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Why oh why [Travel to Crocus]

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#1Blake VanderDekken 

Why oh why [Travel to Crocus] Empty Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:05 am

Blake VanderDekken
Silas wasn't really doing much lately. He hadn't practiced magic since his accident and he wasn't really up to start again any time soon however those around him thought it would be good for him to get back into magic once more. A knock on the door of Silas would wake the young blonde up but he would ignore it as he was enjoying his bed too much to be bothered right now, that was until the knocking grew in strength and Silas was beginning to grow annoyed. "Who the hell is it" said the wizard as he tried to get comfortable once more. "Wake up Silas, you got mail.. Judging by who sent it you might want to open it" said the voice. The man on the other end of the door was Dante, a fellow guild member and a friend of Silas's. He respected Silas's wish to quit magic and focus on other things for some time. "Fine, fine. I'm coming" said Silas as he rolled out of the bed, still squinting his eyes without his glasses and from the lack of sleep. He'd make his way over to the door where he answered it with nothing but his pillow covering his bare body. "Dammit Silas, cover up" the blonde began to chuckle.

"One day, Dante" said Silas as he closed the door. He'd throw the pillow on the bed as he had the letter in his mouth. He'd open it to find what seemed to be the papers usually used for quest forms. On it was essentially a quest given out by the master to Silas and a select few others. "Hmm" said Silas as he began to read the letter which essentially told Silas he couldn't sit around and do nothing forever. The master wanted him to get back into the arts and assumed having him join a team of some of Blue Pegasus's strongest would do the trick. Even though Silas got along with his guild mates he preferred to work alone for his own reasons, that was when he actually practiced magic. "Why can't people just let me sleep. "Do magic again Silas" "You'll get your power back soon Silas" "At least you didn't die Silas" give it a rest" said Silas as he was getting dressed in his room. After leaving the guild house Silas began to make his way to Crocus where he had to meet his new "team"

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