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Experimental Hexes [Request/Solo]

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Yumi stood outside a small magic shop in oak, two magical tags in her left hand. She had come to this particular shop for the purpose of a request that had been issued from one Dr. Stephan Mabuz. The dear doctor had been working on creature some new hexes and he wished for someone to test them out. Being the helpful citizen she was Yumi had taken the request, mainly because she needed to start earning some money, her savings were beginning to dwindle from all the travelling she had been doing as of late and it would be good to get back into the seat. The first spell to be used was one called "Stimuli" and it was supposed to make the body extremely sensitive to stimuli for an hour. The second "Decrepify" and it is supposed to stop someone's legs from functioning for an hour.

Yumi felt movement on her right shoulder as her new companion arrived, whom she had named affectionately Venom. He would be the Venom to her Carnage, as her alias as a member of Grimoire Heart. The old woman raised her left hand to pat the odd creature on it's skull like mask. She had done extensive research into just what the creature with the robe like body was. Apparently it was known as a beast called a 'Duskull' a rare creature with the ability to grow becoming stronger, each time it grew it would gain a new form, but Yumi would have to nurture the odd creature first.

Yumi continued stroking Venom's head just a little longer before coming to a stop, "Time to get this under way." muttered the old woman as she slipped her hands into the sleeves of her Kimono and began walking through the streets. She would test out the stimuli spell first, but first she needed to find herself a victim, someone who she could use the spell on and examine the effects for the next hour or so, but just who would make the perfect target. She considered going with someone young perhaps between the ages of eighteen and thirty. She would also use the spell on someone of the female persuasion, why waste it on a male.

Yumi moved quietly through the streets, drawing looks from those around her, no doubt because of her odd looking companion but the aged woman cared not for the thoughts of others. She pulled her right hand out of her sleeve pulling along with it a lollipop. She removed the wrapper and placed the orange sucker between her lips. Her companion gave her a pleading look with that single big eye of his. Yumi rolled her eyes and the old woman removed a green sucker and placed it between the creatures lips who seemed to jump up and down happily, what a most odd creature. But as long as it grew into something strong she would keep Venom by her side.

Yumi rolled the sucker across her tongue as she continued to survey for the perfect victim. Her eyes narrowed as she watched a young blonde haired girl with blue eyes, curves and a large chest wearing a one piece purple dress walk on by. Yumi held back a sadistic smirk as she turned on her heel and followed the young woman waiting patiently for the chance to strike. Her right hand went to her pocket and began to finger the seal. She pulled it out and made sure it was the right one before turning her gaze back on the girl who had just come out of a store, bag in hand. Yumi nodded at her companion who flew forward grabbing the bag and quickly turned down a nearby ally, the young girl chasing after.

Yumi followed walking up behind the girl and slapping the seal on her back and called out "Stimulu" causing the girl to release a loud moan immediately. She began to rub her thighs appearing to be uncomfortable as she fell to her knees panting heavily, her eyes becoming glazed over. Venom floated back over and landed on his master's shoulder as both watched the young girl writhe about on the cold floor for the next fifty minutes.

Yumi rubbed her chin as she watched the young girl writhe about in uncomfortable ecstasy. If Yumi was younger she would show that girl all kinds of pleasure, but she was much to old now. Yumi approached the fallen girl eyeing her with disdain, her long blonde hair and lively blue eyes and her beautiful looks sickened the old woman who had long since lost her beauty. She growled as she gave a noticeable flex of her muscles and her wrists. As she did a black flame like aura of magic spiked up around her body and flooded into her muscles. Yumi reached down grabbing the girl by the neck making her cry in pleasure. Magic rushed through Yumi's body as she lifted the girl and proceeded to snap the blondes neck before tossing the body aside.

Yumi regained herself and quickly left the alley, making sure their were no witnesses. Once the area was safe she left the alley making her way back into the streets to find her next test subject. Her eyes looked over the streets as she began to circle Oak's main streets. She spotted a healthy young man and drew the next magical seal whispering, "Decrepify" under her breath. Immediately the magic struck the young man, but instead of his legs no longer functioning her appeared to have a little limp. Yumi frowned as she followed the young man for the next hour making sure the spell lasted the entire time. It was boring to follow someone around for a large period of time and watch them do nothing, but once the spell was done with she left heading back to the magical shop.

Yumi threw the door open and approached her client, a short fat man in white clothing behind the counter. Yumi stood opposite the client and spoke in a bored tone, "it's done. Your first one worked as described, the second Decrepify however did not. it made my intended target limp and that was it. now where's my money." The old woman allowed her magic to flood into the room ever so slightly showing she wanted to be paid. The client nodded his head unafraid as he withdrew a number of jewels and handed them to her.

Yumi turned after grabbing her money and left, but not before placing another orange sucker in her lips and one in the lips of her companion as they left out the front door.


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