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LeeAnn's Findings log

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#1Lee Nakamura 

LeeAnn's Findings log  Empty on Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:23 am

Lee Nakamura
Elizabeth's Entries and clues:

June 12th

Things are not what they seem at all. My life has turned upside down. Mother and father seem to be acting weird. At certain parts of the day, their eyes give a quick flash of red cat-like eyes. It is etched into my mind from this day forward. Mother has always been sweet and loving. Never had she ever touched a single drop of alcohol, but now locks herself in her room to drink. She doesn't want to show my siblings or I what she is like drunk. Father seems more cold than usual, but now less demanding. It's strange. I will conclude more information. Something is just not right about all of this!

~Elizabeth Sokolov

June 28th

Two to three weeks investigating, I so far have the same information, but I noticed Uncle Dale has gone missing. Without a trace, the family is getting concerned. Of course, we sent out search parties to pry for information. Honestly, I knew think we weren't gonna get anywhere because the same thing happened to his wife, Cindy Glenshaw, around the same time my parents were acting strange. It's getting really odd. Putting my mind to work, I found where Aunt Cindy was taken. It was in an alley way near the pub in Era. Why? Here favorite pink purse was there with her ID there. I asked my fellow Knights to aid me in the crime scene. There is a reason why I joined these knights. They get stuff done!

All we have is they left a single hair. Doing DNA testing on it and closest conclusion it came from some unknown animal. No one can identify it.  I will report what else I have.

~Elizabeth Sokolov

Ocotober 19th

I have gotten sidetracked lately. My life has gotten to become more busy. I found a wonderful man named Nicholas Nakamura. We started dating in the end of July. During these wonderful events, there has been some new findings. Uncle Dale and Aunt Cindy shown up and with the same behaviors as my parents. I have done some research they could be dopplegangers? But then again, they have accuracy in conversation about the past or certain stories It's really hard to explain.

Nicholas knows about the weird instances about my family. He will help me conclude some more detail later on.

~Elizabeth Sokolov

January 2nd

Some great news! Nicholas and I are now married! The wedding was great. This also allowed us to see who else is missing or acting strange. Personally, over half of my family didn't show up and never gave a reason why. My parent's are gone as well as most of my siblings besides Tyler, he always shows up. Only a few cousins and distance friends shown up on my side. Honestly, I do not know what is going on here. All I can conclude is some sort of creature is wiping them out. Why? I dunno. A good friend of mine, Ciar, agreed to do further studies on the DNA founded where Aunt Cindy was taken.

This time. I am Elizabeth Nakamura!

~Elizabeth Nakamura

March 10th

A brand new lead has shown us. My...mother's body has been found in the basement of the Magic Council building. It was lying in the preserved where we keep evidence at. Officials said none of the knew it was there even the head of the council said that body was not there before. DNA samples from the body confirmed it was my mother. Taking notes on the body, I have seen there was vast amounts of physical struggle seeing from the neck from bruises that is in a form of two hands. Some one was chocking her. Many, many, MANY claw marks and burns on her. It looked like some one was panting a really really bad painting on a blank canvas. There was that much dried blood on her.

There are many questions that are left unanswered. For now, I will pause my investigation. Where as my family is now growing, I found out I am pregnant. Two months along. I hope its a girl! You were right, mom. -LeeAnn

~Elizabeth Nakamura

April 7th

I come here after three years into my investigation to find out my memory has been tampered with. All of that was just an illusion. I never had a brother named Tyler. As far as I recall, I thought I was the oldest, but I am the youngest. Someone or Something has been plying tricks on me and getting my life wilded up. But how would that explain all of the bodies or is my life some illusion. I am now considering myself to mentally sick. Though a mental person would not say that. Honestly. I don't know who I am anymore. Nonetheless, I can't say that. My daughter, has been born, named her LeeAnn after Nicholas's ancestor. Middle name would come from my own middle name, Kaya. Nicholas wants to add a second one named Alister. He said he has a feeling that she would be boyish. Really, I hope not, but if not then so be it. I am considered the Sokolov family is not an illusion. That I could be wrong!

In a lot of confusion,
~Elizabeth Nakamura

Arc 1 Entries:
December 20th

Hans and I have done some investigations on where my mother could be. So far, nothing has lead us anywhere. We found nothing of what the clue had given us. We are ditto on the whole subject. The only thing I could imply was my memory. Though, the terrors of those nights and days I was ruthlessly tortured. The search still continues. Konstantin and my father or perhaps...by disgrace of a older brother, not Hikaru, would have an answer. For now, I remain in Crocus doing duties that no one else will do.

~LeeAnn Alister Nakamura

Januray 1st

For days doing odd jobs and work for the higher ups, I was sent to go search for someone. That turned out to be a four days long journey. While on the trail, I stumbled upon a young neko which caught my eye. I followed her to see what was the matter. She seemed as if she was running from someone. It was some sort of assasin or something. I pursed upon my instincts to trail along her tail and make sure who ever was hunting the poor creature would face my wrath. Come to find out my hunches were right all along. I faced a really tough fight. A near death saving her life causing me to almost die. This is not the first time this has happened to me. The young neko female took me to the nearest hospital in Crocus. A few days later, I woke up to the young neko, an older neko female and Hans. The older neko spoke calling herself the Neko Orcale who could turn people to nekos. From my condition, she thanked me for saving her daughter's life. Little did I know, she knew of my illness and told me that each species is affected differently. Her great-grandmother had the same exact thing and said perhaps becoming a neko or another species would help my condition. It was hard to describe exactly, but I turned into a neko. So the thing that has been eliminated was eating humans which has helped me enourmously, but hte illness still remains.

Not only was my hospital visit well interesting, I also became blind in one eye. Some more rest nad perhaps my eye will heal. It is not for certain.

~LeeAnn Nakamura

Janurary 3rd

Blasted! He shown up! I knew it was him. HIM! He fucking shown up again. The man who tortured me ruthlessly. My memories are starting to repress very slowly. That same face! This suppose of 'person' was my doctor to help figure out what was wrong with my eye. During my examination, I was strapped down to the table while he did some 'surgery' on my eye. I know how this plays out. For the past two days, he played this game where he would well...mess with my eye by putting strange things into it and fucked it up even more. I can't really describe what he exactly did. It was some sort of branding. He scarred my eye in such a way that made it have a pink scar right over my eye. I have never seen that before.

Though, he knows I am still here and alive! I need to get out of here fast or else I am dead. Hans heard about this and checked me out of hte hospital! I HATE DOCTORS NOW!

Angry and Scared
~LeeAnn Nakamura

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