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Shadows and Carnage [Nastasya | Invite]

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#26Nastasya Crowe 

Shadows and Carnage [Nastasya | Invite] - Page 2 Empty on Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:04 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya wasn't so sure as what to say, mainly because Yumi also gave her a lot to think about. She thought she was close to being more impressive than before but she apparently failed quite in that. She had a frown on her face, today was not the day yet that she was in control of her face, she needed to think and maybe she had to leave but she actually liked Yumi her company as well. She looked up from the table where she was staring at when Yumi muttered something, she didn't quite catch the word.

She met the red eyes of Yumi when the old woman looked back her and told her that Nasty wasn't so spineless. Which she took as a compliment. She smiled and looked around herself, it must have been pitiful, what Yumi said before. "I still feel like spicing up this place." she said but she didn't feel like getting into trouble. She wasn't planning on running for the Knights, besides she knew the rules for Grimoire Heart was not to attract any attention, they would be doing the total opposite.

"Where I go from here?" she asked, not entirely sure what Yumi meant. It was a question she could take in two ways, in which way she would grow or literally like which city. "I see where my wings take me, I think. While in the meanwhile I will study on all the things I want to improve. Become a little bit impressive, if I would like to say so." she now covered both questioned and she wasn't really afraid of the two maids listening into them, they were too afraid of Yumi and possibly also afraid of Venom, which she thought was adorable. However it was not smart to mention the Ark, that's what she meant with her wings. "Right now I like to get to see the town a bit better. Might even find the library or so. You know, you better start something, I'm not really nice when I'm bored." she shrugged as if she didn't care. She thought Yumi would understand, maybe most of all.


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Yumi downed the last off the whisky once more as she sat the glass back down, listening to Nastasya as she spoke. The young lady said she would simply see where her wings took her, while studying all she could to improve herself. Yumi sighed as she remembered her younger days, where she would travel the would seeing new things, meeting new people and killing those people. Her life for the last fifty years had been glorious, she didn't have many regrets in life. The old woman had achieved much of what she desired, now all she desired was to someone restore her youth to continue living in the name of her God. Secretly she wondered how others would react should she ever manage to regain what she desired, to return to her beautiful younger self once more. The old woman refilled her glass all the while sighing, who knows how far that dream was. The old lady raised the glass to her lips resuming her drinking once more.

As she downed the last of her glass the old woman finally got irritated by the pathetic snivelling off the maids and threw the empty glass in there direction. The glass shattered on the counter startling them, making them scream in fright, "Stop your snivelling!" Barked out the old woman effectively shutting them up, Yumi was truly terrifying regardless of her age. The religious zealot placed her hands on the table and began to rise. She turned to one of the maids and pointed a finger at her, "You pack up the left overs." She barked out, her bite was much worse than her bite. The maid quickly scurried to comply with the water boxing up the cakes. The old woman tsked and looked at her acquaintance, "Shall we head to somewhere less putrid?" asked the old woman as she folded her hands into the sleeves of her kimono. Her familiar returned to her side floating up to Yumi's right shoulder, pieces of cake falling from his mask.

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Nastasya Crowe
Yumi didn't say much about what Nastasya just said and that could both be good as well as bad, she just hoped for her sake it was good. She didn't feel the need to have another lecture. She saw the new anger in Yumi her being, it was not difficult to miss when she threw the glass to the two maids that were wimpering and being annoying in general. This time Nastasya didn't jump in surprise. They had it coming so it wasn't something that weird for Yumi to do. She watched the throwing of the glass and it shatter at the bar, the flinching of the girls and she grinned again. It was lovely to watch.

She watched the girl that was chosen to come over the table, whimper and being a big baby about it. They should fire her and the other one too. She turned back to Yumi and nodded "Gladly." she answered and got up from her chair and turned to the maid, "Next time, just a tip, I think it's good to listen to the customers. So no cute messages on the cakes means nothing on the cakes." if she ever would stay here, or as if they would ever return. She just find it nice to point out where it went totally wrong. She took the box with cakes and the bag that Yumi had with her new kimono in there, even though Nastasya didn't know. She didn't care to carry it. She waved goodbye to the girls and followed Yumi outside. "Any specific plans?" She looked left and right when they came back on the street again, it was almost more busy than before they entered the cafe.


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Yumi sneered at the maids, giving them one last annoyed look before turning sharply on her heels and made her way to the door. Following after her was none other than her familiar. Her acquaintance Nastasya had been so kind as to collect the box with the cakes and the bag containing Yumi's new kimono. The old woman headed towards the door, walking with grace, her steps making no sound which would not be surprisingly for someone of her small stature and weight. She seemed light as a feather as she glided through the air as if she was walking on air. The old woman forced the door open ignoring the sound of the bell as she walked out onto the streets. Yumi allowed a sneer to form on her lips as she eyed the packed street.

The old lady took a single step forward only for her path to be blocked by the crowds. If Yumi were taller and younger it would have been no problem to force her way through, but with her diminutive stature and age, she would not risk it. With an annoyed growl she raised a hand, to the world, it appeared as if everything was going to anger the old woman today, almost as if Yumi had awoken on the wrong side of the bed. Yumi focused her mana into her finger tips allowing black wisps to release from her body as killer intent flooded forward causing many citizens to suddenly freeze and turn towards the old woman who was clearly angry.

"MOVE!" Barked the old lady her command echoed over the streets and as quickly as she spoke the streets began to part. Word was passing from person to person about the angered crazy old lady. While the goal of the Guild was to be secretive, it was not as if people were aware she was a member of Grimoire Heart. To the world, she would just appear as a grumpy old lady.

Yumi turned to look at Nastasya as she forced her intent and mana back into her body, "Come." Said the woman in a slightly friendlier tone than how she addressed the crowd. It was evident the old lady held no anger towards her companion for the day. With that, Yumi began walking through the parting crowd venom behind her. As she walked, the old woman would address the question of her colleague, "Where I go from here? Who knows. Perhaps I should pay a visit to my Fellow Brethren, I hear there is a small assembly here in Oak. I wish to see if they abide by way of our Lord Khorne. If not I will take their heads." Answered Yumi, her gaze fixed dead ahead as she spoke. "But besides that, I do not have any other plans. Perhaps I will visit the gallery it has been many seasons since I last saw what passed for art in this era."

#30Nastasya Crowe 

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya couldn't stop grinning for the faces of the maids were just too much fun. When they passed the one behind the bar, she almost ducked behind it and Nasty could see the old woman her face and enjoyed it only more. She tried to move the grin of her face, just to be sure that she was showing Yumi a little bit of her work on her face and thus expressions.

They stopped because of the crowd and Nasty now her face neutral looked left and right to see why all the people were on the streets right now. She really had no idea, when her eye turned back to Yumi, she wanted to stop her guild mate because it didn't seem smart to use magic, including the rules of Grimoire Heart. But she stopped herself on time because if there was someone who would know the rules from their guild, it would definitely be Yumi. Besides it was rather impressive to see what a little bit of magical feeling and one angry lady could do. The crowd parted and the words were out as fire to make way for her and thus for Venom and Nastasya. She very softly bit her lip to not laugh about this case again. It was better not to show such madness at this moment.

She was glad that Yumi herself didn't seem to be angry with her, which was something she didn't want to have ever. Cause Yumi her wrath on her. She had been good with the vendor but she shouldn't make that mistake again. There was enough space for the two of them to walk next to each other and she simply didn't pay attention anymore to the faces but only to Yumi. Nastasya nodded, she had never thought about following a religion or a person so she wasn't that well aware of the Lord Khorne. "I heard the Art Gallery is beautiful here but I haven't been there yet myself." She didn't talk about the killing of her brethren, she didn't plan to come along because she would feel like an intruder and she was sure Yumi wouldn't want to come along if she wasn't planning to join the religion. "Is that the reason why you came to Oak Town? Your fellow brethren?"


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"That is one of the reasons. I have heard many of my brethren have fallen down the wrong path. They are being enticed by the enemies of Khorne, Chaos God of War, Death, Courage, Rage, Strength and Hate, which he has blessed upon his worshippers." Just with the words of what her God commanded it was quick to see how Yumi could be quick to anger, as it was anger that seemed to fuel her entire being. The old woman never showed a hint of fear and seemed to live to the doctrine of Khorne to the letter, "They have been seduced by the degenerates of Slaanesh the Chaos God of Pleasure, Desire, Decadence, Love, Artistry and Perfection and cowards of Tzeentch the Chaos God of Magic, Change, Evolution, Destiny, Lies and Trickery." Barked out the old woman with scorn, the ideals of the two Chaos Gods seemed to anger the old woman as a rage bubbled in her dull crimson hues.

"They have taken to killing in an artistic manner, they do not allow warriors to fall honourably, empowering Slaanesh. They have taken to killing cowardly from afar with magic, unwilling to fight honourable thus furthering the power of Tzeentch and weakening Khorne. I am here to correct this." Declared the old woman in a dark tone, there was a serious edge to her words that meant she would carry out what she had said. To any who knew the old woman she was someone that even at her age would fight on the battlefield in close quarter combat.

"I have already cleansed the Order of Khorne in Hargeon, I pray to Khorne I do not have to do the same here. We are few when compared to own enemies" The old woman calmed herself allowing her rage to be bottled down once more, putting a tight lid on it. She would use her growing rage for later, "Perhaps you would wish to one day learn more of my God. I am sure you would serve him well with the proper teachings" Yumi directed her words to Nastasya before growing quiet once more.

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya was not really interested in the religions and especially not the Illumin or whatever they were called, that much interested she was. She looked at Yumi while she summoned up the subjects of the God she just mentioned. Khorne. Nastasya had to be honest never heard about Khorne and she wasn't so sure if she wanted to know more, she wondered what it would be to be a subject to a God. She actually liked someone more neutral but didn't say that obviously. She rather kept her head.

Yumi went on about another God that took away her fellow brethren, something about passion, love and even though artistiry was fine, she doubt only pieces of paintings were meant and also not sculptures. The last one she mentioned, even though Khorne was by far the most easiest names, more sounded like her. Lies and trickery, but again it wasn't good to say that. She just nodded that she understood what Yumi meant.

She frowned a little, it was probably not the idea to kill or clean off your brethren but if they stepped over to another God, it made some sort of sense, so she nodded again. That was the moment that Yumi thought it might be good to invite Nastaysa herself. "Oh I don't know." the young woman started surprised, "I mean I never thought about it. Religion at all. So i never actually understood what you have to do. If that make sense, I feel so stupid and I don't mean to offend, I am just not experienced with the subject."


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"As a worshipper of Khorne, there is one thing above all you must do, simply kill in his name. As a Chaos God of War, he prides his worshippers on their commitment on and off the field of battle, to kill in his name is to be cleansed in his dark light. It is our warrior-code set by our Lord that we follow, or Lord believes it is the solemn right of every warrior to die an honourable death in battle with sword and axe in hand As the first Sage of Khorne once said 'My Master is the Beginning and he is the End. He is the Master of mortals and the core of our Dead Hearts. Deny him and you deny yourselves. Honour him, and acknowledge he to whom we owe it all'" Chanted the old woman from the top of her head. Yumi had memorised the books of Khorne years ago and was able to quote every last passage on demand without fail.

"As the Great Ergathon of the Skulltakers and Champion of Khorne proclaimed 'There is no peace. There is only time wasted between battles'. To worship Khorne is to worship the art of battle, where anger and rage become your strength, beneath the gift of the Mightiest God of Chaos. To become a devotee of Khorne, all you must do is read from our book, and kill in the Blood God's name. The God who favours the Wolf as his sacred animal, for like Khorne himself the wolf respects only strength and longs after the scent of blood." Spoke the old woman passionately, her sour expression long gone as her eyes seemed to shimmer with the praise of her lord. The symbol of Khorne on her back began to heat up as mana flooded into it causing the symbol to glow, allowing a dark light to shine from her collar.

"It is through my devotion to the Dark God Khorne, that one day I shall be rewarded for all I have done in his name. It is proclaimed only the truly dedicated to the Chaos God of War shall have youth blessed upon them to eternally fight in his name." The old woman clenched a hand looking down at her wrinkled flesh in disgust. The old woman held onto the hope that one day she would be blessed to regain her beautiful youth.

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya let Yumi talk on and on, it was rude to let her stop talking but she felt a little bit cornered. She didn't want to join and not fight in the name of Khorne or well not yet. She wasn't entirely sure if she was good enough in fighting, since she had always done it alone and barely had resistance, she was always the one that fought as a shadow and was a surprise, so yeah it had been easy. She had to train a bit more so when Yumi was finished talking, she swallowed heavily. "Well it really sounds interesting, don't get me wrong. But I would rather think about it. If it's only fighting in the name of the.. lord Khorne?" she said the last part as a question because she had no idea if she was allowed to say his name. "As you said I first need teaching more and need to get better. But maybe after that. I still am not sure how it works." She tried to be as casually as she could, as if she wasn't just pushing away someone their religion. She looked in front of her, wondering where Yumi was going, since for her it seemed as if they were walking aimlessly.


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Yumi silenced herself after that, no need to continue preaching. From the tone of Nastasya's voice, it was clear she was uncomfortable talking about religion. For now, the old woman would let it go, but that did not mean she would not eventually try and convert the young lady again. Yumi desired to convert more people to follow her Chaos God Khorne. The old woman continued walking through the streets, to Nastasya it might seemed they were walking aimlessly but to Yumi they were not. They had backtracked once or twice but to simply make sure they were not being followed. Yumi led her colleague to none other than the Oak Church. The old woman's dark gaze fell upon the building of the worshippers of Illumin. The old woman held back her scorn as she gave a brief glance to Nastasya, "Tell me what do you see." The old woman focused her gave back.

The old lady's eyes darted across the building picking up numerous weak points in the architecture of the building. It was easy enough for anyone to climb the building unnoticed by going around the back, to drop in from above. Cracks were running along one fo the support pillars at the front of the building, a strong enough blow and it would crumble knocking down a large portion of the wall. The supports leading to the top were shaky at best and should they be removed the entire roof would cave in.

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Nastasya Crowe
It seemed that Yumi got the idea that it made Nastasya uncomfortable. Which was nice for now but it was also a bit sad, for it meant that even that she couldn't hide. She should really make work of this and that would be on the top of her list, after this day and after figuring out new spells. They stopped in front of the Church. She was sure this was not a Church for Lord Khorne but the Illumin, it was a bit seen on Yumi her face that she definitely didn't like this place, so it was not for the religion part that they were here. "What I see? I see a very old building." her eyes travelled over the building to see the cracks, but most of them were perfectly hidden. Except for the one supporting pillar at the front, close to them. She narrowed her eyes. "Especially that pillar." she said next, she had no idea why she was here and thus didn't think about how to enter the Church but through the front door.


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Yumi continued eying the building with a bland expression, having allowed her emotions to settle. The old woman surveyed the area, no one was in sight. It seemed her colleague had not gotten the point of the exercise. Then again it was not as if she was aware of Yumi's future plans. The old woman raised a single hand pointing towards the cracking pillar, "Landing a decisive blow wold cause the section to crumble." She moved to point to the rafters, "The beams are poorly secured and should they be destroyed would cause the roof to collapse." Pointed out the old woman addressing the points she had wanted her colleague to see.

Yumi slipped her hands back into the sleeves of her kimono, folding her arms over her chest, "One should always attempt to analyse a structure and find the points within it that could cause it's collapse and destruction."

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya indeed didn't get the whole reason why she was here and why they were standing and looking at the Church. It wasn't that interesting now was it? She eyed it and looked at where Yumi was pointing. She had seen the pillar, it was difficult to miss but she again still didn't understand why she had to know. Was this another lecture? Something like: get to know your buildings in case you need to be in there and escape? She didn't know how close to the truth she was.

Yumi continued from the pillar to the beams, indeed a spot that Nasty had missed. When she was done with some other minor details, Yumi indeed gave her a lecture about analysing buildings for destruction. "Not to be stupid or so but they never send me on a mission like that. I always have to find the informants." She shrugged but looked at the building again, especially the pillar and the beams because even though she never looked at it before, it was interesting and she would definitely keep it in mind.


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Yumi gave Nastasya a deadpan style of stare. Her familiar Venom floated behind the old woman, peaking out from behind Yumi's shoulder to inspect the church as well. As the odd person walked passed they would suddenly jump having noticed the familiar and run off, but Yumi ignored this instead focused back on Nastasya, "Never say never, at the moment it's informants but one day it may be demolition. I spent many years hunting down informants and slowly moving up the ladder. It never hurts to practice when you can encase they finally decide to send you on higher missions."

The old woman turned on her heels sharply and began walking away once more, "Follow" commanded the oldest member of Grimoire Heart. Yumi's feet shuffled along the streets as she made her way through Oak once more appearing to walk around aimlessly with no actual destination. She would lead Nastasya through the castle town to the highest point of Oak, where she stopped on a hill that overlooked the entire city. From where they stood the two would easily be able to see the Church, The Phantom Lord Guild and Castle Phantasm. "I offer this advice, learn the layout of every town, village and city you visit. Learn the hideouts, shortcuts, back alleys and the secret trails that lead out. You never know when what you have learnt will be needed, but eventually, it will be used."

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya opened her mouth to say something after again a new lecture of Yumi, but the old woman simply said follow when she turned her heel. "I don't mean it like that.. Yuni. It's just that I never looked at that. I must say that I wouldn't mind to go up the ladder. I'm grateful that you show it to me already. I will try to remember everything you tell me." She should remember everything but her mind was not that good, it collected everything like a sponge but she also lost a lot. Thank god it was mostly names and faces and not information like that.

She continued to follow Yumi, not expecting an answer from the old lady, since she not always gave that. She only seemed to get the information and answer later or get back to it. She wasn't sure if Yumi still liked her. It was a bit a weird situation if she would say so. However they finally arrived at their destination, the highest point of the hill of Oak. She looked over the town and heard Yumi again giving her some advice. "I'm better with that." She said and her eyes followed the town below, some streets and back alleys that she already knew but this was a good place to see more. She saw a secret path with an almost broken bridge that lead into the mountains. She made a mental note of that one.


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Yumi looked over the hill watching the town. She could make out tiny figures walking about like ants. The old woman's eyes narrowed in order to better perceive the world down before her. Her eyes narrowed further as she took a few steps back retreating away from the edge of the cliff and made her way over to a wooden bench that had been placed at the top of the hill. The old woman sat down resting her old bones, allowing her body to relax against the bench. The old woman then patted the spot to her right signalling for Nastasya to sit beside her. As she did that, her familiar decided to race about in the air burning off all the cake he had eaten.

"At the moment you are young. While I am pleased you wish to remember all I have told you this day, no one thing. You will make mistakes, and that is fine. We all do it, learn from them. I have made many mistakes myself." Admitted the old woman and it was common knowledge she rarely revealed that she was capable of making mistakes, it showed how stubborn she was in her old age. The old woman allowed her eyelids to begin closing, making them appear shut when they were only slightly open.

"ON an unrelated note, a storm is coming in a few short weeks. Be prepared" By coming storm Yumi meant she was planning something, but just what that was the old woman did not reveal.

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya first still remained standing at the spot that Yumi brought her, while the other walked to the bench. She crossed her arms and looked at the people walking. At the impressive buildings such as the castle, the Phantom Lord Guild and the Church. It looked impressive but this city made it easier to watch it. In Crocus, she had walked around for days before she got most things in her mind to make sure she was able to run away in the heat of the moments.

She heard Yumi patting the bench and turned around and took a seat next to her, looking at Venom now, however she looked quickly back at Yumi. Now convinced that the elder liked her at least a little. She gave a smile to Yumi and nodded. She wanted to say she didn't like to make mistakes but yeah who did and Yumi just said she had made mistakes as well. You could learn from mistakes. So she nodded only.

She looked back at Venom and heard the words of an upcoming storm. She had to be prepared. There appeared a frown between her eyebrows. She didn't expect that this was about a normal storm. She couldn't be better prepared for a natural cause than just stay in her luxury hotel.. it was some Grimoire Heart Business. It had to be. "You make me very curious. But I bet we hear from it at some point?" With the we she implied the other members of Grimoire Heart. She had seen Odin already here.


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Yumi folded her right leg over her left knee, before folding her hands over one another, right on top before resting them on her knee. She leant back against the chair appearing calm. A gentle breeze blew on by, and the old woman simply enjoyed it allowing the breeze to blow over her body. It tickled against her wrinkled skin. The old woman released a sigh of content. How long had it been since she had relaxed like this? It had been many moons since she had relaxed in such a simplistic manner and enjoyed life. As a young woman she had always been on the go to busy to even allow a moment to pass by like this. Even in her relaxed state she still answered Nastasya's question, "Eventually. For now, just prepare yourself for any potential occasion."

Yumi inhaled deeply before exhaling calming herself, pushing the rage that had once been growing deep inside her body forcing it down and bottled it up tighter than before. Her eyes slowly opened as she gained a serious expression, "The time will come once again where our Guild brings terror and chaos once more to the land. The storm brews and she is a violent storm that will wipe our foes from existence."

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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya looked around, it was a nice place to be. It kind of reminded her of her old home.. or well where she lived. She never thought of the house anymore. Not after the death of her father. But Oak Town today was without snow, so it wasn't it 100%. She nodded when Yumi said she should just be prepared. "As always. I will work hard to become more.. impressive." she at first caught her tongue to not say the word impressive. But it was just something she wanted to be. Since she had now four or maybe even five lectures, she could take a sixth.

However Yumi continued and Nastasya her eyes became a little bigger but not out of surprise. This was happy news. There was already a small smile on her lips and her eyes started to shine. This is why she joined Grimoire Heart. It was some news that only Yumi could tell her. She wondered if the others already knew or if that was the reason why they might come in town. She would only have to wait and see, become prepared for any rising storm that was approacing. It all sounded great and she was wondering what her role might be or what actually might happen. There were too many questions that couldn't be asked right now.


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Yumi sighed as she uncrossed her legs and placed her hands on her knees. The old woman began to rise from her seat, her joints cracking as she rose. The old woman stretched her limbs and rolled her shoulders, before she began to move her neck side to side working out the kinks. Once the old woman was finished her used her head to signal to venom than the box and bags. The familiar raced to them collecting them before returning to Yumi. The old woman took them into her hands and turned to face Nastasya, "It's been a pleasure being in your company today. But I believe it's time we said our farewells for now. I am staying in Oak for quite some time, if you wish to meet up once again I am staying at the Purple Mist Inn."

With that the old woman made her way to the end of the hill that resided over Oak. The old woman gave one last look to Nastasya, bowing her head before taking a dive off the side going into a free fall, her familiar shooting after her catching, Yumi by the back of her kimono slowing the old woman's descent.


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Nastasya Crowe
Nastasya remained on the bench as she watch Yumi get up. She handed the box with cake and the bag with the kimono to Venom when Yumi asked for her familiar to get it. She turned to look at the old woman when she spoke to her. "I learned a lot. May we meet again." she said as a goodbye, it was good to try and remember the name of the Inn, but she was sure she wouldn't. She didn't even know the name of the hotel she was staying in herself. She planned to remain seated here and check out the village below her.

She waved Yumi goodbye and thought about all the things that were taught to her. As long as it were no names, she would be fine.


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