked at the thought of destruction, she would make sure to thoroughly break everything in the store. She would leave nothing unturned not even a pickle jar.

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More Intimidation Tactics [Yumi] Empty on Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:08 pm

Yumi came to a halt outside the shop keeps store. THe old woman looked over her shoulder sharing a nod to her familiar, Venom and told him to remain hidden outside to keep and eye on things while she goes in and deals with the clerk. Her familiar venom nodded his head and flew off into the nearby shadows in order to hide in secret encase, keeping an eye out for anyone who approached. The old woman then walked on in pushing the door open making the bell ring. The clerk was at the counter back turned leaned over doing stock take. He turned around the moment he heard the bell, "Welc....YOU!" shouted the clerk as he reached behind the counter grabbing a metal baseball bat. The what was a frail old man walked around the counter and approached Yumi, "Get out of here right now, I am not paying those vultures a single dime of my hard earned quest, now get out of here or else!" Shouted the shop clerk as he continued his approach but Yumi did not move a single inch.

The man sneered and once he was in range swung the metal bat at the old woman. Yumi reached up with her left hand grabbing the metal bat in mid air and holding tightly. The shop keep attempted to pull the bat out of her hands but it would not budge an inch. Yumi then tossed the man aside while she still held the bat throwing him into a wall. Yumi then spun the metal bat grabbing the end as she approached one of the clerk's shelves full of small glass ornaments. Yumi then swung the bat into the glass ornaments breaking them as a loud smashing sound echoed through out the room. The clerk gave a pain yell at the sight of the destruction. Yumi approached the door of the shop, "Are you going to pay?" "Never!" shouted the old man.

Yumi shook her head and swung the bat into the door breaking the glass. She then struck the hinges with enough force to break them. Swinging again she formed cracks into the wooden door. Yumi then approached one of the isles and kicked it over causing it to fall backwards into the rest of the isles causing them to collapse backwards and onto the floor with a loud bang, "Enough stop! I promise I'll pay." The old man quickly went to his cash draw an removed what he owed handing it over to the woman, "Just take it and leave!"

Yumi snatched the bills and left making her way back to the bar. She walked through the night streets, her familiar flying after her quickly catching him. She raised a single hand and patted the familiar on the head. She whistled to herself as she walked into the bar, the bouncer from before making way for her as the old woman approached the bar. Yumi walked right up and slapped the money down on the counter, "Job's done here's what you are owed." Spoke the old woman.

Frankie collected the money and counted it before removing a few bills and handing them over to Yumi, "Here's what I owe you. I will add back to the funds before I hand them to the boss." Yumi pocketed the jewels and walked off.

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