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Scold The Brat Job [Solo/Private]

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Yumi approached one of the many shops that called the streets of oak home. She had removed a job from the request board of a shop keeper who was asking for help in dealing with a delinquent child who could not help but steal from them no matter what they tried to do to stop it from happening. Normally Yumi would not care for such trivial matters, especially since she could not kill the child, but the reward was twenty five thousand jewels, a decent amount for a D rank that would leave her well off for a month or more if spent right. She had already completed two D ranks this week both involving experimental hexes for Dr. Stephan Mabuz, which had resulted in the old woman not only earning fifty thousand jewels but having her strength permanently increased, while not exponentially it was still an improvement that would aid her in the upcoming battles. She would need to grow stronger for lord, especially if she was to eventually regain her glorious youth.

Yumi looked up from the request sheet, to find her familiar / companion Venom floating in beside her, appearing to be using the end of its cloak to somehow hold a vanilla ice cream cone and eating it with it's strange skull like mouth, how the creature was eating was a mystery to the old woman, but it was far from the strangest thing she had ever seen in her many years on this earth.

The old woman approached the shop finding the shop keep out front. The shop keep was an older man in his fifties at least, no hair on the top of his head, grey hair around the sides wearing a brown and grey kimono. He had shifty eyes as he looked up towards her. Yumi approached with a blank stare, eyes appearing to be shut, "I'm here for the job you published." spoke the harsh old woman as she held up the job, her tone was strong showing she was in no mood for any nonsense. The male gulped and nodded his head, "Thank you, Jerr is costing me business, in fact there he is now." The man pointed across the street and a street urchin with brown hair. The boy noticed and quickly ran off.

Yumi shook her head at the man's idiocy ignoring him as he told her to chase after the boy. She looked at her familiar who immediately devoured his ice cream in one go and flew off after the kid. Venom shot through the air quickly catching up to the kid and floated down catching the kid by surprise. Venom rocked his head back and forth as mana flooded from his body engulfing the young boy lowering the kids speed. Jerr pushed past finding his speed sapped from him allowing Yumi to quickly catch up to the boy.

Yumi cared not particular for children, in fact she did not care for anyone at all. The old woman got in front of the child flexed her wrists visibly before regardless of laws she allowed the back of the right hand to connect with the child's left cheek. A loud smack rang out as magic flooded through her system empowering her strength enhancing it to the point when her hand collided blood flew from the boys mouth as a tooth sailed over head and landed on the ground. She had struck him hard enough to dislodge a tooth and leave a large red mark that was beginning to swell from the impact of her blow.

"Just because you’re are a child do not expect me to be lenient. A firm physical hand will be good for you." Barked out the old woman, a black flame like aura of mana flowing around her giving her a slightly demonic appearing as her tiny framed loomed over the child. The crowd that had gathered were whispering amongst themselves about the audacity of the woman to hit the child, but being older than them they did not voice their concerns respecting their elders. That was one good thing about being old, you could say and do what you want without any youngsters getting in your way.

The boy began to 'cry', crocodile tears. Yumi gave a scowl as she flexed her magical aura allowing it to spike, opening up like a damn. A onyx black aura of mana erupted from her frail body causing a small gust of wind to blow through the ground. The crowd backed up as the woman took a single step forward,
"Cut the tears boy! Be a man you pathetic bastard!" Venom filled her tone as her harsh words cut the air like a hot knife through butter.

Jerr immediately stopped crying, he was clearly scared of the old woman before him as her magic opened up like a dam. He gulped and backed up slightly, earning an annoyed look from the old woman. Her familiar floating down landing on her right shoulder.

Yumi eyed the boy and leaned down grabbing him by the right ear and pulled him to his feet and started dragging him screaming and protesting to the store, "Quit your belly aching! You are apologising for everything you've stolen and if I catch you doing it again, you will lose more than just a tooth boy!" scowled the old woman as she dragged jerr in front of the disgruntled shop keep and tossed the boy in front of him, "NOW apologise and like you mean it!" barked out Yumi as she gave orders to the frightened boy.

Jerr scrambled to fix his clothing and bowed deeply to the shop keeper, "I'M SORRY! I promise I won't ever steal from you again or anyone else!" declared the younger boy, clearly shaken by the actions of the much older woman who had handled him some roughly.

The shop keeper eyed the kid before sighing. He removed an apple from a stand and tossed it to the kid, "Apology accepted now beat it." The boy scrambled and quickly ran off. The shop keeper turned to Yumi, "Thank you." he removed a number of jewels from his pocket and handed them to the older woman.

Yumi snatched the bills from the shop keeper’s hands and walked off not bothering with a response. She was done for the day, she did not want to be around these idiots any longer, if she did she feared there idiocy would seep in.


WC: 1089


Name: Eye Lock Speed
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Duskull Magic
Type: Debuff [Speed]
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Duskull rocks its head back and forth once after which it locks its sight on a target and debuffs their speed.


Strength + 5
Name: Kuroi Kyouka (Dark Enhancement)
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Apocalypse Fist Magic
Type:Self Buff - Strength
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user flicks one of their wrists and allows a black aura of mana, like flames, to consume their body. Mana floods into the muscles strengthening enhancing the users strength by D rank.

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