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Experimental Hexes - [Quest/Solo]

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Experimental Hexes - [Quest/Solo] Empty on Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:08 am

Finally, after almost a week of stealing food, stopping thieves, eavesdropping on targets and being delivery boy for a black market merchant, Odin was finally about to do something fun and financially beneficial: he was going to sow some chaos into the world, and he couldn't be happier. He had picked up another request from the good Dr. Stephan Mabuz, this time not being interrupted by some other dark mage looking to take it himself, and had instantly become interested at the details of the Quest. You see, Odin was a Grimoire Heart dark mage, which meant that he was always to be secretive and keep both his own identity and that of the guild a hidden, thus drawing no attention to himself, which was why he always covered the green flesh and scars running up his chest with a red cloak, so as to adhere to these rules set by the guidl master: Crowley, a man never seen by any of the current members besides Icarus, the guild master's right hand man and the one who spoke the wishes of the master. However, despite this, despite Odin's beliefs in remaining secret, the young mage loved chaos. Whether it be partly to having the demon of chaos in his head that contributed to this love, but Odin knew it was something that always brought both him and Lucifer great joy, and thus this mission from the good doctor was perfect for the duo.

It seemed the Dr. Stephan Mabuz had been experimenting again, and had created two brand new hexes that he wished to have tested on different people around Oak town, that's where the mage came into play. Odin's task was relatively simple: walk around Oak town until you find someone you want to hex, and use the hex on them. It gave him so much power to attack anyone he felt like attacking, and that freedom to cause mayhem was what made being a dark mage so fun for Odin. The two hexes were pretty easily named. The first was known as Stimuli, and the idea was it would make the poor soul the hex was cast on extremely sensitive to... well everything, which would no doubt be uncomfortable at the best of times, and Odin was planning on making sure that person had the worst of times. The second hex was called Decrepify, a word Odin didn't even think existed until he heard it. This hex was apparently supposed to make the target's legs stop working for an hour, like flat out cease to function, causing the no doubt confused and likely terrified target to stop walking and crumple to the ground. Due to it seeming the most interesting of the two that he had been given, Odin decided to leave Decrepify for last, and begin with the first hex he had been given: Stimuli.

Walking throught the streets of Oak once more, it felt somewhat strange that there was no one Odin saw instantly that he wanted to hex. Everyone was simply going about their businesses, and no one was doing anything that made them stand out, until once person did. A woman, walking through the streets with what looked like her significant other, constantly kissing the man and making a lot of fuss and noise about the whole situation. Apparently they had just gotten engaged and the woman was wanting the entire world to know about the situation, while constantly holding her partner's hand and kissing him profusely, not that the man seemed to really care but it must've been irritating. Odin decided to ease his pain, and opened up the first peace of paper, with the incantation for Stimuli being etched upon it, whispering as he did so.

"Oh mystical powers of the ether, fuck this girl over would you. Stimuli."

Of course, the incantation was simply the word 'Stimuli', but Odin wanted to have a bit of fun with it, and true enough the hex lifted off the page and the words vanished, while the hex took hold on its victim, with the dark mage watching in amusement as it did. The moment it caught, you knew. The girl instantly let go of her partner's hand in fright, before shivering despite the only slight breeze of the day. Her partner became instantly worried, and grabbed onto her shuolders to check she was okay, which to her would've felt like two bullets piercing her shoulder as she began to cry out, the entire street turning their heads to wonder what had happened, all except one, a smiling, olive haired man who walked down an alleyway, eager to find his next target, and administer the next hex upon them.

It didn't take long before the target of Decrepify was found. In a small park nearby to where the girl was, still audibly screaming, a man jogged past Odin once, then twice, then three times, doing laps of the park area, no doubt trying to train for some event and keeping fit in the process, while blocking out the screams of the girl, who no doubt everyone was trying to hold onto to make sure she was okay. Ouch.

Regardless, the man was clearly someone who needed his legs, and so Odin couldn't wait to see what happened. Due to their close proximity, Odin didn't bother creating some fancy incantation, and rather just whispered the word "Decrepify" while looking at the man, the words once again causing the hex to leave the page and latch onto the man. Not expecting it, the man instantly fell to the ground, with Odin expecting him to be able to get up for the next hour. Instead, much to the young dark mage's disappointment, the man got up and started limping. Albeit it was a pretty bad limp, but it was not what the hex had been designed to do, only partially successful. Returning the the Dr, Odin told him this, receiving his pay once he had completed his report and leaving.

"Stimuli responded as desired. Decrepify was only partially successful, causing a limp on the target."


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