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Fine arts in Fine Beauty [Atlas]

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Slowly he walked out of his house and locked the door. Quickly he turned to then walk towards what was the Church. Sure he lived here, but he never really looked around. Liam was quite curious on the art upon this Church as he heard that Churches, mostly if they were old, had art. His golden eyes would shine as they would reflect like mirrors. His black raven hair with some blonde would tickle along the sides of his neck. His hands were in the pockets of his jean pants as he whore a white dress shirt opened in the middle. He wore shoes of fine black with no existing other color.

Liam would keep a calm expression as he passed the gates and kept his eyes on the Church. 'Not bad..' he thought as his head turned somewhat left and right to look around. The wind was calm as it wasn't really moving, just enough to brush his soft medium hair and his face. The garden upon this church was simple yet it was clean to its purest perfection. The church itself was white on the outside, typical as it was. Honestly when he thought about how he traveled here and joined Lamia Scale, he has never really visited the guild hall. Liam never looked inside nor really talked to the people and so far he has only met Miyu.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas had just finished eating a meal. He set his utensils down on the plate in a cross shaped motion. He slowly got up from his spot and stretched his muscles before moving out. Atlas, for today, had nothing to do so he decided to take a walk. It sometimes was a rare moment not to be busy for a wizard since they would be doing quests to get stronger and get more money, but Atlas decided he would take a day off from that.

He started to walk around town when something caught his eye. He noticed the church in the distance. Now Atlas was not a religious person, but it still peaked his interest since he never actually went there and seen what it was about. Atlas then figured that it could be a good time to head over there and check it out.


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His hands gripped onto the handles of the church doors and opened them widely. His eyes of golden were stricken by the simple beauty of this place. The floors were glazed and patterned rather perfectly. The windows on each side, the art...the beautiful art that made the window created a blue shine within this place. Above all, far away from where he stood he could see the designed columns that looked like miniature towers. It felt much warmer compared to outside, making him close the doors. His hands went into his pant pockets as he roamed around. So far no one was in here so all he could do for now was enjoy this fine art craftsmanship.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas approached the building was in awe of the size and color of it. It looked pretty big to him. He stood there for a second looking at it. He then had to wonder what it looked like on the inside. He had heard that is looked even better on the inside. Atlas decided to eat the place to check it out.

Atlas approached the doors and opened one to let himself in. He looked around and first noticed only one other person in there that, and they were in about earshot distance. "Wow, this place looks awesome," he said looking around. He wasn't sure if the other person heard him or would even react but he still said it without caring.


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His golden hues would mirror the reflection of the area as they were two honey glazed mirrors themselves. Slowly her would leave his right hand out of his pocket to brush away the bangs in his eyesight's way. Liam walked slowly forward as he would cross his arms against his chest and wandered with his eyes. There were pictures within each row of the walls, perfectly separated of equal equation. Some of those pictures had some people of old age, but the colors of the painting itself was watered down. Not that much longer he would hear a voice of another person. 'Awesome?' he thought was that was quite under-worded. Swiftly he would turn around of 180 degrees to look straight at him. ''Indeed the arts within this building are quite unique and 'awesome'.'' he spoke darkly and chuckled amused. He'd lean back as he laughed, but stood up straight right afterwards. ''So you like art?'' he questioned. This man could be here for another reason other than his own.

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Atlas Prime
As Atlas looked around at everything he heard the other man comment that it was unique and awesome. Atlas looked at the man and noticed that he was taller than Atlas himself. The man asked if he like art. "Well, not a super big fan of it, but I still appreciate it," he said. He wouldn't be able to really give any facts about any of these especially seeing them for the first time. "Seeing as you mentioned art, I do have to guess that you are a fan though yourself," Atlas said looking at the man in front of him.


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He looked at the stranger as if he was questioning 'Who the hell is this guy?' kind of way. His golden mirror hues would then corner to some art and made a smile. His hands were in his pockets of his pants that felt rather silky. Liam would listen to the guy say that he wasn't a big fan of art, but he was still able to appreciate it. It made some sense in its own ways. Slowly he turned 90 degrees to look at the wall of art and tilted his head up. As he did this the guy would say that he noticed and guessed that he was a fan of art. ''Truly I'm just a fan of simple pleasures. Rather it be art, music, food and drinks or even more...delicate things.'' he'd say darkly and chuckle. In all honesty, he has never really laid with a woman, but they are entertaining.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas noticed that the man seemed to probably think he was weird and that was probably true with a lot of people, well until they got to know him. When Atlas guessed he was a fan of art the man responded saying he was a fan of simple things in life. Atlas could respect that. Sometimes the simple things were the best. "Well, besides the art here, what brings you to town?" Atlas said not knowing this person was apart of his guild. If Atlas knew this he would hold his tongue at what he just said. Atlas continued to look around the church at the pictures. "Also, I know you aren't a guide or anything, but if you know anything on these stuff mind sharing," Atlas said. Since he was here he thought it could be a cool to learn a little about the art here.


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Liam would look at the art and then back at this man. Who was he exactly? His golden hues would study him like an artist would upon their rivals art. He asked what brought him into this town. Even though his guild was here. He wasn't going to tell him that. Maybe he did a blind eye of his guild mark, but he didn't see one. Truly it didn't matter to him as he just chuckled and smiled. ''Just simply traveling.'' he spoke darkly and turned to look at the art. The guy asked if he didn't mind talking about the art in here which sounded alright. Slowly he walked with his black shoes towards the painted wall upfront. His fingers slid against it as he closed his eyes halfway. ''You know...I truly cannot tell who the artist is, but...I can feel how they felt while doing so.'' he spoke and chuckled. The art he was touching felt warm, although it had a wet feeling which meant he worked without a break. Slowly he would stop touching the art and stood up straight. ''The man, the birds around and the sun behind him obviously means freedom and peace. Suppose to mean to feel warmth and safe. The artist died a couple months later after painting inside this very church.'' he would say as he would make a small warming smile that was well hidden. He'd turn to look at the guy in a calm manner. ''What are you exactly here for anyways?'' he wondered as his hands went back into his pockets.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was amazed at the man. When Atlas asked if he could describe the art or tell Atlas about them the man spoke. He spoke of what the artist felt when painting the photo. Atlas wasn't fully sure if it was correct, but to come up with something like that on the spot amazed him notheless. After that the man seemed to turn to Atlas and ask him what he was here for. "Oh, just checking this place out. I've lived in this town for a little while but somehow never really made my way here, so thought it was finally time," he said to him, wondering if his answer was okay from the mans point of view.


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He wondered if the guy was questioning his ability to testify art. To tell the past of each artifact that stood in front of him. Truly it would probably help if he knew the artist in general, but he didn't. He would wait for the guy's answer as he stood there quietly. His hands in his own pocket as his facial expression looked at him calmly. ''Sounds plain.'' he spoke and chuckled. It was an alright answer, but he felt like there was something more. He wasn't going to question it though. He would tilt his head and then wondered something. If he was perhaps from the guild here. ''Are you by any chance from the guild here? Lamia Scale?'' he spoke and questioned calmly as they stood there.

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Atlas Prime
Atlas became surprised after speaking when the man in front of him asked him a question. He asked him if he was in Lamia Scale. Atlas was a little shocked at first, but guessed it could be natural if he lived in the town, well not that he was a wizard though was a hard guess but it was pretty good. "Yeah, I totally forgot to introduce myself. I'm Atlas Prime, a mage from Lamia Scale," he said showing the man the tattoo that was on his right hand. "Well, what about you. Whats your name?" Atlas asked the man, not knowing he was from the same guild.


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He looked at this guy with suspicious yet a calm expression on his own face. His golden eyes studied the dude as truly how the hell can he trust guys like most do? He thought of his father as how he trusted him yet truly it made him feel foolish to do so. Soon the guy would introduce himself as Atlas, a man of Lamia Scale - how nice. 'I guess he's from the same guild...' he would think and chuckle darkly. ''Liam from Lamia Scale. How nice.'' he would say then out loud in his calm dark voice. ''It's nice to know of those in the same guild.'' he would say and closes his eyes simply, crossing his arms against his built athletic chest that was covered obviously by his shirt. ''Funny though how this is our first time running into each other.'' he would lastly say before he would open his golden eyes to look at Atlas.

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