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More Experimental Hexes Job [Solo/Private]

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Yumi stood once more outside the small magical shop of one Dr. Stephan Mabuz. The old woman, who despised being reminded of her old age, had taken up the request to help out the doctor once more with his experimental hexes each crafted onto a seal for use. The two spells the shop owner had handed to were decrepify and manga. Decrepify was a  failed spell that she had been asked to test last visit. The spell was suppose to cease all function in the targets legs, but it had only given the target a slight limp. Perhaps it would be different this time when used. The other spell magna was one she was told that was suppose to remove all strength from the target leaving them completely weak, she hoped the spell did not backfire and actually worked like it was   to. If it backfired in the worse way she would sacrifice the fat little man to Khorne and use his skull as a drinking glass.

Yumi allowed a scowl to form along her decrepit features as she moved the two pieces of paper across her fingers waiting patiently for her familiar to arrive. She opted to refer to Venom as her Familiar instead of companion, she felt it had a nicer ring to it. After all a companion was someone who travelled with you and could be seen as an equal, where as a familiar was a creature that followed the orders of another. Particularly witches in the old myths. And she liked to see herself more of a witch then a pathetic mage. Witch just had a far nicer tone to it.

Yumi was brought out of her thoughts as she felt a familiar weight on her right shoulder. Looking to the source she found her familiar Venom seated upon the sleeve of her kimono, his mask in the shape of a smile, or what she assumed was a smile it was hard to tell with the strange creature. Yumi removed a strawberry lollipop from her pocket, removed the wrapper and placed it in the mouth of her familiar before removing an orange flavoured one and placed it in her own mouth, allowing the sweet texture to roll over her tongue.

Now came the matter of attempting to find two targets of whom she could utilise the tags on. Who would be her chosen victims today. She rubbed the chin in thought as her dull crimson hues gazed upon the streets of oak. The streets were not particularly busy today and seemed to lack any sign of life, besides the odd person now and then. The old witch sneered and began walking away from the shop, if she was to find a victim to use the first hex on she would need to search the town. Perhaps she could use the first on a child and watch him cry about being unable to move, but she decided to find someone a little older, perhaps a prime male to test the hex on.


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Yumi stalked the streets of oak looking for her next victim. Her companion Venom too was keeping a close eye, seeing as he only had the one if the orb floating between the skull sockets of his mask were any indication, on any passerby. Yumi was not going to waste this hex on just anyone, she was very particular when it came to her victims, something that stemmed from her own religion. The old woman rolled the lollipop in her mouth across her tongue allowing the sugary taste to fill her senses before her eyes narrowed and locked onto an older male twenty feet from her location. The man was average height with brown hair and eyes wearing black jeans and a white top. He seemed to be just walking along, bags in hand as if he had no care in the world. A perfect target to be her victim of this experimental hex.

Yumi raised the first hex as she began to approach. She moved in keeping quiet as she began to sneak up on the young man. When she stood only five feet from her she raised the tag pointing it at his bag and began to whisper beneath her breath, "Decrepify" Her voice carried on the wind as she piece of paper glowed lightly before a small beam of magic shot out and struck the man who cried out in surprise as his legs suddenly gave out all form of function beginning to cease within them. Yumi quickly darted out of sight holding back a smile, it appeared the tag actually worked this time.

Yumi fiddled with the second tag as she quickly fled across town to find her next victim. She sent Venom off to try and find her a target as she blended into the small crowd that was beginning to gather in the streets as time passed. By the time Venom had returned the old woman had her target in sight, a large man of eight feet with bulging muscles wearing only a pair of brown cargo pants. Yumi raised the tag pointing it directly at him, 'Magna" commanded the old woman before the tag began to light up, But instead of it targeting the man an aura of light engulfed Yumi catching the old woman by surprise. However instead of finding her strength waning she found a new power rippling through her aged form.

Yumi clenched her right hand, she felt stronger. Yumi locked onto the man and moved through the crowds, using her height to be unseen. She approached and swiftly delivered a single punch to the man's stomach and moved away. The man doubled over vomiting up the contents of his stomach, "My punch felt stronger." though the old woman as she fled into a nearby alley. It appeared the hex had back fired and instead imbued her with greater strength but was it permanent? For the next hour the old would test out her new found strength on the walls of oak, finding that her strength did not diminish.

Yumi laughed to herself as she headed back to the magic shop. She walked on in and confronted the doctor behind the counter, "Decrepify worked as it was suppose to, my target found himself unable to move. As for Magna it backfired, but instead of sapping my strength it appeared to enhance it." Listed the old woman giving her report to the doctor who thanked her and slid the jewels for the job across the counter. Yumi took the jewels and left, slamming the door behind her.


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More Experimental Hexes Job [Solo/Private] FIXCi2K
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