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Darkness Looms [Nastasya]

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#26Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:49 am

Nastasya Crowe
Her face was dancing in the flames that were traveling down on the cobblestones. She was only looking and holding on to her shadow instruments that kept her on the wall. It was an interesting concept and she was glad she was on the wall for she rather wasn't burned. It was already hot enough and she pulled her legs up a little higher, almost shaming on herself that she didn't jump or climb higher but it was over soon, at least behind Odin, Lucifer.. again names. So she wiggled her right foot free and let herself drop to the ground. Letting the knife and the scissors disappear. She had to get her shoe out of the skull but it was nice to feel the warm cobblestoned underneath her bare right foot. If only she could clean it now, but she got her shoe and put it right back on, trying to walk more on her toes than on her heels to not make the clicking sound. However she did hear something.. "Please tell me that it is your stomach telling us it's hungry."


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:28 am

At Nastasya's words, Lucifer's ears pricked up and he listened out. This time, it was not the wind he heard, but rather the roaring for what it truly was.

"Would you overly disappointed if I said no?"

As the two continued down the path, they eventually saw exactly what it was that had roared at them. In front of them was a slime, just like the others with one minor difference: this one was huge, larger than Lucifer by almost double, and in a large chamber, almost like the guardian of the catacombs. Strange guardian certainly, but it had yet to notice them, mostly due to the fact that it was currently still putting out a fire that had started over its body, burn marks evident all over its giant form. Looking past it, Lucifer spotted a ladder, and light oozing down from above: the way out. Staying low, so as not to attract the monster's attention, the demon whispered to his partner.

"Our exit is just on the other side. What do you think: try to sneak past and leave it or just take it out? It's gonna take more of a beating than those other slimes, but the only way out seems to be on the other side of it."

#28Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:39 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya followed the few steps that they taken and looked at Lucifer. "Yes. Yes I am. What the hell are they keeping in this Church?" Since the monster was there and she had no idea what it was she went to tiptoe again, she rather would be the act of surprise than get it as a surprise. She also wondered if this was the right road to go, since there were two others but as soon as her eyes fell upon the new huge slime monster, she also saw the exit or one of them.

Lucifer asked her for a plan and she agreed that it would be nice to just go past and don't have to fight. Especially because she felt gross and she was done with being down here that she just wanted to leave. "Let's just try to sneak past. I mean I have a way of distracting it." She looked down at her heels and her shadow saluted and left, it went up to the roof of the tunnel so it would be hidden in darkness. To stand on the other side of the tunnel and trying to get the monsters attention, to take it away. It couldn't get too far but this was the best idea she had.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:16 am

"Somehow I get the feeling this is not something the church planned on. Probably just dug into its lair while expanding the catacombs."

It seemed they were going to try and not fight this gaint slime, instead opting for Nastasya's plan to distract the creature for them both to sneak through. As much as Lucifer preferred a straight up battle, he wasn't stupid enough to fight an enemy he wasn't sure he could defeat, although he still really wanted to fight it, even if it would take more than he could do at the time to take it out. But he had allowed his partner to make the call, and she had decided to sneak, so he had to honor that decision. Watching her shadow cross the room, the beast became distracted by the strange form it saw on the wall across, giving Lucifer -having now changed back into Odin- and Nastasya time to move around the room, as the shadow walked one way and the two Grimoire mage walked the other, until they had swapped places: the shadow being at the entrance and the two dark mages being at the exit. Odin nodded at Nastasya, it had been a good plan and it had worked well, now it was time to leave, before the slime decided to turn around.

#30Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sat Dec 10, 2016 4:58 pm

Nastasya Crowe
"We should send them a get well cart and inform them about their catacombs." Nastasya commented on Lucifer, she made it as a joke and smile but it was time for more serious business and with feeling gross and slimy enough, she hoped it would be easily fixed by her shadow instead of a fight. For some reason, she could imagine her falling in the blob of slime and drown in it before she was saved.

They had to wait for her shadow to destract the huge slime enough before she made her way to the ladder. Still tiptoeing to not make a noise and all was going well. It might be a problem to open the hatch from down here but she started to climb and made her way up to the top. She tried to softly open the door, but the wheel that was needed to be turned was rusted so it took some time but the exit was so close that she didn't want to give up nor give the job to Odin. "Oh come on! This is just mean." But it started to move, with a loud creaking and squeaking sort of noise. She quickly stopped to look at the blob.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:38 am

Get well card? Oh yeah, that's a great way to stay inconspicuous. Odin knew his partner was joking around but it was really the kind of thing that would have to wait until after they had escaped the catacombs, the Rune Knights, the slimes, basically everything in their current situation that wanted to kill them, which was a lot and very often for dark mages, even if they were dark mages that were unheard of.

Clearly not remembering that she was wearing a skirt, or simply not caring, Nastasya was the first to start climbing the ladder, with Odin following below, amused only because he felt it was funny since he didn't care about his partner's clothing options or his adventageous climbing position, and yet so many others would, what a strange place Fiore was. They reached the top, and the door couldn't budge without some force, force that Shadow was able to produce without issue but the door made a very loud creaking sound as it was worked against the rust. Odin didn't even bother to turn around, and just started descending.

"Well, guess sneaking is out the window."

Reaching the floor and turning, Odin locked eyes with the great slime creature and unleashed the demon once more.

"Really, was there any point in even reverting back in the first place Odin? We both saw this coming anyway."

#32Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:34 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya whom indeed couldn't care less about her clothing option and Odin whom might sneak a peak, was just willing to get out and soon. But because of the noise there was no other option but just to fight and her shadow returned to her as soon as Odin changed back or formed again one.. she was not good for this description, when he became Lucifer again. She sort of petted the wall to make sure her cowardly shadow was doing fine and decided that she would first fix the door before throwing her power into the fight. She thought Odin would be able to take care of himself and her power might only be just a bonus to get the work done sooner.

So the blob came towards them and she simply went to turn the wheel on the door further and ignored the squaking, she had to be sure that they could leave through this door later, she didn't feel the need to find another dor. Besides it might be smart to check if there were Rune Knights outside. "Less talking more punching!" she yelled down stairs to Lucifer when the Blob was looking also at her. This thing was big enough to cover the whole tunnel and she didn't feel like becoming a fly in his world. She clenched her legs around the ladder as good as she could and was finally at the last turn, the door could be opened.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:26 am

The demonic Prince of Darkness and ruler of hell, Lucifer Morningstar, raised his middle finger up to Nastasya as she shouted down, telling him to stop talking and start fighting. If she wanted to swap places with him and fight the slime creature while Lucifer opened the door to their escape then she was more than welcome to. Judge the results, but don't shout at him because of his methods, that was just mean. Either way, Lucifer had much bigger things to worry about, like the giant slime monster currently facing him, having realised that Lucifer was wanting to fight it.

The slime hated fire, that was what seemed to be one of its main weaknesses, if only, and here it was fighting against a demon of fire. The ball was in Lucifer's court, and he was going to use it. As a test, he placed his hand out in front of him and send a fireball in the shape of his palm towards the creature, hitting it and setting it alight, but defusing and being smothered by the sheer volume of the slime. It was going to take a lot to do this properly, and now the thing was angry, coming straight for Lucifer.

This is going to be great fun.

#34Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:12 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastaysa giggled because of Lucifer however her demeanor quickly switched to serious, because the blob wasn't that much fun to be around. She would just wait and see if she needed to help Lucifer. She didn't want to be in his way and she also wasn't sure what his plan was. "If you need anything, you know how to call me." She said remaining on the ladder, even though she was out of the way from the blob, which was now being hurt by Lucifer, she at least created the shadow knife and scissors just to be sure and held them in both her hands. It was not the greatest place to sit down onto but at least she had a great view and if she had to throw, she was sure to miss Lucifer.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:51 am

The offer of help was certainly appreciated, but Lucifer was far too proud of a being to let anyone help him in combat. Besides, he was pretty sure that he could defeat the monster if he really put his mind to it, and now he'd pissed it off by setting it alight, which was fantastic, as it came for him. It took up most of the room so it didn't have to move much to get to Lucifer's location, but it seemed to have a few tricks up its sleeve, opening its mouth and firing out a stream of goo that the demon had to duck down to avoid, and good thing he did too, as the spit had acidic properties, doing a number of the wall behind. It was no doubt safe to assume that the goo of this creature was all the same as the jet he had just sent out, so this was going to be much harder than Lucifer had originally thought. He would have to take it out without touching it, which made it very interesting when a plan formed in his mind. Glancing back at the acid spit and thinking of a very amusing scheme indeed, but he'd need a moment to regain his powers to do it, so he ran around the creature, and clapped his hands, reducing the creature's ability to withstand damage by a decent amount. Now he'd just have to wait a moment, and things would end.

#36Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:26 pm

Nastasya Crowe
The only thing Nastasya could do was sit and wait. Which she did perfectly for a rather short moment. After that, she thought to see that Lucifer had a plan. He had the same look as he have had before when he decided to tell her to leave the ground, which she had done. So now it was only a matter of time to see what he would do now and she wondered if there was something else that she could do. So she decided to see if the coast was clear and if the door would really open in a safe place. She turned one more look on Lucifer before she went back with her eyes to the door above her.

A bit wobbly she managed to stand on the ladder with her heels and her hands on the wheel of the door and push it up with the strenght of her upperbody. It was quite difficult but when she opened the door, she first had to let her eyes get adjusted to the sunlight, or actually her one eye. She had no idea why the door had been so heavy, but it was probably because of the fact that there was grass on it and around her now so she must be outside the city, maybe somewhere on the hill. She was listening to hear if she could hear the noises from the Rune Knights. She wasn't so sure at what to do, maybe they had to continue a little further down here at the catacombs, but she didn't feel like meeting more slime. She could see the river from this point and she only wished to wash her legs there but instead she closed the door again and turned back to Lucifer. "I don't hear anything, so we can go out of here once you are done."


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:12 am

There it was, time had passed enough and Lucifer was ready to end it, and take out the slime monster. Nastasya had looked out through the door at the top of the ladders, and had shouted down to the demon, letting him know that they could escape the moment he was done with his opponent, which he was going to make sure wouldn't be too long, especially not now. Blinking for a moment and cracking his neck, Lucifer acted.

First, he would draw the creature's attack, which he did without issue, stopping in one place and allowing the slime monster to fire the acidic spit at him once more. This time though, the demon was ready, and fired out a fireball from his palm straight at the jet stream, igniting it as it it were oil and sending flames all the way through the slime creature, down it's throat and into it's innards, it if had such things. It mattered little though, as the liquid acidic stream was burning much faster than the slime could smother it out, eventually lighting the entire creature up like a bonfire, leaving only charred slime remaining after a few more seconds. Turning around to the ladders, having once more reverted back to his former self, Odin climbed the ladder to reach the top where Nastasya was.

"Right, let's go get that drink."

#38Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:15 am

Nastasya Crowe
Once Nastasya noticed that Odin was winning the fight she opened the hatch door and climbed out of it. She went to the river and cleaned her legs before she walked back. Not even slightly bothered by the cold wind that would pass her bare legs that were getting colder because of the water on it. She would have to walk a little through the grass tiptoeing to get to the road that led back into town. But she first waited for Odin to come up the door before she closed it behind him. "Just a curious question, since we're all alone here. But I only know your code name. Can I know your real name?" or well real was just a matter of what he wanted to say but she meant another name than.. whatever, she would just see what he answered, maybe explain herself later. She walked to the road and grinned at the idea of getting a drink. She wondered if the Rune Knights were still looking.

Which would be interesting, seeing them run around town while they were just sitting at a cafe. She had to take care of her big mouth to not spill words like that again. She wondered if the others had made such mistakes before, but she didn't feel the need to talk about it. "Your fire magic by the way, it looks really cool." she didn't comment on the Take-over, she was not sure if that was alright. Even though she was really curious. One step at the time was fine.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Mon Dec 12, 2016 2:00 pm

Having defeated the monster and climbed out, Odin saw Nastasya there waiting for him, and then she asked him his name, as she could only currently know him by Lucifer. Honestly, the young dark mage had forgotten that he only knew her name but she didn't know his, having picked up the name from a bar in Crocus. Name's were powerful things though, and the Grimoire Heart mage wasn't planning on making a habit of it. But his time with Nastasya had proved that she was worth his trust and so he felt little issue in introducing himself officially.

"Odin. That is my true name. Now let's go get that drink." Turning to face where the town was located, Odin began to walk over, curious as to whether the Rune Knights had ever entered the church. Perhaps they had, and perhaps they too had journeyed down into the catacombs, picking a different path and being attacked by more slimes, or possibly worse. Odin would never know, but he didn't really care at this point. he had evaded their pursuit, and so he deserved a little reward for it, as did his partner, who he now needed to buy a drink for.

#40Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Tue Dec 13, 2016 5:13 am

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya followed Odin, whose name she now knew towards the city. They had to be careful to enter, it might be a bit weird to simply come outside the forest into town again if there was something going on. Luckily most people were surrounding the church and a lot of people were talking around the bars and cafes and there was not much to worry about. She saw some Knights still around but they didn't even glance at her twice and simply continued walking. Which was lovely. "Shall we take this bar?" she asked Odin, it was just a normal bar, not something special but if you looked carefully between the human wall, you could see a part of the Church and the Rune Knights there. It seemed as if they still hadn't checked the catacombs.

If Odin agreed to take this bar, she would take a table at the window that was still available and looked shortly at the menu, but she didn't want anything to eat, although it might be smart and she picked up the menu again. After a while a waiter came over to their table and she ordered a club soda and a little bit of bread and butter because she was famished because of using magic. "Don't worry. I can pay for myself." she said, it was just nice to have a drink after their escape.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:35 am

As the two re-entered Oak Town, Nastasya chose a nearby bar that was close enough to where they currently were but also gave them a nice view of the church.
[colo=#cc0000]"This one will do nicely."[/color] As they sat down, Odin took a moment to look over at the Rune Knights still gathered outside the church, curiously it seemed as though the same number were gathered outside as had been previously, and they hadn't attempted to breach the church, something that did not make sense to the dark mage, given how the Rune Knights had operated so far in his brief encounters with them. They waited outside for a response, then charged in, magical guns blazing.

A waiter came over to the table to take their orders, as Nastasya was looking at the menu and Odin was checking out the church outside the window at which their table sat. Nastasya ordered first, asking for soda and some bread and butter, before stating that she had no issue paying for herself. If Odin had been a man of his word, he would've stopped her there and persuaded the waiter that it was all on him. But as a dark mage, the olive haired young man was just happy he didn't have to spend as much, so he just shrugged, before ordering himself.

"Yeah, I'll take a cheese burger and a diet cola thanks. Also, any idea what's happening over by the church? Seems like a lot of hubbub."

The waiter nodded, writing down the order before replying. "Yes sir, it seems that the Rune Knights were called to deal with some... unsavory characters, you understand I'm sure. But currently, it seems that they've been outside the church for a while, having sent some of their soldiers into the catacombs about an hour ago, but it seems they've yet to return."

Odin took this all in, silently laughing to himself behind the mask of worry as he played the part of the civilian, worried for his own safety in case the 'unsavory characters' came near him.

#42Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:33 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya her right eye sometimes glanced outside while she was first looking at the menu, still wondering what she should eat. What did she want today. When she ordered and Odin did, he was smart enough to ask the waiter what was going on. She wondered if he thought they were a couple from out of town or something like that. She always wondered what people thought of her in general because of the eyepatch. It was just a force of nature, a habit that she was still wearing it. Her power to be able to see ghosts were lost. It wasn't as if she was afraid they might suddenly show up when she put it off or maybe she was.

She turned to look at the waiter with curiousity in her eye. "Unsavory characters? My my and here I thought this was a quiet town." she did on purpose sound like she was a bit afraid, so the waiter glanced at her and simply tried to smile a little encouraging. "It's alright miss. It doesn't happen often actually it never happened before." she knew he was lying and turned to look at Odin. She was still looking like she was a bit shocked but inside she was laughing out loud. Wondering how many slimes were blocking the way and if they would find the exit just as they had done. Their team work was probably better.

She watched the waiter leave and turned to look at the window smiling. "I like today."


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:51 am

Nastasya had caught onto the ruse and had played along with Odin's innocent couple routine, telling the waiter that she though Oak was a quiet town, to which the man replied that it usually was and things like this rarely happened, in fact this had been the first time it had happened, to which Odin raised an eyebrow at the man, who was too busy looking at Nastasya as he spoke. But he understood why the man was lying: if two travellers left Oak saying that the food was great but it was a very dangerous place, they would lose customers and money, two things a business always wanted to have a surplus of if possible.

As the man walked away, Odin's partner looked out the window, towards the church and couldn't help but say she was enjoying how today had gone. Surprisingly, Odin was of a similar opinion. He had fought a battle and defeated an impressive opponent, evaded the Rune Knights as they had tried to pursue him, and felt stronger than ever. It had indeed been a good day, and the young Grimoire mage just nodded, "It certainly has been interesting."

Within ten minutes, the food had arrived, Odin receiving his burger and cola, and Nastasya receiving her much smaller meal of bread, butter and her soda. Thanking the waiter, who in turn thanked them both, Odin took a sip out of his cola before taking a large bite of his burger, immaculately munching on his meal and making no mess whatsoever, cleaning his mouth after he had finished with the provided napkin.

#44Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:10 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was so easy to act for her that maybe it was also the reason that she quickly got the ideas when other people were doing it. Of course not with everyone but she was glad to know the waiter felt for it. She always liked acting and even picked different roles for a day. The whole reason she was wearing a skirt and heels today. But she would drop the shoes somewhere in the back of her closet in the hotel, she would probably never wear them again unless it was needed for things like acting again. As she had done with Caius, she had wore heels back then but that wasn't a problem. Than she knew what was going to happen.

It was interesting to see the people of Oak Town go around. They didn't look as paniced as she would expected them, but that was probably because of the Guild that was here. Wasn't that a dark guild too? These people might be used to something, especially since the waiter was lying. She hummed along with the tune that was on the radio while she remained to look outside, she shortly had turned back to Odin to smile because he had found it interesting too. She hadn't expect this to happen. "Next time. I'll be careful with words." she muttered, even though Yumi had said things about killing too and no one had showed up. They probably all thought an old woman like her wouldn't be a thread and meant it in a figure of speech. Pff.

The food arrived after that and she might have wanted to have a burger herself. But she also wasn't that hungry and the bread was fine. She ate slowly but first took a big sip of her drink. Fighting and the catacombs have made her hungry. "Do you have plans after this?" she asked curiously.


Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:33 am

"Next time. I'll be careful with words."

"Next time, it may end up with you in jail, captured by the Rune Knights and tortured until you're executed in front of a crowd of knights."

Taking a deep breath, Odin calmed himself and patted his mouth, removing any crumbs and leftover sauce from his lips. He had barely heard it as Nastasya had simply muttered it under her breath, but still the guild mate had caught her voice, after having spent so much time with it, he knew how her words sounded, but he didn't mind too much. After all, mistakes happened to everyone, it was just more dangerous in the line of work with which the two dark mages often found themselves in.

After finishing their meal, Shadow asked Lucifer if he had any plans for the remainder of the day. It was starting to get dark, but Odin was still full of energy and not ready to sleep yet. He could stay up for longer if he wanted to.

"I'm thinking I might go for a drink a little stronger than this. I know a pub nearby that does great beer. You're welcome to join me if you wish?"

Part of Odin hated himself right now. He was not a social person, in fact he hated social interactions and having friends. Normally, he would've never asked someone to accompany him somewhere, especially not someone he actually knew and, worse, someone that actually knew him. But everyone was watching the olive haired man with a white streak in his hair and the girl with the eye-patch due to their odd appearances, he had to pretend he was interested in spending more time with Nastasya, despite how he truly felt.

#46Nastasya Crowe 

Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:51 am

Nastasya Crowe
She wasn't finished yet with her bread, but they didn't talk much at this point. Which was okay with her, she had nothing interesting to tell because well the whole adventure were done by the both of them. But in the end she wiped her mouth for possible crumbs with the napkin and took the last drops of her club soda.

She was a bit surprised that Odin invited her to go drinking. She thought about it shortly and felt that she could either take a bath or go drinking and she wasn't good with alcohol but that didn't mean that she didn't like it. She nodded, "I would love to. But I might first want to change clothing. Is it alright to meet you there in like half an hour." She was getting uncomfortable in the skirt and she thought about maybe bringing it back to the store, which was probably a no go but she could be persuasive enough. "Ah it doesn't matter. Let's go." She went to search for money in her pockets and found enough, which she placed on the table. It was a nice offer of Odin to buy her a drink but it was her own fault that they had to enter the catacombs. It was not necessary.

She stood up not much later when the waiter came with the bill to leave the building together with Odin.



Darkness Looms [Nastasya] - Page 2 Empty on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:12 am

Nastasya decided that she'd first like to change her clothes, but then decided not to bother with it and agreed to head towards the pub for a couple of drinks. Dropping some money on the table for her food and drink, Odin did the exact same to pay for his share before standing up and stretching, pushing his arms as high into the sky as he could before cracking his neck one last time. Thanking the waiter as he left, Odin began to walk towards the nearby pub where many 'unsavory characters' could be found: the Swineherd Pub of Oak Town, and what a wonderful place it was.


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