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Feeble Minds ⌜Yumi⌟

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Feeble Minds ⌜Yumi⌟ Empty on Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:33 am

Bianca Fleur
Bianca sat in the front row of the desolate church, staring at the altar with a bleak expression, hands placed on the rest in front of the seat. She was here for none other than the tranquility and silence of this place. The phantom enjoyed having little to no company, especially when she felt like she did right now. It was her womanly time of the month and every emotion she felt was heightened by at least ten times. She was aggravated by the smallest trigger she would usually neglect, so this would be a really bad time to anger her or even tease her. Suddenly feeling dull after sitting motionless for a while, Bianca rose to her feet and went up the altar, circling the center table towards where the Holy Eucharist would be kept. She ran a hand along the lock that secured the sacrament, tugging at it to see if it was loose. Sadly, it wasn’t. She then began to walk around to the stand where the priest would give his sermons, and looked at the empty rows of seats in front.

Descending from the altar to the confession booth, Bianca opened the door, hands barely touching the dusty handle as she stepped inside, leaving the door ajar behind her as she seated herself on the priest’s chair - the wrong chair, yes. “Bless me Father for I have sinned,” she began with a solemn look about her face. Azure orbs cast down on the hand rest for the priest as she tapped on it thrice for no particular reason. A grin of pure malice slowly spread across her face as she finished her sentence saying, “...and I will sin again.” She stood up almost immediately after the words escaped her mouth, pretending none of that happened, the grave expression returning to her face as she left the confession booth and took the exact same seat from before at the front row, once again, staring grimly at the Eucharist with her fingers laced in her lap.


Feeble Minds ⌜Yumi⌟ Empty on Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:10 pm

The door of the church began to open, a loud creaking sound echoing through it's hallowed halls. A lone bright red eye poked on through the gap of the door that seemed to float back and forth behind a skull like mask face. Robed like hands gripped the sides of the church door forcing it open with a louder creak as a strange little creature floated on in. The creature had an odd black robe like body with two bones on it's back. It's mask / face resembled that of a skull with a single bright red eye as big as a tennis ball floating back and forth, it almost look like the child of a grim reaper.

The creature, a Duskull to those who were aware of it's species, floated down the isle of church looking around the empty church. The Duskull's lone eye locked onto the form of a young woman, who even though she was seated, seamed to be at a towering height, taller than the creature's own master. The child like reaper floated towards the woman, seemingly drawn by her odd pink hair. It had never seen such a thing and it had seen many human's in it's day, but never one with pink hair, nor one with slightly pointed ears like hers, humans were truly an odd species.

The Duskull, Venom if he recalled his master called him, floated down in front of the woman, looking at her with his lone eye. The pieces at the end of his skull mask where his mouth was seemed to rise into what could only be speculated as a smile. The little creature seemed to bob up and down in excitement as it began to float around the woman, "DUSK!" cried the two foot tall creature in a raspy yet high pitched tone.

#3Bianca Fleur 

Feeble Minds ⌜Yumi⌟ Empty on Sat Dec 03, 2016 4:53 pm

Bianca Fleur
Bianca heard the double doors creak open, but only for a short time, so it was either the wind or some animal trying to sneak into an abandoned church. The church probably wasn’t abandoned, but it appeared like it. Silky pink tresses draped over the sides of her face, framing the heart-shaped figure that it took as she lowered her head, wondering if she should already go back for dinner. She looked up again at the altar with narrowed eyes and then released a sigh. She had no reason to be here other than to enjoy the silence, and her stomach was grumbling now, signaling that she should leave now and get some food. She felt like having some spicy udon right now. Maybe she should actually stop by that place instead of going back straight to her guild and having dinner there. She had only started to go out of her room. Usually she was stuck inside reading a million books a day, but now she had decided to see the world instead of read about it.

So with a decision made in her head, Bianca let out a satisfied sigh before something came into view. Some kind of black ball with an eye. It then began to move in a way that Bianca interpreted as either excitement or extreme fear. It was probably the former, seeing how it screamed something that sounded like ‘dusk’. She could see why she didn’t detect it entering the church - it was floating. Bianca stood up and reached over to the creature, petting it’s little head and turned around to exit the establishment. In this world of limitless magical possibilities, Bianca is no longer surprised by anything that would normally be considered ‘out of the ordinary’. She was just exiting through the double doors that remained ajar when she thought she noticed some movement. Probably some rodents scurrying about due to the disturbance in their peaceful little world when Bianca stepped outside. She stood there for a while, admiring the sight of the moon from where the entrance of Oakland Church.


Feeble Minds ⌜Yumi⌟ Empty on Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:02 pm

Venom's gaze fell back on the pink haired human as she reached out with a hand towards him. He pulled back slightly inspecting the open palm before he leaned forward and nuzzled into it as she patted the top of his head. He made an affectionate sound from the petting but the moment the hand left and the woman began to walk away he released a whine of complaint at the loss of the affection. The tiny creature then floated after the woman bobbing up and down in mid air like an apple in water as it followed her towards the exit of the Oak Church. The child like reaper came to a halt as the woman stood in the door way seeming to admire the moon. It's lone eye gazed upwards to inspect the glistening full moon as the shadows of the night clung to it's robe.

Then a voice called from the distance, with a stiff yet commanding tone, "Venom!" Barked the voice as out of the shadows a lone figure appeared. The figure was a four foot ten inch tall old woman with grey hair tied up in a double bun held by a hair pin with two pearls dangling from the side, with a matching set of earrings that had four pearls hanging from a golden chain. The old woman's eyes appeared shut, but if one looked closely they would see a shimmer of dull red peering from a gap in the eye lids. The old woman wore a simple silk kimono and matching wear.

The old woman walked with a straight back as she approached the opening off the church, appearing to have a commanding aura about her yet held a deadly presence at the same time, "I was wondering where you scampered off to." Said the old woman as her familiar raced through the air towards her and settled on her right shoulder. Venom began to nuzzle against the old woman affectionately who raised her left hand in response to pat the top of his mask. Yumi turned to the pink haired girl, holding back disdain at the young woman's beauty as it reminded the old woman of what she lost, "I do hope he was not a bother." Spoke the old woman politely putting up an act.


Feeble Minds ⌜Yumi⌟ Empty on Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:54 pm

Yumi looked at her familiar patting him on the head. She glanced back at the young woman giving her a small smile, "I thank you for looking after my familiar." With that the old woman gave a polite bow and turned. Yumi began walking away, the sun reflecting off of her as she started walking back into town. The old woman walked along the streets down from the church, her familiar sitting happily on her right shoulder. The Duskull creature was happily floating in mid air as they left the church behind them. The old woman had been tempted to burn the church down, as it worshipped a rival religion but it was best she lay low.


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