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The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover

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#1Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:36 pm

Miyu Kento
It was such a busy day at the market and but still Miyu thought it was best to take a stroll and find some interesting things. She mostly kept to herself give strangers a mystic glare only to be sunken deep to her thoughts ,till a scent caught her by surprise. It was cake. The doll-like features appeared more innocent and childish while pacing after the scent. only to find a could see is a group of women squealing for the attention of a man. She hopped up and down curious to what was all the fuss and ruckus about. It made her pout because these impolite women blocked her from the entrance of the most glorious backer stand there was. Miyu's determination was strong enough to overcome the obstacle. Going on all fours she crawled through the labyrinth of legs.Halfway there she felt the boy's legs brush alongside her body while crawling through his legs.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:42 pm

His eyes of golden honey would glisten as the sunrise would pierce at them. His black raven hair strands would wind to the right as he walked slowly towards some shop. His hands rested in his pocket while he stood confidently yet mysterious. Liam wondered on what desserts were there as simple pleasures such as fine desserts made him quite happy. Although that was true, his facial expression was calm as there was no sign of cheer. His eyes were looking forward till he heard giggles from around him. Slowly his eyes cornered to see females looking at him, whispering to each other. As soon as he looked at them they would blush. He never understood females and what fantasized them so much with appearances.

Liam shook his head and soon he would finally reach close to the store. Before he was able to go in though he would be crowded by females. ''H-hey we were wondering if you'd like to hang with us.~'' a woman spoke rather high-pitched. He would turn away from them, but blocked by some other females. 'What's with these women.' he thought irritably. He didn't want to be rude or anything and just push them, but this was getting ridiculous. As he listened to the females cluck with words that he was ignoring, he felt something. 'Huh?' he thought and lowered his head to look down. He saw a female trying to crawl herself towards the store. 'Mmm..maybe I could use this as an opportunity.' he thought darkly and smirked by thought. His hand would grab onto the short girl (by her hand) and smiled. She was rather cute and her facial expression was calm, making him curious. ''Hey, wanna come with me? I rather not be rude and just say you're with me.'' he whispered to her. Hopefully she didn't find him doing this rude, but she seemed to be the type that's not really swooned. If she did agree then they could go in peacefully.

#3Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:57 pm

Miyu Kento
Her purple eyes glistened are she appeared closer to her self-made door to the heavens but wait something stopped her. She could feel the skin of someone touching hers. His grip was firm yet gentle. Instead of giving him that wonderful cheerful expression like she gave the glorious pastries she gave him an angry glare. Tried at least. Her cheeks expanded while leaving a pouty expression on her face. She was not pleased because someone stands between her and the delicious baked good. "Why do I want to go? Here is delicious cake!" she said with an irritated child like voice. She continued. " I guess I can keep you company if you let me get my cake ... " She felt eyes piece through her as the jealous women watched the scene in shock as for him touch another woman.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:11 pm

His golden hues looked into her eyes as if he was looking into her soul for a split moment. He looked at her getting quite flustered over him picking her up. Her voice sounded rather whiny like an innocent half-witted child. He listened to her words as she questioned on why she wanted to go as there was 'delicious' cake here. He cocked his right eyebrow in question as he was talking about getting into the dessert shop. Was she just slow? He had no idea, but he'll play along.

''You want cake huh?'' he spoke rather darkly and soothing. He would then lower the girl down and looked at the other women, glaring. ''Don't you see I was waiting for someone? Go flock on someone else.'' he spoke shoo'ing with his hand to soon turn away towards the door. Soon the females would do exactly what he requested and flocked else where. Liam would lower her down so her feet would go on the ground. ''Shall we?'' he questioned and lowered his gaze to her.

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover 33340
His hand would press against the glass thick door that was framed by old oak. He'd open it, offer for her to go in first with a small smile. If she did go in then he would follow and go to the counter. His head looked around to see all the different designs. The wood of the place looked rather glazed to its final touch, being smooth with no chips. The lights were in perfect place while the clock was as random as the mirror yet it was perfect for the inner design. His golden eyes look to see some seats in which he walked towards there with his pockets in his hand. Slowly he would flip up the tables number which means the table is claimed. Slowly he took a deep breather while he gazed at the lady he came in here with.

Who was this girl? He'd walk towards the counter where she would most likely go and looked down at her without moving his straight posture. ''Anything you'd like?'' he questioned, hands in pocket and looked at her calmly.

#5Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:55 pm

Miyu Kento
What was this for a guy and how did she get is interest. She observed his short flustered facial expression but she kept her pouty face.  The Women slowly decreased in numbers as now it was only the two of them. She  looked over to the shop letting her eyes glow with delight seeing the shop before her. Letting her down and opening the door she already dashed to the display. Her eyes scanned the cake selection with a stern look. It was quite humorous her reaction making the selection of cake like a selection of life decisions. Again the scent of fresh baked goods hung in her nose letting herself slip more and more into a child like State.  She didn't see him go to the tables reserving the seats for the both of them.

The decision was made and she was surprised,  of him asking what she would like to eat. She pointed her Finger to a death by chocolate Cake. *"I would love this cake ... it looks yummy and today is perfect weather for chocolate cakes!" she said in a cheerful mood. He saw no  longer the Pouting turn into a beautiful smile display better her slightly rounded cheeks and stretching her voluminous lips while her white teeth slightly sparkled. The happiness radiated from her filling the room with a feeling of ease.  The Baker when then to the two asking them what they would like expecting them to be a couple. Miyu looked over to the man with her doe-sized purple eyes while going through a small pocket through the sleeve of her Kimono where a wallet to be found before she could say her order. She herself wasn't sure of having enough money with her for the cake. Opening the little bag she was in shock. It was empty. The silly goose forgot her money at home. Tears were building in her eyes as she knew she couldn't buy any cake. She sniffed while using all her force to hold in her whines and cries.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:45 pm

He'd look at the girl that was right next to him and then at the baker with an ever-so calm face. His golden hues would reflect all the desserts he was looking at. A small smile appeared on his face as he listened to her say on how he wanted some chocolate cake. 'Mmm...typical yet delicious.' he thought and brought up his right hand to his chin to rub it with his thumb a little. ''Mmm-alright i'll get the cake what she wants and i'll get...'' he started to say darkly and thought for a moment of what he would like. Chocolate did sound good. ''I'll have the german chocolate cake.'' he requested and stood up straight. His hands went to his pocket to grab his wallet. As he was going to take out the money for his own cake he would see her rather disappointed or sad.

'Mmm?' he thought and noticed she probably didn't have any money. Sighing softly he would shrug. ''Alright, I'll get your cake too.'' he spoke as it couldn't be helped. He turned to the baker and gave him the money. ''I'll buy hers too.'' he spoke once more and then the baker nodded. It wouldn't be too long before the baker cased their cakes and gave them both. ''Here ya go sir and ma'am. Enjoy!'' the baker spoke cheerfully and went back to work. He'd carry both of them and looked down at her. ''So where do you wanna go to eat these?'' he questioned darkly, cocking his right eyebrow in question. He really didn't know anything about her, but this is how you do get to know people or so he guessed.

#7Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:30 pm

Miyu Kento
Her eyes glown with delight while he said he would pay for her cake. While the cakes were passed to him. She looked up into his eyes and opending them a bit wider while gazing to the ceiling while deciding were to sit. She cocked up while point to the ceiling with her index finger while smiling before she spoke. "so you won't be bothered by the fangirls how about in the corner farthest from the window!". But before he could answer she already took a seat waiting for him. Waiting for him then to come closer she leaned in where her face was closer to his. She gave him a questioned look and asked "why are you keeping me company?" before leaning back and taking a bite of her cake.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:26 am

Liam looked at her as he was waiting for her to pick somewhere to go. His eyes were focused upon her eyes as he saw her go for a spot. She talked about wanting to be futher away from the window because of those fangirls, which was understandable. He carried the cakes to the table and sat them down in the middle. His golden shining eyes cornered to look at her face and then just her eyes in general. 'What am I doing here?' he questioned, looked at his seat and sat down. He'd lean back against his chair. The seat was cushioned with red as the bars against his back were golden colored designed with swirls. They weren't high up so even a short person wouldn't have trouble to get on one. He reached with his right hand to grab a form and then opened the case. After that he'd stab his cake and took a bite.

Slowly Liam's head turned to look out the window, seeing no one really out there. 'Good..' he thought simply and then looked back at the lady. She question him on why she was accompanying him, making him cock an eyebrow. ''Mmm? I said I'd get you cake. Did I not?'' he spoke darkly and chuckled. His golden eyes would lower to look at his cake and enjoyed the taste of sweetness. After he took his bite and swallowed, he'd wonder. ''So tell me about yourself.'' he spoke and took another bite of hit cake as he leaned back against his chair once more.

#9Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:20 pm

Miyu Kento
She herself cared very little of his fan girls she had others things on her mind like the delicous looking cake sitting infront of her on the table. Sitting down she was ready to dig in and stabbed happily the cake with her fork taking a big piece. She perked up to his question.

Talk about herself. What an odd question she heard of or so she thought. She herself was not the lady flirting with men or one who seeks for dates. She laid her index finger on her lips while looking up to the ceiling to think. "about myself... hm" With alot of hard thinking she now knew the how to begin her small biography. "My Name is Miyu Kento. I am 18 years old and a Pedal mage. I do healing and defense spells while manipulating flower pedals. I also belong to Lamia Scale even though people mistake me often for a blue pegasus Mage. I find it quite odd how they misinterpitate it. Sadly My Mother died from a jealous hag who also forced my father to be with her. I have though alot of cousins .. 4 or 5 to be accurate. the 4 come from a powerful and rich family who took care of me as I was a child. I was sick often and very frail ... I never had a childhood I grew up mostly in a sick bed being watched over doctors." Her voice imitates like that of a child while eating the cake. Eventhough she spoke of it so openly you could read the pain from her eyes and understand her odd behaviour with the cake. Her facial expressiion turned emotionless and like a doll "its your turn to tell something about yourself" she said bluntly. It was least fair that he also speaks of himself.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:30 pm

His golden hues would look at the girl who was eating cake in front of her. Slowly he would move his right hand to pick up the clean fork to stab the sweet cake. Swiftly it would stab into it and bulldozed a small bite to swoop it into his mouth. Cutely would he eat the cake and listen to her sweet words. Her tone seemed calm, but sweet like honey..like his eyes. Her eyes were rather lovely like flowers as the magic she described she did. Her name was supposedly Miyu which fit as she was cute like her name. A calm sly smile appeared on his face as he would then corner his eyes to look at the window.

He watched the couples roam together, the families wander around and then there were the loners. Was he just one of those loners? Quickly his eyes shifted to look at her as it was his turn now to speak about himself. ''Well my dear, name is Liam. My magic is art, ink - as in all kinds of art. I was born from a male worshiping cult village who treated all women like crap. Had enough as my father - the leader, wanted me to throw away my little sister like trash. Someday I hope to destroy it.'' he would say coldly yet calm. ''Miyu is a rather pretty name that fits your magic well.'' he would say darkly as his eyes soul-gleamed into her eyes.

#11Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:08 am

Miyu Kento
She listened to his story while giving him a nod. She gave him more of a elegant smile which made he face radiate like a full moon at night. She took his word into closer inspection while tilting her head slightly to her right side. "It is wonderful though that you choose to protect your sister. I mistakened you to be like the men at the host club I was forced to work as my so called step mother made me work there as a servent. My Father could not really help for we don't wield magic to attack and she threatened to kill me infront of his eyes.. but because of him I came out of that hell so I could become a strong Mage and maybe I can rescue my Father .. Those men complimented me for my appearance and tried to do lewd things I myself don#t want to decribe" Her face shown off more a apearance of pain and anger wielding inside of her. The Cake on her plate was gone and empty. Waiting for his plate to be finished she stood up to courtsey. "Thank you so much for being humble and spending a bit of time with me. I hope for more days in the future where we could also probably work together and build a eautiful friendship." She said wanting to leave but will her hold her off to spend more time with the flower maiden.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:23 am

His golden hues would look into her rather sakura ones. She was rather beautiful and within her story it would prove it so. Men though were pigs as there were those rare ones that would jewel a woman such as herself. She was kind, elegant in some ways and rather cute. She had some interesting things about her that interested him. Liam knew that he would have to leave her though as she would leave him as of this meeting-greeting. A small smile appeared on his lips as it was more warm and genuine then anything. ''Well with your appearance as beautiful as the fresh sakura blossoms themselves, I have no doubt that men would go after you...but....'' he would leave it off as he thought for a moment, looking away.

''I find no right for a man to mistreat a woman as if they're things to be used and thrown - even bought. Fine women are like ancient wines that shouldn't be shared and should be savored.'' he would say in his rather dark tone. His eyes turned to look at hers. Slowly he would sigh as he felt like she wanted to go - being understandable. He shifted his body to then push himself up, walked to her chair and grabbed her hand. ''Want a hand?'' he would offer with a smirk and chuckle. ''I enjoyed our time as well. Perhaps our next meet will be more entertaining for you.'' he would say as he'd wait.

#13Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:20 pm

Miyu Kento
She was slightly in confusion as her more matureself was appearing. She tended to be more timid though elegant with her reactions. It was quite the oppisite he made her curious over him wanting to know more over him. She felt somehow drawn to him but her shyself made her keep her distance. This was something she could not hide from him. Then through his compliment her face was flushed only for a short time as her Skin radiated a vibrant red. This was rather peculiar for her for she have never blushed by compliments of strangers.

Not having the courage to look him in the eyes she tilted her Head to the floor while lifting her Arm hiding behind the long sleeve hoping he did not see. As he asked to lend her a hand she fastly shook her head. She jumped up from her seat but lost balance. The confusion of the feelings she is temporalialy having made her dizzy and her heart beat. Not knowing of her surroundings her foot was curled around the leg of a table. She took a step letting the leg slap against her ankle making her loose balance and fall to the floor. She closed her eyes awaiting the impacting pain hitting against the floor.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:33 pm

He would look down upon her to wait for her hand. Before that though she was rather shy, blushing in a manner that lightened her pinkness like the sunlight ray blazing its light upon a sakura tree itself. He made a small smirk as he would then take his arm back, trying to not be surprised by such action. She seemed different from the other females - not expecting much. To be true he wasn't really expecting a blush nor what happened next. As she was getting up and not paying attention where she was going the girl would fall.

Swiftly his arm went out as his back would lean to catch her. With the strength that he had he would curl her up towards him so she would be standing straight. ''Gotta watch your step before you get hurt.'' he would say darkly, looking down at her beautiful eyes of fruit and flowers. His honey golden ones would stare into hers as he would slowly let her go. ''Don't want you to get flustered now and fall.'' he'd say quietly as he did let her go. Softly sighing he would put his hands in his pocket and looked down at her, standing up straight. ''I guess see you next time?'' he questioned and chuckled. Hopefully Miyu wouldn't trip and fall on her face on her way out.

#15Miyu Kento 

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Miyu Kento
She eyes opened slowly feeling a soft warm tempature through her clothes. Looking upon to him being so close to his body her eyes widen. Her heart felt like it could explode from the pleasing though embarrissing situation. This never happened to herself she was mainly controlled to her feelings or while Atlas was near her. She felt so at unease with this expierence of these feelings sinking herself into her thought trying to find a solution to these feelings or understanding what they are and why she reacted this way. Sie slowly distanted herself from him looking outside the window seeing it was already evening. It wasn#t very smart to walk these streets alone especially Liam was the only person popular from the other sex. She distant her look by his question. "W..W-would you aquattiance me .. I dislike being outside at such an hour and I do enjoy your company ... Excuse my strange behaviour . I have ... difficulties communicating the others." she sai in her soft somber tomb which was calming though hypnotising at the same time.


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:09 am

Liam became curious on the actions made by this lady. His golden hues looked into her eyes as he waited for her words, questions or any of the sort. Truly he wasn't really thinking on typical guy stuff such as her body as her eyes was all he wanted to look at. Her words were rather sweet and soft as she asked for his company on her way home. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he'd nod. ''I don't mind.'' he would say rather darkly yet calm, walking towards the door to then open it before her. ''This way.~'' he teased as he would escort the way. He would of course be following her though as he wanted to make sure she was alright.

#17Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:04 am

Miyu Kento
Again returning more to her own bashful side she turned her head away from him while passing through the door. She knew she was being teased and let her cheeks slightly expand inhaling air and holding it in the air expressing a slightly grumpy face. She felt his eyes pierce into hers and her heartbeat start to race. They started walking through the dark streets as a small chill strokes along the skin of Miyu. She saw the air condens before her while exhaling a certain sign it is winter. This itself brought back her ease as she looked to him. "You are a mage , Do you belong in a Guild or do you rather travel alone?" she asked bluntly just to kill the silence


The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Thu Jan 19, 2017 11:52 am

Finally they started to walk as he would exit the cake shop. The air between the shop and outside had a miraculous difference as it was quite chilly outside. His golden hues looked forward as to see that not many people were outside. Swiftly his eyes cornered to look at her to see if she was alright. 'Of course she is..' he would think and kept his calm facial expression in tact. ''Lamia Scale. Yourself?'' he'd say in his dark tone as his eyes would half close, thinking of the last time he has been inside of the guild itself. The wind was calm as it barely moved his layered black and golden hair. They would walk further as the lights of the cobbled streets would light up revealing simple small halos on the ground. People started to lock their doors as for most of them it was time to sleep. ''So how far do you live, Miyu?'' he would with a genuine small smile, cornering his eyes to look into her flower colored ones.

#19Miyu Kento 

The Babe Magnet and the Cake Lover Empty Thu Feb 02, 2017 3:50 am

Miyu Kento
She gave him a tender smile while he answered her question. "I am also from lamia scale ..." Another cold breeze hurdeled towards the two which made he get closer to Liam seeking for warmth. Silence ruled the once crowded sweets which are also illuminated from the street lights. It brought a symphonic calming athmosphere for the small journey.  "I do not live that far ... " she said with her soft voice. She pointed the direction with her slender fingers till heading infront of the small apartment complex. She turned around to him while giving him a smile. She gave him a modest curtsey as a more sophisticated appoarch of saying her farewells.  "I hope you also come home and hope to meet you again"

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